Silly Cupcakes {For April Fools!}

My grand plans for cooking over the weekend (in general, and for today’s post) were thwarted by some vicious super-virus that has had me knocked flat on my back all weekend.  My husband was a trooper and has been nursing me back to health, while keeping the house clean, the kiddos out of my bed, and even cooking a fabulous Easter dinner for our company while I stayed quarantined.  I didn’t even realize the date until Kate mentioned April Fool’s, so I thought I’d re-share this popular post.    Even with short notice, if you do what I do below and grab some unfrosted cupcakes from your local grocery store bakery, these are easy enough to pull off last minute.  Happy April, everyone!

While I often find myself watching re-runs of Punk’d during my afternoon workouts (seriously, I have a million channels- why is there nothing on at 2pm??)  and giggling while some celebrity has an epic meltdown watching their priceless custom made Bentley being destroyed, I’m actually not a huge fan of pranks in my own life.  So you won’t find me planning any elaborate jokes on April 1st.  Since my kids are young (6, 3, and 1 1/2) we find it more fun to make April Fools a day of full-fledged silliness.  A day to be goofy, a day to be random, and a day to do things out of the ordinary.  These silly cupcakes are right up our ally. I saw all of the ideas in the fun book Hello Cupcake.

First, a little trick.  Not as in April Fools trick, but as in sneaky-time-saving-I-don’t-want-to-bake-or-do-dishes-right-now trick.  I’ve told you before, but I’ll remind you again!  Sometimes I care about having perfectly wonderful homemade cupcakes. Other times it doesn’t matter so much.  And while I want them to taste good, I’m really wanting something quick and easy.  Easier than even making a box mix myself.  That’s when I head to the grocery store bakery and ask for un-frosted, plain cupcakes.  They always look perfect, they’re uniform size, and they actually taste pretty good too.

They won’t usually have them out for sale, but I’ve found at just about every bakery (sometimes you need to find the bakery manager) they’re more than happy to grab some for you and put a price-tag on them.  I actually keep these in my freezer for when I need to do blog posts like this!



  1. What cute ideas! I will definitely use these. It’s become a tradition with my kids to expect a silly dinner from me on April fools day. We usually present the “fool food” first and then I’ve made the real thing (what we tried to replicate) too, so that we’re not just eating dessert for dinner. 🙂 Last year I made chicken strips out of Kit-Kat bars rolled in honey and then graham cracker crumbs, vanilla ice cream with caramel sauce for the mashed potatoes, and red fruit punch in clear glasses with straws made from jello! It was hilarious to watch the kids try to drink jello through a straw! I will definitely use your ideas this year! That will save me the time to search for ideas. 🙂 Thanks! Happy April Fools!

  2. I love that cupcake cook book. I thought about making the spaghetti ones for my younger son’s class …. basically making a big platter of “spaghetti” for his class and then going in to read a book for them (they love it when I come in to read! hehe).

    These are all really cute!

  3. I’ve done the mashed potatoes and peas/carrots before…lots of fun (with the exception of having to pick out all the green Runts from the bag and praying I have enough, LOL)! I’m doing cupcakes (meatloaf) and grilled cheese (angel food cake and cheese colored frosting)this year. 🙂

    1. ..and btw, I thought I was one of the only ones who really likes the Buttered Popcorn flavor Jelly Bellies! Happy to know I’m not alone. 🙂

        1. For a short time, there were buttered popcorn flavored dum dum pops. I loved those sooo much and wanted to cry when I could no longer find them any longer. So delish! Buttered popcorn candy fans may also find solace in kettle corn. That mix of sweet and salty is just to die for! 🙂

      1. I had no idea buttered popcorn was a much hated Jelly Belly flavor. It is my absolute favorite, even though I hate popcorn!

        1. My favorite too! I kept a small bag of them in my locker in high school (way back in the day!) as a treat. Everyone thought they were nasty, which is fine….more for me 🙂

      2. Those are also my favorite! My husband thinks I’m weird, but I love them!

        Super cute cupcakes! Definitely gonna make a few of these!

