Chewy Almond-Coconut Chex Mix

First of all, have you checked out our Halloween Party Food Post?? It is full of amazing (and easy!!) ideas! I mean, hello Mummy Dogs and creepy finger cheese! On the less spooky side, this is one of my favorite party foods ever. I’ve met lots of people who have a recipe for this and none of us have a good name for it. I got it from my childhood piano teacher who called it “Cereal Gooey Stuff.” I’ve heard it called “Moose Munch” and “Cereal Crack” and “Reindeer Droppings.” My step-mom, much to my humiliation, called it “Meow Mix” when I was a teenager:

Kate’s Stepmom: Hey, girls, would you like some Meow Mix?
Bratty Teenage Kate: [Hides head, utterly convinced she will die of embarrassment.]

So, in the spirit of Halloween, I’ve named this Goblin Grub, but the remaining 11 months of the year, you can probably call it Chewy Almond Coconut Chex Mix. Or something related to drugs or something semi-gross involving animals, that’s cool, too.

Chewy Almond Coconut Chex Mix-6 copy

You’re going to need some Rice Chex, Golden Grahams, sliced almonds, light corn syrup, vanilla and almond extracts, butter, and unsweetened coconut.


Chewy Almond Coconut Chex Mix

Place the cereal, almonds, and coconut in a VERY LARGE bowl (or even a cookie sheet.

Chewy Almond Coconut Chex Mix-2

Toss them together and set aside.

Chewy Almond Coconut Chex Mix-3

In a large saucepan, combine butter, Karo syrup, and sugar. Bring to a boil, reduce heat, and cook for three minutes. Remove from heat and stir in vanilla. While the mixture is still hot, pour over the cereal mixture

Chewy Almond Coconut Chex Mix-4

and stir well so the candy mixture coats the cereal.

Chewy Almond Coconut Chex Mix-7 copyTry keeping your fingers out of it until it cools a little. You can serve it in a bowl like this, but dividing it into individual portions isn’t a terrible idea (because it’s so sticky and also because it’s so addictive.)Chewy Almond Coconut Chex Mix-5
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Chewy Coconut-Almond Chex Mix

  • Author: Our Best Bites


This Chewy Coconut-Almond Chex Mix is perfect for parties or a family treat!


  • 6 1/2 cups Rice Chex
  • 4 1/2 cups Golden Grahams
  • 1 cup sliced almonds
  • 2 cups unsweetened coconut
  • 3/4 cup (1 1/2 sticks) butter
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 cup light Karo syrup
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • 1/2 teaspoon almond extract


  1. In a VERY large bowl (or on a cookie sheet), combine cereals, almonds, and coconut. Set aside.
  2. In a large saucepan, combine butter, Karo syrup, and sugar. Bring to a boil, then reduce heat and cook for 3 minutes. Remove from heat and stir in the vanilla and almond extract. While the mixture is still hot, pour over the cereal mixture and stir well so the candy mixture coats the cereal. Serve in a large bowl or divide into individual portions.




  1. We have a popcorn treat at our house called "crackcorn" because of it's addictive abilities; it's nice to hear someone else refer to food as crack too. How about Sticky Heaven, because this looks delish!

  2. Looks wonderful- but I'm not creative this early in the AM, so I can't help with a new name. I'll try to come back later if something pops in my mind.

  3. That looks great! I'll make it right away!

    How about "Coconut Sweeties"? Silly, obviously, but it gets the point across.

  4. We call this Coconut Chex Mix at our home. But you're so right about it being addictive. You're smart to divvy it out…great plan!! As for the chocolate request, my aunt would always sprinkle over the seasonal m&ms when it was a little bit cooled. Then it's for sure holiday-esque. Love your blog you two!

  5. Mmm, I love this stuff! I've only ever called it chewy chex mix though, so while it fits your critera, it's not too creative.

  6. My little sister made this once when she was visiting and called it "crack". It looks like I'm not the only one who's heard it called that. I think something like, "crunchy munch." Good luck with the naming. I hope I win the giveaway.

