Escape with Dark Chocolate: Printable Wrap!

I have lots of secret places in my house.  There’s a secret box in my closet where I hide little trinkets leftover from Christmas that I save to bribe my kids with later.  There’s a compartment in my freezer where the small ones have still not figured out I hide the good popsicles that I don’t share with them.  And then in my pantry there’s the fake-out secret candy box that I know my kids sneak into so I put the really good stuff in the secret-secret box 3 shelves up.  Because sometimes, you just have to save the good stuff for yourself.

If there’s one thing I appreciate in life, it’s good chocolate.  I’m talking about quality, melt-in-your-mouth, close-your-eyes-while-you-eat-it chocolate.  That’s the kind that goes on the secret-secret shelf in my pantry.  It’s not the one I grab on my way out the door to football practice because I didn’t eat lunch and a chocolate bar seems like the most acceptable replacement.  It’s the one that I wait to pull out until after my kids are all asleep because I earned it simply by making it through the day and I want to enjoy every last second of my decadent reward.  Kate and I both had the really challenging assignment recently of taste-testing all of the amazing flavors of the new Ghirardelli Intense Dark Chocolate; now that’s what I’m talking about.

I love that if you click here, you can even get food pairings for things that go well with each flavor, like dried mango or pretzels with the Evening Dream, or fresh figs and biscotti with Hazelnut Heaven. You all know by now I’m a little obsessive about dark chocolate.  For me, the darker the better.  I love straight-up dark, dark chocolate like the “Midnight Reverie” which is 86% cacao.  (That means “really, really dark” in chocolate lingo.)  Another favorite was the Cabernet Matinee, which blends the subtle sweetness of blackberry and grape with smooth dark chocolate.

These bars don’t just taste good, they’re beautifully packaged too, which makes them perfect for a classy little gift.  Because as much as I love hoarding chocolate all to myself, I actually love sharing it, too.

Sometimes you just need something simple to tell someone you appreciate them.  And sometimes you just know that someone else is having an I-need-to-hide-in-a-closet-and-eat-chocolate kind of day.

Because once and a while everyone needs to just take a deep breath, relax, and have a little sweet escape, whether it’s alone in a closet at 3 in the afternoon, or with their feet kicked up at night after a long, hard day.  That’s what good chocolate is for.

So I made this cute printable you can use to wrap up some chocolate-love and share with someone (including yourself!)

This would be perfect for upcoming Teacher Appreciation Week, too!  I’ve left the printable border-less so you can cut it to fit exactly how you want it to.  You can cut it shorter to show a peek of what’s below,

or longer to leave room for a personal note on the top or bottom.

There’s even a little heart on the back side for a personal touch there.

Sneak it into a friend’s purse, pass it to your child’s school teacher, or leave it on a co-worker’s desk.  Anyway you wrap it up, you can’t go wrong surprising someone with a little chocolatey escape!

Click Here to Download the Free Printable, and wrap it up!

This post was sponsored by Ghirardelli Intense Dark Chocolate.  Create your escape here.


  1. Kate – I’m so going to give one to your sis, b/c if anyone needs a sweet little escape, its Annie! Also think it would be great for Teacher Appreciation Week. I bet sometimes the teachers feel like hiding in the material’s closet eating chocolate.

  2. As I was reading I thought this would be great for Teacher Appreciation Week….I wonder if they will make a printable….then BAM! There it is! haha
    Thanks so much! Cant wait to try them they all look awesome!

  3. I feel as though you have been peeking through my window. One time, I was on a diet and left a chocolate bar hidden so long that it became a melted lump. From then on, any diet includes a chocolate allowance.
    Thanks for the great printable.

    1. Haha, I hear ya. Even when I’m on a “diet” or trying to be healthy, I save a little allowance for chocolate EVERY day. It keeps me sane!

  4. Great idea! These would also work for Admin Professionals Day on the 24th (says the Office Manager who loves chocolate = )

  5. What a great idea! Hmm so may people I can think of that deserve this! Most of my friends are hard working Moms that could always use a treat to hide in the closet and eat…AND Cabernet Matinee? I NEED to find that one for myself!!!

  6. Thanks so much for these! I used the ones you posted at Christmas time, and my friends absolutely adored them! Such a small gift but so appreciated.

  7. What? No peppermint?

    My secret stash is the back of my underwear drawer behind the granny panties. Nobody is going to touch those! LOL!

  8. Okay this may sound odd to some. After the last Ghiradelli post, I went out and bought some bars, since the odds were against my winning as so many people entered. My best dark-chocolate buddy is my younger brother, who thoroughly enjoyed the Midnight Reverie I shared with him.

  9. Did I miss the announcement of winners from Kate’s post about the tasting party? It said that winners would be announced on the 3rd, but then the pineapple salsa was on the third. Thanks!

  10. Well I love the chocolate bars and printable, but what i really want to know, and I’m flabbergasted someone didn’t already ask is, where did that adorable teacup come from?!

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