Celebration Balloon Wreath

Today’s post seems fitting because we have so much to celebrate this week!  In honor of Kate, we’re partying for Mardi Gras (ya know, good girl style, with fried carbs instead of inappropriate flashing and public drunkenness) which also coincides with Brazilian Carnival, something dear to my heart (again, make some Brazilian Lemonade don’t wake up in a gutter somewhere in Rio…) PLUS, in the next day or two we’re hopping on planes to Salt Lake City for the launch of our cookbook and we hope to meet many of YOU at our signings! (Details at the end of this post.) To top it all off, yesterday marked the 3rd year from the day we started this little recipe blog.  See?  So many reasons to celebrate!

I first saw this fun wreath on How Does She and I fell in love with it immediately.  Why?  For starters, I’m pretty sure I recently developed an obsession with wreaths.  You may have noticed.  Kate has.  It also looked so easy, and didn’t take a lot of materials.  Lastly, how fun is it?  I just look at it and smile.  At our house we pull it out any time it’s someone’s birthday.  Use it to celebrate whatever the heck it is you’re celebrating!


  • Straw Wreath– the kind wrapped in plastic, they’re super cheap at craft stores.  I think I paid $2 for a 14″ wreath.  Foam or styrofoam could work also, but the straw works really well and it looks better if you don’t end up covering every last inch.
  • Floral Pins– you don’t need a gigantic pack like I have.  I’m sort of addicted to buying in bulk.  I need more projects with floral pins.

  • Latex Balloons– lots of them.  You can really stretch the amount you have, or you can really pack them in tight.  I used about 275 Balloons.  Remember, balloons are cheap, buy in bulk, try the party store or dollar store.  I bought a bunch of mine at Walmart. I covered enough that you can’t see the wreath unless you get close up and look at the very side.

Take a floral pin and place a balloon right in the middle of the opening

Then just push the pin right into the wreath. Note you leave the plastic covering on your wreath.  The pins go right in, easily.

See?  Adorable little balloon. But lonely.  He won’t be lonely for long.  Grab another pin and just keep repeating the process.

You’ll get a feel for how close to place the balloons as you go along.  I found after a while I could spread them out more than I originally thought because the balloons are propped up and floppy so they fill in the space.  I probably placed the pins about an inch, or maybe a little less than an inch, apart.

Make sure your tv is turned on at this point.  This actually goes really fast.  I made mine start to finish while catching up on 2 episodes of 30 Rock.  And that’s with fast forwarding the commercials!

When I got all the way around and there was just a little space left, I wrapped a big ribbon around the wreath.  I then placed the remaining floral pins and balloons right through the ribbon which secured it in place.

Then you’re all ready to go.  Hang ‘er up and party!

Seriously cute, right??  I love.

Speaking of celebration, we are SO excited to meet some of you readers this week!  Pretty pretty please come see us so we can say hello!  Below is a reminder of the times and dates of the book signings this week.  Many of you have been asking about other states- and they’re coming!  We’ll announce things as they’re planned, we have lots of exciting things on the horizon.  Those of you coming to cook with us at Orson Gygi on Friday, you will be receiving emails in the near future so hang tight!

Utah Book Signings- This Week!

Thursday Night (3/10) 6:30 pm Deseret Book: 1076 S 750 E Orem, UT

Friday Afternoon (3/11) 12-1 pm Orson Gygi: 3500 S 300 W Salt Lake City, UT

Friday Night (3/11) 6:30pm Deseret Book 1110 E Fort Union Blvd Midvale, UT

Saturday Afternoon (3/12) 11 am-1 pm Deseret Book 135 N 545 W Bountiful, UT

Wahoo!  Can’t wait to meet you!  (Yes, I’m talking to YOU 🙂


  1. Great idea! By the way, I LOVE the new look of your site! way more user friendly for simple people like me! LOL 🙂

  2. This is so cute! I can see using this like a candle-ring used beneath a cake placed on a footed server really standout. Thanks so much for sharing.

    1. RosieP, what a cute idea! I’m thinking I’ll make one of these for a family birthday tradition—to hang outdoors or in on everyone’s birthday. My little guy’s 2nd birthday is coming up.

  3. I *absolutely* love this! Love it, love it, love it!

    My boys’ birthdays are coming up in April and I have to make this! I might even make two; one for me and one for my mother-in-law.

    thanks for sharing this super cute, great, easy, cheap idea! 🙂

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