Three Trendy Floral Tablescape Ideas

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Most of you know that if I’m not in the kitchen, you can find me in the garden.  My husband and I met while studying horticulture in college (he went into medicine and I cook for a living, funny how life takes you places, right?)  and if you follow my Instagram hashtag #SaraGardensBoise you know I am obsessed with flowers!  In fact, I’ve shared before that I often pick up a fresh bouquet on my regular grocery runs each week, often at Albertsons, because I just think flowers brighten up any space at home.  It doesn’t need to be a special occasion!  You guys know I love growing my own flowers too, and my kitchen table is most often seen with some sort of floral arrangement, like these ones I picked from my yard.  But unfortunately I don’t always have flowers in my own yard, and I definitely don’t have them in ready-to-go arrangements!

That’s why I pretty much dropped my jaw to the floor when I found out that Albertsons wanted to pair me up with celebrity event designer, floral expert and party pro Debi Lilly for an afternoon of floral styling in my very own kitchen.  It was such a treat to meet Debi; this incredibly talented lady has worked with people like Lady Gaga, Martha Stewart and Oprah.  She touches flowers and creates pure magic!

Trendy Floral Tablescapes

Flowers are definitely one of my love languages.  When I need a quick gift for a friend, or I need something to cheer up a neighbor, my go-to are the double F’s: food or flowers.  Every time.  I love adding a really stylish container so the gift keeps giving, after the fresh flowers are gone.

I love it when my own garden is in full bloom and I can go pick there, but otherwise I rely on stores to grab blooms and I cannot tell you how many times I have been disappointed by floral departments in grocery stores.  The one store however, that consistently rocks the florals is Albertsons.

The debi lilly design™collection, available exclusively at the Albertsons family of stores is convenient, and so on-trend.  If you’ve never taken time to check it out, take a walk through the flora department at your local Albertsons and you’ll see what I mean.  Aside from gorgeous styled arrangements, you’ll find the best selection of containers and gift items to go along with it and they are SO affordable.

Trendy floral tablescape

One thing I love about the Debi Lilly brand is that everything is designed to be multi-functional.  So you can grab a gorgeous vase for a flower arrangemen, but then put a candle inside when the flowers are done, or decorate a shelf or outdoor area.

Debi showed me three great looks for summer using easy-to-find products in the debi lilly collection Albertsons stores- can my kitchen table just look like this all the time please?!

This first showcases a look that’s trending right now, which is loose, cottage flowers.  Almost old fashioned, in that stylish hipster way.  Fluffy hydrangeas, stunning roses and striking lilies in shades of creams and whites (look at those blue glass containers!)

Trendy Floral Tablescapes

I also loved the long blades of grass in there.  Debi showed me you can make a simple “loop” like that to add a really modern look to any arrangement.

Stylish Bouquet

One of my favorite things are these Julep Cups.  They’re less than $10 and totally gorgeous.  That little succulent fits perfectly right in there.  Literally took seconds and would look amazing down the center of a table all by themselves.  Debi showed me how they also look great turned upside-down with a battery-operated scented candle sitting on top and I think they’d be lovely filled with a little treat, too.  So many great uses and such a perfect gift.

This second look made me want to throw a bridal shower or a girls’ brunch or something.  I love the bright pink roses and lilies and look at those nautical glass containers- aren’t those the coolest??  They would be so cute on a patio with candles in them.

Trendy Floral Tablescapes

And speaking of candles- look at those PINEAPPLE candles.  Are those not the cutest? They would make an adorable place-setting, or even a little gift for guests.  Again, totally affordable and easy to grab right at the grocery store!

Trendy floral tablescape

Lastly, this vignette just screams summer.  Look at that floral arrangement with all of the sun-shiny yellows and oranges.

Trendy Floral Tablescapes

And those vases.  You don’t even need flowers- grab that pineapple and it looks so great just sitting on a shelf or book case as an accent piece.

Summer Tablescape

There are so many great containers to pick from and everything is created in multiple color schemes and sizes so you can literally grab-and-go.  Those darling mason jars come in several colors and would be SO cute hanging from a garden pergola or artfully scattered on an outdoor dining table with candlelight!  Can’t you just imagine that?

These glass vases are an example of the stunning quality; you can’t tell by the photo but these are heavy. Solid glass that you would expect to cost a fortune from a design retailer, but you can find them right in your local Albertsons store!  Debi showed me some great ways to use tall cylindrical vases like these that I hadn’t thought of before, like doughnuts!  She said she also likes to use them for brunch bars and fill them with things like granola and yogurt and berries; I thought that would be so fun.

