Oven Roasted Tomatoes

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There are a lot of things I love to do with fresh tomatoes. I love fresh salsa, I love fresh tomato sauce, I’ve even recently gotten into canning. But one thing trumps them all: oven roasted tomatoes. If you have never had oven-roasted tomatoes, then you have no idea what you’re missing. It is one of the most heavenly things you can imagine! It’s something I look forward to every tomato season. And this is coming from someone who picks raw tomatoes out of her salad. It’s amazing what happens inside the oven- I don’t really know how to explain it, but Mr. Average Joe Tomato comes outta there like Mr. Hot Rock Star Tomato, and all it takes is some oil (like most great rock stars), some salt and pepper and a little heat. And some garlic, because well, everything is better with garlic. Promise me you’ll try this.

You probably already have all this!
Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Kosher Salt, Black Pepper, tomatoes
and garlic


Oven-Roasted Tomatoes

A bunch of tomatoes, any variety
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Kosher Salt
Fresh Cracked Pepper
a bunch of garlic cloves

Preheat oven to 325

Cut your tomatoes. If you’re using small romas, just cut them in half. Anything larger, quarter them. Half Grape Tomatoes. Place tomatoes in a large bowl. Drizzle with olive oil (enough to coat everything) and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Lightly toss together, coating everything.

Arrange tomatoes in a single layer, skins down, on a cookie sheet lined with foil or parchment paper. Mince garlic and sprinkle over tomatoes being careful to let most of it drop directly on the tomatoes . Optionally, you can also put whole cloves still in the skin right on the pan (like pictured below) but I definitely prefer it minced on top. Give it one more generous drizzle of olive oil.

Place in oven and cook for 2 1/2-3 hours, depending on the size of your tomatoes. It usually takes about 3 for romas that are halved. If you quarter them (the ones in my final picture are quartered) they’ll get done a little faster. You’ll want to just keep an eye on them after about 2 -2 1/2 hours. Your house will smell like heaven. Just take a peek through the window. You’ll see the juices have dried up and some of the tomatoes will start to get dark around the edges. Did I mention your house will smell like heaven?

When they’re done they’ll look like the pictures below. Kind of dried up, and blackened around the edges, but still soft. Eat one right away and see what I’m talking about. Amazing, right? I’m not joking. They’re amazing.

Yummy Yummy Yummy Yummy Yummy Yummy Yummy Yummy

Now, what the heck do you do with them? Good question. Mostly I just eat them right off the pan. Seriously. But you can put them on sandwiches, on pasta, in panini, basically any way you’d use a normal tomato, or especially a sun-dried tomato. The flavor and texture is very similar to a sun-dried tomato, only waaaay better. You can also puree them in a food processor with those garlic cloves. You’ll end up with a great garlicky tomato paste. You can spread it on bread or add to any tomato based sauce or soup. You can also freeze it and use it all winter long. Just break off a chunk and add to anything. Or freeze in 1 T clumps so you’ll always have it measured out. The other day I toasted baguette slices and served them with a platter of roasted tomatoes, bacon, avocado, swiss cheese, etc. And we made yummy little open faced sandwiches. That would make an awesome appetizer as well.

For these little appetizers I put one pan of roasted tomatoes in the food processor with a handful of parmesan cheese and some extra virgin olive oil. They were DI-vine!

Honestly- just try it. It’s such a great way to use up an abundance of garden tomatoes because you can do a ton at once. You won’t be sorry!






  1. I am definitely going to try these. Maybe I will put them with those noodles we made while you were here…. haha JK πŸ˜‰

  2. I seriously think this is my favorite way to eat tomatoes now, we had them pureed w/ basil last night over sweet italian sausage tortellini – amazing! Sara is right, everyone has to try this, it’s too easy not to.

  3. I LOVE oven roasted tomatoes. I have to make really big batches, because I seriously eat half of them right off the sheet before they make it in to anything else. I find that sometimes they get a little acidic, so I usually sprinkle a little bit of raw sugar over them before I roast them.

    I also love making a grilled cheese on sourdough with cream cheese, roasted tomatoes, roasted peppers, turkey, cracked pepper and provolone. Fabulous. They’re also marvelous on grilled pizza. Oh I’m drooling – better go out and empty my plants off before it gets chilly this weekend.

