Green Chile & Cheese Corn Dip


chile_cheese_corn_dip-7 squareSo I have this friend Kelly. She’s a Louisiana gal. And for as long as I’ve lived here, we have frequently worked together in the same organizations at church (first it was with the teenage girls and now it’s with the little kids.) And I swear, for as long as I’ve known her, every Sunday, we sit and have at least one conversation about food. And sometimes TV shows. It’s a relationship built on honesty.

So last week, she started telling me all about this dip she makes and the more she told me, the more I KNEW I had to make it. Just based on ingredients and her enthusiasm. I am very prone to suggestion.

One thing that’s kind of fun about this dip is that you can add (or subtract) things depending on your taste and your target audience (like maybe tone down the heat if little kids and sensitive souls are involved), but, according to Kelly, serving this dip with Fritos is non-negotiable. It’s a deal-breaker. And she can be kind of scary sometimes, so I took her word for it and I believe her now. Fritos for the win.

You’re going to need 4 cans of seasoned corn (I agonized about this, but it kind of ended up not mattering. There’s a lot of stuff going on here), 2 7-ounce cans of green chiles, 1 bunch of green onions, chopped (they didn’t make it into the picture), 1 cup mayonnaise (light is fine, but not Miracle Whip or fat free mayo), 1 cup sour cream (light is fine, but not fat free), 2 cups shredded cheese (cheddar, pepperjack, Mexican blend, or a combination–next time, I think I’ll do half medium or sharp cheddar and half pepper jack), Cajun seasoning to taste (I use Tony Chacheres–it’s inexpensive and widely available), and jalapeño or chipotle Tabasco sauce. You can also add about 6-8 slices of cooked, crumbled bacon and/or 1/4-1/2 cup of pickled jalapeños, drained and chopped.

chile cheese corn dip ingredients

In a large bowl or serving dish, toss together the corn,

chile cheese corn dip corn

green chilies,

chile cheese corn dip green chiles

and chopped green onions. If desired, cook some bacon (I just heated up some of that Hormel pre-cooked bacon)

cooked bacon

and crumble it up, or throw in some chopped, pickled jalapeños. At this point, I ran out of room in my pie plate and transferred everything to a mixing bowl. My spatial skills really leave a lot to be desired.

Add the mayonnaise, sour cream,

chile cheese corn dip

and shredded cheese and stir to combine. Season to taste with Cajun seasoning (for heat and saltiness) and flavored Tabasco (for heat.) The chipotle and jalapeño Tabasco sauce flavors are easily my favorites–they aren’t nearly as spicy as regular Tabasco and they’re packed with flavor. I used chipotle this time around, but jalapeño would have been equally delicious.

chipotle tabasco

Cover and refrigerate for at least 4 hours. Top with a sprinkling of Cajun seasoning or crushed Fritos (or both…)

green chile and cheese corn dip from Our Best Bites

Serve with Fritos.

Green Chile and Cheese Corn Dip from Our Best Bites

Makes a lot. But that’s okay because it’s highly addictive.

Green Chile and Cheese Corn Dip from Our Best Bites



  1. I love anything you’re supposed to eat with Fritos. I’m also in the thought-it-would-be-baked club. I might try it with fresh corn and then pop it in the oven, I bet it would be amazeballs all hot and cheesy…

  2. I make a very similar dip all the time. So good, like weirdly good because I thought it would be too rich but it all comes together! My husband doesn’t like it- can you believe that? I made it will light cheese, mayo and sour cream and while not as good, it was pretty tasty.

  3. Ok this is BIZARRE. I had some leftover corn the other day and remembered seeing ” hot corn dip” somewhere, was searching your site even though I was pretty sure a recipe of yours wouldn’t have slipped past me, ended up using a different one on the internet/ modifying it and basically identical to this!!!!! I’ve never in my life made it or eaten it before . Big hit here so I can attest that this recipe is gonna be ( yet another) home run, folks!

          1. haha. I was seriously just thinking to myself, “Jubilee it! There’s another hip and happening phrase that I know nothing about.” It is nice to find out that I wasn’t behind the times on that one.

  4. Sounds delicious! I was surprised at the end that you don’t cook it — i was expecting it to be a warm, cheesy, gooey dip. I bet it’s good either way, but I’ll try cold first since that’s the was the recipe says.

    1. I was also surprised that this wasn’t baked as well. My ex-boyfriend’s mother used to make a warm version of this and I never got the recipe so I think I will try this one instead. Excited to try it at both temperatures 🙂

  5. Do you ever get weird on your birthday and think that things must have been planned especially because it’s your birthday? That may have made no sense. Anyway, I feel like you posted this for me today, on my birthday, because I’m pretty much a corn and Frito fanatic and I’m totally getting the ingredients and making this for myself tonight because it’s my birthday and I’m allowed to eat Fritos!…and then possibly ice cream…and probably some wine. Anyway, thanks for inadvertantly making my day!

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