Muddy Buddies {PB & Choco Crunch}

A few weeks ago I mentioned Muddy Buddies in my Sweet and Sour Meatball post.   And sure enough there were comments and emails asking what the heck they were.  Some of you have probably heard of this addictive little snack referred to as “Puppy Chow” but I refuse to call anything this delicious by a name referring to dog food.  That’s just gross.  (I know I know, “mud” isn’t all that much tastier than dog food, but still…)

My little sister made these several times when we were all together for Christmas this past year and it instantly took us back to our childhood days when my Mom would bring them to our neighborhood pool and we’d sit in the sun and snack after a long afternoon of playing in the water.

Now I make them with my own kids and we love that they’re super quick, super easy, and super delicious!

It all starts with this crunchy cereal.  You can use any variety of Chex. There’s like a million different flavors now like rice, corn, wheat, and hello- chocolate!  I for one choose plain ol’ rice and I go with a cheap-o store brand,

because let’s be  honest.  The cereal is basically a carrier, or skeleton if you will -to get the chocolate mixture into your mouth (as opposed to just eating it with a spoon from the bowl.)  Kind of like the purpose of fruit for this fruit dip, or chips for this dish, or anything that sits under under a pool of Buttermilk Caramel.

So just dump the cereal in a big bowl.  Similar to making Caramel Corn, you’ll want to use a bowl that’s larger than you think  you need.

The next part is super easy because you just make it right in the microwave.  Melt some chocolate chips along with some butter and peanut butter.  Three of my most favorite ingredients all in one bowl.  I can’t tell you how that warms my heart. (I’m making a little mini-batch for these photos)

Just melt until smooth and stir it up.  You’ll add a little vanilla at this point too.

Then dump it on (don’t forget to lick the chocolate bowl when you’re done).

Stir it all up and you’ll have a gooey chocolaty mess.  The powdered sugar is going to remedy this problem.  Traditionally you put the mix in a zip-lock bag and shake it around with some powdered sugar.  I find it much easier (and more practical) to just dump the powdered sugar right in the bowl and stir it up.

The sugar sticks to the wet chocolate and makes everything all pretty and snowy looking.  If you can resist eating them all right now, dump them out onto some foil or waxed paper for the chocolate to harden a bit.

Store in an airtight container, or just start munching!

Fabulous party food, and fun for kiddos to help make and eat.  My boys devour this stuff.


  1. This was my weakness in college!!!! I'm not sure if I'm ready to go down that road again 🙂 They were soooo good! Maybe I'll make this and then package it up right away to give to friends!

  2. We just made some. I didn't have any chex so we used cheerios. I'm sure they're a little different but great anyway! Thanks for the idea!

  3. my girl is allergic to peanuts–have you ever made this with almond butter? i would assume it would work the same…?

  4. Love Muddy Buddies! My sister always makes a double batch for Christmas when we are all home.

    Also, if you don't have a large bowl just use a 2 gallon ziplock bag. My sister just dumps in the cereal then the chocolate mixture. Seal the bag shake it up a bit, open the bag and dump the powdered sugar in, seal it and shake it up again and you are all set to eat this yummy goodnes…

  5. Ha ha I just made these last week. Yum! They always get devoured super fast! (And who can argue with chocolate-peanut butter-sugar goodness that's done in 10 or 15 minutes?!) 🙂

  6. Oh man, I love this stuff so much, I could eat a whole batch. My mom would make it growing up, but called it puppy chow.

  7. these look so good right now. I've never made them myself but yum, good to know that they can be gluten free I've got some friends that will appreciate that

  8. These are one of my favorite snacks to make. I usually do a combination of Rice, Corn and Wheat (I somehow feel healthier eating these if I know there is whole wheat Chex in them…)

  9. We love these too and just like 'cookies and cups' said they are gluten free. That is a double score. We have made these for neighbor Christmas gifts in the past. I have not been to party around Christmas where these have not been served. Thank you Chex.

  10. My daughter and I made these for our D week for at home preschool. (With wheat chex so I could pretend they were a little bit healthy!!!)

    "Pretend Dog Food" She LOVED it. Especially shaking the bag…oh and eating it of course!!

