Father’s Day Printable and Tin Can Labels

First of all, you may have noticed that Sara and I have slowed down on our post frequency over the last couple of weeks. This is for a couple of reasons. We’ve been at this whole blogging thing for a long time. 10 years. The toddlers we had when we started this are now teenagers and, just like everyone told us (but we didn’t believe at the time), our lives are infinitely more busy with older kids than they were with babies. We also know that we only have a few summers left with those kids. So. We’ve slowed our roll. Just for the summer. That way, we can take a little time with the very most important parts of our lives. And we figure you’re doing the same, because traffic tends to slow down during the summer months. Come fall, we’ll be back to our regular 3 times a week schedule!

We have also been hard at work at a summer meal plan! We’ve put together 7 weeks of brand-new recipes that you can make in 30 minutes or less and they don’t involve turning on your oven! Plus some pretty incredible extras! If you haven’t already, be sure to get on the waiting list so you’ll be the first to know when it’s available!

Anyway. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, you need to check out these Father’s Day printables I made! Back in 2011, Sara made these tin can treats and they became one of my favorite ways to package gifts! Since it’s 7 years later, I’ve made an updated printable for the can:

I’ve made them in 3 different sizes for small, medium, or large cans, so you can print out whichever one works best for you! And you may see the small one and wonder who has 16 fathers they need to give gifts to, which is a great question. The answer is probably no one, but these are also perfect for large groups of kids (like daycare, summer camp, or church groups) to put together. Plus, it’s a surprisingly easy job for grownups to do the hard work (cleaning out the cans, wrapping in wrapping paper, etc.)

So what do you put  in these? Whatever you want. When I was a kid, we always said good things came in little packages: money, gift cards, ski passes, jewelry, etc. While your dad may not be super into ski passes in June or may not be the bracelet buddies kind of guy (like Joey and Chandler), chances are you could find something he loves like snack foods. Or sports, theatre, or music tickets. Or gift cards, multitools, a replacement remote control for that one time you lost the remote and he lost his mind, you get the picture. You’d be surprised what you can fit into a can (I have a soft confirmation that they’re going to put that on my headstone.) 

Head over to Sara’s post for directions and more ideas and then print out whichever of these works best for you! Happy Father’s Day!

Father’s Day Tin Can Labels: I’m Awesome (small)
Father’s Day Tin Can Labels: I’m Awesome (medium)
Father’s Day Tin Can Labels: I’m Awesome (large)


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  1. I made these in 2011 when you first posted them and they were a huge hit! My grandpa especially enjoyed it. Thanks for the reminder about a fun gift for Dad, teachers, etc.