  4. absolutely, to die for.
    mine turned out wonderfully.. so wonderfully, that I am off to the local fruit stand tomorrow to BUY some garden tomatoes so I can make lots of this stuff to freeze. After I roasted mine I plopped them into a container along with the squished out garlic.. put in fridge until the next day and “whazzed” in the processor. Used for homemade pizza(again used your recipe for the dough) and used the leftover over tortellini.. so quick and simple but so delicious.. hope it freezes well.

  5. Would this work well with beefsteak, or are they too big and juicy? This sounds great…and I have lots of tomatoes right now!!

  6. Honestly, I think you could use any kind of tomato. If your tomatoes area super juicy, they may just have to cook a little longer, but if you have a lot of them, I would just give it a try! Let us know how they turn out.

  7. I tried this with beefsteak tomatoes yesterday after harvesting all of my tomatoes before our big winter storm. I quartered them and baked them for 3 hours. They still had a little bit of juice…did I cook them long enough? They smelled great with the garlic! When I tasted them, they were pretty acidic. I haven’t given up yet though… I’ll probably try putting them in some soup or something because they were a little too acidy to enjoy alone. Next time I’ll try the sugar trick that nurse heidi suggested! Thanks!

  8. Aubri- how long you cook them just depends on your preference. Yours were probably still juicy because beefsteaks have so much moisture in them. Maybe they’re more acidic than a roma too, I don’t know. You could totally puree them with a little sugar and the garlic (like I wrote about in my roasted garlic post) that would sweeten them up a bit for you. You can use that in a lot of ways- spread on pizza, bread, in soup, or just add water or broth and turn it into a pasta sauce.

  9. Can i Freeze them after they are done cooking, so I can use them as replacements for sundried tomatoes in recipies??? Or will they not freeze well??

    How about a lesson in making more things with tomatoes from the garden???

  10. I'll definitely try this. I have way too many tomatoes piling up and I'm not in the mood to can them.

    Kate – You're a Guffman fan! Now I really love this blog. Seriously, funniest movie ever!

  11. Simply fantastic!! I just harvested a ton of tomatoes from my garden this morning, mostly Roma, but a few Beefsteak as well. They are roasting in the oven now and WOW the aroma is just amazing. I can't wait to eat them!!

  12. LOVED IT. I had this recipe bookmarked for weeks and finally was able to gather all of the ingredients (and time) to try it out. Having never minced garlic before, I just want to say spending the hour doing so was well worth it. It leaves this great crunch to each piece. Also added a bit of sugar at the very end to sweeten it up (read from other comments). Going to mix it up with some pasta soon! Pix of my adventure can be found at peekandeat.com πŸ™‚ Thanks!

  13. I add these to a 50-50 mixture of brown and wild rice (but they're good with almost anything).

    Some friends make a big batch around the end of tomato season and freeze them for use throughout the winter.

  14. And I must add that this morning I pureed these in the food processor and, wow. Just wow. This is one of the best tomato pastes I've ever tasted. Even my picky husband was impressed. I think we have a winner!

  15. Awesome receipe – my boyfriend didn't think he would like them and wasn't impressed with what I was making – until he tasted them. Had a bumper crop of tomatoes this year and this is the perfect receipe (besides giving them away) Thank you sooooo much!!

  16. Made these today with my first big batch of garden tomatoes.

    W.O.W. !!!

    My husband is NOT a tomato eater, but even he had to admit it was amazing! THANK you; I will definitely be doing this again!

  17. if you place this tomatoe recipe in a large glass gar with 1/4 % olive oil , 3/4 % vegetable oil and 1 teaspond of oregano enough to cover them you can preserve them in the fridge for weeks and theyll tast extra delicious.

    1. Be careful with that technique. It creates a anaerobic environment perfect for botulism. The oregano in that has never been heat treated and could carry the microbe, which is only dangerous when deprived of oxygen (under oil). Rare, but a major food safety issue.

  18. By FAR the best thing I am doing with my tomatoes this year! Better than sun dried, and fabulous in everything I add them to. Thanks!!

