How to Make Spider Web Cookies

After posting the Halloween Party Food, which included pictures of sugar cookie pops with spider web designs on them, I had a lot of people ask how I made the icing design. I had even more people comment that they could never make them look so pretty. So I’m here to tell you- and more importantly show you that you can! Here’s a simple tutorial- watch how easy!

I used Glacé Icing for these cookies, but the same technique will work on a variety of frostings and icings as well as with white and dark chocolate ganache. You can use this method to top cupcakes, cakes, cookies, just about anything that you could top with frosting!

Step 1: Top cookie with the base color. In this case I’m using a white base.

I used the Glace Icing in the flooding consistency and added just a tad more powdered sugar so it wasn’t too runny. However you don’t want it as thick as you would use for piping. It should easily run and Don’t bother trying to outline them first to fill, just flood the cookie and either stop near the edges, or what’s even easier is to do as I did and just let the icing drip right over the edge of the cookie. Let the cookie dry for just a few minutes. If you’re doing multiple cookies, go ahead and glaze another 5-6 cookies and then your first one will be ready for step 2.

Step 2: Using black icing, again just a tad thicker than flooding consistency, but thinner than piping consistency, start from the center of the cookie and pipe a swirl until you get to the outside edge.

If you don’t have a piping bag, just use a heavy duty zip-lock bag with a small hole cut out of one corner.

Step 3: Use a toothpick and starting from the center of your swirl, lightly drag it in a straight line to the edge.

Step 4: Continue around the cookie repeating that step. You can continue pulling only from the center, or so as I did and alternate pulling from the center out and then from the outside to the center. You’ll get different designs, try it out and see which one you like.

Experiment with color combos. I love how the black turned out. If you’re using black make sure to use gel or paste food color. Purple, green, and orange webs look cool too!

Let those cookies dry for a full 24 hours if you’re going to stack them, otherwise they can dry for only a few hours as long as you’re very careful not to bump them and dent the icing. It will be smooth and dry on top, but soft underneath. (Which is in my opinion, the yummiest way to eat them!)

Happy Halloween Baking!

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