The Best Sugar Cookies


This Sugar Cookie Recipe has been a crowd favorite for YEARS because it produces a consistent cookie with the perfect buttery flavor and soft centers.  It holds its shape beautifully when cut with cookie cutters and one of the best things is that you can choose to bake these sugar cookies soft and thick, or thin and crisp and both ways are phenomenal! These cookies are the base for many of our favorite variations like Chocolate Toffee Sugar Cookies, Love Bug Cookies, Cream Cheese and Jam Cookies, and Sugar Cookie Pops.  You can cut them out with cookie cutter shapes, or simply roll balls in sugar and flatten with the bottom of a glass.  We love them topped with our Classic Fluffy Buttercream or for something more fun and fancy, our Glace Icing.

Continue reading past the recipe card for LOTS of tips and tricks to get the best results!

sugar cookies cut in half

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frosted sugar cookies


Perfect buttery sugar cookies that can be baked either thick and soft or thin and crisp.  They hold their shape well and are perfect for decorating!  Pair with our Best Buttercream Frosting for the perfect cookie!



1 cup real butter  at room temperature
1 cup sugar
1 large or extra large egg
1 1/2 teaspoon vanilla or almond extract
3 cups flour, lightly spooned into measuring cups and leveled (don’t scoop!)
1 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon table salt


Note:  We recommend a stand mixer for this recipe. 

Cream butter and sugar until light and fluffy- about 2 minutes, scraping the sides of the bowl occasionally. Add in egg and extract and mix to incorporate.

In a separate bowl combine flour, baking powder and salt. A very important note: It’s important to correctly measure your flour or you will end up with a dry, crumbly dough. Don’t use your measuring cup to scoop up the flour. Use a regular sized spoon and spoon the flour into the cup and then level it off with a knife.

Slowly add the flour mixture to the butter mixture and mix until completely combined.  Your dough will first look crumbly, but keep mixing with a stand mixer and it will quickly turn into a soft cohesive dough.

Refrigerate for at least one hour. Preheat oven to 350 F, then roll out and cut shapes or use our preferred method:

Gather half of your dough and form into a large ball.  Place on a silicone baking mat (or a large piece of plastic wrap) and press down gently.  Place a sheet of parchment paper on top of your dough and then roll on top of the parchment into an even layer about 1/4 inch thick, or thicker if you desire thick cookies.  Pick up your silicone mat and flip the entire thing over.  Peel off silicone baking mat so you are left with your sheet of parchment with your rolled dough on top.  Place this parchment-lined dough on a baking sheet and place in the fridge or freezer.  Repeat with remaining dough.  (See recipe tutorial for photos of this process.)  Refrigerate for about 20 minutes or pop in the freezer for about 10.

Remove chilled dough, cut into shapes and bake for 8-12 minutes depending on the thickness of your cookies.  Baking time is a personal preference.  Watch for the edges and tops to be set. If you like your cookies crisp on the edges, roll them thinner and bake until just golden brown.  If you want thick, soft cookies, remove from oven before you see golden brown.

child holding cookie

How to make the best sugar cookies!

Tip:  Use the best ingredients.  This means real butter, at room temperature.  A great way to get your butter to room temperature quickly is to cut it into small chunks and leave it sitting out on the counter for 20-30 minutes.  This generally works better than softening in the microwave, which often leads to uneven melting.
cubed butter

Cream your Butter and Sugar for the best sugar cookies

Start by beating your real butter and sugar and continue creaming for a full 2 minutes or so.  Your mixture will turn light and creamy in texture.  Scrape down the sides of the bowl as you go.
whipped butter

Carefully Measure Dry Ingredients for the Best Sugar Cookies

When baking in general, it’s important to carefully measure dry ingredients (especially flour) but in this recipe it’s particularly important.  Use a spoon to lightly scoop flour into your measuring cup and then level with a knife, as opposed to scooping your flour with your measuring cup which often leads to packing too much in there.
dry ingredients


Use a Stand Mixer (if you have one) for the Best Sugar Cookie Recipe

You can absolutely make these cookies with a hand mixer, but if you have a stand mixer, definitely use it.  After your dry ingredients are added, the dough will usually first look a little dry and crumbly but they will absolutely come together quickly into a soft, cohesive dough.  It takes a little more time with a hand mixer, but a stand mixer will whip it up in a hurry!
sugar cookie dough

