Egg Carton Printable with Easy Easter Cupcakes!

Egg CartonsSeveral years ago I had to transport some mini cupcakes and found they slid all over the cookie sheet I had set them on.  As I was grabbing something out of the fridge, I eyed a carton of eggs and it dawned on me that those little wells were probably the perfect size for my little mini cakes.  Sure enough; a perfect fit.  Every year since then I’ve thought about doing some sort of Easter printable with that theme and every year I forget until after Easter.  I probably would have forgotten yet again if it wasn’t for a trip to World Market recently where I saw a cute little baking kit and remembered my idea!  So I came home and got to work.  Mini cupcakes fit perfectly in egg cartons, and as long as you don’t go crazy with the frosting, the lid fits on there just right, too.

You can use just about any type of egg carton.  Some stores sell half-dozen sizes; I’ve found at most of my local stores, it’s just a regular dozen carton cut in half so that’s what I’m using here.  I’ve also found that often times the more expensive, organic brands often come in containers with no printing on the actual container, so you can just peel off the label.  Just check your store and see what you can find.  If you really want to get fancy, you can order plain ones online.

plain egg carton

There’s also often egg cartons in the Easter candy section, like these cut little purple ones from the Milka Eggs.  (If you need an excuse to purchase chocolate eggs and then consume them so you can re-purpose the packaging, there ya go.  You’re welcome.)

Milka Eggs

You can leave your cartons plain; even with writing and labels on them I think it adds to the rustic charm.  Or, just grab some craft paint and a cheap sponge brush and give it a cute coat of paint.  This literally took about 90 seconds, so we’re not talking about a big ol’ craft project here.

painted egg carton

If you want something cute to put on top, I’ve got ya covered.

Our Best Bites Printable
(and thank you- now I realize it should be “laid” and egg, not “layed”  the label download is correct, just ignore my spelling error in the pictures!)  

Darling Printables for Cupcakes in Egg Cartons from Our Best Bites

I want a magic chicken so bad.

Printable Labels for Egg Cartons

In fact, the only way you could ever, ever get me to be one of those people who raises chickens in their backyard is if it was the kind of chicken that lays cupcakes.

Cupcakes in an Egg Carton

Here’s three really quick and easy ideas for Easter and Spring-ish themed cupcakes.  First, my favorite, those cute robin egg cupcakes.

Easy Easter Cupcakes from Our Best Bites

If you use a box mix, just add a little coconut extract to the batter.  Top with toasted coconut and little blue jelly beans, or robin egg candies.

Robin Egg Cupcakes from Our Best Bites

I also love, love, love the speckled egg M&M’s out at Easter.  Those are peanut butter ones you can see in my photos and they come in the most gorgeous colors (which I would have photographed, had I not eaten the entire jumbo bag in the time it took me to take about 20 pictures of cupcakes.)  They come in white speckled with teal, teal speckled with white, a fushia/purple, and a lime greenish yellow.

Next up, our super easy Spring Chick Cupcakes, click here for the tutorial.

Easy Baby Chick Cupcakes from Our Best Bites

And lastly, these cute Carrot Patch Cupcakes I posted on Monday.

Easy Carrot Patch Cupcakes from Our Best Bites

So bake up some cuppy-cakes and save your egg cartons.

Stacked Egg Cartons filled with Cupcakes

And  imagine the surprised looks when people open up these cuties.

Darling cupcakes in an egg carton from Our Best Bites

How can you not smile at that??

Printable Label for Egg Carton Cupcakes

It’s like cuteness to the 5-millionth degree.

Egg Carton Printable for Cupcakes from Our Best Bites

Happy Baking all y’all.  First person to gift me a magic chicken wins.

(These are updated with the correct spelling of “laid”!)

Click Here to download the half-dozen size Egg Carton Label
Click Here to download the small square label for the purple cartons


  1. ummmm those are adorable. I may have to steal…I mean borrow my mom’s mini pan just so I can make some cupcakes for an egg carton. Thanks for the super sweet idea!

  2. Your FB warning from yesterday was carefully avoided by some preventative measures on my part, but you are right- these are so super cute!! I’ll have to start saving up some egg cartons for sure! You totally rock!

  3. Sara-thank you for a good laugh so early in the morning and a fun post! Sorry though, no magic chickens. What about magic children that clean? =)

  4. Adorable! These would look very cute on an Easter dessert table too! I’d like a chocolate laying chicken too! Where can I purchase? Also, one that lays gold eggs would be nice in this economy too! 🙂

  5. These are ridiculously cute. Oh my. Also, if any of my baby chicks turn into magic, chocolate laying chickens, do you HONESTLY think I’d give it away??? Heavens no. I’d send you some eggs of course. But I’m keepin’ the chicken.

      1. Yeah, gotta love the spell checker. Monday I submitted a resume. I changed the word “cell” (as in cell phone)to Mobil – in not one but TWO places. AND THEN… I attached and SENT it! It should have been MOBILE. I wouldn’t have been so bad except it was for an office job, too. sigh And to top it all off, I’m such a spelling/grammar Nazi. I don’t say much to other people but I see and hear errors and it drives me slightly bonkers.

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