Love Potion {Free Printable!}

Love Potion Free PrintableI know Valentine’s Day is literally right around the corner, but I thought I’d share something I made for myself today in case anyone else finds themselves in need of something similar.  I volunteered to bring drinks for my son’s class party and instantly had visions of mini strawberry italian sodas, or a berry smoothie bar, or ooh ooh, dry ice for some serious legit love potion.  Then I woke up and got real in the juice aisle at Walmart and grabbed a couple 12 packs of Hawaiian punch.  What can I say, I dream big and perform low. Also, it’s for first-graders.  Can you tell I have a habit of over-thinking things?

Hawaiian Punch

That being said, I wanted to do something fun, so I made a quick label.

love potion labels

I didn’t even take the original labels off the juice bottles, this is as easy as cutting and taping them right on.  Boo-yah.

Love Potion Juice

These labels will cover most little mini bottles of juice (I’m using the 10 ounce ones) and bottled soda as well.  It would also fit a water bottle if you want to go that route.

Love Potion for Class Parties

For the kiddos, I tied on a cute paper straw with some twine.

Love Potion Number Nine

If you don’t have a class party to cater, just make them at home for Valentine’s Day dinner; if you have kiddos they’ll love it!  Super duper quick and easy.

Love Potion Printable from Our Best Bites

And it would be a totally fun surprise to pull out of a lunch box.

Free Love Potion Printable from Our Best Bites

For a grown-up version, grab your favorite bottled soda.  You can find Jones sodas in pretty much every regular grocery store, and I love the selection of vintage bottled sodas at World Market.  Kick back, and lock eyes with someone you love (or want to love, ha!)

Love Potion Labels on Jones Soda

CLICK HERE to Download the Free Printable. 
And please excuse the lame file that only has 2 labels on it at a time.  I’m having some technical difficulties that are preventing me from compressing the file to upload it to our site.  I’m going to keep working on it and if I can fix my file and squeeze 4 to a sheet I will!

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  1. Thank you!!! One of my kids’ teachers just asked me to bring drinks for their Valentine Day party tomorrow so you better believe I ran to the store and picked these up!! Just printed off my labels and I can’t wait to send them in! I’m sure all the 4th graders will be freaking out over the “love potion.” 😉 LOL!

  2. Thank you so much for this free printable. I just finished putting mine all together and they look adorable. Just wanted to take the time to say thanks for all you gals do. You gals are amazing!

  3. I love this idea. I did this for a bridal shower and a baby shower awhile back. Everyone just loved it. It was just bottles of water but the labels made it extra special.

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