Single Serving Pie in a Jar

These are individual-sized pies made in little glass jars that can go straight from your freezer to your oven to your mouth. SO cute. You can make these with store-bought crust and canned filling or jazz it up with homemade like we do.   And just for added cuteness we teamed up with crafting expert Lolly for some personalized tags.  These are just about the best little gift from the kitchen you could share with someone!

Pie in Jar

This is the type of jar you’ll need.

They’re half-pint jars, but short and squatty instead of tall and skinny (Ya know, like me as opposed to my mother. Why oh why did I have to get the other parent’s genes??!) Mine are made by Kerr (Here’s the link to buy them from Amazon). They’re stinking cute as is, don’t you think? Something about a short squatty jar makes me giddy with the thoughts of fun things I could put inside. Ya know, like PIE. (And also cupcakes.)



And if you have oozing cherry filling, that might be the only option!

Or you can skip the freezing all together and just bake them up for gifts.

Change out your cookie cutters on top for cute holiday versions

Okay now…freebies for all!
Lolly is the brain behind Lollychops. Some of you may remember last year when she designed these cute cute Christmas tags for us to put on our goodies. So of course, I instantly thought of her when I realized that I could not sleep at night knowing these mini-pies could be better dressed. They needed just a touch of Lolly. And she delivered like always with these adorable tags!

All of the directions are right on the tag and you can write a little To/From on it. Plus in true Lolly fashion there’s like, a million different versions to go with any flavor you could possibly imagine.

These little pies are perrrrrrfect for giving. So once you have these cuties made up, download Lolly’s tag set, and get your cute on. People will think you are amazing because not only did you come up with the brilliant idea to make a mini pie in a jar, you also made an adorable personalized tag. Talk about moving up a notch on the popularity ladder.

–> CLICK HERE <– to head over to the Lollychops blog and get all of the instructions and details on downloading and using the tag sets. And here is a direct link to the tags.

Edit: Lolly has just added this adorable TURKEY pie tag!! Click HERE to get it!
A big thanks to my girl Lolly for playing along with pie this week!
All of the rest of you- get baking and have a great week!
SENDING OVERSEAS:  One of the most common questions we get is about sending these overseas.  I have not personally sent these so I cannot give advice from personal experience, however many people have left feedback.  People have noted that putting the lids on the jars when the are still hot out of the oven and then letting them cool to room temperature helps “seals” them and keep them fresher longer.  Note that the canning jars are purely for appearance and these are not shelf stable.  I cannot tell you how long they will stay fresh, as environmental conditions (heat of travel vehicles etc) would all affect the pies.  Generally when shipping to soldiers overseas items need to stay fresh for 1-3 weeks.  Many people have shipped the pies with success, but that’s all we can offer in terms of advice.
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    1. Yes, no problem keeping glass in the freezer for extended periods. Think about your window panes on your house, they survive the long winter and canning jars are even tougher.
      The only way the glass will break is if it full up with liquid and sealed without any expansion room but these pies have room at the top.
      Happy Baking!

  1. Yay! I knew you girls could make this adorable! I'll be giving these away for Christmas. Sara….NaTHaly? Still?? For shame. 🙂

  2. These are so fabulous (the lattice topped pie is so cute I want to ask it out on a date… sorry Sara)! hehe

    It was a real blast doing this little co-post with you guys. I'll be happy to come back anytime!

    Good Pie HUGS!

  3. Thank you-Thank you!!!
    I love this idea!
    I am making this for the sweetest little 3 year old boy [grandson] and 'sometimes sweetest' 78 year old boy [daddy] this evening.
    I hug you.

  4. this is A D O R A B L E !!!
    WOw, what a great idea, I loved it so much I had to post it on one of my blogs here :

    Thank you THANK YOU!

  5. I just got my marinade in the mail (from the giveaway) and I love it- Thank you so much! I (and my baby) really appreciate the low carb alternative!

  6. These are just too cute. Really. And I realized that I have a little leaf pie cutter like that, too!!

  7. Absolutely adorable. Of course, now I have "Lolly, Lolly, Lolly Get Your Adverbs Here" from Schoolhouse Rock stuck in my head.

  8. Such a fun idea! I have a couple questions:

    1) what would the baking time and temp be if you do not freeze them?

    2) How do the jars not break going straight from the freezer to the hot oven???

  9. They're so cute! I bet you could fill em with Kate's Chicken Pot Pie filling, too. I love frozen pot pies but they are so big and caloric, so it would be nice to have little mini ones that are a bit healthier!

  10. Im here from Lollychops and now im in the mood for some apple pie {Yummy} Thanks for the great ideas! Now can this work with just any old pie? there are so many out there and so little time. Great Xmas idea also along with lollys brownie in a jar idea. Hmmm….

  11. Seriously? Those are so freakin' adorable! [I know everyone's already used that word, but I can't help it!] What an awesome idea and what a great gift those will make. Seriously need to get myself a pastry-cutter-thing and get over my fear of pie making… Pumpkin pie in a store-bought frozen crust is as good as it gets at our house! I love all the variety for the tops, too – lattice, crumb topping, cute cut-out. How fun!

  12. Holy cow those are BEYOND cute! Only need to find me some of those little jars and then it's on!

    Btw, I can't remember if I mentioned that I made & blogged about your cinnamon caramel popcorn. VERY good stuff!

  13. Yay–thanks for posting this! I bought some of those jars last year intending to make the cupcake-in-a-jar things but have never gotten around to it, and I think the pie idea will be easier! This will be darling for the ladies I visit teach!

  14. Ok, I have done mini pies before but these are awesome!! I love it when you can bake right away or freeze some for later. Makes the effort so much more worth the while if you ask me. Like a 2 for 1. Thanks for sharing this fabulous idea! I wonder can you do something like pumpkin pie this way? OOOO or cheesecake?


  15. Hey gals! Its your picky friend Hayley. I am always trying to change up the recipe…sorry. But I just don't like cooked fruit. Do you think I could a non fruit filling?

  16. What a great gift idea! I will be making these this holiday season.

    Also, I wanted to buy one of those cute t-shirts for my son for Christmas (dirt that wiggles), but I can't seem to find the link on your blog anymore. What is it again?

  17. Oh my GOSH! These are the most amazing little things I've seen in a long time! I think I'll make up a batch for emergency I-just-remembered-it's-your-birthday-today moments.

  18. Absolutely fabulous! I love anything that comes in a jar. I can think of a million and a half reasons that I need to make these… That's a lot of pie (and a lot of jars now that I think about it). Is there a pie fairy that will pick up the tab?

  19. Are the jars just regular or wide mouth? I want to go get them but live in a small town and have to travel so I want to make sure when I go I get the right ones. BTW the popcorn recipe was yummy!

    1. I to live in small town. We have an ace hardware store. They have any size jar you want in the kitchen aile

      Making them for valentines day

  20. Are the jars just regular or wide mouth? I want to go get them but live in a small town and have to travel so I want to make sure when I go I get the right ones. BTW the popcorn recipe was yummy!

  21. I just tried to find this size of jars and came up empty handed. I was able to find the standard tall 8 ounce "jelly jar" kind and bought a crate just in case – have you tried doing it with the tall jars and had it fail? Where did you buy your jars?

    1. The 4 ounce, wide mouth jars are available at Walmart. You may need to check for availability. I bought a dozen today. They have two kinds but both are wide mouth and 4 ounce.

  22. For those looking for Jars. Here's the link to the kind I have, made by Kerr. They are available from Amazon, and a lot of other on-line retailers. The wording on the box is: 12 Wide Mouth Half-Pint Mason Jars. #70610-00500 (whatever that # means!)

    I purchased mine at a regional store called Cash & Carry. You can use other sized of jars, that should be no problem; they're just a little harder to eat! And make sure you get a wide mouth jar, not one that tapers at the top. I would call around and ask retailers if they have this type in stock. It's worth a little hunting; they're the cutest!

  23. Found you through And wow these are so sweet and delicious. I have made cakes in a jar, but pies would be so wonderful. Thank you!

  24. I would absolutely love to make pumpkin pie in a jar for my dad! Has anyone tried it? I'm jut not sure of the baking time (since with regular pnk pie you have to bake at a higher degree for so many minutes then lower the temp for so many more minutes) Any ideas? Thanks!!!

