Our Newest Bite! {Welcome, Baby Will!}

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So I’m going to straight-up warn y’all that this is not a recipe post. Because we’re coming off of a major holiday, we figure lots and lots of people are off work and on vacations and hanging out with their families and not perusing the internet for recipes, so if you are looking for recipes, we have lots and lots of them to browse through, just not in this post. Also, if you don’t like babies or stories about babies or pictures of babies, you’re also excused to check out the recipes. Because this post is about babies. Not food. We’ll get back to cooking next week.

I wish I had some dramatic tale to tell about my water breaking  in the middle of Target or going into labor and not being able to reach my husband on his cell phone while he was at work–I think movies and TV have really raised my expectations in terms of how much drama I think my life should contain. What really happened was that last Thursday, my alarm woke me up at 4:15 am, I took a shower, did my hair, put on makeup (don’t mock me…I wanted to look cute for all those post-baby pictures that never happened. I’d show you the pictures we did finally get, but I don’t want to scare you all), and threw a few last-minute things like a flat iron (ha!!) into my suitcase.

Because my first baby did arrive in a rather dramatic fashion, I get to have c-sections. I’ll spare you the icky details, but I will say that of all my c-sections, this one was hands-down the most pleasant. If there is such a thing.

William Samuel Jones arrived at 8:16 am, screaming and hungry. He was 8 pounds 1 ounce and 21 inches long.

I spent the first 36 hours of his life convinced that I had a grumpy, mean baby, but it turns out he was just hungry. He comes by his hunger-induced grumpy meanness naturally. He’s actually a very sweet, happy, healthy, super-alert baby…

whose loves include the lady with the milk (me), the chenille side of his burp cloths, and snuggling. Dislikes include being naked, his car seat, and that mean nurse who used every trick in the book to wake him up so I could feed him when he wasn’t interested in eating. He told me all about how much he didn’t like her for the next 9 hours, which made me kind of dislike her, too.

Will’s big brother and sister think he’s pretty cute, although not nearly as exciting as they had hoped.

They’ve been busy hanging out with Grandma, so I’m not sure reality has set in. Although maybe it hasn’t set in for any of us because I kind of like waking up with him at night right now. We’ll see how long that lasts.

Thank you so much for all of your kindness and well-wishes over the last week (heck, over the last 9 months). We have the best blog readers ever and are so grateful you let us share a little bit of our lives with all of you.




  1. Kate,
    Congratulations! He is so handsome and I’m lovin that hair! I hope you two are doing well and getting adjusted to life! So happy he’s here and that’s he’s healthy!

  2. Beautiful! Great name, I have a Will and a Samuel! I also have a newborn, which is why I’m awake at all hours of the night….hope you get some sleep.

  3. WOW! Newborns are not supposed to be that cute! He seriously is SO adorable. He looks like he’ll fit right in with your other 2 because they are adorable too. Congratulations!

  4. Congratuations Kate! Oh my goodness, he is a beautiful baby! Your family is precious and Will’s siblings look so proud!

  5. Oh my cuteness! That picture of the 3 of them together with their matching 4th of July wear is just the most adorable thing I have seen all day 🙂 Congratulations!

  6. I am so impressed at how coherent you are post c-section and baby #3. You amaze me. He’s such a cutie and I love the name. Congratulations!

  7. Love the pictures he is so adorable. You have such a precious family. Congratulations! (ps-i love the baby feet, what is it about them? I used to rub my babies’ feet like they were a worry stone.) hahaha 🙂

  8. He’s so beautiful!! I have a Will also, love the name! (Isn’t your daughter Meredith? Or am I dreaming? My sweet girl is Meredith, too). (:

    Congratulations!! Love, love, love your site! (my fam does too!)

  9. He is perfect! Congratulations on your little bite 🙂 I am glad he isn’t so grumpy anymore. Food can definitely turn your world right-side up!

  10. Congrats Kate!! He’s absolutely precious!! And although TV and movies have left you with high drama expectations, I’m glad to hear there were none. Congrats again to your family!!

  11. Oh, congratulations! He is just darling!!! I love the photo of his sweet little feet. And, my fourth c-section was so unbelievably easy. I literally had no pain and the docs and nurses were in awe over how quickly and easily I recovered. Enjoy your time with the baby!

  12. Congratulations! This post makes me NEED another baby STAT! My first will be 1 in August. He’s been a handful and then some, but seeing a sweet, innocent, little newborn baby makes me think that maybe next time I’ll get a happy baby…..