  4. These are some of the cupcakes from that book that I really want to make! I’ve done the corn ones; maybe for April fool’s I can make some of the ones listed here. Love them- they turned out really well!

  5. Yummy, they all look delicious!

    Buttered popcorn are my favorite Jelly Belly flavor, no joke! Mmmm, might need to make a lunchtime run now. 🙂

  6. We put Jell-o in clear cups with a straw to make it look like juice, and meatloaf, decorated with mashed potato “frosting” so we can eat “cake” for dinner.

  7. I LOVE the buttered popcorn Jelly Belly candies. My absolute favorites! When I’m handing out the jellybeans, I have to make sure none of the kids get my favorite flavor!!!

    I have this book and their other one. Both are hysterical. I love the little monsters in the next book with stringy frosting and eyeballs made from dum dum suckers.

    This year, I think we’re going to have “cupcakes” for supper, but I’m going to make individual meatloafs.

    We’ve actually had an adult party where everybody had to bring cupcakes or muffins to make up the whole meal. We had meatloaf, little quiches, zucchini and parmesan muffins, mashed potatoes, and a bunch of desserts that fit in muffin pans.

  8. OMG, I LOVE It!! I will have to try this out. Spaghetti and meatballs for sure since it seems so easy (not a good cake decorator). I will have to buy the book (linked to, credit given) and see what else there is. Thanks for sharing such a cute idea! I’d do it for one of my kids’ birthdays. Or for a grown up birthday since we aren’t “supposed” to like cupcakes.

  9. For your silly dinner you could do a mystery dinner. My family had them quite frequently. You make a menu (Including food, random utensils such as whisks and spaghetti scoops, drinks, etc.) and give them crazy names (I.e. “log roller” for a toothpick stuck in a styro cup with water in it.) or depending on the meal, you could find all the names on google translate in a certain language. Give everyone a menu and have them order approx. 5 courses with three things each course. It gets a little crazy when you get spaghetti and a butcher knife to eat it with. One of my favourite silly things to do! Good luck!
    P.S. LOVED the cupcakes! So cute. 🙂

    1. That’s what I was thinking Desiree! We did that once at a family reunion when I was a kid and I remember it being so much fun. But I couldn’t remember all of the fun names for the food (and I definitely can’t give my toddlers knives to eat with! haha)

  10. I made a spaghetti and meatball cake for my daughter’s birthday this year. It was a lot of fun, and the kids loved it! And I LOVE the buttered popcorn jelly bellies!

  11. I’m not sure if I should be proud or if I should be embarassed to say I’ve made every one of those cupcakes you posted about ha ha. Most recently the popcorn. I just love that book! And most of them are very simple to make. They’re just so much fun. You did a great job with them!

  12. These are the types of fun treats boys (as I have three) truly get a kick out of. Thank you for sharing, and for the helpful time saving tips. I like to read how you add your own voice and process of making it–much better then just reading a recipe in a book (IMO) 🙂

  13. You just gave me a great idea. I’m going out of town on April 1st and leaving the hubby alone with the kids for 5 days. I’ll have to make them these cupcakes as a surprise treat before I leave. So super cute!

  14. These are SO fun! We’re having a scrap night this friday and we’re supposed to bring something tricky for a snack… I will most certainly be making some of these!!! Thanks for the idea!

  15. My daughter and I won a family bakeoff by making a spaghetti and meatballs cake! Baked a cake in a bowl, turned out on a platter, crumb coated it, squiggled the frosting pasta, made meatballs with chunky peanut butter and chocolate, strawberry jam “sauce”, and then grated white chocolate all over it for parmesean cheese! Just like these cupcakes, but on a grand scale! I love the peas and carrots. My granddaughter hates veggies. These are SO going to be for her birthday.

  16. This all looks like so much fun! My kids are older, but I’m thinking I might still do the meatloaf & mashed potatoes to look like cupcakes for dinner and then the dinner for dessert cupcakes. I wanted to experiment with some cupcake flavors anyways this weekend, so it will give me a chance to use them in a fun way!