Trendy floral tablescape

I could talk about flowers ALL DAY, but you should really just swing into Albertsons to take a look for yourself; it’s honestly one of my favorite places to grab stylish accents for my home and gifts for others.

And lucky for you- Albertsons is going to let one of YOU go grab something gorgeous for your own home!  One lucky reader will win a $25 gift card to grab a stylish accent or floral piece to brighten up your home or gift to someone you love.  We haven’t done a comment entry in a while and we LOVE to hear from you!  Leave a comment on this post telling me your most favorite flowers to have in your home and one of you will win a gift card to use at an Albertsons near you!



This post is in partnership with Albertsons, a store we love and shop at.  All opinions as always, are our own!


    1. My all-time, forever favorite flower place!! I actually got all my wedding flowers from the market. I just went down the night before my wedding and grabbed a ton of gorgeous fresh bouquets that matched my color scheme and it was perfection!

  1. Sunflowers!! They are so happy and so cheery, how could you not smile having a gorgeous bunch of sunflowers staring back at you!? My birthday is in October, and all of my friends know sunflowers are my absolute favorite… My house is always filled with them the entire month! It’s the best!

  2. I live in the desert now. So anything that isn’t a dusty brown is welcome in my home. Tulips, roses, lilies, hydrangeas, even herbs. I get unreasonably jealous looking at pictures of grass back home!

  3. All those arrangements look beautiful! My go-to plant is succulents which is the only thing I can keep alive. Because of this my hubby says I have a ‘black thumb’ instead of a green thumb.

  4. I haven’t met a flower that I haven’t liked, but I love the smell of roses. They remind me of my mom’s garden and my wedding day.

  5. I don’t know if I could pick a favorite! I love hydrangeas, but I adore the smell of lilies. My favorite flowers are calla lilies. So elegant and simple. Your arrangements are gorgeous! Those julep cups are ?.

  6. I love love loved those beautiful blue vases. Thank you for sharing them with us. I am a sucker for roses. The hot pink ones would brighten up any room. Thank you for the ideas and the give a way.

  7. We live in Arizona where you can’t even grow flowers… it’s sad… but I do love to pickup a bunch of Gladiolas when Trader Joe’s has them… they are beautiful and seem to last quite a while in this heat!

  8. My all time favorite flower is the yellow rose with pink tips (can’t think of the name, maybe a peace rose?) but I honestly love any fresh flowers in my home. It doesn’t happen often bc we are on a budget and I can’t justify spending $ on something that dies. ?

  9. I, like you, love ALL flowers! I took a floral design class at BYU and loved bringing home fresh arrangements each week. However, tulips will always hold a special place in my heart since those were the flowers we had at our wedding. I’m currently at my dad’s in Eagle, Idaho and after a year in India my husband and I made our first stop to Albertson’s! It seemed liked we were in heaven!!

  10. I love having Orchids on my kitchen table. I rarely get fresh flowers because: budget. But when I do, I love them! Pick me!?‍♀️

  11. I love peonies and hydrangeas and am luck to have both growing and flourishing in my yard. If only the peony season lasted longer!

  12. If I get any fresh flowers I am just over the moon, because it doesn’t happen often. I love the look of peonies and the ease of orchids.

  13. Tulips and peonies <3 But these past few years, I've been picking up daffodils because they're so cheery. And cheap! When they're in season, you can get 10 stems for like $2-3. So it makes a huge statement centerpiece for just dollars. It can be any flower really, just lots of them!

  14. I love petunias– they smell SO good! Although, a friend of mine owns a greenhouse and she calls them “old lady” flowers. 🙂 Guess I’m old!!!

  15. I love plumeria, but unfortunately I don’t live in Hawaii so I pretty much never have them in my home. Other than that, I like any flowers someone brings to me. Thanks for the giveaway and all the fun ideas! I’ll definitely go check out out!

  16. I’m always just happy with any kind of fresh flowers. My hubby is amazing but he doesn’t see the purpose of buying something that will die in a few days. I still get them occasionally, but less than I’d maybe prefer. I really love brightening up with daisies, tulips, or some kind of mixed bouquet. I also love peonies and hydrangeas.

  17. I often grab flowers from the store while I do my grocery shopping as well, nothing warms up a home like flowers! I love something bright and cheery, my daughter usually picks the flowers out. I love doing loose cottage-y arrangements with more formal flowers like roses! Here’s to hoping for a chance to go grab something pretty, what a great giveaway!

