Silly Cupcakes {For April Fools!}

My grand plans for cooking over the weekend (in general, and for today’s post) were thwarted by some vicious super-virus that has had me knocked flat on my back all weekend.  My husband was a trooper and has been nursing me back to health, while keeping the house clean, the kiddos out of my bed, and even cooking a fabulous Easter dinner for our company while I stayed quarantined.  I didn’t even realize the date until Kate mentioned April Fool’s, so I thought I’d re-share this popular post.    Even with short notice, if you do what I do below and grab some unfrosted cupcakes from your local grocery store bakery, these are easy enough to pull off last minute.  Happy April, everyone!

While I often find myself watching re-runs of Punk’d during my afternoon workouts (seriously, I have a million channels- why is there nothing on at 2pm??)  and giggling while some celebrity has an epic meltdown watching their priceless custom made Bentley being destroyed, I’m actually not a huge fan of pranks in my own life.  So you won’t find me planning any elaborate jokes on April 1st.  Since my kids are young (6, 3, and 1 1/2) we find it more fun to make April Fools a day of full-fledged silliness.  A day to be goofy, a day to be random, and a day to do things out of the ordinary.  These silly cupcakes are right up our ally. I saw all of the ideas in the fun book Hello Cupcake.

First, a little trick.  Not as in April Fools trick, but as in sneaky-time-saving-I-don’t-want-to-bake-or-do-dishes-right-now trick.  I’ve told you before, but I’ll remind you again!  Sometimes I care about having perfectly wonderful homemade cupcakes. Other times it doesn’t matter so much.  And while I want them to taste good, I’m really wanting something quick and easy.  Easier than even making a box mix myself.  That’s when I head to the grocery store bakery and ask for un-frosted, plain cupcakes.  They always look perfect, they’re uniform size, and they actually taste pretty good too.

They won’t usually have them out for sale, but I’ve found at just about every bakery (sometimes you need to find the bakery manager) they’re more than happy to grab some for you and put a price-tag on them.  I actually keep these in my freezer for when I need to do blog posts like this!



  1. These are some of the cupcakes from that book that I really want to make! I’ve done the corn ones; maybe for April fool’s I can make some of the ones listed here. Love them- they turned out really well!

  2. I’ve done the mashed potatoes and peas/carrots before…lots of fun (with the exception of having to pick out all the green Runts from the bag and praying I have enough, LOL)! I’m doing cupcakes (meatloaf) and grilled cheese (angel food cake and cheese colored frosting)this year. 🙂

    1. ..and btw, I thought I was one of the only ones who really likes the Buttered Popcorn flavor Jelly Bellies! Happy to know I’m not alone. 🙂

        1. For a short time, there were buttered popcorn flavored dum dum pops. I loved those sooo much and wanted to cry when I could no longer find them any longer. So delish! Buttered popcorn candy fans may also find solace in kettle corn. That mix of sweet and salty is just to die for! 🙂

      1. I had no idea buttered popcorn was a much hated Jelly Belly flavor. It is my absolute favorite, even though I hate popcorn!

        1. My favorite too! I kept a small bag of them in my locker in high school (way back in the day!) as a treat. Everyone thought they were nasty, which is fine….more for me 🙂

      2. Those are also my favorite! My husband thinks I’m weird, but I love them!

        Super cute cupcakes! Definitely gonna make a few of these!

  3. I love that cupcake cook book. I thought about making the spaghetti ones for my younger son’s class …. basically making a big platter of “spaghetti” for his class and then going in to read a book for them (they love it when I come in to read! hehe).

    These are all really cute!

  4. What cute ideas! I will definitely use these. It’s become a tradition with my kids to expect a silly dinner from me on April fools day. We usually present the “fool food” first and then I’ve made the real thing (what we tried to replicate) too, so that we’re not just eating dessert for dinner. 🙂 Last year I made chicken strips out of Kit-Kat bars rolled in honey and then graham cracker crumbs, vanilla ice cream with caramel sauce for the mashed potatoes, and red fruit punch in clear glasses with straws made from jello! It was hilarious to watch the kids try to drink jello through a straw! I will definitely use your ideas this year! That will save me the time to search for ideas. 🙂 Thanks! Happy April Fools!

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