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You want to know one of the things that gets me really excited? Well, besides chocolate,shoes, tropical vacations, Christmas presents, fall tv, and new furniture?  School supplies.  I actually love the whole “season” of back-to-school.  Maybe it’s just the fresh new start it signifies as summer comes to an end, but I think it’s more of the justifiable right to purchase new outfits, pencils, bags, calculators, notebooks, markers and binders.  Even when I was in college I’d go out every fall and prance through the school supply section at Target trying to contain my excitement of picking out new pens.  For real.  This year is a special one because my oldest kiddo is starting school!  We’re heading off to meet his teacher this afternoon and then I’ll be the crazy lady snapping photos as the bus drives off tomorrow. Wish me luck.

I stumbled across these darling crayon snacks at Gourmet Mom on the Go a whole year ago and I was dying to make them- immediately!  When my soon-to-be-kindergartener started preschool last year we were assigned our first class snack for the letter C and I ran out right that second to buy supplies for these.  I don’t know who was more excited, me or the kid.  They were a BIG hit with the kids in his his class and his teacher too!  These would be super cute pass out to friends, or to a new teacher, or for a fun family activity to celebrate the new school year.

You can do whatever color crayons you want- you just need coordinating paper and candy melts.  You can buy candy melts at craft stores that carry baking supplies (like Michaels and Hobby Lobby) or kitchen supply stores like Orson Gygi in SLC.  And if all else fails, you can always order them on Amazon or at many other on-line cooking supply stores (seriously, check out the stash at Gygi’s!)  I usually just buy the little bags at Michaels and they last quite a while if you store them well after.

If you’re not familiar with candy melts, they’re similar to almond bark, or white chocolate, just in little colored pieces.  They melt easily in the microwave and then you dip things in them, or fill candy molds with them, or all kinds of other things.  For this project you really just need a little bit of each color since you’ll only be dipping the ends of your pretzels.

You’ll want the large pretzel rods.  You do need to break them in half, but make sure you check out the bag before you buy because some brands are shattered before you even bring them home.  I’ve found Rolled Gold are pretty good.  I found it helpful to lightly score the pretzels with a serrated knife in the middle and then they just snap clean when you break them.

Just place a few candy melts in separate bowls and follow the directions on the package to melt them.

It helps to have all of your pretzels already ready to go before you start dipping because the candy melts will start to harden.

You only need to dip the ends of the pretzels so just quickly dip and let the excess shake off and then dip the other side.  If your candy starts to get hard, just warm it a little more.

Do all of your colors and let them dry completely.

While they are drying you can prepare your labels.  When I made these for my son’s preschool class it was alphabet themed and we were responsible for the letter “C” so I made labels that said, “C is for Crayon!”  You can download those labels here, or play around and make your own!  Mandy from Gourmet Mom on the Go has tons of custom labels she’s made up for people, so check out this page.  There’s even BYU labels on there (Rise and Shout!).

Cut the labels and wrap them around the crayons and secure with a piece of tape.  Don’t even worry if your dipping isn’t perfect or your labels are cut crooked or whatever.  When these little babies are all lined up they’re cute no matter what!

And just because I know some of you are thinking this…I have never had a problem with anyone confusing them with real crayons 🙂  Preschool and older are smart enough to know the difference (if your preschooler is still eating real crayons then you have bigger issues on your hands!), and little little kids aren’t going to think that a pretzel with something sweet on each end (because you would obviously take the paper off first)  looks anything like a crayon!

I totally loved these, and I smiled when I watched my son’s end-of-preschool slide show last spring and saw pics of all the kids holding their crayons.  So fun!  I hope everyone else is having fun gearing up for the start of a new school year.  Go buy some new pens! (And glue, and markers, and a hole punch, and a coordinating notebook, and some boots to match, and then a bag to match that, and well, you know…)

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Questions & Reviews

  1. These are super cute! I get so bummed because our schools do not allow homemade treats, only store bought. Where’s the fun/love in that?!

  2. Can I consider these a heathy snack. My rule this year was healthy M-th then on Friday we could have sugar. But today’s only monday and I think this would be such a fun one! So cute thanks for the ideas!

    1. Angie if it makes you feel better than I say it’s healthy 🙂 Really it’s just a tiny bit of sweet coating on a pretzel.

  3. Super cute! I would be a bit worried my kid would then feel more comfortable eating real crayons.

    1. I’ve made these several times and have never had a problem with anyone confusing them with real crayons 🙂 Preschool and older are smart enough to know the difference, and little little kids aren’t going to think that a pretzel with something sweet on each (because you would obviously take the paper off first) end looks anything like a crayon!

  4. You have the best craft/snack ideas! Too bad my son’s school only allows store bought treats. But I’ll definitely make these for a play date or party. My son just happens to be obsessed with crayons!

  5. So how exactly did you secure the labels with tape? Just fold up a small piece of Scotch tape to the inside of the label? I’m seriously considering doing these for my daughter’s birthday in 3 weeks!

  6. Just a tip but too keep your melts warm and dippable you can place your bowls on top of a heating pad set to medium… works great for me.

  7. Love these! They would be fun to make with my preschooler. I’m thinking when it’s my turn to bring snacks, I will have to do this 🙂

  8. So cute! wish I had a preschooler to make these for “C” day! Maybe I could send them with my 5th grader and the kids in her class would just appreciate having a treat.:)

  9. My daughter made these but used softened Starburst candy instead. After the party, my grandson found a real crayon the next day and thinking it was a stray pretzel, took a bite! Surprise! It was petty funny 🙂

  10. We have a “no homemade treats” policy at the schools here. It totally sucks the fun out of classroom treats! However, since there’s no baking involved and only 2 ingredients, I wonder if I couldn’t get away with this…or maybe even assemble them on site since all I’d need is a microwave…. Definitely worth looking into! If not, they’ll make a fun after-school snack one day. 🙂

    1. I guarantee you that the teacher will let you make those with the kids…especially when they are studying letter c. I teach school and it would be allowed at my school. Even with the same no homemade treats policy…check with your teacher, but I bet you can.

  11. I LOVE this idea!!! I teach preschool at home and I already have this bookmarked to use the week we talk about letter C.

  12. What a fantastic idea! I will be making these for my daughters preschool class when they do “C is for crayon” day!!

  13. What a fabulous idea! Perfect for my son’s first day of preschool next week!

  14. These are adorable! I love to see how creative people can be. When I get my book published, would you mind if I came to you for some ideas on little treats I can make for my book signings? Right now they’re shopping my book to television networks. It doesn’t mean anybody will take it, but I am hopeful.

  15. I am SOOOO not into crafts, but even I love these and would be into making these for the kiddoes. LOVE them and LOVE this site! 🙂

  16. what an amazing idea just as i’m browsing the internet for fun back to school meal ideas!