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The other day in my teacher group chat, everyone basically decided that we are going to celebrate Christmas early. Time to bust out the decorations, play the festive songs, spread a little joy.

Of course, because it’s 2020, I’m quarantined (for exposure, not because any of us are sick), so I will be joy-ing from afar, but we wanted to share some holiday joy with all of you before we jump into Thanksgiving next week!

Gifts from the Kitchen cover

Sara and I, as well as a team of busy bees, have been working tirelessly for months to put this together. It reimagines some OBB classics for easy gift giving like these peppermint brownies…

peppermint brownies our best bites

Want to gift individual cinnamon rolls? We’ll show you how.

We also have an ENTIRE SECTION of holiday-inspired giant cookies (if you missed our giant cookie challenge during March and April, click HERE to see some amazing feats of giant cookie-ness.)

We have a giant sugar cookie…

a chocolate peppermint cookie…

a peppermint bark chocolate chip cookie…

We also have an entire section devoted to brand-new quickbreads like a chocolate chocolate chip loaf…

a Snickerdoodle loaf…

and an orange-cranberry loaf!

If you’re into savory, we’ve got that, too! In fact, savory treats are usually my favorites during the holiday season because I get so burned out on baked goodies.

If vanilla extract is your go-to gift, but vanilla beans are too expensive right now, how about mint extract? P.S. You still have time to make it!

We also have easy, practical non-food gifts.

AND printables, labels, and resources for adorable, unique, affordable, practical packaging.

If you’re ready for some extra cheer this holiday season, click HERE to purchase all these (and more!) Love you all!

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