  19. I'm making this right now! Love your photos and the "YUMMY" multiplied. I looked at other recipes, too, and some indicated you have to cook at 200 for 10 hours, and others have a faster cook time at higher temp, so I liked that this was in the middle. Thanks for posting it – I can't wait til the scent fills the house. I love sundried so these must be awesome! πŸ™‚

  20. This is my second year making these with our homegrown tomatoes so I thought it was about time for me to thank you for such a yummy recipe. Thanks and mmmmm.

  21. Worked great! Mine didn't shrivel up quite as much– I think they had more "meat" and less juice to start with. They taste wonderful and now I have a bunch in the freezer.

  22. Oh man oh man! Where were you last summer when I had tomatoes coming out of my ears and was giving them away right and left!?! I clicked on this from your turkey meatball recipe..which I can't wait to try, either! Fantabulous!

  23. Totally enjoyed the commentary with the recipe. great sense of humor and wonderful recipe.



  24. OMG…….I’ve made these twice after reading your directions and they are WONDERFUL! Our new favorite thing. I think your directions are the best yet. Thanks!!!

  25. Just tried this today, and they are SO GOOD. I did it with a few roma’s (my husband doesn’t like tomatoes so I just did some for myself). Only took an hour and a half…not sure if this was because I didn’t use that many, or if my oven is just hotter than yours. :o) Thanks so much for sharing this…roma’s usually taste so bland to me but roasting them makes them so much better!

  26. I make these often now! They are amazing. I even use tomatoes that were frozen fresh, and I don’t thaw them before popping them in the oven. I just separate them and mix them with the other ingredients, and they take the same amount of time. I’m using them in your creamy tomato soup tonight! Can’t wait!

  27. I’m making these for probably the 50th time tonight. Just wanted to leave a comment praising this recipe. I like to toss them on a cheap bake and serve pizza (usually trader joes 4 formaggi) and all of a sudden I feel like I’m eating a gourmet meal. Also processed + chicken broth + herbs/spices = my ‘from scratch’ pasta sauce. Thanks again!

  28. My problem is…. How do you leave them??? Once they start smelling so good, it was time to take them out. Maybe two batches! I added sliced mushrooms

  29. I grow my own tomatoes and had way too many cherry tomatoes to use at one time. Now I dry them with garlic, freeze them in ice cube trays and will have tomatoes for many months to come!!! Thanks for the great idea!!! And…my house does smell heavenly!

  30. Thanks for the recipe! I was trying to find sun dried tomatoes in super market. But couldn’t find it. By the way I live in Malaysia. Then I came across this website and tried the roasting on yesterday and the result came out amazingly! Really like them and I sprinkled them on my Spaghetti Olio Aglio!

  31. I just put these in the oven and I can’t wait to taste them! We have tomato plants in our garden and there are SO MANY!!! I’ll let you know how they turn out!

  32. Is there some secret way to print this recipe without printing 9 pages with ads? I like to have printed out for kitchen use.

  33. Um, wow! These are so good! My batch just came out of the oven, from my harvesting our first large-ish batch of tomatoes that was still too small to can, and they taste SOOOOO good! Thank you!!!

  34. My boyfriend, who normally does not like tomatoes, was hovering over me and sneaking them off the pan while I was preparing the rest of dinner. Definitely a keeper.

    1. I canned them yesterday. I pureed them into a paste and then put them in half-pint jars and water bathed (add 1 tsp of lemon juice per jar to get the acid level up) for 50 minutes (45 minutes @sea level). One box of 25 pound tomatoes yielded about 22 half-pint jars. Can’t wait to open a jar up in the dead of Winter and feel like it’s Summer!!! Hope this helps!

  35. Ever since we started getting batches of ripe tomatoes this year I’ve been making a version of this. I cut my tomatoes in half and squeeze out SOME (not all} of the seeds and juice. Then I toss them in a bowl with the olive oil and some kosher salt. Arrange them skin side down on a rack over a cookie sheet. Bake in a 150 to 175 degree oven for 6 to 9 hours (depends on size}. I’m getting ready to take a batch out right now after 8 and a half hours. I just judge when to take them out by taste and texture. Then I put them in a Ziploc in the freezer and when tomato season is over have something wonderful to create with.

