Single Serving Pie in a Jar

These are individual-sized pies made in little glass jars that can go straight from your freezer to your oven to your mouth. SO cute. You can make these with store-bought crust and canned filling or jazz it up with homemade like we do.   And just for added cuteness we teamed up with crafting expert Lolly for some personalized tags.  These are just about the best little gift from the kitchen you could share with someone!

Pie in Jar

This is the type of jar you’ll need.

They’re half-pint jars, but short and squatty instead of tall and skinny (Ya know, like me as opposed to my mother. Why oh why did I have to get the other parent’s genes??!) Mine are made by Kerr (Here’s the link to buy them from Amazon). They’re stinking cute as is, don’t you think? Something about a short squatty jar makes me giddy with the thoughts of fun things I could put inside. Ya know, like PIE. (And also cupcakes.)

And if you have oozing cherry filling, that might be the only option!

Or you can skip the freezing all together and just bake them up for gifts.

Change out your cookie cutters on top for cute holiday versions

Okay now…freebies for all!
Lolly is the brain behind Lollychops. Some of you may remember last year when she designed these cute cute Christmas tags for us to put on our goodies. So of course, I instantly thought of her when I realized that I could not sleep at night knowing these mini-pies could be better dressed. They needed just a touch of Lolly. And she delivered like always with these adorable tags!

All of the directions are right on the tag and you can write a little To/From on it. Plus in true Lolly fashion there’s like, a million different versions to go with any flavor you could possibly imagine.

These little pies are perrrrrrfect for giving. So once you have these cuties made up, download Lolly’s tag set, and get your cute on. People will think you are amazing because not only did you come up with the brilliant idea to make a mini pie in a jar, you also made an adorable personalized tag. Talk about moving up a notch on the popularity ladder.

–> CLICK HERE <– to head over to the Lollychops blog and get all of the instructions and details on downloading and using the tag sets. And here is a direct link to the tags.

Edit: Lolly has just added this adorable TURKEY pie tag!! Click HERE to get it!
A big thanks to my girl Lolly for playing along with pie this week!
All of the rest of you- get baking and have a great week!
SENDING OVERSEAS:  One of the most common questions we get is about sending these overseas.  I have not personally sent these so I cannot give advice from personal experience, however many people have left feedback.  People have noted that putting the lids on the jars when the are still hot out of the oven and then letting them cool to room temperature helps “seals” them and keep them fresher longer.  Note that the canning jars are purely for appearance and these are not shelf stable.  I cannot tell you how long they will stay fresh, as environmental conditions (heat of travel vehicles etc) would all affect the pies.  Generally when shipping to soldiers overseas items need to stay fresh for 1-3 weeks.  Many people have shipped the pies with success, but that’s all we can offer in terms of advice.
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Questions & Reviews

  1. Yay–thanks for posting this! I bought some of those jars last year intending to make the cupcake-in-a-jar things but have never gotten around to it, and I think the pie idea will be easier! This will be darling for the ladies I visit teach!

  2. Holy cow those are BEYOND cute! Only need to find me some of those little jars and then it's on!

    Btw, I can't remember if I mentioned that I made & blogged about your cinnamon caramel popcorn. VERY good stuff!

  3. Seriously? Those are so freakin' adorable! [I know everyone's already used that word, but I can't help it!] What an awesome idea and what a great gift those will make. Seriously need to get myself a pastry-cutter-thing and get over my fear of pie making… Pumpkin pie in a store-bought frozen crust is as good as it gets at our house! I love all the variety for the tops, too – lattice, crumb topping, cute cut-out. How fun!

  4. Im here from Lollychops and now im in the mood for some apple pie {Yummy} Thanks for the great ideas! Now can this work with just any old pie? there are so many out there and so little time. Great Xmas idea also along with lollys brownie in a jar idea. Hmmm….

  5. They're so cute! I bet you could fill em with Kate's Chicken Pot Pie filling, too. I love frozen pot pies but they are so big and caloric, so it would be nice to have little mini ones that are a bit healthier!

  6. These are adorable!!! I cannot wait to try these mini pies in a jar!!! Great gift idea!!!!!!!!! Love them, and love this blog!!!!

  7. Bethany-
    My unbaked pies took about 45 minutes to cook still.

    And don't ask me how the frozen jars don't break, but none of mine have!

  8. Such a fun idea! I have a couple questions:

    1) what would the baking time and temp be if you do not freeze them?

    2) How do the jars not break going straight from the freezer to the hot oven???

  9. Absolutely adorable. Of course, now I have "Lolly, Lolly, Lolly Get Your Adverbs Here" from Schoolhouse Rock stuck in my head.

  10. These are just too cute. Really. And I realized that I have a little leaf pie cutter like that, too!!

  11. I just got my marinade in the mail (from the giveaway) and I love it- Thank you so much! I (and my baby) really appreciate the low carb alternative!

  12. So cute! I love that the jars make cute little single serving pies. Can't wait to give these a try!

  13. this is A D O R A B L E !!!
    WOw, what a great idea, I loved it so much I had to post it on one of my blogs here :

    Thank you THANK YOU!

  14. Nathaly- I still do it too, I'm sorry!

    This look so cute and great gift for christmas. Love them, good work girls!

  15. Thank you-Thank you!!!
    I love this idea!
    I am making this for the sweetest little 3 year old boy [grandson] and 'sometimes sweetest' 78 year old boy [daddy] this evening.
    I hug you.

  16. These are so fabulous (the lattice topped pie is so cute I want to ask it out on a date… sorry Sara)! hehe

    It was a real blast doing this little co-post with you guys. I'll be happy to come back anytime!

    Good Pie HUGS!

  17. Yay! I knew you girls could make this adorable! I'll be giving these away for Christmas. Sara….NaTHaly? Still?? For shame. 🙂

  18. Totally adorable.

    And I got the short & round genes and have a tall, skinny mom. Sometimes life isn't fair. 🙂

  19. oh my! cutest idea ever! I love them popped out of the jars, knowing my luck, they'd bust open and make a mess. haha. Is glass ok to be kept frozen for long? I'd love to try this!

    1. Yes, no problem keeping glass in the freezer for extended periods. Think about your window panes on your house, they survive the long winter and canning jars are even tougher.
      The only way the glass will break is if it full up with liquid and sealed without any expansion room but these pies have room at the top.
      Happy Baking!