How to Easily Roll Sugar Cookie Dough with no Additional Flour

One of the problems with dusting your surface with flour before rolling cookies, is that you add a bunch of extra flour to your dough.  Try to handle it as little as possible.  Here is the best method to do that.  Start by taking half of your dough and forming it into a rough ball and then flattening a little onto a silicone baking mat.  If you don’t have a silicone baking mat, you can use parchment or plastic wrap but they tend to slide around the counter so it just takes a little more effort.
sugar cookie dough
Then place a piece of parchment paper (or plastic wrap) over your dough and use a rolling pin to roll out the dough between the baking mat and the parchment. This makes it so you can easily roll the dough with no flour needed, and nothing sticks to anything.
sugar cookie dough
What I do next is pick up my silicone baking mat and flip the whole “package” over, so the parchment is on the counter, the dough in the middle, and the baking mat on top.  Peel off the baking mat and place your parchment and dough on a baking sheet that can now go in the fridge or freezer to chill. Repeat with the remaining dough.
sugar cookie dough

How to Cut the Best Sugar Cookies

This dough retains its shape incredibly well, just make sure it’s chilled.  I like to place mine in the freezer for 15 minutes or so.  Then cut out shapes and repeat the rolling process with the remaining dough.
sugar cookie dough

How long do I bake Sugar Cookies?

The great thing about this recipe is that you can roll these cookies thick and bake them less and they will be crazy soft and delicious.  OR you can roll them thinner (1/4 inch or less) and bake until you see the edges start turning golden brown and they are perfectly buttery-crisp on the edges.  Many recipes will simply be dry when baked till golden brown, but these are incredibly good- similar to a shortbread cookie that melts in your mouth.  I love them both ways!  Here’s a photo example of what you’d be looking for:

Sugar Cookies on Pan

How do I store Sugar Cookies?

If I’m making a large amount of sugar cookies I will almost always make them ahead of time because sugar cookies freeze beautifully!  Simply cool completely after baking and then layer between parchment in the freezer.  When you are ready to frost, just pull them out of the freezer- you can even frost them while still frozen and let them come to room temperature on the counter.  Alternately, you can simply place baked cookies in an airtight container and store at room temperature.

sugar cookies cut in half

frosted sugar cookiesHow do I frost Sugar Cookies?

For straight up flavor, we love our Classic Buttercream Frosting on sugar cookies. It’s the most traditional combination!

If you’d like something a little more fun and artistic, try our popular Glace Icing and glaze.

And if you’d like to top them with royal icing, you can try our hand painted decorating technique!

heart sugar cookies


  1. Those look great, I am really going to have to try them with the glace icing.
    A question for you, do you use the silpat when baking these? I have one, but never know when to use it. Thank you!!

    1. yes, the silpat is designed specifically for baking…I wish I had one because it is so easy to clean after baking 😀

  2. Yum!! I love my sugar cookie recipe, but they’re big and soft and don’t hold their shape super well. And they don’t really make a whole lot.

    And yeah, wanna hear the camera story, everyone? My husband, who is much more anal than I am, did not approve of where I left the camera last time I was done with it, so he hid it from me. And he was in a meeting at work while I was trying to take pictures. As you can imagine, I was super happy.

  3. Do you have a recommendation for an easy to use tool for piping? I know there are the bags w/the tips, but those can be a little hard to control…


  4. Don’t mind the messy piping? Haha! That’s about the quality I aspire to. I’m lucky if that’s what I get in the end.

  5. So, if I want a nice soft cookie, roll thicker bake less time??

    Soft chewy sugar cookies are my fav! I hate the hard ones!

  6. I’m loving that snowflake cutter you have! Where can I find one?? I can’t wait to try this recipe with the glace icing

  7. Sweet!! Can’t wait to try these. I love my roul pat to pieces. It’s currently in pieces. My dear hubby sliced bread on top of it last week :(. It’s seriously one of my favorite kitchen gadgets, and I too use it nearly every day. Guess I know what I’m getting for Christmas.

  8. My names Crystal and I am a sugar cookie snob. I have a very hard time eating sugar cookies other people make. I have a recipe I love. I want to give yours a try, they look so scrumptious.

  9. Okay, I’ll try to answer everyone’s questions here!

    Anne- yes, I always use my Silpat to bake cookies. Actually I use my Silpat to bake pretty much everything. Cookies, breadsticks, anything that goes on a cookie sheet! I can’t even remember the last time I put something on a cookie sheet without one. Get yours out and start baking!

    Kate- your post reminded me that you can put orange or lemon zest in this recipe too. I remember your cookies have orange zest in them so I tried that one time. Yummy!