  36. This is the BEST roasted tomato recipe ever!!! After reading the suggestions, I added a sprinkle of raw sugar before roasting, which was yummy!! I roasted for almost 3 hours. Planned on putting them in a zip-lock bag in my freezer, but they didn’t make it–I tossed them with linguine and halved Kalamata olives, and shredded parma cheese. Oh, My….try it, you’ll love it!

  37. This tomato recipe sounds awesome, I do the Roma’s but with panko and parmesan cheese, and all the other ingredients, and a little of basil, yummm… The devour them everywhere !

  38. So, I just pulled these out of my oven after only 80 minutes. (Yup. My oven was set at 325 degrees.) I checked them as soon as I noticed the yummy smell changing into a not so yummy smell. Anyone else have this trouble? I’m so sad. Alas, 2 lbs of tomatoes… incinerated. πŸ™

    1. That’s really strange Laurene. Did you sprinkle anything on them that could have burned? Were your tomatoes extra small? If not, then you might want to check your oven and make sure it’s heating to the correct temp because that shouldn’t happen. I’ve cooked literally hundreds of these and never had them burn, ever!

    2. The same thing happened to me today, Laurene. I think the answer would be to cut down the time. Try 50-60 minutes, maybe. I’ll be doing the same with another batch of grape tomatoes…speaking of grapes, has anyone here ever roasted grapes?

  39. Agree with Sara….at 325 mine are in for almost 3 hours and are yummolicious when they come out! I start checking at about 2 1/2 hours. Another batch are in the oven as I type!

  40. Oh my gosh! These were divine. We just had a handful of Romas that were getting too ripe, so I followed your recipe. I don’t really love tomatoes, but I ate almost all of them. (I did save a few for my husband, but he’d better eat them quick.) SO GOOD! Thanks for another amazing recipe!!

  41. My house DOES smell like heaven!!! Thanks. I changed it up a bit and put my oven at 450 degrees. I have a garlic press that makes really quick work of whole cloves so I just tossed that in with the tomatoes and oil. I also sprinkled rosemary and thyme on top. I put them in for about 35 minutes because I planned on using them in a sauce right away and didn’t have that much time. They came out beautifully.

  42. I have roasted tomatoes before and I know that you are not exaggerating about their goodness! Thanks for the idea for a little extra kick with the minced garlic…of course!

  43. Since my 5 tomatoe plants make an abundance of different types of tomatoes, I have got to try this recipe. Sounds like the perfect appetizer and also an additonal lucious ingredient to my slow cooked 12 spice spaghetti sauce. Thanks!:::::::D

  44. I made these and they are so good!!!!! I also added just a touch of heat with Cayenne pepper so some and they were awesome on the sandwiches. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  45. I love roasted tomatoes and this recipe sounds fantastic. I am wondering if anyone has tried it with FROZEN tomatoes. I froze a bunch of tomatoes whole last year and would like to get the most flavor out of them, but I can’t seem to find anything on whether roasting them would work or how to go about it. Any experience would be appreciated. thanks

  46. Wow, wow, wow! I love cooking with tomatoes, but have never oven roasted them. I needed a yummy [different] side dish to go with my dinner; creamy bacon ranch pasta with chicken breast chunks. Already sounds filling, especially being served with french bread. But my family is the “3 course meal” type, so i knew i needed something else. Couldn’t be another starch, salad is too cliche, didn’t want to do a plain ol’ veggie…Roasted tomatoes!! These were absolutely divine!! The perfect light, slightly crispy side dish. Thank for sharing!

  47. I never roasted tomatoes for this long before…they are amazing, ty. I am diabetic and as part of my diet, this summer I decided to have mixed salad with EVERY evening meal (except Sunday, which is diet-free day, you know, full rack of ribs and a bottle of red…or was that two?)

    A good mixed salad is also 2 of 5-a-day. I normally make it with iceberg lettuce, stuffed olives, cherry toms and (shop-bought) roasted red peppers plus olive oil. Then I read sara’s roasted toms!!! Now I cut out the cherry toms and canned peppers and I roast vine tomatoes and peppers at the same time…absolutely brilliant in the salad…(even better if you spoon them over the salad hot)…wicked!

    Use the best virgin olive oil you can afford and sea salt.

    I normally make it with

  48. We are having a bumper crop of tomatoes this year and I always roast them prior to canning, the intensified flavor is wonderful!

