Herbed Garlic Butter with Feta and Lemon

Last month I showed you my backyard garden, or at least the beginnings of it.  We finished building the trellis in the middle, and had the iron fence and gate installed since then.  We still need to get our irrigation system finished up and finish the walking paths in between our planter boxes, but it’s coming together!

garden gate

Anyone who follows me on Instagram knows I’ve been kicking back for the past week in a tropical paradise. I’ll show you more of that in the next week or two when I share a couple of my favorite Hawaiian recipes.  I’m thinking I should give away some of my favorite beach-y things too, what do you guys think?


We were gone for 8 days and the first thing my exhausted children did as we rolled into our driveway at 5am was jump out of the car and sprint to the garden to see how it grew while we were away.  We were all amazed how everything took off while our staring eyes were  out of sight for a while.  There are tomatoes popping up everywhere, shin-high corn, little red strawberries ready to eat and herbs going out. of. control.  It makes me so excited for summer garden recipes.


We all went straight to bed, but after waking up at 1 in the afternoon (we’re so messed up!) we were all dying for some real food.  I’m still stuffed after a week of vacation eating, but you know when you crave just good, fresh, real food?  Our cupboards were pretty bare, but I did have an unopened block of feta in the fridge, as well as a lemon that needed to be used, and a baguette in the freezer that I bought at the farmer’s market last week and didn’t have time to eat before we left on our trip.  I ran out to the garden and started snipping and made this really easy, and really yummy garlicky bread to eat with canned tomato soup.  I make compound butters like this all the time, especially in the summer, because they’re perfect for fresh bread, or rubbed on corn on the cob, or melted on grilled veggies or a steak hot off the grill.  It instantly dresses up just about anything.

I started out with some oregano and basil from the garden

Fresh Herbs

and that feta that I crumbed up

Feta Garlic Bread Ingredients

Just take some softened butter (not melted, just soft enough to mash up) and toss in the feta, fresh herbs, minced garlic, and tangy lemon zest.  Also a few cracks of black pepper and a tiny pinch of kosher salt.

Feta and Herb Garlic Butter Ingredients

Mix it up until it’s smooth and everything is incorporated.

Feta and Herb Garlic Butter

You can use it right away, although I prefer to let it sit in the fridge for a few hours (or up to a day or 2) beforehand because all of the flavors really intensify.  Spread it on baguette slices (great side dish or appetizer) or mix it in to fresh veggies hot off the grill.  It’s even yummy on hot pasta.  You can also make garlic bread like I did by spreading it on a baguette and popping it under the broiler, or on a hot grill with the lid shut for a minute or two.

Feta Garlic Herb Butter

If you toast it, you’ll want to eat it right away since feta cheese can get a little chewy once it’s cooked and then cooled.

Feta and Herb Garlic Butter on Toasted Baguette

But hot out of the oven can’t be beat.  The lemon and feta are tangy and the butter and garlic just melt in your mouth.  The flavor of the fresh herbs are the perfect blend of flavors and the whole things screams summer.

Herbed Feta Garlic Bread from Our Best Bites

Whip some up and keep it in your fridge for a fancy dish in minutes!






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Questions & Reviews

  1. I dream of a day when I can use fresh herbs and vegetables to make a meal from my own garden!

  2. We made this last night, just swapping out the basil for dill, since that’s what is prolific in our garden. Delicious and simple. Thanks!

  3. I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say we would all LOVE a giveaway of some of your favorite beach-y things! Also, you mentioned herbs going out of control. I’m just curious if you could do a post in the future on cilantro; I never quite know how to tend to it in the garden. Before I know it, it’s waist high with funky leaves and white flowers and doesn’t taste so good. Maybe in that post you could include links to previously published recipes featuring cilantro. Glad you had a nice trip–I enjoyed seeing the pics on Instagram.

  4. My taste buds are doing a happy dance simply by me reading about this. I can not wait to try it!

  5. Wow! Your garden/trellis/gate looks like something out of a magazine. I wish I could spend a week in Hawaii. The recipe sounds yummy, too!

    1. Thanks Jaymie! It was custom made by someone local- he actually refuses to make the same thing twice, lol I love it too!

  6. Man, I am loving all of these garden posts! I am in love with your entire garden, gate, and trellis. I’ve shown my husband like 10 times. I’m obsessed. 🙂

    Anyway, the butter sounds super tasty and easy, and that crusty bread with bits of feta is making me drool over here.

  7. Your raised beds are beautiful! The trellis and gate just really make it a room! Very nice. I bet you will love spending time in your garden. This butter sounds great too. I’ve started making different compound butters for steak but with summer upon us, time for veggies! Thanks for the recipe (and the pictures).

  8. Oh I am so jealous! I spent 3 years living on the north shore of Oahu and I miss it every day! This butter sounds wonderful- I will have to give it a try.

  9. I planted herbs in my garden for the first time this year and I can’t wait to use them. This will be a recipe I try! Thanks for the yummy idea.