Teacher Appreciation!

Good BoxFirst of all, thanks to all who entered to win our Goody Bag from last week!  Over 6,000 of you wanted your name on that package and the lucky winner was #4376, Mishell, who said  “…. Thanks to you, I’ve become a pretty good cook. My family is always happy with all the recipes I make. There’s too many to choose from!  So………PLEASE PICK ME, I NEVER WIN ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!”   Mishell, Mishell, you can no longer say you never win anything!

Kate and I are thinking of making the Goody Bag a regular feature around here.  We’re always texting each other photos of darling things we want to buy for no reason.  We should just buy them for YOU!  That seems like a good reason, right? What do you think?

Speaking of buying gifts for people we love, as usual, another holiday has sneaked up on me.  Teacher Appreciation day is next Tuesday, and most schools these days seem to celebrate all week long.  If you feel overwhelmed and need a quick idea to send along to school with your kiddos, here’s 3 of our favorites!

This first one is one of our most popular gifts, and we have custom labels for a lot of holidays, including upcoming Mother’s and Father’s day.

Tin Can Treats from Our Best Bites for Mother's Day and Teachers too

 Click Here to see the tutorial on how you can fill an empty tin fruit can with goodies and still have it open like new!

Tin Can Treats from Our Best Bites

It’s totally fun and novel, and the cute label is sure to make your teacher smile.

Tag for Teacher Appreciation

Next.  I swear you can put anything in a berry basket and it’s instantly cute.  You can get these cardboard ones at craft and party supply stores, or a lot of stores right now have little ceramic ones (like you can see in the photos in this post).

Berry Basket Tags for Teacher Appreciation

Fill with fruit scented soaps and sanitizers, or fruity treats.  The cute labels are a design from eighteen25 and all of the info (including the link to download) is found by clicking here.   

Berry Baskets for Teacher Appreciation

Chocolate chocolate, you can never go wrong with chocolate!  If you need something simple, fast, and easy- this one is for you.  Click here for the post with the download and print from your home computer.  Just wrap it around a fancy chocolate bar and you’re good to go.  There’s even a place on the back for your kiddo (or you) to write a little note.

Printable Chocolate Bar Wrapper

Hope that helps a little bit.  If you have some great ideas to share, leave them in the comment section!

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Questions & Reviews

  1. My father-in-law is a teacher and when asked what he would REALLY like (and would actually use) for teacher appreciation week, he said a gift card to somewhere he can buy supplies or to a fun restaurant, or better yet, a Visa giftcard that could be used anywhere. And while that is all nice and good, it’s kinda boring! But after seeing this page, I think it would be fun to include a giftcard in the can or on top of the candy bar! So I think I’ll fill a can (with your cute label on the front) with Dove chocolates and slide a gift card right in the middle. Who wouldn’t love that?!

  2. I am a teacher and while any gift at anytime is appreciated, I find that I am usually overloaded on bath soaps and lotions. I also have sensitive skin and cannot use the body washes. I will NEVER make it through my lotion supply. I do love the handsoaps though. I love getting framed pictures of my students and myself together. It is not often that I get to be in a picture as I am usually the one taking them. I also love getting things I can share with my family or use in my classroom. 🙂

  3. Made these this afternoon and they are SOOOOO cute!!! I used some leftover wrapping paper and it worked great!

  4. What a cute idea! I’m not only going to make these but I’m forwarding to my daughter for teacher’s gifts. Thank you!

  5. Today I volunteered to do one of the 5 days of teacher appreciation for my 1st grader’s teacher next week (one mom is bringing something from the whole class each day) and I came to your blog first for ideas. What did I find but a post on exactly what I am looking for. You ladies always deliver! Some of the other moms are giving the teacher flowers, a box of chocolates, and gift cards to her favorite craft stores. It’s up to me to come up with something else, and I am no good at these things so I came to you for help. I love your ideas!

  6. I say YES to goody bags! Monthly, weekly, I looove goody bags! 🙂 Thanks for thinking about your readers! xoxo

  7. Mishell is such a lucky girl! That was such a fun box full of goodies. A regular Goody Bag would be fun. Thank you for sharing all your cooking ideas, I use them every week!

  8. In all honesty, while the other gifts are WONDERFUL, as a first grade teacher I appreciate getting Dayquil or Clorox wipes. I can’t give the meds to the kiddos (nor would I want to) but this time of year is awful for colds and the wipes combat it and if I come down with something Dayquil makes it possible for me to feel better faster. But at my school we have a gift policy when it comes to what we can receive from students so just make sure if you decide to give the teacher something that they will be allowed to accept it. Thanks for the fun ideas! 🙂

    1. Any of these gifts would be perfectly acceptable (I’m a teacher, too) and super fun. I agree that wipes and tissues are always good donations, but these little special treats are much more fun!