  17. I love these so much!! They look so real! Great Job and great ideas! Thank you so much for sharing. I’m actually going to feature these ideas on my blog this week. 🙂

  18. oh the butter popcorn flavor is my favorite as well!! wish they were easier to buy here in the Netherlands!
    thank you for showing us these from that gr8 cupcake book, if you you hadn’t had showed them I wouldn’t have known it!!
    keep going girl!!

  19. Awesome idea, I am going to do this for my kids! I’m so excited. Thanks for linking up the book! Looks like there are a ton of fun things in there 😉

  20. This is such a fun idea!! We’ll have to make sure we incorporate it for April Fool’s this year! One of our favorite things to do is a mystery dinner, where everyone is given a menu first, where all the food choices and utinsels are mixed up and put into a riddle. Everyone has to make a guess at what each item is and the order they want things to come in. It’s hilarious when someone gets their dessert first, without any utinsels to eat it with. Some don’t even get their utinsels until the very end!! This has become one of our favorite family traditions! Thanks for such a fun, uplifting food blog! 🙂

  21. Buttered Popcorn Jellybeans are also my all time fav flavor! People often look at me in disgust when I tell them that I’m eating these. They just don’t know. ;p

  22. For the record porcorn flavored jelly beans are awesome, especially mixed with the blueberry ones. It’s like a hand full of blueberry muffin. The spaghetti and meatball cupcakes look like a great trick, better than what I’ve always wanted to do, which is making meatloaf into a round cake pan and frosting it with mashed potatos, maybe do some piping with some colored ketchup and trying to pass it off as a real cake. I love holiday fun!

  23. Buttered popcorn is my favorite jelly belly flavor as well! This was a fun post. I have that cookbook and made these last year for April Fool’s Day. The only problem was nobody wanted to eat them because they were so cute!

  24. This is a wonderful idea! I am trying to come up with something fun as April Fool’s day is a sad day in our family… our “puppy” of almost 9 years was killed when he was hit by a car last year on April 1st. Thanks for the great idea!

  25. We always eat with random utensils on random things like cookie sheets or pie tins. I always make mini meatloaves in cucake wrappers. I make mashed potatoes and pipe them on like frosting. I then sprinkle carrots that are chopped to look like sprinkles. My kids love it. The first year I made this, they thought we were really eating cupacakes for dinner.

  26. I love, love, love the corn on the cob. I was actually eating Jelly Belly mixed beans when I was reading this and was thinking that if the popcorn flavor isn’t your thing (why WOULDN’T it be?) you could use the white coconut and yellow pina colada flavored beans (I know you suggested the colors, but I thought it was cool that these two flavors specifically would look and taste good together) and you could make a pinapple, coconut or pina colada flavored cupcake. Not only would it LOOK good…it woudl taste YUMMY! Or…wait! You could make corn muffins with the buttered popcorn jelly beans! The possibilities are endless….

  27. Hi there! I was just wondering what kind of frosting you used on the spaghetti and meatballs cupcakes? Such a cute idea, hoping to do this on Friday.


    1. Any buttercream will work- honestly for these I just used a can of store-bought stuff! Normally I don’t use canned frosting because I don’t like the taste- but since these were for my kids who don’t care, it was easy!

  28. The best April Fool’s food prank we’ve ever pulled was a couple years ago … we made a meatloaf (I know how the Our Best Bites girls feel about meatloaf – but bear with me!) in a round cake pan and covered it with mashed potato frosting (mashed potatoes dyed pink!) The potatoes have to be very smooth to pull it off, but it really looked like cake! My kids loved “fooling” Daddy! 🙂 Your peas and carrots cupcakes could be a perfect dessert course!

  29. I love this idea! Not only will the kids enjoy Friday’s “dessert”, but I think I will bring some into work 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration…I was wondering what to do this year!

  30. Love these. I had a friend that made a kitty litter cake with tootsie roll poops…thanks for the clever ideas.

  31. I LOVE ‘buttered popcorn’ Jelly Bellies™, and I love the idea of silly cupcakes, including the peas ‘n carrots. What a wonderful treat and prank at the same time. You guys are awesome!