  7. We use this same recipe and we just call it Chex Mix since I never make the "other" kind of chex mix. We LOVE it!

  8. I love this stuff! It is hard to think of a name though, I have a very similar recipe and the title is "Golden Graham Chex Mix." Not very original, but creativity is not my expertise, sorry. 🙂

  9. This is a faveorite in our home. We call it "Addition". I add M&M's to match the holiday along with jimmies.

  10. We call this Satan's Snack….It's impossible to stop eating. Only you forgot the M&Ms. I can't eat it without those…(I prefer PB ones)

  11. thank you so much for posting this recipe! my grandma ALWAYS made this for us when we were growing up – but no one thought to get the recipe!! I am soo excited to make it for my daughter now! 🙂

    We always called it 'coconut crunchy much' 🙂


  12. My sister-in-law calls it "Garp"…sounds so harsh and yuck. But, I have an aunt that calls it "Celestial Chew"…much more heavenly.

  13. Oh. My. Goodness. I love this stuff! Only we use Crispix (so we call it Crispix mix), and we add M&M's too. Will definitely be making this for our women's retreat this weekend. Thanks for the reminder!

  14. I love this stuff and I have heared it called Campers Treat or Campers Mix. I guess it would be a great thing to take camping.

  15. Hey Kate, I just realized that in the picture you have Corn syrup and in the directions and ingredient list you have Karo syrup – are they interchangeable? or are they the same thing?


  16. That's Pigeon Mix!!! At least that's what my recipe says at the top! We've been making it for years.

    When I was dating my husband, he came home with me to meet my family. My older sister was about 7 months pregnant at the time and his first impression of her was just a grunt of a hello as she sat at a table away from the rest of the group shoving this in her mouth. It's SO good!

    I live in Scotland now and can't find Golden Grams (or Corn Syrup) so I haven't had it for 15 months. But when I'm home for Christmas, I plan on chowing down just like she did.

  17. yep it's sara too! 🙂

    thank you for the quick response sara! i want to make this tonight and really didn't want to stop by the store on the way home!!

    how did i NOT know that? lol guess i've been buying great value for tooo long! lol

  18. Ohh! Need to read hole post before commenting, I want an extra entry in the giveaway. At our house we call it cereal candy!

  19. the only time of year we eat this is summer when we go camping – it's our "camp snack" – not an original name but we all know what we're talking about.
    Love the ideas!

  20. MY niece was the one who intorduced us to this yummy treat so we call it "Katie's Divine Addiction." We are all addicted!

  21. My husband loves this stuff. I always like it once I've made it but for some reason when I look at my recipe card it doesn't ever sound good to me. I'm going to have to make it. My husband would be so happy.

    We call it Graham Crunch.

  22. We love this snack and call it Grandma's Favorite Snack because we always have it when we go to Grandma's house. Brings back fond memories… 🙂

  23. Its Sweet Cereal Mix! My favorite! We always make it for Christmas time, but this year we busted it out a few weeks ago. Cant get enough of it!!

  24. OOOHH next time try it with pecans instead or the almonds. I'm right with you on the utterly addictive qualities! My grandma just calls it Chex Treat

  25. I think I had this at a Halloween party a long time ago and always wanted it again. Yea, now I can! 🙂 My name idea is "lip smakin' sweetness".

  26. This sounds gooooooy good. And I also would try to incorporate some "chocolate" in it.
    My name would be Goodness Gracious Globs

  27. Hey, I kinda like sticking with Meow Mix. 😛

    And if you're into anything related to one of the internet's favorite phrases "nom nom nom," how about something like "Nibblin' Noms"? Haha. 😛

  28. I have made this mix for years and always find myself shocked at the power it holds over those that eat it. Taking one bite means there are many to follow…..

    As for the comment about breakfast, I brought this once to a youth council meeting I had a 6:30 AM that consisted of a handful of teenagers and other adult leaders. I brought cups, milk, napkins and plates, but the majority of people ate it in the cups with milk over it. SO GOOD!!!