  25. Sheena: I made pumpkin pies last night. I used the same baking instructions and baked them all before freezing. I figured that was easiest since I didn't want the filling sloshing around. They turned out great!!

  26. Hello My first time here… glad I found your blog… I love the pie in a jar,, that is just so great,, I will be making some for gifts this Christmas season…. have a great weekend… oh by the way I book marked you so I can make another trip back….


  27. these are amazing. i just shared this fantastic idea and you're great blog with my readers. thank you for the great inspiration!

  28. Every year my family celebrates Pie Night on the evening before Thanksgiving (we like to eat our pie BEFORE we're all stuffed up with turkey and mashed potatoes). This is definitely what I will be bringing this year…so adorable!

  29. Ok, so maybe I missed this, but did you guys grease the jar, or does the butter in the crust make it un-necessary? I absolutely cannot wait to try these!

  30. love, Love, LOVE this idea. I think I need an entire freezer dedicated to these mini pies. Now, where are my jars…

  31. I love this idea, its great. I cant wait to try some including the chicken pot pie idea. Thanks to your amazon link, purchasing those jars was really easy. But I'm curious… If I dont bake them before giving them as gifts.. how long will they stay frozen for handing out to people? Might be a little annoying to need a freezer in order to take some to a christmas party. 🙁

  32. Adorable! I love this idea. Thanks so much for sharing. I'm linking this post to my blog so I can do this over and over again. Love your blog, by the way.

  33. Just wanted to let you know I am linking to you on my blog… there are some gorgeous tummy rumbling recipes on here, and lots that my daughter can have a go at too – she recently proclaimed that her main interest was cooking, so I said in that case she'll have to branch out a bit from chocolate fridge cake!

  34. Hello, these are cute and I got my 4oz jars at the local grocery store for 8.99/set of 12. Anyways, This may be silly but if your giving as a a gift, do you give frozen, room temp or what?? I am confused…

  35. i can't WAIT to try this! and i think i need to have a stash for new mamas – what a great thing for them to have in their freezer and pop in the oven whenever they get the CHANCE to eat!
    I wrote about this and you and linked to you, too.

  36. I love these little pies and I wondering, my husband is stationed overseas right now, would it work to bake these and mail them to his troop??

  37. Chatt-town mommy- not a silly question at all! You can give them frozen or unfrozen. If you've got a stash in your freezer than you can whip them out any time you want to give one away and just tell people to pop it in the freezer until they're ready to bake it. Or you can make them all and give them unbaked and that way people can either keep them in the fridge for a day or two or save them in the fridge for later. Whatever!

    I've never mailed them so I don't know! I wonder how long they'd take to get there though, because they'd need to be refrigerated and they might spoil before arriving. Whatever you send your hubby give him a big thank you from everyone at Our Best Bites! We sure appreciate our nation's servicemen and women.

  38. made a bunch of these apple pie style with your crust recipe and pie filling recipe to the lake cabin this past weekend…a serious hit! they all think i'm a genius. (don't worry I gave you guys all the credit!) 🙂

  39. Does anyone know how to fix Pumpkin pie in these, thats my favorite. Can't wait to make some and give them out as teachers gifts, cool idea.

  40. So cute! I have a question – how long do you need to let the jars cool after baking before serving? I would imagine that glass is pretty hot once it comes out of the oven!

  41. Brandi- yes, the jars are quite hot after coming out of the oven, so be careful! But because they are small, they also cool off pretty fast too. By the time the jars are okay to handle (10 minutes or so) the pies will be ready to eat too.

  42. I just love your idea of your single pies. I can't wait to try it and give as gifts. There are many ppl who are single and just don't want a whole pie then the pie is wasted. Thanks to Joanne – Craft Passions who led me your Blog, once again thanks Joanne!
    Carrie McVeigh-Crow

  43. I've made these before! I made pumpkin and gave them as gifts to my clients. I put a leaf cutout on the top, baked them and dropped them off to my clients…they LOVED THEM!!!!

  44. Wow! I just got on your site today and am already drooling over my keyboard! I am definitely going to make these cute little pies for Thanksgiving!! How fun that will be!

  45. If anyone would care to give me some recipes it would be appreciated. i bought some jars and was going to let my Daisy Girl Scout troop help me make this and earn a patch. If you guys have some recipes for pumpkin, apple what ever we will take them You can email me at

    Thanks a million

  46. I made these today—they are just as cute as can be and as easy as can be. I made cherry & apple. Next time I would like to try pumpkin. I will be making these to have on hand for gifts. Thank you so much for sharing!

  47. Okay, that lattice one – it says you have WAY too much time on your hands. LOL. I came over here from Sew, Mama, Sew and will be staying. I love your blog and I know what I'm doing with the rest of my apples today. Thanks so much to you and Lolly!

  48. This is the most genious thing I have ever seen!!! I always make & freeze my thanksgiving pies ahead…this year there will be jar pies!!! Brilliant!

  49. I've made cake in a jar and sealed them to give people but this is really cuter and I like pie better than cake anyhow.

    1. can someone send me the cake in a jar? Sounds wonderful, as does this pie!
      what about the cheesecakes?

  50. Love these!! The bad news is that I cannot find the jars
    They are sold out on the websites that I could find them.
    Anybody have a source for them?

  51. My chicken pot pies in a jar are in the oven right now. I however used pint size wide mouth jars because my husband laughed at me when I brought home the mini ones for the family. However I'm planning on lots more batches- and think the mini ones will be great for baby food- for my older I used to buy frozen pot pies for a yummy meal- my new baby will get homemade ones!

  52. Thank you ever so much for this friendly tutorial. I made a bunch of these (or versions of them) for housewarming party favors and they were a huge hit. Of course I blogged about them and linked this tutorial since it was so helpful. Thanks Again!

  53. This has got to be the most creative idea for individual pies that I have EVER seen. I'm so excited, I even have those small canning jars!

  54. I just stumbled on your blog from who know where and found these pies in a jar. What luck!
    Love, love, love the idea. Thanks so much for the very clear tutorial. I wonder if I could find these jars in my travels through regular stores before I order from amazon?

  55. If some are worried about the frozen jars breaking when placed in a hot oven, I would suggest the following.

    Place them on the baking sheet in a cold oven. Then turn the temperature to 375. That way, the pies will slowly warm up while the oven warms up. You might have to bake them a bit longer if you have not preheated the oven.

  56. decided to make these today for thanksgiving. i made cherry and apply. i think i put too much filling in b/c my tops popped off! i can't wait to try them, i'm sure they will be a huge hit tomorrow even with popped tops.

  57. We now have a new Thanksgiving Tradition thanks to Our Best Bites. My children 6 and 7, were very pleased to make 12 pies. 2 Peach, 2 Blue Berry, 4 Mixed Berry and 4 Apple. Some with your crumbled topping, some lattice, and some just topped. They would like to give them out as teacher gifts for Christmas. GREAT IDEA from them!

  58. Oh! I forgot to add that I found wide-mouth mini jars at a local grocery store called Woodman's (you may have one near you.) But, they are wider and more squatty…but very cute! I'll be posting pics on my blog soon with details.

  59. ok this might be a dumb question…do i have to do anything to prepare the cans before (or after) filling them?

  60. thanks! also, i don't know if this has been answered already or not, but when you give these as gifts do you pre-bake them so they just need to be heated or give them frozen?
    ps these are seriously the greatest things ever and i can't wait to make them.

  61. Jess, that's really up to you. I personally like to give them freshly made, but unbaked and unfrozen. That way you can tell people they can either pop them in the freezer and save them for later, or they can bake them up right away.

  62. What a great idea! I see these as being a perfect gift for many of my senior friends who are single and don't really cook for themselves anymore. Thanks for the inspiring idea.

  63. THANK YOU 🙂 I can't wait to do this! I see some mini turkey pot pies appearing tomorrow. EASY Christmas gift for meee. YEA
    Thanks Again & Merry CHRISTmas!!!

  64. I LOVE these!! I am making them for our widow/widowers at church. We always give them a special gift for Christmas from the church. Can you tell me what size fabric circle you put on your jar?