  11. This recipe saved my life tonight. Thank you for posting it. My husband is working late and I was in desperate need of first, something like this to snack on for myself, and second an activity to do with my kids to pass the time till bedtime. Viola! Thanks again.

  12. this stuff is addicting. I have had it when people have trown m&m's in there… are you kidding me? more chocolate?

    thanks for posting it- I have eatten this several times, never made it but now I can!

  13. We love these too – and often use the chocolate chex to kick it up a notch… The best snack for movie watching!

  14. OMW! Seriously Sara & Kate….i just found your site yesterday. I got up this morning and started perusing your site again and now it's 4:00!!! I love it..obviously! I have a whole list of recipes I can't wait to try. Sara- I live in Idaho, too (Twin Falls). Okay…i must get off now, my butt hurts from sitting so long, and I'm hungry!

  15. I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions for a substitute for the peanut butter. I'm so jealous of all of you because I have always thought this "puppy chow" looked soooo delicious but can't have any because I'm severely allergic to peanuts!

    Let me know if anyone has tried it without it or with something else in place of it!!

  16. Aubree and Susan, Can you have other types of nuts? Several people noted on our facebook page that they've made it with almond butter and it works great, so that's something to try!

  17. This is one of my favs. I can literally eat the whole thing myself in one day. Which is bad since I am trying to lose another twenty pounds. lol

  18. Made this and loved it! It is so addicting I ate half of it in one night practically!!! I guess I can't have this around too often… hehe

  19. YUM! I used to make these on my mission in Argentina when we'd get our hands on peanut butter! The people there loved them (and peanut butter in general–it was like gold!) 🙂 I think that I need to make these again!

  20. I don't know about the other folks who know this yummy sugar-high treat as "puppy chow," but I think it's a Midwestern thing. In Missouri and Nebraska this was *the* ultimate snack at parties, sleepovers, post-sports game chowdowns, and more.

    Thanks for the happy trip down memory lane!

  21. I have been making these for many years. I use a large brown grocery bag to put my powdered sugar in and then dump my coated cereal in there. I twist the top and shake it until all of it is well coated. I like mine really white with no chocolate showing through. They look so pretty that way when I put them in cello bags to give away.

  22. Chex cereals have several gluten-free varities (we personally, use Rice chex) and we use Enjoy Life chocolate chips (most store-bought brans of choco chips will have gluten in them unless they state gluten-free…. we also need dairy-free, hence why we use Enjoy life).

    And yes… for those allergic to peanuts/tree nuts…. sun butter works VERY well!

    And….. last but not least…. McCormick's pure vanilla extract is gluten-free, so enjoy! 🙂 (we use Fleischman's Unsalted margerine instead of butter)

    My older son is autistic and is on a gluten and dairy-free diet and he LOVES this snack and it's delicious enough that the whole family can enjoy it! 🙂

  23. God's PurpleGirl – I've never tried it with popcorn. I imagine it could work, although part of the reason that makes it so great with Chex is that the cereal absorbs the chocolate mixture. So it would be a little different with popcorn. If you try it, let us know how it turns out!

  24. We love this at our house and we also call it puppy chow. We always use half butterscotch chips and half choc chips. It is so good! With 3 boys and my husband it doesn't last long!

  25. I am so happy to find the recipe, I always read the recipe off the Chex cereal box. I found out they removed this particular recipe from their website with no explanation whatsoever. So no I've been looking for the good ol' recipe. Thanks so much!

  26. I love this recipe. I got it off the side of a Chex box and have been in love ever since.
    I was on this site for the homemade Hot Pockets and I've been roaming around since. Mmmm, mm!
    This is the first time I've tried putting the powdered sugar inside the mixing bowl and not doing the shake method. I think the shake method was easier for me. I just didn't feel like divide and tackling my mixture(we only have Gallon bags, not 2gallon.)

    A tip for people who measure their peanut butter out in the little measuring cups: Wrap the measuring cup in cling-wrap. The peanut butter slides right off of it and it saves you a step in clean up!

  27. These are even more yummy when you eat it cold. Since I like to eat it right away I put it in the freezer while i clean up. Its so good cold. 🙂

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