    Jennifer- I just like to use a pastry bag, for me that’s the easiest, but if you’re not used to it, it can be a little tricky. There are also canister types. Wilton makes one like this:
    I’ve never used it, but I know some people really like them.

    mb batch- I knew as soon as I wrote that I’d need to write down a recipe! I will do that and edit it to the post, but I have to make it again to see because I usually just throw it together. All I do is start with equal parts cream cheese and butter (about 1/4 cup each? 1/2 C each for a large batch) After that is light and fluffy I add in powdered sugar to taste (a couple cups, I keep it low so it’s not overly sweet), almond extract, and then milk or cream until it’s a good consistency. Then I turn my beaters to high and let it beat for like 5 minutes. Beating the heck out of it is the secret. It will then be silky smooth and light as a cloud (well, not calorie-wise, haha). Next time I make it I will write down specifics and post it!

    TabKate- these cookies are naturally soft, so just don’t overbake and you’re set! I just watch the edges. The moment I see just a hint of golden brown-ness at the edges, they come out. Maybe even a minute sooner.

    Jen- That cookie cutter came in a set from Williams-Sonoma. I LOVE them. It came with a few others too. I tried to find them to link them, but I don’t think they made them this season. You may be able to find them in the store though!

  10. Mmmmmmm these cookies are so delicious. Soft and buttery with a hint of almond. You have to be careful not to OD on this prescription!

  11. Sara, All day yesterday I was thinking about these cookies and wondering how I could convince you to post the recipe sooner than next week. My prayers are answered! Kate- I’m sorry your husband hid your camera. I’ll bet he’s sorry too! But, it’s good news for the rest of us because we get the sugar cookie recipe today!

  12. Anne, the circles in this post (the blue, yellow, and green ones) are 3″ diameter, and the ones from the icing post (the bright blue, green, pink) were about 1.75″ I *think*. I did those ones when I was in Seattle so I don’t have the cutter in front of me.

  13. Okay, so I noticed that your “prescription” recipe and your recipe in the post are different–I specifically noticed the baking powder. Also, my sister gave me this recipe before you posted it (she’s cool and has a “in”) and it’s still the doubled recipe and it calls for 3 tsp baking powder. Soooo, should your recipe in the post call for 1 1/2 t, like you wrote on your prescription? I’m thinking yes, since 3 tsp sounds like a lot? I’m excited to try them!!

  14. Ahhh Lindsay- nice catch! You are most certainly right. And looks like I doubled both the salt and the baking powder when I wrote that out. See?? That’s why I have to write things down!! I’m really sorry if anyone made these today and they were weird. I promise they are good, lol. I fixed it in the post. Thanks!

  15. Sara, where do you get coarse sugar? Do they sell it in the baking section at the grocery store? I’ve never noticed it before.

  16. Shara, I can’t totally tell from the picture, but I believe that the sugar is sparkling sugar. You should just be able to find it with the sprinkles and birthday candles at the grocery store.

    Hope that helps! 🙂

  17. Shara-

    Ya, Kate’s suggestion is great, sparkling sugar would work well. You’ll also be able to find some coarse grade sugars by the normal sugar. Have you ever seen “Sugar in the Raw”? It’s a turbinado sugar. The one I have is a little finer than that, but I bought it in that section. There should be a few options there. Go check out the sugar section next time you’re at the grocery section and I bet you’ll find some!

  18. Sara you crack me up! I LOVE your personality. I have to admit I am a cookie snob. I also have to admit I own a Silpat and have never baked with it. I guess it is time to pull it out and use it. Thanks for the great tips!

  19. Thanks Sara! I am always on the lookout for the perfect sugar recipe and was actually just thinking about making some with the kids. They probaby won’t be as pretty as yours, but I bet they’ll taste good!

  20. I made these today with the kids, and we love them!! So great. We also made the glaze, which makes the cookies super yummy. Although, if I wasn’t in the mood to make any frosting, I would totally eat them all plain, lol.

  21. I’m brand new to your site, and I am completely intrigued! Especially because I have a special love for baking (not cooking) and am a big believer in making sure both taste AND looks (like REAL butter, always!) measure up. I have a deep love for the RIGHT kind of sugar cookie (with frosting) otherwise they aren’t worth the calories. And I LOVE mine. But you have intrigued me enough to try yours along with the Glace frosting. Looks really fun, and sounds still yummy. Thanks, and I really like the write ups. Great job.