  65. Saw you guys on Studio 5-you were awesome! I made these the other day but tried pumpkin. I used canned pumpkin and just followed the recipe on the can. The 30 oz. can of pumpkin made 6 little pies. I baked 3 right away (following the instructions on the can) and they turned out marvelous! I froze 3 for a month or so and just recently baked them. I followed the canned directions again (start at 400 degrees for 15 min, then down to 325 or 350 for about 50-60 min). It took a little longer to bake when they were frozen but turned out just as yummy and didn't separate from the sides!

  66. As everyone else, TOO CUTE!! Much better than my cup-pies. Everyone is getting one for xmas!

    I had a problem with finding the jars, though. No one out here sells wide mouth mason jars where the top isn't tapered, and online retailers are charging a lot for shipping, selling out quickly, and raising their prices. It's probably because your pies are too adorable; everyone must have their jars!

  67. OK, you have officially made me a crazy person because of these pies. I cannot get the jars online, and no one nearby has them — well, to be honest, I *can* get them online, but while 24 jars will cost me $17, the shipping to get them here in time will cost $65! That is so NOT going to happen.

    So today, armed with an iPod bursting with podcasty goodness, I went out in the BLIZZARD and drove 58 miles away for them. You heard me! 🙂 (I live an hour east of Lancaster, PA, home of Amish ladies and quilty, home-canned, home-sewn, home-made goodness.) It took FIVE HOURS because I had to drive so slowly — but I feel very brave and highly competent for having had such an adventure, PLUS it makes a good story. (And bonus: they are super-cute jars already, and they're still naked until tomorrow!)

    These little babies are destined to go to my husband's coworkers this week. He moved from one part of his company to another just recently, so I get to make a MAJOR Martha impression on these people! All thanks to you and Lolly (which is how I found you, btw. Good idea not giving her link until the end; it's like falling into a well of cuteness over there!).

    I'm SO excited — and my 8yo son is going to help me make them! The crust in these darlings is perfect for little hands that are good at playdough but perhaps not-so-much at more fussy projects.

    A little mother-son happiness at the holidays, PLUS cheap gifts, PLUS yummy happiness in my freezer form now on, PLUS a commendation from ME to ME for bravery and exceptional dedication above and beyond the call — what else could a girl ask for? THANK YOU! 🙂

  68. Fantastic idea! I'm snowed in today. Now I know what to make instead of more Christmas cookies! Thank goodness I have oodles of these jars left over from canning chicken.

  69. I came across this site somewhere amongst my non-stop wedding planning. Maybe someone had the idea to use these for a favor? I don't know, but I HAD to make them. My mom and I made two dozen last night and we're giving them as Christmas presents. Of course we are only giving out 23, as we had to try one ASAP. I continued to search your site and also for Christmas we will be making the bacon wrapped green beans, peppermint brownies, and pumpkin cheesecake bites. And there are many more I can't wait to try out! What a great blog, thanks for all the yummy ideas.

  70. glorious idea! That is a wonderful change from a cake in a cup, and much yummier too! These would be a wonderful addition to my Christmas hampers, a special little treat to pop in the freezer for a little post-Yule relax.

    Thank you for your recipe, and for Sew Mama Sew for directing me to your site. Craftster > Sew Mama > To you! A chain of craftiness!

  71. awesome!!!!!!!! i'm totally doing this!! i've never been so excited about a pie recipe in years!!! (read this post on lifehacker)

  72. I found this on a friend's blog and immediately shared it with my fiancee. We've been discussing doing something in a jar for wedding favors (previous front runner was salsa, cuz his dad makes a mean salsa), and this is perfect. His last name is pronounced "pie", so this is just ideal and plays along with our sense of humor (we love puns). I think they'll also be memorable.

    If we do go for it (have some researching to do for costs and stuff), we'll be sure to let you know.

    Thank you!

  73. Be careful of preheating the oven with the jars inside – some ovens turn on the broiler to speed preheating, so the heat might actually be more intense during preheating.

  74. To get the jars, find a good farm store or feed store near you. Even a hardware store in a semi rural area will have them.
    Oh, and don't worry about these breaking in the oven. These are CANNING jars, people.These are made to be boiled in a water bath when you can fruit or jam, so they will definitely be fine in the oven.

  75. Thanks so much for posting this! I'm the mother of a United States Marine and have passed this recipe (and others) along to other Marine Moms. We LOVE to find recipes for goodies to bake (& seal) inside jars to send to those deployed overseas. If you have more recipes that would work for our needs, please forward them to me. You have no idea how happy you have made many Marine Moms.

    I would love to try the chicken pot pie in a jar recipe, but am afraid it would not keep long enough due to the mail processing time. Do you know how long it would keep, without spoiling or refrigeration, once sealed?

    1. Sonja~I’m so glad you asked this, I have been scrolling through to see if “shelf life” was discussed yet. My husband is in the Army so I am constantly looking for ideas of goodies I can send his way during deployments. I was wondering if these would ship well, did you have any luck with them?

      OBB~Awesome! I love your recipes! I’m sure these pies get eaten up very quickly once baked, but do you happen to know how long they’d last w/out refrigeration?

  76. Sonja- thanks for having a great son serving our country! I'm so proud of our servicemen and women and I know behind every good soldier is a good momma 🙂

    Keep in mind that these jars do not go through any canning process that actually "seals" them. They are merely stored in the jars as something would be sealed in any airtight container. That being said, you could prebake them and ship them, but I don't know exactly how long they would last before spoiling. I definitely wouldn't ship the chicken pot pies because of the meat.

  77. Ace Hardware ordered the jars for me when I couldn't find them on their shelves. They were 8.99 for twelve jars, and Ace did not make me pay shipping. It was definitely worth asking about them. The pies turned out delicious!

  78. you could also do these in a silicone muffin tray,large or small. Pie for 2? Meat pasties come to mind or as said mini pot pies… Chef david

  79. I made these and they were a huge hit with my family. I posted an entry on my blog about them and linked them to here!
    Thanks for sharing a terrific recipe!

  80. Do you remove the metal lids before cooking? Do defrost the pies then bake or do you remove them from the freezer and immediately place in oven to bake?

  81. how long can you keep them in the freezer and the pies still be fresh? I wanted to make these but didn't want to make them too far in advance. thanks!

  82. 1. What an amazingly excellent idea.

    2. I'm going to try it with quiche.

    3. We have an oven at work. I like to pack a lunch. Hmmmmm.

  83. I made 7 of these yesterday with my homemade cherry pie filling… they turned out awesome! Wonderful for my husband and kid's lunches! Thanks for the idea!! 🙂

  84. I love this idea. I have been canning cake and sending to my husband and his friends deployed to Iraq. They say when they open the jars it taste like it just came out of the oven. I can't wait to see what they think of these pies.

    Thanks for the wonderful idea!

  85. Absolutely fabulous!
    Really want to make… but does anyone know of any jars in England to use?! Searched for ages and come up with nothing 🙁
    If not I'll be buying the linked ones and sucking up the postage costs!
    x x x

  86. How long can the pies last in the freezer? In all honesty they wouldn't last long in mine, but technically, "how" long could they last? A month, or more?

  87. I just wanted to pop in and tell you how grateful I am for this post. 😀 It inspired me to make pies for my family for christmas and everyone loved them. I've also given some to friends as a thank you for helping us move and I was told I should sell them! lol.

    Oh, I've made a bunch for myself too.

    You don't have to stop with pie. I made shepherds pies in jars, chicken pot pie, pasta casserole and the latest is cheesecake, which I baked before putting them in the freezer, then they only need to thaw.

    My husband thinks you've created a monster, but really, he loves all the pie! XD


  88. My grandfather gives me back lots of empty jars to fill with goodies and return to him. Since it isn't really season for anything yet here I was looking for other options to give him. Unfortunately, his oven is extremely unreliable. Do you think i could bake these at home, then freeze them, and he could reheat them in his microwave?

  89. Those are BEYOND adorable! Thanks for the great step by step.

    I have a friend named Nathalie.. and hers IS pronounced NaTH-a-lee

  90. Like everyone else has said, these are adorable!! I needed a housewarming gift for a recently divorced friend and these will be perfect. Thanks for the idea!

  91. I love the idea! but i have a question! can you ship this cute pies!!! My boyfriend is in Iraq and I want to send him something like this!!!