  18. We have a fun Saturday market here in Salem and I love buying fresh flowers from there. I also have a friend who forages and makes the most amazing flower arrangements for any of us who need flowers. Her heart and talent is amazing. ❤

  19. Love these ideas! I honestly love a little white daisy! I like to pair them with something pink for my kitchen table. And I love the glass cylinders filled with donuts!

  20. Peonies, hydrangeas or sunflowers – really I’m in love with most flowers too. Unfortunately, Albertsons isn’t close to me, so hopefully someone else wins, but I sure love those great vases. Maybe I’ll have to make a special trip to Albertsons???Who knew?

  21. Gerbera daisies! My husband got me a boutique of just yellow and green after our first date. The colors of the Oregon Football team, and the reason why I was late to our first date. Good thing he liked me enough to keep asking me out! 🙂
    We are in the process of moving into a home and I am just so excited to decorate with new flower arrangements that can actually be nicely displayed for all to enjoy.

  22. I love any flowers that are bright and colorful. They make me smile and brighten my day when I walk past them.

  23. I love most cottage flowers, such as peonies, roses, hydrangeas, and anything that makes me smile! We live in Northern Nevada (high dessert, so anything we can grow works)! Thanks for the giveaway 😉

  24. I love any kind of flowers but I especially love purple roses, dark eggplant color of tulips, and gerbera daisies. A fresh bouquet of flowers brightens my day!

  25. My favorite is orchids. They look beautiful and sophisticated, last forever, and they can go a couple of weeks without being watered!

  26. The first comment about Pike Place, made me LONG to head to Seattle to grab some flowers. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE fresh bouquets! Amazing photos… thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

  27. I love peonies and hydrangeas both are lovely and I have a hard time growing peonies. The flowers are all lovely that you showed. Thanks for the nice ideas.

  28. Lilacs. They are hardy where I used to live and since moving 11 years ago I have not smelled them since. So I take in honeysuckle and magnolias <3 season permitting.

  29. Since I have a Victorian cottage home I love hydrangeas with baby’s breath. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win a gift card from Albertson’s. <3

  30. Crocosmia or those green spider mums and dahlias are my favorites in the summer. In the spring I love peonies and tulips and daffodils and I always love Hawaiian flowers like red ginger… pretty much any flower I see I would say “oh! That’s one of my favorites!”

  31. My favorite flower changes with the seasons, but if I had to choose, it would be these beautiful roses from my friend’s garden that bloom every December, just in time for Our Lady of Guadalupe’s feast day. She graciously shares a bouquet with me every year.

  32. I love all of these arrangements! And those julep cups – oh my!!

    I love tulips year round and the hydrangeas in my yard are beautiful right now! And I dry some to keep me happy during the winter months 😉

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  33. Albertson’s floral is the best! They did the flowers for all five of my kids’ weddings. And their potted plants are always healthy and beautiful. My favorite flowers are daisies and roses. ….especially together!

  34. My Queen Elizabeth roses that I’ve had since I was 16 years old. The rose bush has survived 4 moves to our homes in different states for the past 18 years!

  35. Lilacs are probably my favorite…but living in the desert now that doesn’t happen anymore ?
    I had NO IDEA Albertsons carried such beautiful decor! Thanks for the tips!!

  36. I want all of those arrangements!! ? My favorite flowers in the house changes on the season from peonies to daffodils, mums, gahh there’s just too many to choose from! I agree that fresh flowers (especially in a cute vase) really brightens up a room ?

  37. Lilacs in the spring! I love to fill my house with them…their beauty and scent make daily life so much more enchanting! (however, more often then not, we have lots of vases filled with dandelions hand-picked by my little ones:)

  38. I love it when my peony plants bloom and I can bring some blooms inside my house! I’ve picked up flowers at Albertsons before, but never looked much at the containers and accessories. I’m going to have to check them out the next time I’m in there.

  39. Flowers and food are my go to gifts, too, probably because I always love having a houseful of both! I have the hardest time choosing a favorite: lilacs, hydrangeas, peonies, zinnias…

  40. I love flowers too! I love having fresh flowers in my house like a bouquet of bright, fun flowers of roses, daisies, or carnations! Every year for Mothers Day each child chooses flowers for my pots that go up the porch. I love it!!

  41. I don’t know that I have a favorite flower, but if my hubby buys me flowers, they are in a pot because “they last longer” I like these arrangements because you get many different colors in the same bouquet.

  42. I LOVE fresh flowers! Of nearly any variety! From cottage or wildflower blooms to simple baby’s breath (glass jar, mantle, lasts forever!) to more formal roses or tulips – they lift the soul!

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