Kitchen Tour {Part 2}: Appliances

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Last Friday I shared some photos of my new kitchen.  (Click here to check it out.) Today  I’m going to show you the details of the goodies inside.  And by goodies, I mean the stainless steel kind.  Many of you, upon hearing that I was building a new house and kitchen, inquired about what type of appliances I was going to put in it.  I’m going to share what I chose and what I like about them, in hopes that it will be helpful to others looking at similar things.  Feel free to ask any questions you have in the comment section and I’ll do my best to answer everything!

White Kitchen
As most of you know, I live in Boise, Idaho, but I actually zipped down to Salt Lake City, UT to start my appliance hunt.  My husband and I are in Salt Lake a lot, both for personal reasons and on business so we immediately thought of our favorite culinary store when we started planning out our kitchen.  Kate and I have done a lot of our cook book events at Orson Gygi, and I know, love, and trust the staff there, so it seemed like the perfect place to start what seemed like an exciting, but overwhelming project.  One of the things that I think is most helpful when looking at appliances is to go somewhere (even if it’s just online) where you can see the pieces in an actual kitchen.  It helps to visualize, and to get a feel for how everything functions in an actual space.   If you’re in the SLC area and even thinking about a new kitchen, or appliances, Orson Gygi is a great place to look around.  They have tons of beautiful display kitchens to browse, with different appliance brands in them, so it’s super fun to walk through and see where you can imagine yourself living!

Orson Gygi Kitchens(That’s my right-hand-appliance-man Dave, who I had on speed dial during our build.  I called him countless times with frantic, “Quick!  I need to know how wide that one appliance thingy is!”  phone calls and he put up with all of my nonsense.)  I loved walking through the many Gygi display kitchens and connecting with styes I liked.   It was also great to confirm that both my husband and I liked the same things (whew!)  For example, we found we really liked sleek, modern looking stainless steel, but combined with more traditional cabinetry and decor.

Model Kitchen 1From the beginning, I looked into a number of appliance brands, including Bosche, Viking, Wolf, and Fisher and Paykel and I ended up deciding on Thermador.  A couple of years ago Kate and I even visited the Thermador test kitchens and cooked along side their chefs and learned the ins and outs of their products.  I decided back then that if I ever built my dream-kitchen, Thermador would be a top contender.  I like the brand, I like the look of their products, and I felt confident that they’d last a long time and perform well for me and that’s what I ended up deciding on.

When we were building our home a few months ago, my husband and I each had different milestones that we got excited about.  My husband’s happy day was the day the audio-visual guys showed up and put wires and buttons everywhere.  I still don’t know what those do, but apparently they’re useful.  My happy day was one cold, drizzly afternoon when I pulled up to check on the house and this was parked out front:
Orson Gygi Truck

I tried to not get in the way as these shiny silver things carefully got unpacked from big brown boxes.

Appliance Install

The Orson Gygi installers were fantastic and made quick work of a lot of appliances.  (If anyone out there is reading this and now saying, “hey!  That’s my man!”  then just know I had an autographed cook book to send home for you, but those guys slipped out like ninjas in the night and I didn’t get a chance to pass out books.  Boo.)

Installing Appliances

This might win the award for longest OBB post ever, so I’ll cut to the chase!  Here’s a run-down of what went in my kitchen.  I’ve linked all of the exact models in case that’s helpful for anyone.

Thermador 30 inch Built-In Fridge Column
Thermador 30 inch Built-In Freezer Column

Without fail, the first thing that 98% of visitors say when first entering our kitchen is, “Is that a….fridge??”

Thermador Fridge from Our Best Bites

It’s a massive beast, measuring 5-feet across and almost 7 feet tall.  With 32 cubic feet of storage space, we can fit enough food in there to last us through a zombie apocalypse.  Or like, a Saturday.  My children are darling little bottomless pits.

Giant Thermador Fridge

One of my favorite features is that it’s so big, my youngest toddler can’t open it himself (hallelujah) and my middle child has to get a good grip and use all of his might and a couple of good grunts,  therefore giving me a few seconds of warning before it’s open to yell, “Dude, you just finished eating dinner 4 1/2 minutes ago- GET OUT OF THE FRIDGE.”

Really Big Fridge

It’s so tall I actually have to stand on my tippy toes to reach the butter.  And I suppose obstacles between me and butter are a good thing.

Tall fridge from Thermador

Other Fridge Loves:
– Nice deep, well-lit drawers for storage
– Bright LED lighting
– Units are modular, meaning the fridge and freezer are separate so when you’re designing your kitchen you can decide if you want them right next to each other, like mine, or placed in separate areas, which is sometimes useful.
– In case you need something bigger, there’s one that’s a foot wider than mine.

Thermador 36 inch Professional Series Gas Cook Top

One of the big questions we get from readers is about what type of cook top we recommend.  Honestly, it’s a matter of personal preference.  I had a flat porcelain cook top at my last house and one of the things I loved was that (especially in a smaller kitchen) it kind of doubles as extra counter space.  But when it comes to the actual cooking process, I love cooking with gas.  It offers a lot of quick control over the heating.