  22. Yum! I’m new to your blog (via Sherelle C.’s) and don’t know how I missed it before now. I’ve enjoyed reading your sugar cookie tutorial and pictures. They look beautiful and I can’t wait to try making (and eating) them. I enjoy baking, especially this time of year. Thank you so much for sharing all your cookie tips! Oh, and I think the Silpat and Roul’pat need to be on my wish list!

  23. Hi, thanks for the sugar cookie and icing recipes! I love your blog!
    I was just wondering what would happen if margarine was used instead of butter?
    Also, where would I find a silpat?

  24. Melissa- Real butter is always going to best in baking (with the exception of Kate’s chocolate chip cookies that somehow need a bit of margarine to work their magic!) But as a general rule of thumb, always use real butter. Margarine has additives, moisture,’s all different depending on the brand. The #1 difference is taste. You’ll get the best flavor from butter, especially in something like sugar cookies where butter is a main ingredient.

    As for the Silpat, you can find them all over now. Click on our store link on the right hand of the page and you’ll see a link to one from Amazon. You can also find them in any kitchen store, or places like Linens n’ Things. Target and Walmart might have them as well. They come in all sizes, so make sure to check which size you’re buying before you do.

  25. Yay! I love cookies! I’m excited to try these tomorrow as a little family activity. Though decorating cookies with a two-year-old sounds a bit…ambitious?

  26. Hi, Im new to this, so could you email what “Shape the dough into 2 flat disks and wrap in waxed paper and place in the fridge to chill for 1-2 hours. ” means? What do the disks look like, and how big are they? Thanks for the recipe!

  27. oh Waddledee don’t worry, that’s not a technical phrase at all! All you have to do is put the dough in the fridge 🙂

    I just take it out of the mixing bowl (so I can wash the bowl) and then I take the dough and divide in half. Less dough is easier to work with and it will chill faster. So I take the two dough balls and pat them down just to flatten them a little (again, only so it will chill faster) and wrap in waxed paper, or plastic wrap or whatever. Does that make sense? Like I said, it just means “stick it in the fridge” lol.

  28. Okay. I made these cookies a few days ago, and they didn’t turn out quite like yours.
    First, I used margarine instead of butter. (shame on me) When I mixed everything together, the dough was still goopie, so I added more flour.
    I baked them for 8 minutes. They were a little soft, but then turned hard .. probably from all the flour.
    Does real butter help the dough not be so goopie?

  29. Melissa Melissa Melissa… I can’t help ya if you use margarine AND extra flour! lol That’s the problem right there girl. Try it as the recipe is written and you shouldn’t have any problems. The dough isn’t goopy, so you shouldn’t have to add anything extra. If it’s just really soft, then you just need to make sure it chills for long enough. When it’s completely chilled, it’s actually quite hard, so goopy-ness shouldn’t be a problem. Hope you try it again with more success!

  30. Just wonderful! This recipe is very simple and wonderful. I made these this afternoon. I will give you a link of the finished product later. Thanks for posting this! =)

  31. Thanks so much for the recipe. I made these with my daughters on Christmas Eve and they were great. I also made some icing using your recipe and I loved it.

  32. Sara, have you ever written down that Almond Buttercream recipe?? I am totally wanting to make these today. I know you wrote a basic recipe down, and I may go off of it, but just wondering if you have more exact recipe?

  33. Kara, I totally haven’t written it down. Mostly because right after I posted about these I started a diet! lol. But I think when I wrote it down before I said I used equal parts cream cheese and butter, and that’s not true. I probably use twice as much butter than cream cheese. So just go with that, and add sugar till it’s just sweet and some almond and vanilla extract. Can’t really go wrong with those ingredients!

  34. Glad to know that there are other sugar cookie “snobs” and have admitted it’s okay to proudly claim it. I’m making these for my nieces birthday with pink frosting 🙂

  35. Sara,
    I just gone done making the dough (with my special little helper), and I have a question. When all done, my dough was really crumbly in the bowl, is that supposed to be? I was able to mash it all together into two balls, and my little taste tester said it was yummy dough, but I just wanted to know if it’s supposed to be totally crumbly. Thanks.

  36. Amber- no, it shouldn’t be be crumbly, in fact it’s usually on the soft side before it’s chilled (once chilled completely it gets pretty hard)did you real butter?