  32. The titles of the recipe are not showing up when I look at your blog…any ideas why? Also, once found a candy like pizza. I used a tortilla, jam for sauce, melted white chocolate for the cheese and black licorice for olives. It wasn’t very good:)

  33. Sara, these all look so cute!! Hello Cupcake has been on my wish list for cookbooks for a while. All their ideas are so fun, I would invent reasons to make the cupcakes that are in the book. While ordinarily my I-must-make-everything-totally-from-scratch-or-not-make-it-at-all self would be horrified at the idea of using pre-made cupcakes, it is actually a brilliant idea for those days when you want to make a fun desert, but don’t want to dirty too many dishes (which is surprisingly often for me these days).

    PS Sorry about the BYU loss!! I was rooting for them too!

  34. So cool Sara! I love this idea. My mom used to do stuff like this at Halloween so this is a fun time to switch it up. Thank you for the fun idea!

  35. Okay, so I came across your blog about a month ago when I read the article in the LDS Living magazine. I’m kind of a recipe book/blog/cooking addict (I’m only 17! Haha!) and I have to say, I abosolutely LOVE your blog! I seriously get on it at least once a day, and everything I have made from you ladies tastes SO great! I just got your cookbook for my birthday, and I am so psyched! Thank you so much for all the effort you have put in to make it possible!!!

  36. I, too, love buttered-popcorn flavored jelly bellies! You’re not alone! I love them in combination with cinnamon-flavored ones, too. MM-HMM!! I can’t wait to try these hilarious cupcakes! I especially loved the peas & carrots, mashed potatoes, and spaghetti versions. Thanks for continuing to be so clever. And may no one play any truly dirty tricks on you this Friday! Maybe just saran wrap under the toilet lid? (Ugh–that is kind of nasty, isn’t it). 🙂

  37. Last year I served “grilled cheese, juice and cupcakes” for dinner.
    We don’t usually have juice, so my daughter was super excited to have some. It was hilarious to watch her pick it up and try to drink. I also said we could have dessert first (since it was really dinner!)
    I am trying to find this years. I think I am doing the spaghetti and meatballs thing but need a real dinner that looks like dessert. Hope I can find something.

  38. I’m happy no one in my family likes the buttered popcorn jelly bellys… more for me!!

    Super cute cupcakes and is getting me thinking… about dying shredded coconut and making ‘cole slaw’ cupcakes… my daughter hates cole slaw so that would be super sneaky of me… LOL

  39. Love the cupcakes! I’m going to have to make some for my kiddos on Friday. However, I’m starting to get suspicious- no way can there be that many people who actually LIKE those popcorn flavored jelly beans!!!:)

  40. Hi Girlies! I am a newbie to your site (and lived in Seattle, which still has my heart :). I randomly pranced upon your blog a few days ago and to my pleasant surprise we are now 3 for 3 with your recipes at my house (my kids find it very hard to like what I create). So I wanted to tell you, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I was so happy to see your smiling faces on the cover of LDS Living Magazine!! You two are everywhere and I am happy to have “bumped” into you (how have I been missing you?)!

  41. Love these! We are huge fans of cup cakes! I am going to have to make some!!!
    I have to tell you how much I love your cookbook. I have made so many of your recipes and my family loves them!

  42. Last year my in laws planned a way fun April Fools dinner! They made a menu and everything had a goofy name so you had no idea what you were ordering. You had to place what you wanted as an appetizer, main course, and desert. I ended up getting desert as an appetizer. 🙂 You had to order your plate and fork too… if you didn’t place it first you had to eat the first couple courses with your hands. The only goofy name I can remember was they labeled forks as “Ariels Hairbrush” It was super cute and way fun!

  43. I’ve just gotten into baking cupcakes and am always looking for creative ideas to put in my hat for those times I’m in a fun baking mood. I love the meatball idea. Beautiful work!

