Easy Lemon Cream Pie

Sometimes when I have things on my grocery list, like a few lemons for example,  I find myself at Costco buying 57 lemons simply because it’s a really great deal on 57 lemons and it saves me a trip to the grocery store for my 3 lemons.  Then without fail I find myself at home frantically thinking of things to make before my 57 lemons (or limes, or that industrial sized bag of broccoli- seriously I have never once in my life finished one of those broccoli bags) goes bad.  Hence here we are at lemon pie.

Lemon Topped Cream Pie
This recipe is based off of our super popular Banana Cream Pie (which is a very old post with very old photos, but awesomely delicious.)   I was craving some sort of lemon cream pie but didn’t have the time nor energy to make a traditional egg-based custard.  My mind immediately went to our beloved banana cream pie and I wondered if the same recipe could be tweaked for lemon.  Sure enough, it was a home run.  (Insert fist-pump, here.)

You only need a few ingredients here.  I started with a basic graham cracker crust.

Grahm Cracker Crust

I know at least one person will ask about that pie plate, so here’s a link!  Kate shared it once upon a time and I promptly bought one for myself.  It comes in a million colors and is only about $18 bucks.  Win.

You can do a baked or unbaked crust for this pie.  I baked mine, which makes it a little crispier, but I really love soft graham cracker crusts as well.

The ingredient list couldn’t be more simple.  We’re using a boxed pudding mix, but no worries, we’re not going to just make lemon flavored pudding.  You’ll be using cream, sweetened condensed milk, and fresh lemons for amazing flavor.  The pudding adds a beautiful creaminess (without eggs) and provides stability.   Don’t use lemon pudding, because we don’t want that artificial flavor in there, just go for the vanilla and we’ll get all of the lemon flavor from actual lemons.

Lemon Cream Pie Ingredients

Use electric beaters to mix up the pudding, lemon juice, sweetened condensed milk, and a little regular milk as well.  I also include some of the zest.  Then you’ll fold in whipped cream.  Don’t stir, fold fold fold.

Lemon Cream Filling

Spread that mixture into your pie crust.  Now you might notice that this same mixture in the Banana recipe makes 2 pies, however in that version, you’ve got a bunch of space taken up by the bananas.  I’ve found if you do 2 pies here, they’re pretty shallow, so I prefer to make just one tall, full pie.  You’ll have more than enough filling than you need, so it’s the perfect amount to stow away a little bowl for yourself to eat while hiding in the closet.  Or wherever.

Filling Pie Crust

Spread out the mixture evenly and refrigerate the pie.  It’s important it has plenty of time to chill (like 4-6 hours at least) so it firms up enough to slice.


Before you serve it, top it with whipped cream (again, you’ll have a very generous amount of whipped cream, so just use some for that closet binging sesh we discussed earlier) and if you want, those candied lemon slices I showed you how to make a few weeks ago.

Lemon Pie Our Best Bites


Lemon Topped Cream Pie

This pie is super sweet, yet super tart, so a little goes a long way!  It would feed 8 people minimum, and really more like 10-12 because you can get away with smaller slices.

Lemon Pie with missing slice

It would be perfectly beautiful on a Mother’s Day table if you ask me.

Oh, and can we just talk about that plate for a quick minute?  It was one of my most favorite plates (I have hundreds, for food styling) and I totally dropped it after this shoot and broke it and my heart crumbled into a million pieces so I ate the whole pie to cope.  Seriously though.  It was from Anthropologie, does anyone have them and know what the name of the pattern is so I can see if I can find them anywhere?  Anyone know where I can find them?  I would buy a whole set if I could find them because I love them so much.  Help a girl out!




Lemon Cream Pie from Our Best Bites




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  1. Looks and sounds yummy! One question, in your directions you state to use a ‘standard’ pie plate, which is usually a 9″ regular, but the link you gave for the one you used is for a 10.25″ deep dish….which one should I use?

  2. Looks great…and wanted to say that I’ve been making broccoli salad (w/o bacon but with a little sharp cheddar) with the end of that never-ending-broccoli bag. Maybe that sounds good to you?

  3. Thanks for the recipe! This will be my mother’s day treat to myself!
    Seems those plates are illusive! I know these won’t replace your baby, Clinton Kelly’s line at Macy’s has a similar look http://m.macys.com/shop/product/clinton-kelly-effortless-table-set-of-six-different-dessert-plates?ID=1539212&CategoryID=53629

    And you might want to check out these aqua beauties, if you don’t already have a set http://m.macys.com/shop/product/lenox-dinnerware-floral-fusion-aqua-4-piece-place-setting?ID=528090&choiceId=cidK30011-279d4bc5-047c-4a60-8d1e-006ad86ad5db%2540H26%2540Enjoy%20extra%2025%25%20or%2010%25%20off%20during%20Macy%27s%20Friends%20%2526%20Family!%252453629%2524528090

  4. I live in AZ where everybody and their dog has citrus trees and is happy to share their bounty. I juice up TONS of lemons during citrus season, then freeze them in 1-cup quantities in Ziploc bags so I can use them all year long. The only time I buy lemons is when I need zest in the off-season. This looks yummy!

    1. I’m pretty sure you can freeze the zest too 😉 in case you don’t want to buy that 1 lemon randomly in the off season 😛

  5. Yum! I have been waiting for this post since you did the candied lemon slices. As for the Costco size bag of broccoli, have you tried broccoli pesto? We like it. Also, I put broccoli in smoothies. I know that sounds weird, and if you ever meet anyone that says, ” it’s so good, you can’t even taste it”, they are lying! You can absolutely taste it and it is not so delicious but it is tolerable. I started with just 1 piece of broccoli until I didn’t mind it and have slowly been increasing it, I’m up to about 6 pieces per smoothie and I don’t love it, but I don’t mind it either and it is worth it to me to get in the extra veggies.

      1. I know, right! 🙁 I’ve never used this website before but, it may be worth a shot.
        I did a quick search for the pattern and I didn’t see it pop up. But, maybe you can email them and ask if they’ll look for it. They say they are constantly adding patterns. They get their stock from estate sales and auctions, in addition to dept. stores, etc. And they have carried a large number of Anthropologie plates before, it looks like. Good luck!

        1. Also, I forgot to tell you! Did you know you can follow a search on Ebay?! Go to the homepage and type in Anthropologie Flights and Fancy. Then click search. Mine says 0 results. Right next to that you click on FOLLOW SEARCH. It will send you emails, etc. (how ever you have it set up) ANYTIME someone posts this item in the future. In MY EBAY you just go to searches you’re following to see them, edit them, etc. How cool is it to go about your busy life and have Ebay do the work for you?!

  6. So I’m in CA, so your timed posts pop up RIGHT as I’m supposed to be going to bed, but I hate the little red number alert on my feedly button when I’m closing everything down at night, so I read your post maybe 30 seconds after it’s posted… and got to the end, and immediately scrolled to the (duh, empty) comments section hoping someone had given you the answer to your plate issue. And then I laughed at myself because… it’s been literally 2 minutes MAYBE since you posted at this point, so I’m commenting to tell you that I really hope somebody helps a sista out. And also a bit because I already belong in bed, so everything’s a little funnier than it should be 😉 Like me thinking there would be hundreds of comments already. (I’m sure there will be tomorrow and SOMEONE out there can help a sista out! Good luck!)

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