  92. Isabella- tons of people have been asking about sending these overseas and I know a lot of people have. I've heard that people put the lids on while the pies are hot to "seal" them. I can't guarantee the freshness or food safety aspect of this but I know it's been popular. As long as the glass jars are packaged well they should be okay to travel.

  93. For those who are wanting to SEAL the jars, prep your lids the same way you would if you were canning – in hot water. (It softens the seal on the lids) Then screw the lids on after removing from the oven. This will make an airtight seal; HOWEVER, this does not mean it's "canned" as there aren't any preservatives (natural or chemical) to help it "keep" longer; It will just make for a fresher taste when you open it back up to enjoy.

    BTW, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this site! So many great ideas!

  94. Brilliant! I'm one of those people who would be worried about the glass breaking, but I guess if I had the proper bakeware it would be okay. I love how they look, especially with the little cutouts.

  95. I'd love to do these instead of cake at my wedding in October. I'm hoping to bake 250 en masse ahead, freeze, and then cook a day or so before the big day. To cheat a bit, does it work to do as just a cobbler and lose the crust? Can you still freeze it that way? Thanks, Sara!

  96. I accidently bought 4 oz (jelly) jars instead of half-pint jars (8 oz.). In reading through your response to the comments it sounds like these will work but will just be smaller portions. Which means my husband will probably eat two of them. Or four.

    On a side note there were coupons for 1.50 off a case of Ball or Kerr jars about three weeks ago in the paper. fyi. 🙂

  97. I am thawing out the store bought dough as I type this and I'm going to make chocolate pudding and coconut cream pies tonight. Wish me luck! 🙂

  98. absolutely awesome! i ran across a link these yummy pies sometime earlier this year, and im now looking forward to having them as a dessert option at my rustic farm wedding. THANK YOU so much for sharing this idea:)

  99. PLEASE don't seal these and store at room temperature. They're OK to freeze, but even though fruit is high-acid, the pastry is low-acid and in an oxygen-free (or low) environment like a sealed jar, botulism can grow! Same thing for bread.

    Also, the USPS does not recommend sending breakable containers or perishable food (you've got both here!) overseas due to rough handling and tropical temperatures.

  100. This is way too cute! Although I know they don't suggest mailing glass containers and such, would you say that you just could ship these overnight? Maybe with tons of bubble wrap and a "FRAGILE" label? It's difficult already to mail a regular pie. This idea seems like a great way to share goodies with loved ones who just don't live close enough.

  101. I had leftover chicken, mixed veggies and gravy one night andt hought what the heck. It was a hit…my family cant wait for leftover beefstew.

  102. Love this idea! LOVE! Am making them tonight for a baby shower and have one question…how about the labels and ribbons? Do you think they would be ok in the freezer, or would you wait until you are about to give them and then label them?
    Thanks for the wonderful idea!

  103. Hey Eunice! ribbons and tags are usually fine in the fridge short term (like overnight or a few days) but otherwise it works best to pretty them up just before you give them. Enjoy!

  104. My husband and I are going to a couples retreat and packing food to make it more affordable – what a perfect, romantic, packable dessert! Mine are in the oven right now!!!

  105. These look sooooo cute! I want the jars, the cookie cutter and the tags. Thanks for sharing. I have a fear of pie, but these look super easy and would be great gifts.

  106. I am Liz'(from the comment/quex above) mom, mother of the bride now! And yes I made 250 of these with the apple crunch type filling, in lieu of the wedding cake for her outdoor at the farm wedding! The tops were burlap & lace tied with raffia & we stacked them in tiers like wedding cake. We subbed gluten free flour & oats for some. They were a big hit. I made the 3 weeks before the Big Day, froze them in the boxes, & we baked them in 2 houses 3 days before, refrigerated them and tiered them the morning of the wedding! Wonderful joyful event!!!

  107. I made blueberry pies this summer using this idea, and would now like to make some using pumpkin. Would it work to freeze them before baking? Pumpkin pie filling is quite different than a fruit filling, so I wasn't sure how that would turn out!

  108. what state are these in when you give them? frozen? pre freezer? baked? like say if i were to give them for gifts at the office?


  109. Carrie- it's totally up to you. Kind of depends on the situation. I think if you're giving them out at the office,I'd bake and cool them first and then wrap them up cute. If I'm say, taking dinner to someone or a treat to a friend who's sick, I'll take them frozen or pre-baked and pop them in their freezer for them.

  110. hi! these look wonderful wonderful! i have few questions however, i have an 8 month sister who eats baby food from jars, would i be able to use those jars? if so how long would they need to bake? these are very cute and my baby sister loves pie so im sure she would enjoy one thats portioned just for her 🙂

  111. Great idea! If i pre-bake them the day before and refrigerate…what directions do I give for reheating? Thanks!

  112. HELLLLLP, I'M AN ADDICT!! OMG you guys…. ever since I saw this cute idea I have completely cleaned out the ACE hardware of all their little jars and have been making everything that comes to mind in little jars. I'm a frozen meal in a jar psycho!! I have made the chicken pot pie, which was seriously the best thing EVER!! And now for Thanksgiving I have asked everyone what their favorite pie is and made it for them…. everyone gets their own pie!! However, I of course got carried away and made extra and several flavors for those who said "I don't care"….. I'm out of control!! I feel like I will soon look like the movie Baby Boom LOL. Thanks tons for the idea:)
    PS. I made the pumpkin crumble in the jar…. I will let you know how it goes!! (I told you, I have the crazies)

  113. Just a thought but has anyone tried to actually can these little treasures? I would be great to be able to just put them in the pantry for later use. Would that be possible do you think?

  114. What would be the reheating instructions?

    I plan on giving these as christmas presents already cooked but would like some direction for their reheating use! Thanks!!!!

    This is a awesome website. Thanks

  115. How many things can you cook in a jar and give as gifts before people start looking at you strangely 🙂 My only fear is that nothing I make will be eaten, though they are all too polite to tell me so…I have a disastrous history in the kitchen….it usually ends with someone becoming violently ill…(I wouldn't eat anything that I gave to me either). I may have to design my own warning label/tag that points out that someone who CAN in fact cook without killing anyone provided the instructions for me.

  116. Thanks for this rad idea. I am using your post to make these into beef-guiness-pot-pie-in-jars for my friends for Christmas.

    Do you recommend that I give them frozen, or bake'em first and give'em baked? That's the one issue I haven't worked out in my head.

  117. Monica- it's really up to you. For Christmas gifts, I personally like them either baked, or unbaked but fresh (not frozen.) Then I tell them they can either pop it in the oven some time in the next few days, or freeze for later.

  118. Thank you for your quick reply! Another question – if I give it fresh-baked, any tips for reheating and still preserving the crust-goodness? Should I tell people to just pop it in the oven with some foil on top?

  119. Tried to read all the comments so sorry if this is a repeat, but has anyone tried a cheesecake in one of these jars????

  120. I just delivered the last of the blackberry and cherry pies that I made for Christmas presents for fiends and they were a huge hit! To decorate the jars, I traced the lid of the jar onto a paper plate with a Christmas pattern, cut it out, and put that between the ring and the lid. Very festive and it should hold up in the freezer for as long as the pies are stored. Thanks for this cute idea!

  121. How creative! I love this idea!! I accidently came across this site while looking up wedding stuff and I'm glad I did. This would be great gift for a variety of things! I think I might use these for my wedding shower instead of normal-boring cake! Thanks so much!!

  122. I love this sooo much I'm baking Pineapple ones for my wedding soon, and just want to know what size cookie cutters would work best? Similar to the maple leaf you used.

  123. This is such a great idea for individual chicken pot pies too! I've been trying to figure out how to make little pot pies for toddler lunches… Your site has such great ideas for quick easy lunches (and I get soooo bored eating the same things over and over and over – even though my little one doesn't)


  124. Could you do this with pumpkin pie? These are soo adorable and I can not wait to try some.Mini versions of anything are just so darned cute!!

  125. These are so adorably cute. Perfect for a snack. OR I could make these and give them to my Mom who would never make a dessert just for herself, but would take one of these out of the freezer and bake for a treat! Thanks for the wonderful idea!

