Fresh Peach Pie Milkshakes

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Peach Pie Milkshakes from Our Best Bites
Now, let us speak of milkshakes.  If you have been following me on Instagram, you will have noticed my current obsession with peaches.  Peaches are one of those things that you simply must take advantage of when they’re in season and even though it’s just the beginning of peach season, I’ve had some really fantastic ones.  A couple weeks ago I was lucky enough to have a visit at home from one of the Chefs for Albertsons.  We cooked, and chatted, and then he left me with loads of groceries- among them, this ginormous box of peaches, lots of vanilla ice cream, brown sugar, and a few different kinds of cookies.  How could I NOT turn that into a milkshake??  (I also made Peach Caprese Stacks.  If you haven’t seen that one yet, you better check them out.  They’re sooooo good.)

Fresh Peaches

I call this a peach pie shake because the warm notes of brown sugar and cinnamon combined with the juicy fresh peaches and creamy vanilla ice cream tastes just like that last spoonful of peach pie ala mode where there’s pie scraps mixed in with all of the melted ice cream and it tastes like heaven.  Heaven.  That’s what this milkshake tastes like.

Vanilla Ice Cream

You can use any kind of peach as long as it’s ripe and sweet. Don’t use tart, under-ripe ones, it’s worth the wait for sweet!  I don’t peel my peaches either; I love the little flecks of color and texture from the skins.  We’re going for super quick and easy here, so just start slicing chunks of fruit off of those beauties.  It doesn’t have to be pretty since it’s all going in a blender!

Fresh Peaches

Place your peaches in a blender and add in some brown sugar, cinnamon, and vanilla. 

Peach Pie Milkshake

I use a high-powered Blendtec, and the peaches should release plenty of moisture, so that you don’t need to add extra liquid, but if you do, just add a little cold milk or cream.

Pouring Peach Milkshake

For the finishing touch, I crumbled some gingersnap cookies on top.  Nilla wafers would also be good.

Peach Pie Milkshake

Grab an extra-wide straw and sit on a sunny porch to sip up this taste of summer.

These have already been on repeat at our house!

Fresh Peach Pie Shake

And in case you ever wonder…here’s a little behind-the-scenes  look into my kitchen.  I take almost all of my food shots on this little counter next to my window, and often this is happening as well.  Who can focus on crackers when there are milkshakes happening an arms-reach away??

Cooking with Sara Wells

Anyway, enjoy this recipe and leave a comment to let us know what you think of our new look!



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Fresh Peach Pie Milkshakes

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A perfect milkshake to capture the sweetness of summer, with fresh peaches, brown sugar, and a touch of cinnamon.


  • 3 cups good quality vanilla ice cream
  • 2 cups diced fresh peaches with skin on (34 small, 23 large)
  • 4 tablespoons brown sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract


  1. Place peaches in blender and then add remaining ingredients. If needed, add a little cream or milk until you reach your desired consistency.



Sara Wells
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Sara Wells

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  1. This is a delicious shake!! Really love the spices and what the brown sugar does for it! I agree, Blue Bell is the best! Glad you love it, too!

  2. I am digging the makeover! I especially love those new videos you put up. At least they seem new to me. I’m just judging by the new Diet Coke can in the Dirty DC video. That’s how I stay current apparently….soda. Haha!

    1. Totally how I stay current, haha!! And yes, they’re all new!! We’re so excited about them!

  3. This is one of the best blog makeovers I’ve seen yet – so cute, still looks very easy to get around, bright and airy. Sometimes the “new” look is harder to navigate but so far I don’t think that applies here. Yay! And OMG peach milkshakes.

  4. The new look is great! Cant wait to see what new surprise you have in store for everyone

  5. Are we still able to pin any picture we want to for our boards? I tried to pin the basil vinaigrette this morning (which is an older post) and it populated the picture of basil in a mason jar instead of the actual vinaigrette but when I hovered my mouse over the picture I wanted to pin, there was no “pin it” button….

    1. That should be fixed now! 🙂 There are going to be little quirks as we get everything set up; if you notice anything else, please let us know! 🙂