  44. Ok, I really love this idea. Now I am slightly obsessed with thinking of other ways to make cupcakes look like other food!
    And I LOVE the buttered popcorn jelly bellies! You are not the only one Sara!

  45. I love April Fools’ Day! Once we all ate out of weird containers–cool whip bowls, random misc. shaped serving dishes, ate with food preparation utensils. NOthing matched. Fun. Also, I like to make the frosted “cake” made out of meatloaf and then frosted with whipped potatoes tinted some color with cute veggie flowers on top. I will make those meatball cupcakes for sure! Thanks.

  46. Great ideas! My birthday is actually on April Fools Day so I may use some of your fun tricks for a surprise for my kids. Great website and I absolutely love your cookbook!

  47. I have to say those were the best and most creative Cup Cakes I have ever seen.I love people with Talent. Thanks for sharing .

  48. These are so cute, and I’m pondering the idea of making them for my daughter’s third grade class on Friday. I’d have to make the cupcakes Thursday evening, if I put the “meatball and spaghetti sauce” on the night before, will they be ok until Friday afternoon?

    Thanks for all the great recipes you share!

  49. I like the buttered popcorn jelly bellies, too, but did you know that it is actually one of the top sellers? I think some people are just in the closet about their obsession! 🙂 Cute cupcakes!

  50. These are awesome! I love messing with my kids on April Fool’s Day! Also, if you can’t find Runts I used green Airheads one year to make peas, just rolled them into little balls. They were totally fooled and it was awesome!

  51. These are great! Came across your site last night (which is wonderful BTW) and this morning we decided we HAD to make them this afternoon. Thanks so much for sharing – we had a blast making them!

  52. I’m going to make these tomorrow night for a church activity on friday morning, the little kids will love them. I love your new look blog- very smart!

  53. These are awesome!!! I love how they look exactly like what they’re supposed to be tricking you into thinking!! So killer. I can just imagine the looks my kids would give me if I gave them these. LOL

  54. I’m just getting my peas and carrots ready for tomorrow! I found Wonka’s Mini-Chewy Sweet Tarts that look just like peas and are softer for little mouths than runts…So excited to surprise my kids. THANKS!

  55. Just finished making the “Meatball Cupcakes” for April Fool’s Day treat for work tomorrow. They turned out just like the pictures and were so easy! I LOVE them and can’t wait to hear what everyone thinks. Thank you for the recipe.
    P.S. I have tried to find your cookbook at several stores in my area (Sacramento/Roseville, CA) and NO one has them.:-( Any ideas of who might have in my neighborhood??
    P.S.S. Wish I could have attached picture of the finished product!! hehe

  56. We just did these cupcakes along with Chinese Takeout ones for school tomorrow. So much fun. Thanks for the post. PS Love you blog and your cookbook. I have made so many things from both.

  57. My boys and I had a blast making the mashed potato, carrots and peas, and spaghetti cupcakes. I couldn’t find Runts for the peas but green Skittles worked just as well. It sure makes a great table centerpiece and delicious treat. Thank you!

  58. I made them, and took them to work and everyone went crazy! They were a hit, with people coming from all ends of the building to see them! Thank you for the wonderful idea for celebrating April Fool’s Day 🙂

  59. I made these for my book club. Some of the ladies were in love with them, others didn’t know what to say and looked like they were going to throw up. Either way, people now think I have too much time on my hands and also think that I am awesome!! I couldn’t be awesome without you two!!!! Thanks for sharing all your great ideas with us.

  60. Surprised my kiddo’s with the spaghetti ones,peas and carrots and the mash potatoes. Super fun. My local bakery wouldn’t sell me the un-frosted so I delt and bought it anyway and scraped ( uh…ate) the frosting off.

  61. I couldn’t find Runts at my grocery store today, but I used green tic-tacs and put them in the frosting tip first and it was brilliant! Thanks for helping me be the fun mom!

  62. So fun! We’re having veggies for dessert tonight. 🙂 (The peas and carrots were my favorite. But, I had a hard time tracking down Runts so we went with the green Skittles idea.) Thanks!

