Bubble Valentines {Blowing You Kisses!}

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bubble valentines squareI remember a few days before Christmas, I was at Target and I started seeing Valentine’s Day stuff creeping into the holiday department. and I was so mad because I just wanted to get through Christmas, dangit, without having to think about another holiday!


Here we are a week before Valentine’s Day and can I tell you how much thought I’ve given Valentine’s Day since that day in December? None. I have not thought about it. At all. So imagine my surprise when this week, my second-grader brought home a laundry list of things she needed for Valentine’s Day NEXT FRIDAY. I’m the worst.

So when I was at Target last night and stumbled into their Valentine’s Day bubble wands ($3 for 25! Can’t beat that!) I knew I had to have them, even if I didn’t know what I was going to do with them. (If this all feels familiar to you, you were probably there with me via Instagram…sorry for the replay! If you’re not following Sara, either, you should!) When I got home, I started poking around the Internet, and there were a lot of cute ideas, but I decided I kind of wanted to do my own thing. So. If you also have not done Valentines yet with your kids, I’m here for you today. These are easy. Don’t worry. Be happy. Also, get a low-temp glue gun and put your kids to work because we’re adults and we shouldn’t have to make 50 Valentines.

For these bubble Valentines, you’ll need Hershey’s Kisses, clear tape, a low-temp glue gun, and small bottles or tubes of bubbles. Like I said, I found mine in the holiday section of Target as well as in the party section near the greeting cards. But if you can’t find any there, check out party stores, dollar stores, etc. Even if they don’t look exactly like these ones, I made the cards big enough that you can totally use a different style of bubbles. Or, if you don’t want to/can’t find bubbles, you could always use a Blow Pop, which are always easy to find.

This is what the card looks like: bubbles valentine small








You can print out a sheet of four of them by clicking on the photo above or following this link. So print those out on white cardstock and then cut the paper into quarters. Then all you have to do is sign them, use some clear tape to tape the bubbles on (I used two pieces, one on each end), and the low-heat glue gun to attach the kisses (I didn’t want to melt the chocolate or burn my fingers).

bubble valentines-1 bubble valentines-3bubble valentines-2 And that’s it! Super quick and easy (and easy on your budget!)


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  1. I printed these off Friday, and now they are all addressed and half have bubbles taped on!! Thanks so much! I could only find the clunky fat bubbles from Party City. The skinny ones are way cuter, but I don’t think a bunch of first and second graders will care.

  2. I always think your printable are cute, but then can never figure out how to print them off b/c I don’t have a color printer, so I need to save it as a file so I can take it to be printed. Is this possible? Thanks.

  3. Thank you Kate! I have been stressing about what to have my kiddos make for their friends for Valentines Day & then “pop”, you just solved my dilemma. These are adorable & simple enough to knock out in a single afternoon. XOXOXO

  4. Yay! I’ve been hoping there was going to be a coupon/sale on the olive oil soon. I haven’t tried any of them yet and kicked myself for missing the cyber Monday sale so I just placed my order early!

  5. I’m showing these to my kids this afternoon! They love making their own valentines, but they seem to always pick the complicated ones. I have a feeling they’ll love these, and we haven’t even thought about valentines yet, so it’s perfect! Thank you!

  6. Sigh. My kids love bubbles. And chalk. So if I make these for them, they will love it! They look so easy to do and honestly, I do let the kids blow bubbles in the house in winter to get them busy. I just pray they don’t spill them!

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