  126. Ok, so 100 comments? Fantastic. I just assembled my pies. I don’t know what temp to bake them at. I would assume 425 for pie. What about the lids? Do you bake with the lid on or off. HELP!!!

    SO SUPER CUTE~ I so excited. We did Apple and Cherry. CHerry looks great with the hearts. Apple looks great with the weaving. Love it all so much. Can’t wait to taste!

  127. I love this!!! I have added the link to my Polly, Julie and Julia facebook page…and as soon as I get through this wedding business will bake and probably like on my page. Great post, great photos, great info…LOVE IT (did I say that all ready?!)

  128. So, my question is can you bake and then freeze, and do you know if these will stay good for shipping? I am trying to find one I can send to my husband in Afghanistan! Thank you, by the way first time here, I LOVE the site!

  129. WOW, What a great Idea if you are going to a pot luck. Just pile the jars in a box and bake fresh when you get there. Add a scoop of good vanilla bean Ice Cream to serve. you’ll be the hit of the party.

  130. Love these, they are so cute and compact!

    Can you share a few tips on how to get the pie out of the jars, without them falling apart? I would really appreciate it, and I am looking forward to making these.
    Thanks for sharing,

  131. This is such a great idea. I am on a no wheat diet and this is a great way to have pie in a single serving made with gluten free crust.

  132. These are perfect for my daughter’s “baking” birthday party in a few weeks. The party is the day before Mother’s Day, so I’m going to have each of the little girls make one up for their mamas as gifts. I love pie and can’t wait to try these, thank you. Oh, and I love the tags from the other site, thank you. I’ll be using those too!

  133. Greatest idea ever! I stumbled across this site and this idea a few weeks ago while trying to find the perfect departing gift for my colleagues. I was the one departing for another career venture and was always the colleague that brought in home baked goodies to shar, so this was perfect for me to do for them. They raved about it and loved it! I am so grateful to have found the perfect gift and will definitely be doing this again. I have also tried out a few recipes in the recipe section and so far am very impressed with the turn out. (I used the link for the apple pie and crust on this post also~delish!)

    Thanks for creative and original ideas!

    Emily from Virginia

  134. Just gave these out as teacher appreciation gifts and one of the teachers said she has NEVER seen anything like this and she’s seen a LOT! Thank you for this easy and genius little gem! This will probably be my go to now! I couldn’t get the labels to print for those first ones, but everything’s working now – Can’t wait for the end of the year!!

  135. Do you think you could seal the jars and ship these after being baked?? My husband is deployed & I’m looking for “Apple Pie in a Jar” to send him.

    1. Val there are many comments asking this same thing. One thing people have found helpful is to put the lids on and screw on the rings immediately after they come out of the oven. Let them come to room temp with the lids on and that will form a seal on the jar. It does NOT mean they are sealed completely and therefor shelf-stable, but people do say it keeps them fresher longer than normal. Hope that helps!

  136. I made these a week ago with canned pie filling (Cherry & Blueberry) and store bought pie crust. They came out super cute. Everyone I gave them to as gift’s were impressed. I thought the taste was just okay. Next batch will do homemade filling.

    1. Tiff, a lot of people put the lids on right out of the oven so the heal “seals” them. It doesn’t make them shelf stable, but it should keep them fresh longer than normal. I don’t know exactly how long they’ll last but I do know that a lot of people send them overseas.

  137. Thanks so much for sharing this recipe! I’m attempting to make a few and send them to overseas to Afghanistan.

    However, I was unable to locate the shorter wider half pint jars but have found the taller half pint jars from Ball… is it possible in anyway to use these instead? maybe bake it for longer? and not fill it up all the way?

    thank you!

    1. Ya, that will work too, they’re just a little harder to work with. You’ll just have to eyeball the baking time!

  138. I can’t wait to try these yummy pies. My neice has been buying oodles of these “pre-made jars” with various fillings ect.. I got to thinking, why not make them yourself? And your web site has the perfect ideas! I also think this is a great idea for this fall when I make my parents their batch of sugar free apple pies… how great that they can just bake up a serving instead of eating a whole pie… much better for those pesky sugar levels! THANKS SO MUCH!

  139. I am planning on making these for Father’s Day. I went through all of the comments and I never saw my question asked, so here goes. How many can you bake at one time? Thanks. I cannot wait to present these at my in-laws!!

  140. I just learned about these yesterday at my military LINKS class and these were suggested to send to our overseas troops. I would love to send one to my husband over there, but what is the process for that since it can’t be frozen on the way there and can’t be frozen when it arrives. how do i properly “can” it? Thank you so much!!!

  141. We made these for all the fathers in our ward. Huge hit. We baked them that morning so that they were still warm when we passed them out. Thank you for the great idea!!

  142. I just made cake in a jar last week and today I was like, I wonder if you can do the same with pie?..I love yours above :)..How long do these last if they are cooked immediately?

  143. Just found this adorable pie recipe. My daughter is thinking of giving these as wedding favors at her wedding next year. How far ahead of time can these be baked and set out as favors? Also can we use strawberries?

    1. My daughter is doing the same thing. We are thinking of baking and freezing them and then thaw and warm on her wedding day. We are going to do testers to see how this works. We are making crisps instead of pies and the initial results have been delicious.

  144. Making these for a 40th birthday BBQ– Just the ticket for helping me work ahead and still have my cuteness factor in tact! Thanks for the darling idea!

  145. OH, WOW, I am also on “cuteness overload”! Thanks so much for the great idea!! Since I try not to eat sweets anymore, I am wondering about making Quiche pies in a jar ~ any thoughts on this idea?

  146. OMGoodness! Those are the cutest things ever! I cannot wait to make them. Not certain they will last for gifts though. We may eat them all up first. 😀

  147. i have made the cake in a jar, i wonder if you could put these in the oven and “can” them like you do with the cakes? i do the cakes once a year and i will open them for just a small taste. i use the wide mouth pints, ooooo that is so much more of my serving size lololol. i did not see the answer to the pumpkin pie, did you figure out if that will work?

    1. i was reading SharonDoveChocolatier post and for some reason my mind transposed the words which came up with a great idea lol, how about using these as a thank you. or to pass out to people like the mail man, or newspaper boy people like that. what a wonderful way to say Thank you

  148. These are too cute! I would love to give them out as holiday gifts but i simply do not have the time to bake them myself. Can these be ordered? Do you know of a company that makes them and ships them? Thanks

    1. I’ve never done it but most people put lids on the jars while hot to help “seal” them. They are not shelf stable indefinitely, but I’ve heard it does keep them fresher longer.

  149. Today I came across your blog and I am completely in love with it:) I will be ordering your cookbook on Friday. This is the cutest gift idea. 🙂

  150. I found the jars on the hardware store website. They are available at ACE, and they will ship them for free to your local store. No stress!

  151. As per the comment from a year ago January about doing these as wedding favors, we did. And they were a hit! We had people come by to our room the next morning asking if we had any left, even. I didn’t have the heart to tell them it was just dough mix and filling from the local bulk store. We came up with a quick way to put the shell in too, but it requires rolling (roll out, cut long strips as wide as the jar is tall, and put those in, then use the lid to cut two circles, one for the bottom and one for the top).

    Here they are on the favor table at our wedding:

    We ‘sealed’ them while warm, and I kept the extras in the fridge. I ate them 1 month, 2-3 months, and 6 months afterward, and they all still tasted wonderful after a zap in the microwave (no lid, which had to be pried off b/c of the seal).

    I’m just making them again now, yum yum.

  152. I have been giving all homemade Christmas gifts for several years, so I am always looking for new fantastic ideas. I found this AWESOME post last year and marked it in my list of gift ideas. I bought myself a case of the little jars and had a pie-making day. I made some mini chicken pot pies (using your Fauxtisserie Chicken!) and some caramel apple pies (literally the best pie recipe I’ve ever tasted…find it here: I also made my famous (in my family, that is) sweet bread rolls, which I always freeze in bags of 2 or 4 rolls. So several people on my list received homemade delicious frozen dinners: chicken pot pie and rolls with caramel apple pie for dessert. This was especially welcomed by people like my grandmother-in-law who lives alone and a few family members who are frequently too busy to cook. And as the pies were eaten, I started receiving empty jars returned to me with pleading family members asking me to repeat the whole thing this year. I’m happy to do it! It was a lot of work all at once, but I could make it all in advance. And I felt great about giving people I love homemade good food to eat. This might be my most popular homemade Christmas gift yet. Thank you so much for generously sharing all your recipes, tips, and real-life banter. Your hard work is definitely appreciated!