  63. Such a cute idea! I copied three of the cupcakes and took a bunch to a little party last night. They were a HIT with the kiddos!

    I’ve never commented here before, but I just wanted to thank you for your delicious blog. I’ve made dozens of your dishes and have never been disappointed. I’m so excited that I finally got your cookbook! It came at the end of my pregnancy and my mouth was watering (no exaggeration) at every single picture. Yum!

  64. These are hilarious and awesome. Someone made them and posted the photo to, and it was featured as only of the daily photos today! Super cute!

  65. Such cute, fun ideas. I showed my kids all the pictures and there think it is the coolest thing ever. I promised them that next year we would make them. Love your site!

  66. My friend had me over for a pasta party- he provided the noodles and everyone brings a sauce. I knew I had to come here to find one of your best, and I ended up making the pumpkin alfredo. Several people chose mine to be the fav (out of 9 awesome sauces). It was truly excellent.

    Anyway, the finale of this story is that I surprised everyone by bringing a desert- I used the meatball cupcake idea but made a 9×13 cake. I used lemon cake with cream cheese icing, so the strawberry preserve “meat sauce” really blended well.

    Thanks again for two more excellent recipes. You are my go-to when I want something I know will be good.

  67. Thanks for the insperation! I’ve done food April Fools Day jokes for years. I varied your ideas a little and used sugar cookie baked in the pan instead of cupcakes, my kids and hubby loved the fools!

  68. This post totally inspired me! I am usually a complete party pooper about April Fools and I DO NOT enjoy practical jokes but my oldest daughter and I had a great time surprising my husband and seven other children with a wonderful April Fools Day dinner. We used your idea for peas and carrots and put them in a bowl. We made “mashed potatoes” from vanilla bean ice cream and “meatloaf” from chocolate rice krispies with butterscotch “gravy”. It all looked pretty real at first glance and the kids were ecstatic to get to eat dessert first. Then we made “cupcakes” that were really meatloaf muffins with pink mashed potato “icing”. Thanks for the inspiration! My kid won’t soon forget how fun Mom was this year!

  69. Smiths in Utah (Farmington) has salt water taffy made by Sweets, I think, that has a buttered popcorn flavor. It is quite delish.

  70. Love these! So cute and real looking! I especially like the corn on the cob. And Buttered Popcorn is my favorite Jelly Belly flavor -so you’re not alone there. 🙂 Keep the wonderful ideas coming!!!

  71. love these ideas, just wanted to add a little for someone who might want to try it- I made a full size marshmallow ‘popcorn’ cake several years ago, but before i put the marshmallows on, I put a few drop of random food color(to make brown) in a gallon ziplock with a few drops of water to thin it (close the bag with no air inside and smush the food color around the bag) drop in like 10 biggies or 25 minis, close the bag and shake. this makes the ‘popcorn’ look toasted. you could repeat this with just yellow (in a clean bag) for added ‘butter’ it’s way cute.

  72. Buttered popcorn jelly bean is my favourite too! It’s okay because then no one else will eat it and it’s all for me!

  73. If you don’t want to buy starbursts for the pats of butter….
    My hubbie served his mission in Boise, ID, and the mission presidents wife would make the missionaries coming in and leaving a big Ice Cream Baked Potato. So when he got asked to help with a mini-MTC, I of course had to learn how to make them. Use plastic wrap to shape vanilla ice cream into a potato shape. Use your fingers to create a wedge in the the top of the “potato.” Refreeze until it’s hard. Then roll in chocolate milk drink powder. Right before serving, fill the wedge with whipped cream (Your sour cream look-alike) (Canned spray cream is easiest here). Top with chopped pistachios for your chives (I actually mixed them with a little green food coloring) and your pat of butter is made like this: Line a butter dish, or any other container that’s about the right size, with plastic wrap. Fill with yellow frosting…really smoosh it down so it goes all the way to the edges. Freeze. Remove plastic wrap with frosting from dish. Slice up and place on top. Ymmmm. Awesome. If you wanted you could probably used orange colored coconut for cheese topping as well. Cheers!

