Cheesy Italian Sausage Bread

Baked Cheesy Pizza Bread from Our Best Bites introI do my best to avoid simply saying things like, “Oh my gosh, you guys, this is so so so so so amazingly delicious!”  “It’s so yummy!”  “You’ll want to marry it!”  I’ve watched enough critiquing on The Next Food Network Star to know the importance of using proper descriptive adjectives. But really. This is so freakishly good.  And you probably will want to marry it.  I know there are similar things you can do with pre-made, frozen bread dough, tossing in cheese and pepperoni or something, but this is such an elevated version and making it from scratch totally pays off here.  The bread is so soft and tender, and beautifully flavored with herbs and spices, and seriously, just look at it.   Trust me and try it.  Bonus:  This makes two loaves, and it freezes pre-baking beautifully.  So eat one for dinner and put one in the freezer for another night if you like.

Pizza Bread_Baked Bread Hrz

Start by stirring together some flour, yeast, and Italian seasoning.

Pizza Bread_Dry Ingredients
Add in melted butter, warm milk, with a little salt and sugar, and also an egg


Pizza Bread_Wet Ingredients
Until you have a nice soft dough.

Pizza Bread_Dough

After your dough comes together and gets kneaded, place it in an oiled bowl to rise.   I use our Rosemary Olive Oil and slather it all over that sucker.

Pizza Bread_Rosemary Oil

After it’s risen, divide it into 3 balls,

Pizza Bread_Dough Balls

and then take each ball and roll it into a long snake and snip it into little pieces.

Pizza Bread_Dough Balls Cut Up

These little dough balls will get layered into the bread pan along with some cooked, crumbled Italian sausage (I use Italian turkey sausage)

Pizza Bread_Crumbled Sausage

And cheeeeeeese.  (No that’s not a typo.)  Fontina, mozarella, and Parmesan.  Don’t skimp.  Buy the yummy cheese.

Pizza Bread_Cheeses

Layer all of that in there in alternating layers.  It seems like a ridiculous amount of cheese.  Just go with it.

Pizza Bread_Layered in Pan

When it bakes up, the bread and the sausage and the cheese all become one beautiful piece of deliciousness.

Baked Cheesy Pizza Bread from Our Best Bites

You can slice it into slices

Cut Cheesy Pizza Bread from Our Best Bites

Or pull it apart into chunks.

Baked Cheesy Pizza Bread Sliced

Serve it with pesto for dipping (it just keeps getting better!)

Baked Cheesy Pizza Bread with Pesto from Our Best Bites

And instantly become the most popular person in the room.

Cheesy Sausage Bread from Our Best Bites




  1. Just a quick question. Do you let it rise in the pan at all before baking? This will make a great after school snack! Thanks.

  2. I try hard to avoid making comments like, “oh my gosh, you guys, this looks so amazingly delicious!” But sometimes there are no other words.

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