  153. I’m not sure why that link isn’t working, but the caramel apple pie recipe is on and is called Caramel Apple Pie II by Emtmom. That’s some serious caramel goodness.

  154. Have you tried this with cheesecake? Would it work? Maybe with a nut crust just on the bottom? Or would you have to bake it first then cool them then put a topping on then freeze? What about a chocolate cream pie filling? Would you just bake the pie crust then fill the jar and put the lid on and freeze? Could that work?

    I’d be interested to know if you think this would work.



  155. I am excited to share that mine are in the oven right now! My daughter (Audrey, 20 months old) and I are meeting our Mom’s group tomorrow and I cannot wait to surprise the ladies with these cute little pies. I am really enjoying so much of what you share… dressing them pretty seems to be where I get stumbled. There is never enough time in the day to do it all. Giggling… I’d love to share a photo of what I did tonight… how do I add to a photo to a “post comment” or is that not an option?

    Thanks so much!


  156. Can’t wait to try this!! Just came across you Facebook page today thanks to Tidymom!! I just LOVE IT!! I’m hosting our Bunco Club’s October Bunco and I think I just found my dessert!!

  157. I use a Linzer cookie cutter for the top crust–perfect size and comes with about 6 center tiny cutouts for venting–heart, circle, star, etc. I’ve done apple, cherry, pecan, and Tollhouse cookie pie. Would like to hear more details about pumpkin successes with these jars.

  158. I’ve never even made a “real” pie before, but these were so fun and looked great when I put them in the freezer. I have a question about the tags, though. I figured they would be the same size as the jar lid and fit under the ring, but they’re smaller than that. They’re the perfect size for the next smaller jar. Have people been gluing them on?

  159. I loved these. We made some adjustments is our second and third batches.

    My favorite recipe for pie crust is from my mother. Since you are so willing to share your recipes. I’ll share hers with you.

    3 c flour
    1/2 tsp baking powder
    1/2 tsp sugar
    1 c crisco
    Cut into each other.

    Mix: 1 egg
    1/3 c ice cold water
    1 Tbsp vinegar

    Add to other mixtures. Make into ball.

    We also put craisins in with our apples, and added almond extract.
    Each Thanksgiving and Christmas we make about 20+ pies. We use a food processor for the dough and it’s fantastic.

    Anyway. Thanks for all your recipes. My four daughters and I share our favorites back and forth.

  160. I am trying these out for the first time right now! I found this page a little over a year ago now and hadn’t been able to make them until now. So excited!!

  161. I’m actually opening a pie shop in California soon featuring pies in jars and was so excited to find this post! These are very pretty and the pictures and step-by-step instructions are great. I have a couple of questions/comments based on my experience doing these and wonder if you would mind weighing in. Do you find that pressing the dough into the the jar makes it tough at all? The biggest issue I have when making these is trying not to over-handle the dough. I roll mine out, then cut a large circle with a round cutter (small plate works fine too), cut a couple of triangle shaped pieces out of two opposite sides of the circle (looks like an hourglass shape when I’m done), and then put the circle of dough in the jar, wetting the edges slightly with water so that I can gently press and seal them together. This works nicely if you want to use a store bought dough too since it’s already rolled-out.
    As for freezing, we had planned to offer our unbaked frozen pies in the jars initially but had so much trouble with cracking that we had to shift away from it until we could find a solution. Not every jar cracks, so if you’re just doing a few of them at home your results will probably be just fine, but taking them from freezer straight to hot oven has not worked for us. To solve the freezing problem, you can line the jar with plastic wrap before putting the dough in, freeze the pie in the jar and then lift the whole thing out once it’s frozen, wrap tightly and store frozen pie without the jar. Just pop them back into a room temp jar before baking. This also frees up your jar to make more pies!!


  162. Wow! These are SO cute! I am going to make them for all of my friends as a Christmas present this year. I can’t wait to start ‘practicing’ ;D

  163. Can you give a recipe for doing Chicken pot pie in them-I really am a beginning cook? I love this idea. I just started making pie crust. My daughter’s friend taught me how-crazy huh? I love your site.

  164. Has anybody tried doing this for pot pies? I’m a college student that loves to cook, and this would be perfect. Thanks for sharing!

  165. I LOVVVVEEE these. I think every one will be getting these for every occasion from now on. Especially for my uncle who always asks me to bake him a pie as a gift. It is just too perfect!

  166. I love the new creative gifts and especially with goodies it is twice as nice. I have a question though. My husband is a soldier and is currently deployed overseas, and shipping usually takes about two weeks sometimes a bit less. How long after baked with lid secure are pies good for? I would love to send him his fav of pecan pie 🙂

  167. I know this is an old post but I just had to comment. These little pies are awesome! We made them at our church lady activity and your idea made 32 women very happy! They all took a little pie home and LOVED it. Then I told my parents about them and they loved it too. My dad is the only lover of mince meat. Now he’s got a freezer full of itty bitty pies just for him instead of one whole big pie to deal with all by himself. Thanks so much for sharing this creative idea!

    1. Oh good. I left a comment at the bottom asking if anyone had tried these. Glad to know they worked out for you. Now I feel a little more confident about trying them myself!

  168. I just want to thank you for the note at the end. My husband is overseas and I’m always sending the same things to him. I had heard of the cake in a jar but have never tried it. But with Thanksgiving and the holidays coming I thought I might send him a pumpkin pie in a jar. As I was reading through your page, I kept wondering what about mailing……then at the bottom you answered my question! Thank you!

  169. what a wonderful ideal,i make a sweet potato pie like no other how would i make that, it has only one crust on the bottom,please give me an answer.

  170. I wonder if it would work to seal these in the jars, then process them like canning jam or something like that. Maybe after baking, so the inside is still warm, just like you’re supposed to can jams and things while they’re still warm from cooking. Dunno if the crust would interfere with having the correct acid balance – I know you can can pie fillings (in the end, they’re awfully similar to jams), but that crust is a question. Hm.

    Having that option would be helpful for giving them as gifts, and allow for them to be mailed as well.

    I made lemon “meringue” pie in a jar and canned it with good results. No regular crust in there though. The bottom was a layer of crushed graham cracker crust, then lemon curd, more graham cracker toward the middle (it was a tall jar), more lemon curd, then a layer of marshmallow. Worked beautifully.

  171. Oh my goodness!!!! this is the most incredible idea ever!!! It is just so darn cute and so inovative and just right when you have that random craving ahd i just have to have something sweet!!! thanks a whole lot for the idea <3

  172. I just ran across these somehow. I LOVE this idea. I am going to test it out this weekend. Has anyone else done these? How did it go? Also, I hope you don’t mind, but I pinned your site to Pinterest. If you DO mind, I’m in a lot of trouble. Lol.

  173. I am obsessed with the jar idea. I want to make everything and anything in a jar now! I am making the pie in a jar for thanksgiving this year! I went to the William Sonoma site and bought the pie crust cutters, but they just came in and are so big!! It seems like yours are mini ones. Are they, or do I just have smaller mouthed jars than you? My crust cutters are about the same size as the opening of my jars. Tear! I HAVE to do the leaf cut out. So adorable!!

  174. I love this idea. My husband probably thinks I’m insane because I just started squealing about baby pies! I just found your site and I am in love. While reading your bio’s, I kept laughing. My husband’s an engineer from Seattle and served his mission in Curtiba, Brazil. I’m from Boise, and love to bake! So many similarities 🙂

  175. I made these cute little apple pies for my son who could not be home for Thanksgiving. He loved it! Now I have a way to send Mom’s homemade goodness to my son in college for Christmas too! Thank you!

  176. Question! I’m wanting to do some of these litle pies in a jar as Christmas goodies, and I was wanting to do some other kinds of pies. I’m doing an apple pie which is covered in this post, but I also want to do a pecan pie and a chocolate cobbler. How should I go about determining the oven temp and bake times for these? I would have just gone with what their respective recipes called for, but I noticed that your temps and times for this apple pie in a jar vs the original apple pie recipes are different. Can you please give me some advice on this? These will likely be baked after being frozen. Thanks!

