Homemade Natural Lip Gloss

stacked lip glosssmallSo I do remember that it’s January and we’re posting healthy recipes and that this is lip gloss and not food and whatever. But I’m posting this recipe now for a couple of reasons. 1) Valentine’s Day is creeping up on us and this is a fun and easy little potential Valentine that is easy to make in large batches, but you might need to order or track down some semi-unusual supplies, so I wanted to give you plenty of time, 2) You can make all sorts of delicious flavors with 0 calories, and 3) part of being healthy is taking care of yourself. Not only are these lip glosses fun and adorable, but the base is all natural and, if you use essential oils to flavor them, they’re completely natural and perfect for making your lips soft and gorgeous even in the winteriest winters.

For the base of your lip gloss, you’re going to need coconut oil, beeswax, and Vitamin E (I just got the capsules).

lip gloss ingredientsCoconut oil. There are LOTS of different coconut oils on the markets these days, so take your pick. I tried out every brand I could find and from my (somewhat limited) research, this brand (Nutiva Extra Virgin Coconut Oil) was the only one that had a coconut scent/flavor. Even some of the other organic coconut oils were essentially scentless and flavorless. Now, which kind you use is definitely personal preference–you might want that coconut flavor in your lip gloss if you’re making strawberry coconut, but you might not want it if you’re making cherry cola (guess who grew up on Lip Smackers and had lots of fun playing with different flavors?).

Beeswax. You can get it at craft stores like Hobby Lobby or Michael’s, but it’s generally sold in chunks, which will need to be grated. You can also get pellets like these ones which will make your life easier.

You’ll also need some kind of container and, if you want, labels. I used 1″ round Avery labels and these 1-ounce plastic jarslabels and pots

but this site has a ton of fun lip balm containers and they’re not sold in lots of 10 million, which is always a bonus for those of us who don’t need 10 million empty lip balm containers. I wouldn’t recommend going any larger than 1 ounce–that’s a lot of lip gloss.

You’ll also need something to flavor your lip gloss with. I used candy flavor oils like these ones from Orson Gygi.  They have SO many yummy flavors to choose from:Flavored Oils Flavored Oils from OG

and also used different essential oils.

grapefruit oil

One of the funnest things was playing around with different flavors. I made coconut-lime because (shocker) that is my all-time favorite (and because when the late January doldrums set in, that’s my go-to smell to get me out of them) and grapefruit. Not with the coconut-lime, just by itself. Fun Kate fact: I hate grapefruit and grapefruit juice, but I love all things grapefruit-flavored. But seriously, the sky’s the limit when it comes to combinations.

Place the coconut oil in a 1-cup glass measuring cup (you can get one for, like, $2 at Target or Walmart that you use only for lip gloss making)

coconut oil

and then add the beeswax

beeswax in coconut oil

and prick a Vitamin E capsule with a push pin and squeeze the oil into the measuring cup.

squeezing vitamin e pill

Heat the measuring cup for 30 seconds at a time, stirring well after each heating (I just used a plastic straw so I could throw it away when I was done) until everything is completely melted (in my microwave, it took about 90 seconds-2 minutes). Now…if you want to make a couple of different flavors from this batch, you could pour some of it into another couple of spouted heat-safe cups and add the oils separately, or you could just flavor the whole batch. For me and my oils and flavors, I ended up needing about 40 drops of grapefruit oil and 17 drops of coconut along with 8 drops of lime flavor. Keep the following things in mind:

  • Some flavors are stronger than others–you might need to adjust how much oil you end up using.
  • Flavors like vanilla, coconut, etc. are going to be milder than flavors like citrus, cinnamon, and mint, so keep things balanced.
  • Dab a little of the liquid mixture onto your lips, but keep in mind that the flavors will get stronger after the lip gloss solidifies.

After you’ve mixed your flavors, pour them into your empty containers

poured lip gloss

and let them cool to solidify (about 15-20 minutes).

cooled lip gloss

I made these labels to go on top:

lip gloss

Now…you totally could be using a different-sized container, but if you do use a container that has a lid that’s 1″ or bigger (square or round) and want to use these labels, click HERE and then use a 1″ Avery label, square or round, that’s on a 4×6″ sheet (my labels were Avery 5410); just set the paper size on your printer properties for 4×6″ paper.

For the bottoms, you could either print out the flavor or hand-write it and stick it on the bottom.

flavor label

You could give them away like this or you could dress them up a little more with some cute washi tape:

lip gloss final

This “recipe” makes 8 1-ounce containers or more smaller containers (you’ll have to do your own math there…)

Valentine link


  1. I’m wondering how this would hold up in your pocket… I know coconut oil melts at body temperature, but does the beeswax help it hold together? These would be fun to put into chapstick tubes!

    1. The beeswax definitely holds it together. I haven’t tried carrying it around in my pocket, and mine is all in jars, but the ones with more beeswax are nearly solid while the ones with more coconut oil are a little softer.

  2. So true Peggy… My brother, the ultimate man’s man, would love this. He is cursed with eternally chapped lips. I love crafty posts. Thanks!

  3. Did you make any in the tubes? I was wondering if it would end up being less glossy since it has more beeswax. I am trying to come up with a recipe for boys… yes, boys or rather teenagers. One with perpetual chapped lips during the winter and one with braces… so they go through LOTS of chap stick!

    1. Hey, I noticed you’re trying to make boys’ lip balm. I saw a diy lip balm from mountain rose herbs on their you tube channel. They used an herbal infused sweet almond oil (they used calendula for it’s soothing, cooling effect and it’s ability to fight cold sores-they had a video on how to make herbal infused oil too but I didn’t watch that one) in a 2-1 ratio with beeswax to make it more solid, so if you added more beeswax it would harden up more and be better suited for a tube. Or make sure they never keep it in their pockets….coconut oil becomes liquid in temperatures above about 73 degrees, so the colder it stays, the more solid it is. More beeswax would combat that. Hope that helps a little!

    1. Check out the section about beeswax–you can either buy it at a craft store like Hobby Lobby or Michael’s or you can find it online. There are lots of online homemade beauty supply and craft stores that sell it, but I got mine from Amazon (there’s a link up there) so I could get free shipping.

      1. If you have a local farmers market, you may be able to find it there. Usually anytime you find someone who keeps bees, to sell pure honey, you’ll find beeswax. I buy all my natural beeswax from our farmers market for $10 a pound (which is a lot). It’s all natural, unlike some of the stuff you buy in a hobby shop. If you don’t have a farmers market, call your local bee control company…most of them are beekeepers that sell honey as well as beeswax.

  4. Great idea for my teen daughter to make and give to her friends. When I first saw the picture of ingredients, I totally thought you were putting corn in the lip gloss!! Thank goodness it wasn’t.

    1. Jamie, A little tip, you may want to add the vit E oil into the containers, and add the melted oil to that, otherwise heating it could change the anti-oxiidant into an oxidant. Also, I found a great source for shea butter and beeswax, the quality is better than I can find at the box stores. Mountainroseherbs.com
      Best wishes.

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