  37. Sara,
    Hmm, I am totally stumped. I did use real butter (it’s all I cook with). I wonder what I did wrong. The cookies tasted great in the end. I’ll have to try it again and just have more cookies to eat 🙂

  38. Adriana- a lowercase “t” in a recipe always stands for teaspoon and a capital “T” is always Tablespoon 🙂

  39. Thank you! I thought so but I wanted to make sure!
    I couldn’t find a key anywhere! lol

    I am going to make the dough right now. I hope they come out yummy! I haven’t had a great let alone a good sugar cookie in sometime. I like them to be soft. So, I hope this will be the one!

    I’ll let you know! Thanks!

  40. So, I made the cookies. I was doing a test run for a craft day with the kids. (Making shamrocks for them to frost on St.Patty’s)

    I ended up making the batch for a birthday party we went to today. They were a hit. They loved them and I am about to forward on the recipe to the others.

    For me…I would like them a bit more sweeter…
    But they are good cookies, don’t get me wrong! My son and husband ate them up!

    It’s a keeper and now to try out those breadsticks! I think I’ll have all my meals taken care of for a while now! I have a lot of new recipes to try out! 😉

  41. I made some shamrock cookies with this recipe and on several cookies my “leaves” broke. Any idea what I did wrong to make that happen? Is there a way to fix it. like some sort of cookie glue???

  42. Oh, I’m sorry some of your shamrocks broke. That’s not very lucky, is it? lol. That can happen sometimes with sugar cookies when there’s a larger piece connected to the cookie by a smaller piece (like leaves). One thing that will help is to roll the cookies a little thinner and cook them a little longer Thick, soft cookies will break a lot easier because of the weight. And cookie glue? Yes- it’s called frosting! haha. I personally like broken cookies because it gives me an excuse to eat them 🙂

  43. OK, so I am making lots of sugar cookies lately…but today has me frustrated.

    I can get 1 or 2 cookies onto the cookie sheet before the dough turns to goo.

    I pre-rolled the dough last night in between 2 sheets of wax paper. I did the same thing last time and was able to get about 4 cookies before the dough turned to goo.

    So, is there some kind of trick I am not thinking of to get more shapes out?

    I followed what you have written exactly.


  44. Hi- I am a newbie to your site and seriously haven't gotten anything done around my house for the past 2days because i can't seem to do anything else during nap time but look at new, fun recipes. I would love to try these sugar cookies but my oldest is allergic to nuts of all kinds- and therefore i cannot use almond extract–what else should i use in place of that?? any suggestions. in fact–there are a ton of your recipes that call for PB that i wish i could make. but that is just the way the 'cookie' crumbles i guess huh?

    anyway–love love love this site. thanks so much for taking the time to help all of us moms out! it is much appreciated by me and i am sure my hubby will soon agree!!

  45. Marcy- by all means, use any flavor you like! If you can't do almond try vanilla 🙂

    Kristie- the yield depends on the size of cookie cutter and the thickness of the dough. The last time I made 2" cookies on the thin side I got 40-50. If you want to make a good sized cookie, I would double it because you can always freeze the left overs 🙂

  46. thanks hun–that is totally what i thought but i didn't want to mess them up somehow without asking first!! can't wait to try them!

  47. Thanks Sara, sorry for replying u late. My son has not been feeling well the last few days.

    Thanks for ur reply, I will half recipe and try out first!

  48. Hi Sara,

    I finally tried out this recipe, I used almond extract and it tastes really yummy.

    I have a few problems though:

    -The dough was really soft to handle even though I chilled it in the fridge. Therefore, while cutting the dough using cutters, it was so soft and it broke, I hand to really handle it with TLC… Is this normal?

    -I followed ur instructions for cookie pops, I placed a stick and directly place dough on top of it, halfway up and pressed it slightly. However, after baking, the cookie didn't adhere to the stick, is it cos I didnt press hard enough?


  49. Kristie- nope, none of that sounds normal! Did you use real butter? Are you sure everything was measured correctly? I'm not sure why it would be super soft. After chilling it's actually on the super firm side. But I know somewhere in the comments someone else asked the same question- so I'd love to pinpoint your problem!

  50. Hi Sara,

    I am going to give this another try tonight and this time I am going to try other methods to ensure the sticks adhere to the dough after baking… wish me luck.

    Will 'report' back here after 'work' 🙂

  51. These looked so cute, I had to run to the kitchen and whip some up. I have 6 batches cooling in the fridge for tomorrow right now 🙂

  52. I tried your sugar cookie recipe for my nephew's 1st Halloween B-day Party & they were a huge hit, everybody loved them. I'll have to try the glace icing next, I just used store bought cookie decorating icing, thanks.

