Creamy Tomato Soup

If you have never made your own tomato soup, you should really try it. It’s so easy and the final product is so flavorful I promise you’ll be licking the bowl.  This one combines a combo of both canned and sun-dried tomatoes and it also includes some reduced-fat cream cheese which instantly makes it rich and creamy. And unlike other “creamy” soups, this one is fairly low calorie (Which means you can pair it with a big toasty sandwich or a few warm breadsticks and not feel guilty!)

You start by sauteing garlic, onions, and carrots.  You can use butter or olive oil, but I use the oil right from the can of the sun-dried tomatoes that are used in the recipe.  It adds extra flavor and it’s convenient because the jar is already open!


After the veggies are tender, you’ll add in both canned and sundried tomatoes along with a few seasonings and some chicken broth.  After simmering, you’ll pop it in the blender with the secret ingredient (the cream cheese!)

And puree until smooth

To serve, I like to sprinkle it with some freshly grated parmesan cheese and a sprinkle of basil.

And it pretty much begs to be eaten along side a grilled cheese sandwich.  Just so you know.

Wanna make it a meal? It would be fantastic with:
Smoked Turkey and Artichoke Panini
Rosemary Foccacia loaves
French Bread
Herb-topped rolls


  1. My husband told me tonight after we had this soup for dinner that he was "very impressed"!! (Yay!!)Thanks for making me look good! 🙂

  2. Samara- the chunkiness is completely up to you! All I can tell you is to blend it until it's the consistency you want. Just take a taste before you take it out of the blender next time.

  3. Made this over the weekend and it had great flavor but for some reason it was a bit more on the chunky side than the creamy side. Is there an ideal amount of time to blend for to make it smoother? Thanks!

  4. Can't wait to try the new version … loved the last one, an all-time favorite soup recipe!!

    Could I substitute the oven roasted tomatoes (from your site) for the sun-dried tomatoes in the recipe and still have it come out similar? I have a bunch in my freezer from last fall 🙂 thanks so much!!

  5. I've made a lot of tomato soups – but this is by far the best! I omitted the sundried tomatoes because I had to make this the minute I saw the recipe and didn't have any on hand. still delish.

  6. All I can say, is "WOW!" This soup is soooo good. (And, totally worth the search for the sun dried tomotates packed in olive oil with herbs.) Heaven.

  7. OMGosh my daughter and I made this soup last night and we will never go back to the can. It was easy and yummy. We did decide that what would make this an even better meal is some pizza rolls. Thanks for the recipe.

  8. AMAZING!!!! Okay, seriously, I have been searching for this recipe forever! I LOVE tomato soup and my favorite came from a restaurant that went out of business. I almost cried. I tried making my own version with heavy cream, etc. I never thought of cream cheese! It is the secret ingredient! Thank you sooooo much!

  9. I love your blog. It is my latest addiction. I was getting bored with my recipes and found your blog just in time thanks to a friend. Loved the tomato & black bean soups as well as the lemon zucchini pasta. I am way excited to try a few more recipes out this week. You guys are awesome. Thanks for all the time you put into this.

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