Gas Range Knobs

 Thermador has their famous star-shaped burners, which are designed so that instead of a straight circle of heat, you get more even heat distribution on different  parts of your pan.  Also, stars are a happy shape.
Thermador Blue Star Burner
I decided to get a griddle top on my rangetop because honestly, I can’t think of any time when I needed more than four burners going at once and at my last house I used my flat griddle pan all the time.  Even then, I hoped I wouldn’t regret that choice.

Thermador Range Top
So far I’ve loved having that griddle.  I heat it up all the time while I’m cooking and warm up bread, cook quesadillas, grilled sandwiches, etc.  It’s super heavy duty, and usually it just takes a quick wipe to clean it off.

Thermador Griddle Knob

One of my favorite features is that this range has an “extra low” setting.  I can put delicate things, like chocolate for example,  on that burner and completely forget about it, and come back to it perfectly melted.  It automatically cycles the heat on and off at an extremely low temperature.  It also comes in handy when you need a very low simmer for things like soups.

Thermador 36 inch Professional Series Convection Warming Drawer

Right under the range is a sleek steel drawer.  It wouldn’t be something I would have thought of before looking at appliances and seeing how helpful it would be to have one.  I’m so often needing to keep things warm while waiting to serve dinner, or needing to keep a plate warm if my husband isn’t home, or my very favorite- warming up our dinnerware.  Eating on hot plates makes me feel fancy.  Even if I put chicken nuggets on them.

Thermador Warming Drawer

Thermador 30 inch Masterpiece Series Double Wall Ovens

I love having two ovens, and I often use them simultaneously.  One of my favorite features of these particular ovens are all of the cooking modes.  I have the option of convection and tons of presets for different types of cooking like roasting, warming, and baking. I use the “proofing” mode all the time.  It keeps it at an optimal temperature to proof yeast breads.  I often proof in one oven, and preheat the other one so when it’s ready to cook I can just pop it in.

Thermador Wall Ovens Proof Mode

I also love the heavy-duty, smooth-rolling oven racks,

Thermador Wall Ovens Smooth Rolling Racks

and an automatic soft-shut door.  That means that instead of slamming shut, it automatically catches itself and slowly creeps to a close on its own.

Soft-Close Doors

Thermador Masterpiece Series Steam and Convection Oven

I admit, this is kind of a fun splurge.  Thermador makes a steam oven, that also functions as a regular confection oven.  It has a smaller capacity than a standard wall oven, but you can still fit a 14-pound turkey in there.

Steam Oven

Basically, you fill up a small pitcher with water and it inserts right in the side of the oven.  The water is then injected into the oven in bursts of steam during the cooking process.  A steam oven allows you to keep food super moist.  Professional kitchens have fancy steam ovens to make artisan breads (the secret to chewy crusts with soft interiors), steam vegetables and meats, and it works especially well to reheat foods without drying them out.

Water Pitcher

This oven is pre-programmed with tons and tons of information, so you just have to push a few buttons and the oven does the rest.  And because of the steam and the convection air circulation, you can cook multiple flavors (garlic chicken and cookies, at the same time!) and the flavors don’t transfer to each other.  Kind of amazing.

Thermador Steam

I’ve been having fun experimenting with this oven and can’t wait to show you some of the fun things I’m making in it.  I’ll tell you more about it sometime because honestly, I could fill up a whole post talking about it.

Thermador Steam Panel

Thermador 24 inch Built-in MicroDrawer

When we were designing our kitchen, we had a really hard time figuring out where to put the darn microwave.  I didn’t want another appliance on the wall (for aesthetic reasons, and because I wanted the cabinet space) and stacking it above the wall ovens like some people do, just made it too tall.  So a microwave drawer solved our problems.  It opens and closes with a push of a button, pretty cool.

Drawer Microwave


Thermador Dishwasher

Right after we moved into our new house, a friend of mine asked my 4 year old how he was liking his new house, and if it felt different than our old house.  His response was, “Yeah, the dishwasher is much more quieter.”  It’s true.  We used to have to turn our dishwasher off when we turned on the tv because it made it too hard to hear.  This one is so whisper-quiet, the only way to know it’s on is by the little blue light that shines on the floor.

Dishwasher Lights

One of my favorite things is an extra 3rd rack on the top.  You know all of those little things that don’t really fit anywhere and end up falling to the bottom and melting?  Or getting stuck in the rack openings?   They all sit up on top in this handy-dandy upper tray.

Thermador Third Rack

If you have little ones at home, like I do, then a dishwasher with buttons and controls on the inside is a huge plus as well.

Internal Dishwasher Controls

It’s taking me a while to get out of the habit of actually washing the dishes before we put them in the dishwasher.  This thing is crazy good at cleaning dried up gunk off dishes.  I’m in love.

Scotsman Ice Maker: Inventor of the original chewable ice.

EDIT:  I have received tons of questions about my ice maker from people wanting the exact model number, specifications, etc.  If you have any questions at all, click here.  There’s a phone number there, just ask for Dave and he’ll get you all the info you need!

