Honey Butter

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One of my favorite things to take to a summer pot-luck is a big basket of rolls or cornbread and a bowl of sweet, fluffy honey butter.And not to get all braggy braggy, but I don’t think I’ve ever taken it without at least half of the people there asking what my “secret” is!You’d think honey butter would be pretty self-explanatory: honey + butter, right?Well as you can see from the picture below, mine has just one secret ingredient and it makes all the difference in the world.I’m pretty sure I saw my sister make it this way once and I’ve been doing it ever since.Some of you out there may already make it this way too, but for those who don’t, or have never made it, here ya go.

There are 3 simple things to remember:

  1. Use REAL butter.No exceptions.
  2. Add the powdered sugar- that’s what makes it so good.
  3. Beat with an electric hand mixer so it gets super fluffy.

Can you get any simpler than this?

Honey, butter, powdered sugar

I dare you not to put your finger in there 😉



  1. YUM! My recipe has marshmallow cream in it, which I imagine does something similar to the powdered sugar. I will make it and let you know how close our awesome honey butter recipes compare!

  2. This is my first time commenting. I took hot rolls and this honey butter recipe to a baby shower last night. It was a hit. My mom’s honey butter recipe calls for a raw egg so I never make it. I was excited to try this recipe and it certainly didn’t disappoint. It taste just the way I wanted it too!

    1. Would you please share your Mom’s recipe that includes the egg? I bought some Apricot Orange Pecan Honey Butter in TN and LOVE IT and would like to make it, bottle it, and sell it at the local Farmer’s Mkt in MO. I would have to find out how to make it safe for resale or canning. Might have to omit the egg, but I am curious as to the other ingredients & amounts. Thanks

  3. OMG! I made this exact recipe for Thanksgiving for the rolls and my pop's pumpkin bread and WOW is all I have to say. I found myself dipping my finger in the butter often for a little taste (of course washing my hands first)…

    Great recipe, I am going to share this on my recipe blog and of course crediting you and referring my readers to you! I am so glad I found your blog!!

  4. Crysale- I don't know the *exact* shelf life because honestly it's never lasted too long. But it's jut butter, sugar, and honey, so I would say if it's refrigerated it's going to be good for a few months.

  5. I'll ask anyway, even though I know the correct answer to my question is probably "As long as you can keep your head out of the bowl." How long does this keep?

    Thanks & can't wait to give it a try!

  6. That honey butter was DIVINE! I took it to my Bunco group last night with homemade rolls and everyone was loving it. Thank you!

  7. My husband is a butter fanatic and LOVES honey, so when I made this on thanksgiving to go along with my homemade rolls…he went a little crazy!! It was a hit with everyone! Thank you!

  8. I seriously post on EVERY thing I make of yours. Everything is so good! I’m glad I didn’t make a huge fancy dinner because it would have gone completely unnoticed. This is soooooo good. It makes quite a bit. I still have most of it left and we ate a ENTIRE loaf of french bread with it. I’m starting to think you ladies are my kindred (food) spirits!

  9. I cut the recipe in half (which worked beautifully) since there are only two of us here. I should have made the whole recipe because there is no restraint when it’s this good! I ate WAY more than I should have, just because I couldn’t stop with the honey butter!

  10. amazing – I had never had any verson of this before and thought, why not give it a try? Huge hit in out house! we still have plenty but my friend and I are already draming of having it on a warm toasted bagel in the morning –

  11. I must confess – I licked the beaters! I’ve always made mine with powdered sugar too. So good on banana bread when it turns out a bit dry, and on zuchinni bread, and on pancakes, and on…. oh heck the list goes on and on. Just make it – it’s oh so good!

  12. wow. I have often just added the honey and butter but never the powder suger. So much better. Thanks! That’s why I keep coming back. Yum

  13. I use to be a manager of a restaurant where we made honey butter by the gallons. The best secret to making honey butter supreme…, use marshmallow creme instead of powdered sugar. MMMMmmmm! Melt in your mouth good! Give it a try and let me know what you think.

  14. Whew – I always wondered what the big deal was with honey butter. Apparently it’s the addition of powdered sugar! I am a big butter fan, but I now think I might be obsessed with this honey butter. I am finding myself making various bread things to put the butter on (because it’s just too scary to think of eating it with a spoon, which I’m pretty sure I will do if I don’t have cornbread or Parker House rolls to schmear with this divine concotion!). Thanks for one more excuse to eat more butter!!! As if I needed it.

  15. Living in a foreign country. Needed a yummy late night snack. Didn’t even have electricity to use a hand mixer so I just mixed it by hand. Turned out delicious! Yay! Thank you!

  16. Try honeybutter on popcorn. Oh my goodness. It is just heavenly. I just made some with just honey and butter. I’m going to try your recipe with powdered sugar. It sounds just delicious.

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