  53. My son and I used this recipe to make our Halloween cookies and they held their shape very well. We did cats, ghosts and pumpkins and used the glace icing recipe from your site to top them. This was my first time making cookies from scratch; it was easy and they were awesome! I can't wait to make more at Christmas!

  54. I just made these last night for a church activity. I have a 'go-to' recipe for sugar cookies, but realized I didn't have one of the ingredients. Not wanting to haul the kiddos to the store, I looked to see what OBB had. I've tried many recipes in the past and always loved the results, so I committed to the cookies!

    They are different from my cookies, but they were wonderful! The flavor was delicious and the glace icing was beautiful! Thanks for helping me out of a pinch!!

  55. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Finally a sugar cookie and icing that taste amazing and look fabulous too! I made these for a bake sale and people were really excited and they sold right away.
    I've tried to make sugar cookies before, and they just turned out bad, especially the icing.

  56. I just made these cookies with the glace icing. I have to say, these were by far one of the best sugar cookies I've had. And they were so pretty! The icing was so easy to make, and use! My cookies always have looked like a 5 year old has decorated them, but not this year! They were gorgeous…I've already gotten compliments on them! Thank you so much for these recipes! I'm already planning to make another batch for gifts. The only problem I had was that no matter how much I floured my rolling pin, the dough still seemed to stick to the pin…it was almost like the dough had air bubbles, too? In the end though, the cookies were still worth the time it took to roll them out! Thank you! I just adore your blog!

  57. I have to repeat what everyone else has already said because these are definitely the best sugar cookies I've ever made…and as an added bonus they require so few ingredients and they were easy to make. I did run into the problem of really crumbly dough (I used real butter and measured correctly) so I just added a tablespoon of milk and it remedied the problem. I can't wait to decorate them, although they already taste good without the icing.

  58. After reading all the great comments on this cookie recipe I decided I had to try it myself. I've never done cookies like this before. I put the dough in the fridge overnight and it is rock hard this it supposed to be this hard or did I do something wrong? I followed the directions exactly I'm sure.

  59. Jaymie- nope, that sounds right! This dough gets very hard if chilled for extended periods of time. That's why the instructions say to chill for 1-2 hours. But overnight is just fine, you'll just need to leave it out at room temp and when it's soft enough to handle, go for it!

  60. Thanks Sara, I was concerned that I would never be able to roll it out with it being that hard. Also, I read in the other comments that some people had a problem with it being kinda crumbly. I had that problem too and I followed your directions exactly. Any tips on what to do if that happens the next time I make them? The dough tastes yummy by the way 😉

  61. Ya know, that's just how it is. I think it's a matter of making it enough times that you get a feel for how the dough works. You should only have the crumbly problem if you try and roll it out when it's too cold. The easiest thing is probably to use the tip mentioned in the post. Before you chill the dough at all, roll it between 2 sheets of parchment or waxed paper and *then* pop them in the fridge. That seems to work the best!

  62. I am so sad! I followed this recipe exact, although I did double the batch, and the dough turned out WAY too crumbly. I would have put less in, but my baking powder and salt was already mixed in the flour. I counted 6 cups of flour out loud as I measured exactly each one into the bowl, otherwise I would have just assummed I misscounted. Are you sure that if you double it, you would add 6 cups of flour?

  63. My dough was super crumbly too! I double checked the instructions, and I had everything right… I just added some water…which probably was not smart, but I am out of milk! The dough is in the fridge right now, so I won't know if my water remedy helped or not for awhile.

  64. I had the same crumby problem with my dough. it got very crumbly and it was very difficult to roll it flat between the wax paper before I put it in the fridge. I haven't made my cookies yet so I'm not sure how it will turn out.

  65. I'm not sure what the crumbly issue is! I make these from the recipe here on the blog so I know it's written right. Are you using large eggs? Or extra large? That could definitely make a difference. Otherwise maybe some sort of environmental factor, or maybe you're just used to softer doughs? I wish I had a better answer!

  66. I did use just large eggs. Did you use extra large eggs? I added milk to the dough and got it to the point where it started to stick together, and the cookies turned out, but without the milk it would have been impossible to roll.

