Crispy Oven Baked Chicken Wings

The secret to Crispy Glazed Chicken Wings in the Oven smYou guys.  Fall is in the air.  As I write this, we’re having a massive thunder storm with marble-sized hail and I love the dark gray skies and the fact that they dropped the temperature 20 degrees in a span of about 5 minutes.  I’m ready for it to drop 20 more so I can bust out all of my tall boots, wear sweaters and corduroy, and sip steamers all day while I light cinnamon-scented candles and see how many ways I can incorporate pumpkin into my daily food consumption.  This is my most favorite time of year and I love seeing everything autumn pop up in stores these days.  Here’s another tell-tale sign of fall :

BYU Lawn

Yes, that’s our Alma Mater’s logo mowed into my back lawn which can only mean one thing: football season is here.  And football season also means football food.  I’ve made plenty of chicken wings in my day, but baked wings are always a far cry from their yummier, crispier, naughtier, fried counterparts.  So I was intrigued to see that someone at ATK had taken on researching a method that could produce tender chicken and crispy fried skin, in the oven.  The solution comes with one very surprising ingredient:

Surprising secret ingredient for crispy baked chicken wings
I told you it was surprising.  Cook’s Country explains: baking powder is composed of an acid and an alkali.  It helps draw moisture to the surface of the poultry skin, where it can evaporate.  The acid helps break down proteins within the skin, and the alkali accelerates the browning process, meaning that the skin can crisp more quickly.

Baking Powder

Now.  Let’s talk about the chicken for a minute.  If you can find wings that have already been cut and prepped (meaning the little drumstick is separated from the wing, and the wing tips are removed and discarded) then I would totally go for those.  I myself don’t have any major issues with raw meat, and I’m pretty good with a knife, and I will tell you right now, I hate prepping chicken wings.  I’m not going to show you the ugly photos of me butchering meat (and by “butchering” I don’t mean the logical definition of one who specializes in the preparation of raw meat products. I mean the other one: the act of ruining or destroying something someone else could have done with grace and ease.)  If you don’t know how to separate your wings, just do a quick google search and there are oodles of YouTube videos that will show you.  It’s really not hard, I just need to sharpen my knives apparently.  Anyway, let’s skip forward to some perfectly prepped little wings.

The only prep for these guys is to dust them with a mix of baking powder and salt and then place them on a rack that’s been placed over a foil-lined cookie sheet.  How’s that for quick and easy?

Chicken Wings dusted with Baking Powder

They cook for a little bit in a barely-warm oven (there’s lots of science there too, but let’s skip that and just follow the instructions, ok?)  and then the pan gets moved to the top rack and the heat is cranked up to 425.

When they come out, they even look fried with their beautifully golden brown crispy skin.  They have a nice crunch on the outside and tender juicy chicken on the inside.  And in case you were wondering (because it was one of my first questions) there is absolutely no lingering taste of baking powder.

Baked Chicken Wings

You’ll want to toss them with sauce and then serve them right away.  When it comes to the sauce, the sky’s the limit.  I’m not a huge fan of buffalo, but that’s an obvious choice.  I’ll include my recipe for a Honey-Lime-Sesame glaze that was a hit around here.  It’s got lots of my favorite things in it, like honey, lime juice, sesame oil and ginger.

Honey Lime Glaze

I sprinkled on some black sesame seeds to that batch for color and crunch.

Black Sesame Seeds

Everyone loved the sweet and salty combo.

Honey Lime Glazed Chicken Wings

Another easy sauce is bbq, and honestly, you could use one of our homemade sauces, like this one, or do what I did and take your favorite bottled sauce and mix in a good drizzle of honey, and a couple shots of hot sauce.

Oven Fried Crispy Glazed Chicken Wings

It makes a sweet, spicy, sticky glaze; just how wings should be!

The secret to Crispy Glazed Chicken Wings in the Oven

Cook up a batch or two for your next game.  That way whether you win or lose, at least there will be something good to eat 😉



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  1. Thank you!! These sound fantastic…like magic! Crispy fried from the oven, can’t wait to try! Now if only there’s some magic to get this hot LA weather to cool down… 🙂

  2. Yum! I think your posts this week have solidified my Hawkeye Tailgate Menu for tomorrow . . . jalapeño mac and cheese and these baked wings. Thanks!

  3. You are awesome! We have been baking ours for a long time but they just aren’t as good. Can’t wait to try this to see the difference.

  4. We took our kids to their first byu football game ever last Saturday. Sad ending, but we had a great time anyway. They would love it if we cut a Y in our lawn.

    In the 2nd paragraph of the instructions it says “Back wings . . .” and I think you mean Bake, right? Thanks for the how-to-fry-without-frying tip!

  5. Did I read that right… 30 min at the first temp & then another 40-50 min??? Totally want to try making these. Just double checking

    1. Correct. The 250 degrees doesn’t actually “cook” the wings; it’s an important part of the process that allows the moisture to evaporate so the baking powder can do its work (as opposed to having them sit overnight.)

      1. Gotcha- that was what I was thinking at 250, but needed your double check- thanks! My family is super into football season this year & these look amazing!

  6. Oh, wow, this recipe is so exciting! You see, my boys have food allergies to wheat, egg, and milk, so traditional breading is a no-go. But THIS. This recipe bypasses all of those, naturally. I could hug you. Thanks for all you do!

  7. Seriously, I think you’re giving my husband ideas. He may actually get excited to mow the yard now so he can carve a Y in it 😉

    Thanks for the baking powder secret! What a great idea! Thanks again for a post that is perfect timing!

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