  74. One is idea is a mystery dinner. At a youth group party I once went to they had a mystery dinner for us…you get a menu with just garble on it, like “yaori mysticeti” etc. and get to pick what to order. All of the dishes were just completely random foods, like a hamburger without a bun, chocolate ice cream, and jelly on crackers (the plate I got!) And it was served with a fork! Just a suggestion, it might be fun 🙂

  75. The best is to tape or put a rubber band on the kitchen sink sprayer. Then, when someone turns on the faucet they get sprayed.I did that one year for my family but unfortunately it was my mother-in-law who got sprayed! She was a very good sport about it.

    1. Mine were in a Halloween pack, but you should be able to easily find them anywhere cake decorating supplies are sold (like craft stores).

  76. I am starting a tradition of April Fool’s Day Dinner. Last year we had meatball sandwiched (pound cake with no bake cookie “meatballs”), sauce (raspberry jam), and shredded cheese (grated white chocolate), cupcakes (meatloaf baked in cupcake papers and topped with whipped potatoes), Punch (jello in individual cups) and cinnamon rolls (bread dough with a pureed hamburger filling and cheese sauce on top). It was a lot of fun. This year is way low key but I think Monday we’re having our dinner of cinnamon rolls (same as above) and pizza (cookie crust and fruit toppings).

  77. I LOVE buttered popcorn jelly bellies!!!! Thank alone makes me want to leave the office and run home and make the corn on the cob cupcakes. So cute!

  78. These are sooooo cute!!! Love the spaghetti and meatballs one the best, but they all look great! And I am one of those people who thinks March went by way too fast, too! ;P

  79. It’s really fun to put saran wrap on the toilet seat. Stretch it really tight so you can’t see it and then tuck it under the seat. Just tell whoever you pull the prank on that they have to clean up the mess.

  80. I tried the peas and carrots and mashed potatoes & gravy cupcakes and they were a hit! They were easy to make and they looked exactly like the pictures.

  81. Made the peas and carrots ones and the mashed potato ones for April Fools and the kids LOVED them. One tip I would add is to microwave the lemon starburst for just a few seconds. Then you can flatten it out a little so that it looks more like a melting pat of butter…just makes it a little more pliable.

  82. My daughter is having a cooking-themed birthday party, where they’re making Funny Foods (like, a slice of pound cake, a dollop of vanilla yogurt, and half a peach to make Egg on Toast). We just made these for her birthday cake. This is such a clever idea!

  83. OMG!! These are sooo cool! Lyra and Heather, my naughty twins thought they were actual spag-bol!! The carrots and peas my 3 year old son, Leo would just not touch them! Nice! Very real! Even I thought the carrots and peas were for real! 🙂

  84. These are adorable, great ideas! And by the way, I visited the Jelly Belly Factory in Fairfield, CA last summer (it was AWESOME!) and I’m pretty sure they said buttered popcorn was one of their all-time favorite flavors… so you are not alone! My favorite were the pomegranate and chocolate-covered orange.

  85. I love these! And I’m in the 2%. I’m not even a popcorn fan (or a jelly bean fan) but when those to flavors are mixed, it’s heaven! But have you tried the caramel corn flavor? Those are even better!

    1. It’s just black sprinkles/sanding sugar and you can find it in the cake decorating section of a cooking or craft stores. Mine is made by Wilton, which you can usually also find at Walmart!

  86. Uhm, Sorry lady.
    But I bought this book at my local Barnes and Nobles. I seriously hope you didn’t think you could honestly pass this off as your ideas, considering you used the exact pictures from the book. Just added your little watermark in the bottom corner to make it seem “legitimate.” Any body can do that with even the most basic of photo editors.
    (And The Book I’m talking about is “Hello, Cupcake!) see for yourself at their website!!

  87. These look so cool! I normally make a “shrunken breakfast” for someone in my family with quail eggs and cocktail toasts, but I am definitely making these this year! Thanks for the great ideas!

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