  13. Ok you made me cry. Blame it on the pregnancy hormonee, but you see I am pregnant and it wasn’t expected. Its a blessing but I wasn’t ready for it and I have had a hard time making it all real. Your baby pics made me cry and realize that this is real and how blessed I am to be pregnant and having my whole life change. Thanks for posting.

  14. congrats on your precious new baby boy…love his name! he truly is a beautiful boy, and your other kids are gorgeous, too. praying for a quick recovery, smooth transition and sleep for you!

  15. Congratulations! He’s really a beautiful baby. So, so cute! And your older kids are adorable as well. You have a beautiful family. Oh, and one more thing — I’m like you, had C-sections. The second, scheduled one was great. I made sure to rest up beforehand, so I hit the ground running. It was nice. Seems like yours was a similar experience. Again, congratulations!

  16. He is absolutely adorable! (All 3 of them are) Congratulations! Maybe I need to adopt your attitude about waking at night…however, the 16 months of waking up has gotten to me!

  17. Love the good strong name (I’m very partial to William) and the delightful cheeks. Our family specializes in cute chubby cheeks so I know cute cheeks when I see them! Congratulations and hope you get some sleep for the recoup.

  18. He could be the best-looking newborn I’ve seen. What a doll! Best of luck in the coming months. (And you get another thumbs up from another mom of a William. Strong choice! Although if someone had asked I’d have guessed you’d go with “Riggins”….)

  19. Congratulations! I glad this c-sections was better then the last two. I will be having my third C-sections in November I hope it’s better then my last two too! Did you try to do a V-bac? Well once again congrats. Your kids are beautiful!

  20. So so cute!!! Congrats! All of your children are darling. I have c-sections too. They are rough. Hope you’re kind of walking like a normal person now. 🙂

  21. He might not be a recipe, but he’s delicious anyway 🙂 I enjoy getting up with my newborns too, I think you’re supposed to like it for awhile so you bond with the baby and don’t just want to give it away 🙂

  22. Congratulations! My little girl tried to share a birthday with your son but she came out just a little too late (12:12am). New babies are so wonderful! I hope you’re enjoying your little man 🙂

  23. oh my gosh. There is ONE thinig I love more than food. And that is BABIES! I dont ever comment on the food posts but I couldnt help but comment on the little baby burrito in these pictures. Congrats! (and good luck!)

  24. Oh glory, Kate, you’ve made me so excited to have my little guy now. Little William is adorable; congrats and blessings to all of you.

    Three weeks to go until my due date – yippee!!

  25. Oh my gosh, Kate he is DARLING!!!!! What a cutie pie!!! :)) All the pics are adorable, but the one of your older two holding him-ahh. My heart melted. <3 Congrats to you and your family and I pray and hope your recovery goes really well! 🙂

  26. Well, my water actually did break at Target(!) and I thought I was going to give birth right there by the registers with my five year old holding my hand.
    The drama of birth did come later that night…I’ll spare you.
    Your darling boy is a wonder! Congratualations.

  27. Congratulations. I am just 4 months behind you and thank you for your freezer meals cookbook because I will be needing it soon. William is gorgeous!

  28. Congratulations! I have a right-before-the-fourth-of-July birthday too and it’s a fun time to celebrate every year. Will will love it. Best of wishes with three kiddos, it’s a party!

  29. Okay, so he’s really cute. All newborns are precious, but not all of them are cute, and I wouldn’t randomly tell someone on their food blog that they have a cute baby if it wasn’t true. Congratulations!!

  30. Let’s face it – C-section babies, born without all that stress and trauma, are, from the get-go, more beautiful, less deformed and squished-out, have nicer skin, look much less like little trolls and have happier looking mamas! Congratulations to all the family!

  31. I don’t typically think new borns are the cutest or sometimes even at all attractive, however…….Will is super cute and just looks very sweet! Congrats!

  32. Awww! Absolutely precious! Thanks for sharing with us. Makes me want to have another one, even though I already have a 3 year old and a 14 month old, both boys! Am I crazy? 😉

  33. He is absolutely adorable! I’m pregnant and these pics just make me wish Sept 26 (or thereabouts) was here already so I can meet my baby girl! Congratulations to you and your family!

  34. Officially one of the cutest babies I have ever seen. He is absolutely perfect. Your other two are really cute as well, so I guess that means you have to keep reproducing! Congrats and try and get some sleep!

