Fried Rice

If you’ve never made your own Fried Rice at home, this recipe will show you how easy, and versatile it is! This fried rice is inspired from the same restaurant as our Sweet and Spicy Honey-Grilled Shrimp. It’s not your typical Chinese restaurant-type fried rice; it’s a bit milder and has a little more Polynesian flair. It goes great with Teriyaki Chicken or it’s slightly naughtier cousin, Bacon-Wrapped Teriyaki Chicken Bites. Or try it with Asian BBQ Chicken or the ever-popular Spicy Honey Chicken. Or toss in some leftover Fauxtisserie Chicken or ham or shrimp (or hey, live on the wild side and add all three) and it can be a meal in and of itself.

bowl of fried frice

Ingredients for Fried Rice


You can add in pretty much any veggie you like, but the basics we like to start with are onions, garlic, mushrooms and onions.  Cabbage is also an important ingredient in Fried Rice, and to make this quick and easy, we use pre-shredded bagged cabbage.
Cole Slaw Mix

Cooking Fried Rice

You’ll want to have everything totally ready to go because fried rice moves fast!  It’s truly a one-dish meal.
Sauteed Veggies

After your veggies get a quick saute, you’ll add the the rice and it starts to come together. One of the best parts about this recipe is the seasoning mix.  You’ll make a spice blend and use as much of it as you like for flavor.


It’s so easy to crack a couple eggs in there, or throw some protein on top for a one-dish meal, and it’s also the perfect side-dish for so many things.  My whole family loves this meal, and it’s a great way to get your kiddos to eat their veggies!

Fried Rice
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Fried Rice in Bowl



4 cups cold, leftover rice
3 Tablespoons butter
1/4 cup minced red onion
2 tablespoons chopped green onions
1/2 tablespoon minced garlic
1/4 cups chopped carrots
1/2 cup chopped mushrooms
8 oz. (1/2 bag) coleslaw mix
34 generous tablespoons soy sauce

1/4 teaspoon celery salt
1/2 teaspoon dehydrated onion
1/4 teaspoon black pepper
1/2 teaspoon kosher salt
1/2 teaspoon sugar
1/2 teaspoon granulated garlic


If not using leftover rice, boil water and add dry rice. Reduce heat to low, cover, and cook for 20 minutes. This step can be done even up to 2-3 days in advance (and for some reason, fried rice tastes better when the rice is cold). Heat butter over medium heat and saute onions, carrots, and cabbage until carrots are tender. Add cooked rice, soy sauce, and seasoning to taste (you won’t even come close to using all of it; save the rest for future fried rice or use as you would seasoning salt.)


  1. I've never been the first to write a comment… I feel so special! This sounds super yummy! Just wanted to let you know I cook from your blog religiously and I love it!! Just served your Indian pork skewers with the coconut rice at my sons birthday last night, and everyone LOVED it! Sooo yummy! Thanks for all the awesome recipes!!!

  2. I've made this before and we all loved it. I like how it's so flexible, so you can really throw anything into it. Great way to use leftover rice too- because who eats plain leftover rice?? Thanks Kate!

  3. I love fried rice! Now, what do I do for my 6 year old who hates it? Blurg. I think I'll make it anyway…he can have a sandwich.

  4. I made this tonight and it was a huge hit! My 5 year old finished his before I even sat down to the table and my husband said it looked and tasted like something from Panda Express! So simple to make and so delicious!

    Now for a few random questions that my momma never taught me. How far up the green onion do you cut and use? What's the best way to store mushrooms in the fridge to make them last longer? If I don't have kosher salt, do I need to increase the increment if I'm using Sea Salt or table salt?

    Thanks for being my go-to girls for cooking! This is the best site.

  5. Sydney–That's awesome!! Now just get some Chinese takeout boxes from the store and no one will ever know! 🙂

    As far as green onions go, I usually chop until it's not firm and white anymore (unless I'm using the green tops for something specific). It also depends on how far I need to stretch the green onions, you know? The tops are very, very mild and don't have much flavor or texture once they're cooked, so I generally don't bother too much with them.

    For mushrooms, if you buy them wrapped, leave 'em that way and then wipe them with a wet paper towel to get the dirt off. If you buy them loose, it's best to wipe them off first and then store them in a paper bag so they can breathe and don't get slimy like they tend to do in plastic bags.

    For salt, if you're using a larger-grained salt like Kosher or some sea salt in place of regular salt, you actually want to use a bit more because those salts don't taste as salty. If you're using regular table salt in place of Kosher salt, you'll use a bit less. But really, most of the time, I'd keep it just the same and adjust things if you need to once you've seasoned it, you know?

    Hope that helps! 🙂

  6. Oh my gosh my family loved this!!! We made it with your Teriyaki Chicken recipe- Yummm O!

    Seriously, thank you for the awesome recipes!

  7. I have a totally different recipe than this one. I guess you could call it more traditional asian? I like the items you've added to yours. I will have to try it but am pretty sure we'll probably want ours too. Thanks so much!