I hinted in my last post about an unassuming little cabinet that secretly housed my most favorite appliance in the history of appliances.

Scotsman Ice Maker

I have an obsession with ice.  I’m an ice chewer.  It’s especially bad when I’m pregnant; people tell me that means I’m iron deficient, I just think I really like ice.  I will seriously fill up giant cups full of crushed ice and then let them sit for a very specific amount of time so the ice softens and I can chew it loudly and annoy my husband.  But my whole life I’ve had a special obsession with a certain type of ice.  You know what I’m talking about?  I love hearing people’s reactions and noting what they call it.  “Oh my gosh, you have Sonic Ice!”  “You have hospital ice!” “You have pellet ice!”  or wherever else they associate it with.   (What do you guys call it?)  During those pregnant days I would actually go through drive-throughs of places I knew served chewable ice in their drinks and order nothing but a giant cup of it (like, without the beverage!) Scotsman actually invented that soft, chewable ice.

“Scotsman Ice Systems invented The Original Chewable Ice® in 1981 and changed ice history forever. Named nugget ice for its soft, small, unique shape, this beloved form of ice is also known as pellet ice.  Perfect for fountain beverages, smoothies, blended cocktails, salad bars and therapeutic use, Scotsman Nugget Ice® is a favorite the world over.”

Inside Ice Maker

When I first got to Orson Gygi to sit down and talk about appliances, someone offered me a drink of water, and as they kept talking I had no idea what they were even saying because my eyes were locked on the hands scooping beautiful little nuggets of ice into my glass.  I stopped them mid-sentence and said, “Hold on.  Do you SELL those machines???”  They just laughed and nodded.  “You mean I could buy one?? And like, have it in my HOUSE??”  I just looked at my husband and he smiled and shook his head saying, “Better put that thing on our list.”

My obsession is complete now that I have a handy little freezer that cranks out a constant 20-pound supply of chewable nugget ice.   My kids eat it like candy.  I’ve actually said, “Finish your dinner and you each can have a cup of ice.” more than once.  Feel free to do as some of my friends do, and fill up your own cooler at my house, any time.

Scotsman Ice

Whew!  I think that’s it.  I hope you enjoyed that extra peek into my kitchen.  My next project is getting my office all put together- wish me luck!  And don’t stray far- we have some extra posts this week!  Kate will be posting a killer new dinner recipe tomorrow, which coordinates with a dessert I’ve got for ya (along with a special surprise) on Friday.  And just for fun, we’re throwing a giveaway in there as well.  So come back every day this week so you don’t miss out!




    1. I am so fortunate that my job has that kind of ice but when I get my own trailer in the woods. You can bet I will that or something similar for myself. I just love it.

  1. So I think if I had all those appliances in my little kitchen, there wouldn’t be any room for, well, me – lol! I love your ice maker; here in Indiana we call that “the good ice”. :o)

  2. Ummm…how has nobody said anything about the ice?!? Ahh that would be my fav too! And being pregnant and craving ice at the moment doesn’t help! 😉 beautiful kitchen!!’

  3. I poured over every word of this. Your appliances sound like a dream, the dishwashers 3rd drawer and inside buttons would probably be my favorite. Last week something plastic melted on the heating element and by the time I realized where the burnt smell was coming from my kitchen was in smoke. The rest of the day my 3 year old told every person we talked to that our house was on fire but mom stopped it. The flat top grill is so cool as well my husband said if we ever remodel he totally wants one.

    1. Oh my gosh, the same thing happened to us yesterday! We have a dishwasher downstairs as well and it literally took hours to figure out that’s what it was. We searched every corner of the house for some sort of electrical fire! lol

        1. Oh, haha. I actually have another entire kitchen, lol! Our house has the main floor on ground level, and then another full basement level with a family room, movie room, bedrooms, etc. So we have a full kitchen down there too, where we sometimes eat dinner, or I work on blog projects, or where we put out party food for movie nights. I can see how that would sound totally weird to think I just had a dishwasher in some random wall somewhere! haha

      1. I had a lid melt in my dishwasher a few years ago. I ended up calling the fire department because I couldn’t figure out where the burning smell was coming from. They showed up with lights, sirens, oxygen tanks, the full works! I was so embarrassed when they called my into the house to tell me what had caused the smell. But hey, at least my neighbors got some mid-morning entertainment out of it!

  4. WOW! I love love love and would be wildly content living on a mattress on the floor of your kitchen!!! The ice maker is simply superb! And just one question, with a fridge that big, where is all of your milk?!?!??!! hehe We would have at least 4 gallons- and there’s only four of us!

      1. You’re lack of milk was the first thing I noticed too. I have 5 boys and a husband that LOVE milk. So my dream fridge would have to have plenty of room for about 6 gallons. Love your fridge and freezer. And the ice machine…wow! I might just have to get one for my husband someday. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Wow! Everything is just stunning!! And “that fridge” is nothing short of awesome. I’ve never heard of a steam oven so I can’t wait to read more posts on that. You are a very lucky girl with such a dream kitchen!


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