Snowman Party IntroLast month I needed a quick idea for my son’s kindergarten party.  We decided on a snowman theme, so I thought snow man snacks were in order!  There are a lot of cute snowman-themed snack ideas around, but they’re all so complicated.  I don’t want to hand draw faces onto marshmallows, tie licorice whip scarves or even stuff an orange mike-and-ike in a doughnut.  I just wanted stuff I could stick in a bowl and eat.  So I had our designer whip up these cute printables and after I posted a picture on Instagram and offered to share them, lots of you emailed me.  What I hadn’t predicted, was that 90% of those people were hosting “Frozen” Snowman-themed parties.  I have three sons, so we saw the movie, thought it was cute, and that was that.  Apparently if you have daughters, they are in full-on Elsa mode and planning  parties around her sidekick.  Since according to the weather report on the national news, winter is still in full swing, I figure lots of you could still use these.  They make an especially great little snack/activity for play groups and preschools, too.  Enjoy!

The water bottle wraps are sized for the little mini bottles of water.  They’re half the size of the standard ones and so perfect for little hands.  Costco sells them, but not all Costco stores stock them, so you might want to call and check first.  One of the stores in my area had them, the other didn’t.  You can often find these little bottles at office supply stores, too.

Mini Water Bottles

Tricky way to get away with serving plain ol’ water 😉

Melted Snowman Water Bottle Wraps from Our Best Bites

Just a tip: when you’re cutting these labels out, cut them horizontally across the whole sheet, but don’t cut off the short ends.  You’ll see what I mean when you look at the sheet.  You’ll need the full width of the paper to wrap around the bottle.

Melted Snowman Water Bottle Wraps

There are two different sets of individual cards, these are my favorites, but there’s also a sheet made like the very first image in this post, with a snowman in the middle of all the signs and the little “parts” in the corners.

Snowman Party Printables from Our Best Bites

You can get creative here- in fact I’d love to hear any ideas I don’t mention!  These are just meant to be cute, not to actually “build” a snowman.  Just a fun play on words.

For the snow balls, I used powdered doughnut holes (and that was by far the most popular item at our party!)  Marshmallows would also be an easy option.

Snow Balls Snack Printables

This isn’t the right item at all, but I was out of stick pretzels!  Obviously use the sticks.

Snowman Arms

For the buttons, anything little and brown will work.  Chocolate-covered raisins, chocolate chips, Jr. Mints, Rolos…I used Whoppers.

Snowman Buttons

And since it’s all about balance (especially with the little ones) Carrot noses are little baby carrots.  A great way to serve these for little fingers is to use little cups- you could use a small dixie cup, a treat cup (like photo’d) or check the aisle of the grocery store with the foil and plastic bags for little disposable plastic snack containers.  They’re smaller than a muffin cup and perfect for stuff like this.  Squirt some ranch dressing right into the cup and then add a few carrots.  It’s a fairly non-messy way to serve carrots and ranch.

Snowman Noses

That’s it.  For little mouths, it’s a good amount and variety for a little snack.  Have fun with it!

Snowman Party Printables

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Fun Snowman Party Printables from Our Best Bites

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  1. Sara, thank you so much for putting the wrong pretzels on your blog. You do such cute things all the time and you have cute little games for your kids and your house is always pretty so it’s refreshing to see you aren’t totally perfect! You’re almost perfect, but the pretzels really made me feel good. And the fact that you didn’t want to put a Mike and Ike in a donut. Cute party idea. Maybe I can convince my almost 6-year-old to have a Frozen party instead of Barbie…

  2. This is just perfect because I was going to have a snowman party in a few days! My 3 year old keeps telling me everyday that we are having the party that day, so I just need to pick the date and print these! :0) Thanks again for all the fun ideas.

  3. Now I want to have a snowman party! The melted snowman water bottles are awesome and I love the other finger foods! So cute 🙂

    My 3-year-old daughter went to a snowman party once and brought home a bag of SNOWMAN POOP! It was a little bag of mini marshmallows with a [hilarious] poem.

  4. THANK YOU!! I am one of the many moms hosting a Frozen party – my daughter’s 7th birthday next week – and these ideas for treats are completely perfect and way less time consuming than the other ideas floating around on pinterest.

  5. How many ways can I/we say “thank you,” and “you two are amazing/creative/wonderful/fun/generous/loving/” …. Maybe you could have a contest for the best Sara and Kate List of Compliments? You deserve that ego-boost (not that you need one though). 🙂 I thank my lucky stars that I found you each time I read your posts. Happy New Year!

  6. Thanks for these! My daughter is having a snowman/winter themed 7th birthday party tomorrow! I’m going to use these for the carrots, pretzels and raisins that I have – save me from creating my own signs 🙂
    Very cute!

  7. my world must be way less mature than yours – I could never get away with serving snowman balls at a party and not get snickered out of the room. 🙂

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