  49. I have been roasting tomatoes for yrs. I slice them ( romas ) in 1/2 slices and put them in a large bowl, I then sprinkle enough eevo to coat them good, then I sprinkle in fresh minced garlic & basil from my garden and toss well.Let them set in bowl while I prepare the bread that I put them on.Slice a baggette diagonally , then spread with a spread made of cream cheese ( 8 0z ) mixed with 3 Tabl. of Hidden Vally Ranch mix ( the origanial ) Spread enough to cover each slice of bread.Then place a slice of tomato on makeing sure there is some garlic and basil on each roasted tomato,then cover with finely shredded mozzarella cheese and bake in a preheated oven for 20-25 minutes or till the cheese is melted and starting to brown. My family can’t get enough of these. I serve them on Christmas eve and there is never any left over !!!

    During the summer when we are getting tons of romas, I make the tomatoes up place them on a cookie sheet, single layer, and freeze, after frozen I put them in an air tight container with wax paper between each layer and freeze them.Then when I want to make this bread, all I do is take out the amount I need, place them on a paper plate & let them thaw out while I slice & put the spread on the bread and the tomatoes are ready to go.YUM !!

  50. I was SOOOOO excited to try these!!!! And now I am going to share a piece of wisdom…. 2 hours is WAY TOO LONG for little cherry tomatoes πŸ™ I now have a pan of little black crispies. Oh well πŸ™‚ Now I know for next time!

  51. I followed this exactly, and checked my tomatoes at 2 hours – they were burnt to a crisp and I had to throw them all away (lots of money down the drain!). Oven was at 325, tomatoes were cut in quarters, had oil on them – not sure what went wrong. I’d definitely recommend checking them more often than this suggests!

  52. I made these with romas and regular tomatoes and it was great. I used 325 degree oven and checked it every hour.I used parchment paper. I put my romas on one tray and my regular tomatoes on another. My romas I cut in half and my others I cut in fourths. Roma’s done in about 2 hours and the others 2.5 hours. I then put some in ice cube trays for easier measuring. Thanks for the recipe!!

  53. Hi Sara;

    Thi sounded so good that I just went to the store and bought all the ingredients. However, I have Sea Salt rather than Kosher Salt. Is that okay, or maybe even better?



  54. Is there anyway to to speed the process up a bit? I found a tomato bisque soup recipe that calls for roaste tomatoes…but I live in Phoenix and its 110+ every day. The last thing I want is to have my oven on for 3 hours! Any ideas…or should I just wait til winter to make this?

  55. I loved these! I tried some without sugar, removed the ones that had cooked enough and then sprinkled sugar on the remaining tomatoes, which roasted longer. Think I prefer the ones with sugar. Also used whole cloves of garlic — removed them as they got brown and yummy! Kept them to use in a salad or on pasta. Hard to keep these for any recipe as the family kept sampling them off the cookie sheet! 2 hours was required for the larger quartered tomatoes, but some of the smaller ones were ready before.

  56. Sometimes I add fresh chopped mint,feta and if I have some chopped walnuts(allergic to Pine nuts sadly) and give it a bit if a Greer
    My favorite is to put them on a plate in the kitchen and snack on the all day long.

  57. This is without a doubt the best recipe! I look forward to my tomatoes ripening every year so I can make these. The house smells heavenly as they roast. None of them ever make it very far. Oven. Cool (sort of) and consume! I have given many friends this recipe, along with tomatoes. Excellent! This year I just couldn’t wait for the Roma’s so I used the cherry tomatoes. Very good!!

  58. Does any one know if previously frozen tomatoes from the garden can be roasted? While I was out of town last week my sweetheart boyfriend tried to help me out by freezing them when he was inundated! Thanks

    1. I actually freeze whole tomatoes all the time! I’ve never roasted them, but the work great in things like salsa and tomato sauce. I bet they would actually roast okay, too. I would thaw them out and drain off as much of the liquid as you can first.

  59. I have made tomatos lije this for years i usually use plum or cherry tomatos
    I add them to cream cheese when they are still warm and then refridgerate it and add to your morning bagels!!!!!
    (I also add raw suger to the tops to help with carmilization)

  60. I make these tomatoes every year. The house does smell amazing. They barely make it from the oven to the table.. healthy candy!

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