Easy Reindeer Cookies

I actually had a whole post of super easy Christmas themed snacks like these cute little Reindeer cookies I made for my kindergartener’s holiday party today, but I ran out of time this year and decided to save them for 2012!  But I just shared this picture on our Facebook page and several people asked if I could post it on the blog so they could pin it to Pinterest.  So here y’all go- pin away!

You just need Nutter Butter cookies, pretzels (you can break off the center piece as seen in the middle photo or leave it on) and M&M’s.  Attach everything with frosting- even the store bought stuff.  If you’re doing this with kids, it works really well to put a little frosting in a heavy duty zip lock bag and cut a tiny corner off.  Use a twist tie and tie the bag right at the top of where the frosting sits to keep it in place for little hands.  Have fun!

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Questions & Reviews

  1. will the frosting dry hard enough to keep the pretzels and mms from falling off ? and to transport to a party ? thank you

  2. I made these cookies today for my Christmas party. Thank you soooo much because I can craft nothing! These were so easy.

  3. I love these! I was making white chocolate dipped pretzel sticks at the same time and used the leftover melted chocolate as my “frosting”. It worked wonderfully!

  4. Hi!

    Are you aware of any brands of cookies that have this shape but don’t have peanut butter in them? I want to do these for our school craft, but one of our classes has a peanut allergy.


  5. Too cute!! Going to make with our little bakers at our family’s next Annual Cookie Day 😀

  6. You can also frost the entire nutter butter white & then add eyes (mini chocolate chips or m&ms) and make ghosts to go with your darling oreo bats!

  7. I’ve totally made these and the snowmen like them about 7 times this season for different parties from my daughters baptism to neighborhood gifts. I actually dipped them in melted almond bark and used red hots for the nose and mini chocolate chips for the eyes. Love how easy they are.

  8. Not to be a downer, cuz these sure are adorable, but a lot of school functions won’t let you bring anything with peanut butter these days due to all the peanut allergy kids – so just a word of warming that ppl might want to check with their child’s school teacher to make sure snacks with peanut butter are okay. I love nutter butter’s and all things peanut butter, but unfortunately, I have 2 peanut allergy kiddo’s with epi-pen’s so I’m more aware and conscious about things like this. But oh so cute!

    1. I think now days most people are very conscious of peanut allergies. It’s hard not to be with all of the rules schools have now! We don’t have any peanut allergies in our class and peanut butter in all forms is allowed (hip hip horray!)

  9. As we say in Minnesota “oh for cute!” I wish I would have seen this earlier. I just packaged up the last of my holiday treats and sent them with my husband to his work. I can’t be tempted anymore with sweets! I’m printing this cute idea for next year’s bake-off.

  10. Can you give the recipe for the white frosting? I’d use the store-bought stuff since I’m running low on time, but I wonder if it would set up enough so the cookies don’t all stick to each other. 🙂

  11. One of my boards on pinterst is “Our Best Bites” and I just keep adding. You guys are the best!!!!!
    Merry Christmas 🙂

  12. I really like the one in the middle. Very cute idea. My grandson is coming tomorrow and I know he will love this! Now if you will excuse me, I have some pinning to do!

  13. Love it!! You can also do something similar with sugar cookies use 2 pretzels for ears choc chips for eyes and red m&m for nose 🙂

  14. Wow, I’m excited to be the first to comment!

    Such a cute idea, and easy, too. Those nutter-butter cookies sure are versatile!