  35. Oh my…if you get tired of him I’ll take him:) What a handsome guy and I love the picture of your three kids. All beauties!

  36. Super cute little guy. Congrats. Snuggle for as you know they get big fast! My littlest is almost four months and it feels like it has flown by! Thank you for sharing your stories not just your your recipies. It makes us all feel like we are not alone as we travel this journey of motherhood. You know the elbow deep in poop, haven’t slept in days, excited to have gotten a shower and wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world job of bring a mom.

  37. He is adorable! Congratulations to your growing family! It feels like y’all are so much a part of my family as well. I’m as excited for you as I would be for my best friend! Glad he’s happy and healthy.

  38. He is BEAUTIFUL, congrats! I was laughing so hard reading this to my 13 year old, because my water did break in Target when I had her! Enjoy your newest addition, so sooooo sweet!

  39. I think an upside of a C-section is how beautiful that baby boy is! Not as stressful on the baby and (like mine) no suction burns on his head! My son hated to be naked, too. I took to laying a cloth diaper over him while I was getting the disposable positioned or just wrapping that around his bottom on the way to the bath. I even layed him in the bath with the cloth diaper on and that seemed to work wonders on his naked hiney freakouts. 🙂 Congratulations and thanks for sharing!

  40. Thanks for sharing all the precious pictures of your newest addition and his siblings! They are all adorable. And I esp. love the picture of those sweet baby feet—just want to kiss those tiny toes!

  41. He is beautiful! My first birth story was very dramatic (6 1/2 weeks early–C-section due to preeclampsia–4lb6oz little man), so we are hoping for a boring one with this newest fella in 10 weeks. I’ve been dreading the “newborn” days since I love my toddler at his age, but your pics are changing my mind.

  42. What a cute little guy! Congratulations to your whole family! Enjoy every moment, my little Violet is two months old today…time flies when your are having fun 🙂

  43. Congrats! Your kiddos are adorable and big boys come out really hungry! 😉 Get some rest, and don’t be too alarmed if #3 isn’t that much harder than two! 🙂

  44. So sweet! Congratulations! It makes me so baby hungry even though our #5 came only 4 months ago. It goes so fast. What a sweetie. Best wishes!

  45. Oh my gosh, he’s just adorable! C-Section babies are so much prettier than vaginally born babies, since they are not all squished and cone headed. Anyway, Congratulations to you and your family!

  46. He is beautiful , as are big brother and sister. They look sooooo proud. I have to comment on the precious toes. I always kiss my grandbabies’ feet, every chance I get. There is nothing sweeter !

  47. I am a new reader of your blog, and woo-hoo, I get to read that you’ve just had a baby! Best wishes, your children are so adorable. Take care, Mama!

  48. Oh Kate! He is so sweet I could “eat him with a spoon!” (as we say in the South, and how appropriate for a food blog! LOL…) Really, he is such a sweetie. Love little boys. My daughter gave birth 2 months ago to her second son. So awesome. Thanks for sharing!

  49. Oh my! He’s precious! Congratulations. (And I never stopped loving getting up in the night for my babies – they were the best prayer times I ever had.)

  50. Oh goodness…that is one of the prettiest babies i’ve ever seen. Especially right after birth and later pictures are just precious with the other kiddos. Super congratulations!

  51. I’m still a new reader, so I have possibly missed photos of your families, but your kids are gorgeous and the newest is no exception. Congratulations Mummy!

  52. I am one of those “mean” nurses who try our very best to promote breastfeeding, which includes waking up sleepy babies. I am glad you and Will are breastfeeding well now; it really IS worth it. 🙂

  53. He is soooooo precious!!!! Keep all of those plates spinnin’, Ms. Katie! PS – your other two are soooooo cute too. You appear to be one blessed woman! God be with you.

  54. Hands down, one of my most favorite posts of all times! Congratulations to mom, dad and big brother and sister. Such a beautiful family.

  55. He’s a cute one!!! I can’t believe it’s been that long already. I remember you just announcing you were pregnant. Congratulations and hope you and baby are doing well!

  56. Oh goodness, he is amazingly precious and handsome. And, I get grumpy when I am hungry, too. 🙂 Congrats on your miracle. You have a beautiful family.

  57. This post is even more delicious than a recipe! That little man is too much cuteness in one little package. Congrats on the new family addition.