  67. Thank YOU so much for sharing the recipe. These cookies are great; everyone loves them (and the icing). I love that they remain soft even after a few days. I didn't have any break up on me after I iced and boxed them. It's a hit with the kids too. 🙂

  68. Thank YOU so much for sharing the recipe. These cookies are great; everyone loves them (and the icing). I love that they remain soft even after a few days. I didn't have any break up on me after I iced and boxed them. It's a hit with the kids too. 🙂

  69. I'm not a big fan of sugar cookies b/c most of them taste like cardboard, but I love how pretty they look once decorated. So I thought I'd give your recipe a try, after 2 stops at the grocery store on the way home (1st for Flour & Karo Syrup, 2nd for Real Butter – I read the other post so I knew the 2nd stop was a must) I haven't even baked the cookies yet (they are chilling in my fridge) and this is already the BEST SUGAR COOKIE RECIPIE EVER…. I couldn't stop eating the uncooked dough. I used lemon extract and added a bit of fresh grated nutmeg simply b/c I love the smell and I like the way the nutmeg looks sprinkled throughout the dough. Can’t wait to bake them later on today.

  70. So I'm in this long distance relationship with my boyfriend and he's coming over in a few days and my valentines "treat" for him is cookies. I wanted a third of the recipe to be chocolate, so I fluffed up the butter and sugar(and whatnot), separated out a third, mixed up the flour mixture and separated a third of that, then I added 1/4 cup cocoa powder to the removed third of flour as about with the measurements from this post

    So to make sure I did this right I mixed the chocolate first and this is where I realized by adding the cocoa it needed more moisture; of course this is after I've added more of the butter fluff than intended. So now both of them are dry and I don't feel like thawing out more butter to fluff so I just added an egg to each and compensated any extra moisture with flour…. any tips you have for making this recipe chocolate without the trouble I ran in to?

    and I'm baking them later so I hope the egg won't mess them up
    ( made homemade puppy(for chocolate) and heart(for normal) cookie cutters out of card stock tape and a lot of will power, surprisingly they work great.)

  71. spiritleaf- You don't want to just add cocoa powder, you want to *remove* some of the flour first. I have made these chocolate before with excellent results. I think I replaced about 1/4 C of the flour with cocoa. You could also probably keep all of the flour and add in some melted chocolate but I've never tried it that way. Good luck!

  72. I baked the chocolate dough and it turned out pretty tasty just hard to roll out and when it finally loosened it's grip on being frozen it didn't want to work with the cookie cutters. but I forced it into submission and it was worth it! thanks for the tips and your blog has completely sucked me in I have a "recipes" bookmark folder that's just filled with things from here; not to mention having our best bites on my hotbar.

  73. Thank you for sharing your recipe!
    Homemade sugar cookies that taste good on their own… now that's a fantastic concept! 🙂
    I'd really like to give it a try and was wondering if you could please say how you measure the flour, or how much one cup should weigh?
    Thank you for a wonderul blog!

  74. Hey!! this will be yet another recipe i can't wait to try of yalls!! Thinking that its going to be a baking weekend and this will be added to my list!!!! Do you think this dough would be a good "freezer" recipe? I like to keep homeade stuff on hand in the freezer to have some quick bakes for guests!!! Also, which icing is used for the pink cookies? I want to try the glace icing, but the pink looks absolutely delicious!!!

  75. Kristen,

    Yes, this dough works great for the freezer. You can freeze the raw dough, or the baked cookies. Both works great. The pink frosting is just butter, powdered sugar, vanilla, and milk. I don't measure, just whip it up!

  76. Sara,
    Thanks so much! I might just do a double batch and freeze half! Thanks for all the great posts and recipes!!! Brightens my day everytime!

  77. Sara,

    I made these this morning, and I had the crumbly problem everyone else is having. Here are my thoughts: the recipe calls for one egg, but the directions say "add in eggs and extract". Should you really use two eggs? I thought maybe that was the answer so I added another egg and they turned out terrifically. But I'd really love to know if you've been successful with just one egg. The dough was practically powder in the bowl.

    Thanks for the recipe. Even though I changed it a little, these cookies were great!

  78. nope, the recipe is correct as written, one egg. The plural in the directions is just a typo because I halved my original recipe for this post. I honestly have never ever had that problem so I'm not quite sure why! Are you using a stand mixer? If you are mixing my hand or with a hand mixer I could see why it would be crumbly, but with a stand mixer it comes together after mixing enough. That's the only thing I can think of!

  79. Sara,
    These are by far the best sugar cookies IN THE WORLD! My husband isn't a huge fan of sweets so i usually eating anything I make myself! This time i had to fight him off!!! He loved them. I did freeze half and they turned out great when i got them out of the freezer!!!!

  80. Sara, These are amazing! I just made a huge batch for my daughter's bday. I have a question though, the party is on sunday (friday now), should I freeze them or are they still good in two days? Also, if I didnt freeze them, how early can I decorate? I was going to use the glaze icing, does it stay good if i decorate tonight or should I do that saturday? Thanks so much!