  8. I made this last night and my family and I think that this is the best made at home fried rice that we have ever eaten. And I've tried a few recipes. My only problem was that it was way to salty and I only used half of what your recipe called for. Is the 1 Tablespoon a typo and should it be one tsp.

  9. Janice–Did you use all the seasoning at once? Because that would definitely be too salty. 🙂 You just want to add a few sprinkles of the seasoning until it's salty enough. If that's what happened, that might be what made it too salty. Otherwise, you can cut down on the salt in the seasoning if you just find the seasoning too salty.

  10. I just wanted to let you know that you have the MOST AMAZING recipes. I love, love, love them! I made this rice last night and it was DELICIOUS! I even ate some cold for lunch. 🙂 Thanks for sharing. This is seriously my "go-to" site when I want something tasty and new and different! Thanks again!

  11. I heart Sara and Kate (but not in a weird, creepy way :). We had this for dinner last night and it was the best stir fry I've ever made! My mission is to make every single one of your recipes. So far, I've made about 15, all of which were spectacular (except for the tortillas, which I've tried 3 times and CAN NOT get them right…maybe if you're ever in Arkansas you can stop by for a demonstration??). Thank you! You girls rock!

  12. I hate to say the same thing everyone above has said…but this recipe is fabulous! I made this for supper tonight and can't get over how tasty it was! Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your great recipes and for sharing with us!

  13. i made this for dinner tonight and it is really yummy. i used brown rice and my non-brown rice eating hubby really liked it (shhh–don't tell him) Thanks.

  14. Quick question- what kind of dried onion are you talking about? onion salt, onion powder or dried onion flakes? I am making this for dinner tonight and don't want to mess it up.Thanks Penny

  15. Wooo–I’d love to try the fried rice recipe! I just saw it linked up from the recent recipe for lettuce wraps. One question: When I get take-out fried rice from the Vietnamese place down the street, it seems like there’s some kind of spice in there that gives the rice a hint of cinnamon flavor. Do you have any idea what that spice is? Whatever it is, I like it and would like to add it to this recipe.

  16. In your instructions, you didn’t say when to add the mushrooms and garlic in. I’m assuming you saute the garlic with the onions, carrots, and cabbage. Are you also supposed to saute the mushrooms with the onions, carrots, and cabbage? Thanks (I’m not a great cook, but I’m trying to learn!)

  17. Made this last night, along with your Asian BBQ chicken recipe. My husband, who normally isn’t a fan of (any type of) rice, ate the entire batch (save the portion I took)! He asked me to make it again next week, whoo hoo! And what a great way to get in some extra veggies (although I couldn’t get my 3-year old to eat it, it has “green” in it–someone tell me this phase will end soon?!?!).

    I’m using the leftover chicken tonight to make the bacon-artichoke penne bake using the guiltless alfredo sauce. I feel like a gourmet chef! Thanks for making dinners exciting around our house again!

  18. Just received your cookbook for my birthday and made
    the fried rice and spice honey chicken…loved both!
    Can’t wait to try more recipes. 🙂

  19. I think this is quite possibly the best fried rice I have ever eaten in my life. By the way, for those who are wondering, I only used a few pinches of the seasoning mix and saved the rest for later. I used up one of my Tone’s spice containers making this, and just put the leftover mix in the Tone’s container. It worked out perfectly!

  20. Ladies this was fabulous!!! I have always struggled with Fried Rice. And boy was this easy and a great way to use up leftover veggies. I think the celery salt in the seasoning mix is the secret. It gives it that little something! Thank you so much!

  21. This looks awesome; I think I’ll make it to go with my mom’s Bourbon Chicken this Friday. I would love it to be in a printable format, if you ever get the time. Thanks!

  22. Made this tonight to go with the Asain BBQ Chicken. I see this question was asked above, but never answered. No where in the directions is it listed when to add the garlic and mushrooms, so I assume they are added at the same time the carrots, etc…are added. Also, I used 3 TBS of soy sauce and my rice turned out very very dark, not light like the picture. It’s still very good and my family of 3 ate it ALL, gobbled it right up! Will definitely make again and again.

  23. I made this with short grain brown rice (cooked according to your foolproof brown rice recipe) and it worked great! My family loved this.

  24. Hi – I clicked several of the links in the 2nd paragraph and theyre all broken! ** Super Sad Face here! =( ** I’ve saved this recipe to my Recipes to Try file! YUM!

  25. This was so good! Easy too! Made the rice in the morning and served with two other recent OBB recipes: pineapple flank steak and rosemary roasted pineapple.(marinated the steak last night) Definitely make again!

    1. oh interesting. She probably knows what she’s doing! haha. We put the egg in last because it would be really overcooked if we put it in first in this recipe.

  26. This is the best fried rice recipe ever!!! I added all the spices as well as two scrambled eggs and diced ham. A favorite dinner!

  27. Beautiful recipe! I always have different flavors is all-purpose seasoning in the house. 1T to 2T of seasoning flavors fried rice nicely.

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