  58. Congratulations!! All three of your kids are gorgeous and Will is adorable beyond words. Enjoy and treasure him. I had the most fun with my third kid (also have boy-girl-boy), for some reason motherhood just seems so much easier and more relaxed once you’ve got the experience (and have learned the hard way) what to do and what NOT to do. Too bad the photos aren’t scratch and sniff! There’s nothing like fresh baby smell…

  59. Your baby is adorable!!! I know what you mean about nurses who make you try to feed your baby when they aren’t hungry! I had a nurse get after me because it had been too long since the last feeding. I had been trying every method in the book to wake my baby up, but to no avail. If it were up to me I would have let the poor thing sleep! Drives me nuts.

  60. Congratulations! He’s beautiful!! I whole-heartedly approve of his name! We have a little Will at our house, too. Although at 4, he’s not so little anymore! 🙂 Enjoy snuggling that sweet little guy!

  61. The boys in my family have that same trait. We call it “Hangry”(Hungry + Angry). Its that terrible emotion that comes out when they are hungry. Feed ’em and it goes away instantly. Good luck and Congrats!

  62. congratulations! He is sooo cute! My baby girl was just slightly smaller (just 8 lbs and 20 3/4 inches 😉 and born on Saturday. So much fun!

  63. Congnrats on your baby he is precious and your other children are dolls. I just came across your recipe for the Brazillion Lemonade on penterest and was looking around your website and I love it will be back many many more times. Thank you.

  64. He’s gorgeous. My husband has been trying to convince me I want one more(I’m 44 is he CRAZY!) Those little feet are almost enough to melt a heart(key word:almost). Those siblings sure do look proud. Here’s to hoping you get at least a 2 year hiatus before they declare him an annoying younger brother!

  65. Congrats! I hear ya about those mean nurses… I feel like telling them, trust me, I’ll feed him when he’s hungry and if he starts losing weight, I’ll feed him more regularly– BUT, he’s pooping, peeing and gaining weight (all of what he should be doing), so let us rest!! Thank you!

    He sure is a cutie, though! Love babies.

  66. Aww…he is adorable! This post was better for me than a recipe post any day (I’m expecting my first baby – a girl – in November and soak up anything baby related right now). What a great blessing to such a beautiful little family! Congratulations!

  67. Oh my goodness! He is simply adorable!!! I hope you continue to enjoy that little baby and your two little ones. These are the moments when you realize how blessed you are. Congratulations!

  68. Congratulations, what a darling boy. I’ve never commented before, but thanks so much for the site and all the great recipes. Hope you take a nice long break and enjoy your family.

  69. ooooohhhhh I just want to cuddle that little bundle of joy! Enjoy your time with the new baby and if you ever feel the need to talk baby again with pics of course I am willing 🙂

  70. Congrats! Here’s a secret…. I didn’t mind getting up with #4 either. It was the only time I could take care of just ONE baby without the big ones barging in… enjoy!

  71. Congratulations! Your kids have great names; my husbands name is Clark, our last name is Meredith, and we have a son named Will! Hope you get some sleep 🙂

  72. I had a baby boy March 12th and he has the EXACT dame “x” on the bottom of his sweet little feet!!! Congrats and enjoy that little bundle

  73. Congratulations on baby #3! He is beautiful! I too gave birth earlier this year, but to child #4 and my 3rd boy! Hope both you and baby Will are doing fine! Again congratulations on your precious gift!


  74. I just gave birth on the 14th of June and am laughing at your comments about your baby because it is exactly how I felt with my LO. She is my first, but I thought she was just mean and grumpy too – but it is just a hunger issue. When she is not hungry, she is such a sweetie, but I if I wait a minute too long to feed her – watch out.

    Also, I laughed when you said this, “that mean nurse who used every trick in the book to wake him up so I could feed him when he wasn’t interested in eating. He told me all about how much he didn’t like her for the next 9 hours, which made me kind of dislike her, too.”

    This totally happened to me in the hospital too. Glad I am not alone and congrats on your cutie!

  75. I havent been on your website for while–shame on me but imagine how surprised and pleased I was to see the pictures of Will and his brother and sister. He is a beautiful baby and I love the “toe” shot. Congratulations to your whole family!!

  76. Aww, how did I miss this? Well, maybe because I’ve been a bit busy with my own little bundle. It looks like your baby boy is only 5 days older than my sweet boy! Congrats, he’s beautiful.

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