  177. Hi I love these pies! I want to gift them for christmas this year, but I have a few questions.

    Should I freeze them and just give them as gifts?

    Can you bake them and then give them?

    If so, how long should they cook them to just warm them up?

    I have no idea what to do, please let me know!!!

  178. Hi!

    I just wanted to let you know that we’d included a link to this adorable idea in our Stuff those Stockings Collection in Artizen Magazine. Here’s the link that opens directly to the article: (You can view more pages by just clicking the page edges or in the toolbar.) I hope you’ll get several click throughs to your website from the magazine!

    Have a wonderful Holiday season! Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about the magazine.

    Cindy Marks
    Publisher, Artizen Magazine

  179. I can’t wait to make these! But I have a question, I’m going to be making them as gifts, and I would like to bake them before I give them. They will be cold before they will be eaten, so can they be microwaved to reheat them?

  180. I’m new to the site, just found it Wednesday. I wanted to make the single serving pie but could only find the tall 1/2 pint jars. Made one to “test” before fixing as gifts. The tall jars, though not as cute, work fine. I tell everyone that this is my new, most favorite place to hang out, when I’m not using your wonderful ideas. Thank you so much for blessing us with your talents.

  181. Making these for teacher Christmas gifts this week!! (and one for me too of course! Have to be sure they’re okay to give away!) 🙂

  182. OK this is just about the cutest most amazing idea ever! Not only will these make great gifts and satisfy emergency pie cravings, but I could also send
    pot pie/shepherd’s pie/pizza pie etc in my husband’s lunches!
    Thank you SO much!

  183. I love this idea! We are making them as Christmas gifts. If we prebake them before giving them out, what would be the directions for reheating?? Maybe I just missed it…

    1. Oh, whatever. Pop in a warm oven (350) till it’s warmed through, maybe 10 mins or so? Or even in the microwave. Just make sure to remove lids!

  184. My sis-in-law is pregnant and we’re planning a July picnic baby shower. These pies will make a great dessert for the festivities!!

  185. This would be so easy to adapt into a miniature apple dumpling… and those tiny apples that come in bags would be well-suited. They would HAVE to be eaten inside the jar, but stuffing raisins and all that into a hollowed apple is one of those joys our modern moms have all but lost. The jar would even help keep the pie crust layer from falling down the sides of the apple. I hope I remember this idea some five years or so from now, when my kids aren’t ankle-biter height anymore! THANK YOU!

  186. My boyfriends mother was always bringing him baked goodies, she is in hospital. These little minis are so cute, and he has the jars from when I canned the salmon.

  187. These are the best gift to cook and send to Afghanastan! You never have to worry about shelf life because as soon as my Son gets them he has a crowd of his “peeps” surronding him to see what kind of goodies he has. They know I always send extra to share! If you send them just make sure you cook them fully and they seal. Priority mail, they will get there in about 7 days and they are always great! Enjoy!!

  188. Wow, these are a nifty idea! They were easy to make and delicious…and I love that you can freeze them for emergency desserts!
    I did them one better-made a savory filling for dinner…I mixed cut up leftover meat (chicken/turkey/pork tenderloin) with veggies (peas, carrots, parsnips, onions, celery, etc.) and a bit of stock with flour to thicken…instant (and healthy) pot-pies…also freeze well and can be reheated in a pinch.
    Thanks for the creative cooking ideas!

  189. I saw a similar demonstration of these little pies in jars on Martha Stewart. Martha reassured the viewers that her management had checked with Kerr Canning Jars regarding safety, and were reassured that if these jars can withstand a boiling water bath or pressure cooker, they can withstand oven heat. In fact, Kerr had never thought of marketing the jars with this option and were thrilled to know that people had found another creative way to use them.

  190. ok,now you have me looking for excuses to give gifts out, volunteering to do party favors, accepting dinner invitation, etc. just to give a pie-in-the-jar to someone.

  191. Does anyone have a calorie count on any of these. I love them! Our school had a Bake Sale and one of he gals made dozens of these and they all sold. I bought 2 and LOVED them both. Just wondering how much damage they will do to the waisteline. lol She offered, Apple, Strawberry (sooo good) mixed berry and Blueberry.

  192. My daughter wants me to make these for her Fall Bridal Shower, can you tell me how long these will freeze? How nice would that be to make these ahead of time then take them out and bake them fresh right before guest arrive giving the house an awesome country fresh smell. Yummy!

  193. Hi! I’m new in this home-based baking biz and was trying to find some great ideas to have some variety to offer when I came across this page and your website (even though it has been like 3 years or so ….)Your idea of pie-in-a-jar in fantastic!! Thank you for the interesting info and for sharing it. Can’t wait to start this project. Now to find that jar in this side of the world 😀 Roz

  194. I love your pies and brownies in the jar and have made them for me and given them as gifts. I love love love key lime pie and was wondering how easy (or difficult, but hopefully easy) it would be to make a key lime pie in a jar. mmmmmm



  195. Simply lovely – my guy would love to find these in the freezer! Plus, I think they’d make great co-worker gifts. 🙂

  196. Would this trick work with say…Pumpkin Pie? Or Pecan? or even a merangue(SP)? I’m also wondering if I can do this with Chicken Pot Pies, or Shepard’s pie….Hmmmm….THoughts?

  197. I made these pies for my son’s rehersal dinner “favors”. Everyone LOVED them. I wanted to show you some picutes but don’t know how…

    I made them in the short squatty jars and it looked like a mini-pie!

  198. These are just ALmost too cute to eat!!! It reminds me of the applesauce-cake-in-a-jar recipe, which incidentally is theoretically shelf-stable for up to a year (for those asking about shipping a jarred dessert.) Personally, I’ve never successfully kept one in the cupboard for more than a week. Anyhow, if anyone’s interested, here’s a web addy:

  199. My fiance’ sent me this idea! I’ve decided to use them as wedding favors for my southern/country themed wedding! 😀 I’m so excited! Thank you!

  200. I was already geared up to make pies today, but I happend to see this and I tryed one, and OMG it is so neet. Great lunch packer for the kids.

  201. So i came across this recipe about 2 months ago, and even though I didn’t have the jars, i book marked the website but then forgot about it. Yesterday I was at whole foods and I happened to see a pack of the jars and i was like “omg now i can make the jar pies!” so i bought them and i was so glad I had saved the recipe.

    I just finished making these for the first time and am waiting for them to come out of the oven. I made the pie crust with no problem and since i didn’t have that cool wire tool to cut up the butter, i used a fork. I used the apple pie filling with a little tweaking since i love basically any dessert made with apples. Even without the baking and decorations, these look totally adorable, and if these turn out to be yummy as i made them, i’ll focus more on the decoration next time and ask for a friend’s opinion.
    thanks so much for posting this great idea! I found all the pictures really helpful to give me an idea of what to do.

  202. I love these and have made them several times with fruit pies and the chicken pot pie recipe. Is there any difference in cook time for making a pumpkin pie version? I think a regular pumpkin pie take a little longer to cook than the fruit variety and didn’t know if the 45 mins should be drawn out a little longer.

  203. Thanks for a great idea well presented. I’m going to try chicken/turkey pot (jar?) pies to take to work for lunches. I like how your crusts are rather thin and yet the pies seem quite intact after baking (except the cherry!)

  204. After 3 years, I am finally making these! I’ve been calling my last baby “pie” since she was a few months old so it is only fitting that she has a “pie” themed 1st birthday party. I am giving these away as party favors and I was wondering if they took a full hour to bake if the guests are only baking one in their oven?

  205. Can you bake these then seal them and send them in a care package overseas? Will the sealing keep them fresh? I don’t want to poison my husband! lol

  206. Regarding extending shelf life:
    Could you cook the pies and then do the regular canning process of putting the cans in boiling water in a canning pot? How would that impact the consistency of the pie?

  207. I think these are super cute and fun. I was wondering how long they last once they are baked? My intent is to make, bake and ship to soldiers in Afghanistan. It takes about 1-2 weeks to get there. Would the pies still be good?