  29. We love this type of treat in our house, but I think I'll try your recipe-it looks better. We call it "Buried Treasure" because it looks like gold, and I have a house of little pirates…

  30. Scott and Em Hoffman–I don't know if you're following the comments at all, but I think I might know you!! 🙂 Email me at general (at) ourbestbites (dot) com. I'm going to be SO excited if you're who I think you are!! 🙂

  31. oh my gosh. this looks amazing! I think this might be akin to a secret recipe an old friend wouldn't share… she didn't really have a name for it either. But I do remember it being like crack!

    as for names….ummmmm…..
    candy crack has nice ring to it!

  32. Really. You should just call it On My Way To Rehab, because my 6 year old and I made it last night and it is ridiculous in it's addictiveness. I've been abstaining almost completely from sugar for more than a month and I COULD NOT GET MY HAND OUT OF THIS BOWL.

    Thanks a lot.

  33. You know like "Better Than…uh…Almost Anything Cake"? It's like that. SOOO addicting. So how about "Better Than Almost Anything Chow"!?

    "Meth Munch" (due to it's addictive nature)

    "Devils Delight"

  34. What if we live in another country and can't get Golden Grahams? Would it be okay with just two different kinds of chex?

  35. I tried this as one of the refreshments for my neice's blessing & it was a huge hit. It was soo gooey & good. I will definitely make this again. Thanks a bunch!

  36. We just made this tonight and it was so good!!! We even used agave instead of corn syrup. Heavenly. I like cruchy crack for a name, but whatever you call it, call me to it.

  37. We call this treat "Grandma's Angel Mix." We make it throughout the year, not just at Christmas time. It's hard to resist.

  38. We have been making this for years! LOVE IT! I call it "Ginger's Snack Mix" cause I got the recipe from my aunt Ginger. I have added m&m's before, but I must say, no chocolate is needed, it is hard to keep away from as it is. Every time I make this, it is never left un touched. And I love that these ingredients are ones you can just have in food storage and in a pinch this can be thrown together in a matter of minutes 🙂 I agree with calling it crack, though I had to admit I already call something that (Cadbury mini Eggs! haha).

  39. I like "Sticky Mix" as a name. It describes that fact that it's sticky and a mix of things. Plus it has a snappy ring without being too wordy or drug related, which I think is funny, but don't want to give my kiddos any kind of positive imagery where drugs are concerned.

    LOVE your site and recipes! Thanks! Did you ever decide on a name since this post is a year old now?

  40. We LOVE this stuff. The only difference in the recipe I have is that we use slivered almonds instead of sliced. We call it "Munchy Crunchy Good Stuff".

  41. Oh happy day!!! I had lost this recipe (how does that happen) Here it its yippy!!! Making it today to take to a party. Thank you. Around here we call it Pigion mix…It is like a drug I agree…everyone flocks to the bowl and groans…Thank You!!

  42. We love this recipe, and Only make it ONE time a year… so at our house it is 'Christmas Crunch' and we give it out to our neighbors!

  43. We love this recipe, and Only make it ONE time a year… so at our house it is 'Christmas Crunch' and we give it out to our neighbors!

  44. THANK YOU! My friend made a recipe just like this for a Halloween party last week. I wanted to try it but couldn't find it anywhere online. Then I thought of your blog and sure enough you had it. You are awesome!

  45. I pour this syrup over popped corn mixed with chopped pecans and slivered almonds. My family and friends request it often. We call it 'Popcorn Krunch' although it is good chewy. I also have to admit -it is highly addictive and fattening! But delicious!

  46. I Love this stuff! I don't know what it was called, but I've had it with dried cranberries and white chocolate drizzle… it was pretty dang amazing. Definitely the "stuffing my face" one around this bowl!

  47. We call this Mormon Crack at our house due to it’s addictive non-stop eating desires it brings out in each of us. A little more Politically correct way might be Crackilicious.

  48. We’ve always called it St. Nick’s Mix. We put ribbon coconut instead of shredded in it. A little more expensive (you can get it at whole foods type stores), but well worth it.

  49. Oh my word…my neighbor was baking and ran out of several ingredients which I was able to provide. She thanked me by bringing a bowl of this stuff over. Crack is right! This stuff is so addicting and delicious. I told her to never do that again.😂 So she sent me the link to this website. 😂🤦🏼‍♀️

  50. We always called this “Conference Mix” because my mom would make it for The Church of Jesus Christ’s General Conference.

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