Toasted Coconut Lime Rice Krispie Treats

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I realize that many of you in certain parts of the country are still covered in blankets of snow, but here in Boise, Idaho, we’re having the most glorious spring-filled week with temps in the mid 70’s, blue skies, and plenty of sunshine.  My tulips started poking up and my kids all wore shorts this week.  It’s making me feel the itch for spring and summer so we’re gettin’ all tropical with our Rice Krispies today.

Toasted Coconut-Lime Rice Krispie Treats from Our Best Bites

You’ll start out by toasting some coconut.  Coconut has a few stages when it browns, and we want it all the way toasted, without being burnt, obviously.

Toasted Coconut

When nice and golden and fully toasted, it becomes super crisp, and that’s how we want it because we’re subbing in the crispy coconut for some of the cereal.  So just mix the coconut right in with the Rice Krispies.

Toasted Coconut with Rice Krispies

The next flavor component comes from fresh limes.  Can you smell those?   Get a little closer to the screen.  Try harder.

Lime Zest

The fresh lime zest goes right into the marshmallow and butter mix. Those little specks disperse all through the sticky gooey awesomeness. You can optionally add a little coconut extract in there, too.  I like to add about 3/4-1 teaspoon.  I don’t really measure it, but I love a little drizzle in there to add a coconutty flavor since most of the coconut here adds texture as opposed to flavor.

Lime Zest in Marshmallows

Pour the lime-mallow mix over the toasted coconut and krispies and immediately (and quickly) stir it all up and press the mixture into a pan.   You don’t have to totally smash them down, I like to keep the top a little bumpy.

Rice Krispie Treats in Pan

It makes the perfect little nooks and crannies for the toppings to sink into.  Drizzle the top with melted almond bark and sprinkle with more toasted coconut.

Coconut Topped Rice Krispie Treats

The flavor combo here is amazing, with little bits of lime bursting in every bite.

Toasted Coconut Lime Rice Krispie Treats from Our Best Bites

And the crispy coconut adds both crunch and flavor while the creamy almond bark melts in your mouth.

Toasted Coconut-Lime Rice Krispie Treats from Our Best Bites



  1. When my dog hasn’t seen me in a while, he starts shaking his butt because he’s so excited to see me. I feel like my dog right now, that’s how excited I am. Toasted coconut is yummy and a hint of lime almost gives these Krispie Treats a Tex Mex feel. Gonna do this!

  2. Those sound perfect! Of course I may not be able to try them until a special occasion because I have no self-control and WILL eat the entire thing! Those are some of my favorite flavours.

  3. I’m trying so hard to diet and be good, and then you post this! It combines all my favorite things. Also, I have no self control when it comes to rice crispy treats and have been known to eat an entire pan. Can’t wait to make them! Maybe if I hide some from myself in the freezer….

  4. These look delicious! My husband isn’t a fan of coconut, any suggestions on a substitute that will go with lime? If now, I can make them and eat them all myself. 😉

    1. It would give it a slightly different flavor profile but you could mix in some finely chopped banana chips, macadamias, dried pineapple, dried mango, etc for that tropical feel. Maybe some toasted slivered almonds for texture? = )

    1. A friend of mine just told me she uses coconut oil exclusively in her rice krispie treats and swears by it. I’m definitely a butter girl, because I think butter tastes about 900x better than coconut oil, haha, but you could certainly try that. I’ve heard people like it!

  5. Looks delicious! Can’t wait to try. I wasn’t sure if you checked comments on older posts…. so I thought I would just ask here… My husband and I love your zoodles and have been eating them constantly- thank you! My question is- do your kids eat them? And if so, how do you disguise them so that they will? We love them with the suggestions you have posted- but the kids wouldn’t! Thank you!!

    1. Hi Sarah, With my kids- I find that mixing zoodles with regular pasta works like a charm. I usually do half an half and I make sure they’re all cut the same length. When they’re mixed in with something familar, and covered in a sauce I know they like, they don’t mind at all. Hope that helps!

  6. The best part about toasted coconut is that some coconut haters (I am one of them) don’t mind toasted coconut! I am going to try this- thanks.

  7. YUM!!! I can’t wait to try these. I make mine with coconut oil due to a dairy allergy in our home and I always love the coconut undertone. Adding the toasted coconut and lime zest – I have no doubt it will be amazing! Thank you. (using coconut oil exclusivly results in a slightly more oily treat than using butter. Use a bit less than you would butter)

  8. I read your recent recipe for Strawberry Rice Krispies treats, but can’t find the ingredients near me and was then really needing to make SOMETHING with Rice Krispies. So I made these with a healthy dose of skepticism, and all I can say is WOW! They are delicious!

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