  208. These look like fun! Where do I find the other recipes for the pies in a jar that were in the picture in the magazine? I would like to try them too. It looked like pumpkin possibly and maybe banana creme.

  209. I have a question, I’m going to a holiday reunion and I thought this would be a cute idea with some Christmas toppers, now I have to drive about 5 hours leaving in the morning. And the reunion party isn’t until the next day in the evening. If I bake these early in the morning before I leave do you think they would be fine the next day.? I won’t have a fridge to put them in.

  210. <3 this idea! I'm hosting Thanksgiving for the first time this year & I think these will really make an impression (and I love that I can make them way in advance!!)

    I also adore the labels – perfect for Thanksgiving!!

    I want to print the recipe, but I don't see a "printer friendly" button. Is there a way to avoid the ads along the side (it's 26 pages with them!)?

    Thank you all for sharing your amazing talents!!

  211. What a great idea!!! I am going to make these mini pies for my family and friends. I usually give cookies, but I am due for a change. Thank you for such a creative and fun way to package love!

  212. My husband is deploying to Afghanistan and will be missing the holidays, is there a way to send them to him without them going bad? Do they need to be refrigerated?

  213. You could you tell me the exact amounts of the “seasoning” going into the filling? I’m not the best judge of how much to use!! Thanks!

  214. The 4 ounce wide mouth jars are available at Walmart. They have two types, both wide mouth. One comes in a set of four ($3.99) and are very cute, obviously made for this type of project. The other comes by by the dozen and cost less per jar and are the ones pictured on this blog. Love this!

  215. What a great idea… I’ll make these and put them in the freezer…when the kids come home for the holidays…they can select their favorite pie and pop it in the oven!

  216. I’d like to send one of these over seas to my Beau in the military. Would they keep okay if I sealed the lid after baking?

  217. After I cook them do you think it would be ok for me to freeze them I cooked too many too soon and thought maybe I could just freeze them until I need them and then reheat them.

  218. I’m giving these out for Christmas, but only one for each person. Do the baking instructions change if you’re only baking one? Thanks!

  219. saw these in family circle magazine and will be making them for a bridal shower i am having for my future daughter in law can;t wait my jars arrived yesterday

  220. I am making these as a fundraiser to take to work. I made apple ones and I just baked one to see how it would work. It tasted fantastic but the apple pie filling was spilling over the top of the jar which made a mess and ruined the cute cut out top!! (I baked without the lid on) do you know what I’m doing wrong? THANKS!

  221. A Great idea!! Perfect for a simple but wonderful wedding idea! For the lattice…just make a large square of it on parchment paper first. Then using an empty jar as a cutter cut out circles of the lattice and gently place them on top pinching where needed.

  222. I am LoViNg these little “cutie pies” hahaha!! I want to use these as my wedding favors but I have a few questions or concerns. After baking them, if I put the lids on them while still hot, will they seal? How long will the baked pies keep before going bad? Will I be able to bake them the week before and they still be good for my guest to eat? Please help!!

  223. OMG! Brilliant, beautiful, wonderful, adorable, cute, compelling, mouth watering, pure joy! Absolutely NEED to make these, thank you so much for sharing, someone up there is watching out for me because I woke up thinking about how hard done by I am, just two of us left, all the kids moved out and I can’t make a full size dessert because we never eat it all, makes four, freezes…yup, this one is heaven sent!!

  224. HI, Let me just start by saying, I absolutely love your site! You write like you are talking directly to the reader! LOVE IT!
    Have a question… although I know this post is 3 years old now.. it seems timeless…was just wondering… have you tried these “pies in a jar” for a savory pie? Like say, chicken or lobster? Just curious how it would turn out?
    Thanks for doing what you do! Love your site!

  225. I just wish they could be “hot-packed” and be shelf stable for several weeks. Has anyone ever tried this?

  226. What a fantAstic, inspiring tutorial!
    I am going to rock these babies at my next local Farmer’s Market! Your easy to follow instructions hit every concern & question my mind could generate after wondering HOW to do this!
    Thank you sO much! Can’t wait to check out your other recipes & ideas-

    Truly Inspiring!


  227. These are so dear to my heart that I cannot express fully how much I love them. I made several and freeze them, then bake them when I want them for the two of us or to give to elderly neighbors or company that drops in. I think you started the whole craze, and I not only make dessert pies, but chicken and beef pot pies in jars as well, and they are wonderful, too! There is a group of Navy moms, however, that are making fruit pies in a jar and putting the lids and rings on their jars while they are still hot and then mailing them, which gives them a tight seal, but IT ISN’T CANNING. Please warn people to not do that; it is NOT safe!

  228. I’m thinking about doing these as wedding favors. I want to have pie names instead of table numbers. Then whatever pie name will correspond with what mini pies are there as favors.
    Do any types of pies work in this, or only certain ones?

  229. Hi! Just made these yesterday and they turned out fantastic! I made apple and cherry (I used canned fruit..sssshhhhhh) Thank you for the piecing crust into the jar, it made it so much easier. Perfect serving size!

  230. Oh my goodness, thank you soooo much for this wonderful little recipe. I just picked a bunch of beautiful apples and am looking forward to making these mini pies for my family. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! : )

  231. If you boil the lids and put them on right after they come out of the oven do you suppose they will keep for a year like cake in a jar does? Might it make the crust soggy?

  232. Love these. Found this site a couple years ago, and have been making these for holiday gifts to neighbors and coworkers ever since. But I cheat and use flaky pop biscuits for the pie crust dough. Thanks for the idea!

  233. Hi ladies-I’ve been wanting to do this with friends for a long time. Since I last looked here, the link for the Lolly Chop labels no longer works. Has the site been taken down? I could make some labels myself, but am not very quick, and I need them by Tues Nite (Nov 18, 2014). Any chance you still have a good link to them?

  234. These are not half pint jars. You are using 4 oz. jars, half pint jars are 8 oz. I bought the the wrong jars because your instructions said they were half pint jars.

  235. Goodness, ladies! Very impressive how your original post about these mini pies-in-jars has remained popular so many years. Happy to report I’ve tried the technique of baking and serving mini pies many times since your first post and never a jar failure. And I’m sure some of the jars have even still gone on to live satisfying canning successes too. Coming back to this post and wading through many years’ worth of comments too because now I want to make crustless mini pecan pie for Thanksgiving where my DD will be joining us (and also needs to be GF/DF for her sweet nursling, my 1st grandson!). Didn’t see any relevant tips but encouraged that so many still love this method. I’m sure it will work out fine and she will love it. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  236. Hi,
    Maybe I am late to the party…but, I just made the pies in a jar and I love them! I went to Lollychops so that I could download the printable labels but none of her labels are available. It looks like the sight hasn’t been used in awhile? Could you offer me another location? I am not very crafty and need help.

  237. I had a “pie party” and invited a bunch of girlfriends over to make these. It was a huge hit! Now 3 years and 2 kids later we are getting together again to make more! The link to the pie crust of not working and it was so easy and so yummy last time – any idea where to find it?

    Many thanks!!

  238. Loved them. Used for a fund raising project and my contribution sold out first. I made apple, chocolate and cherry. All turned out pretty except the Cherry. Not sure if it was because of the jelly type filling w/cherries or what but the crust sunk in the center. The taste fine but just wasn’t as pretty as the others. Any suggestions? Someone recommended brushing the crust with egg white would help to preserve the crust a little better. I saw before freezing, you suggested brushing with butter and sprinkling with sugar but I wasn’t freezing them and didn’t know if I should do that or not. I wasn’t sure if it was the filling or temperature. I would appreciate some feed back. Thanks!

    1. It’s just the nature of cherry pie, really. The cherries shrink so much when baking that almost always happens! That’s why I usually do a crumb topping with cherry, it seems to help a bit!

  239. I happened across your website several years back and have been making these pies ever since. At any time my freezer has 2-8 in there. They go from freezer to oven and I have used the same canning jars for years and years. Never have had a problem… Love.

  240. I have a friend who made these! so delish…. she mentioned there’s a way to bake them and then seal… and they last for a couple of months? would love to know how to do that!

    1. Ya know, people have claimed that, but this recipe is definitely not tested for safe long term canning so I can’t recommend it! You could definitely freeze though!

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