  81. Thanks for the great recipe. I made flower cookie pops for my daughter's tea party and now am making baseball cookies for my son. I think the problem people are having with the crumbling dough is due to too much flour. I'm thinking they are scooping and not lightly spooning into the cup. It makes quite a difference in flour quantity.

  82. Hi Sara,

    I'm into baking cakes and breads, but this is my first time doing sugar cookies. I had a little bit of a problem with my dough, mine came out super soft after I mixed everything (followed exact measurements and used real butter etc.), after I chilled it, it was firm so I thought I didn't do anything wrong but while I was cutting it, it's not holding it's shape so I can't choose the cutter that my son wants to use so I ended up with a heart shape. What do you think went wrong? By the way, I sifted my flour then I measured it just like I'm used to making my breads. Was sifting the flour made a big difference or I under mixed my dough? Help!
    But your cookies were great! It's really a keeper. Thanks!!

  83. Susan, I honestly don't know what to tell you! Sounds like you did everything right. It does get very hard when chilled so you might want to try the trick I mentioned about rolling it before chilling. Other than that, maybe just give it another shot and see it works better for ya!

  84. These are ridiculously amazingly awesome! i loved how they held their shape and the tip about rolling them between two sheets of wax paper, they're were so much easier to cut while the dough was still cold, once it hit room temp it became sticky but still workable. I absolutely love this recipe and used the Glace icing too, it worked really amazingly. I love your guys' site, every recipe ive tried on here has but foolproof!

  85. Just started reading your blog… I started at the most recent and am going backwards and have made it to your 1st blogiversary. This is the first recipe I've tried and they taste WONDERFUL! I was hoping to use a new leaf shape cookie cutter but the dough didn't hold together quite well enough for me, there was a fine line between so cold it cracked and too soft so I just made pumpkins and circles (I am going to try the spider web trick with the glace icing!) But these are probably the BEST sugar cookie I've ever tasted. You guys are awesome!

  86. Hi….my son and I just tried to make your sugar cookies and for some reason it doesn't seem right. The end result is a very crumbly dough….but I wouldn't really call it dough. When trying to pat it together it wouldn't even stay just fell apart. I did put it in the refrigerator in the bowl hoping that would help…but I was hoping to be able to roll it out in the wax paper. It seems like it was too dry…but I added all the ingredients as stated in the recipe. Do you know why this might be happening, or know of a trick that I can fix it without having to throw it all away??
    Thank you….by the way…I love your blog and the recipes I have tried have been fantastic!!

  87. Zabrina- we've had a few people say the same thing and we can't figure out why! I've made this recipe probably a hundred times and it's never happened to me. The only thing I can think of is maybe if your egg is small- so make sure to use a large or extra large egg. It also helps to use a stand mixer and make sure you don't scoop your flour to measure it. Use a spoon and lightly spoon flour into measuring cups so you don't get too much. Hope that helps!

  88. Do you think the crumbly problem people seem to be having is because they're using cold butter instead of softened/room temp? You don't specify in your directions, but I'm pretty sure it should be softened. It would be very difficult to cream the butter and sugar with cold butter, and maybe that's what's causing the crumbliness? Just a thought…

  89. Thank you Sara for your response. The eggs I used were large, but I am wondering if it was the butter. It had been frozen, but I thawed it in the microwave I thought enough. Next time we make them I will make sure to leave it out for a few hours before making. I will post a comment if this makes a difference. I will also try the spoon the flour into the measuring cups..I didn't know it would make a difference. Baking is new to me, trying to learn it to have something else to enjoy with my son! Thanks for the tips!!

  90. I made these for Halloween with your Glace icing. They were great! One thing to note though, I was told that I needed to put the cookies in the fridge since I used milk in the icing.

  91. What is the recipe for the "classic way" of "creamy frosting" (the pink cookies). I need to find a recipe just like that! Please!!! You are such an inspiration! Thanks so much!!

  92. juliejules- I don't actually have a recipe, but here are all of the ingredients you need: real butter, powdered sugar, vanilla extract, and a little milk or cream. I just do it to taste!

  93. While I have yet to bake these cookies, I have just made the dough, twice. The first batch came out crumbly, so I scoured the comments and discovered that it was most likely due to me scooping (oops!) the flour instead of spooning it. I also softened the butter even more before creaming it. The second batch of dough came out perfect! Very soft, very smooth, very easy to press into disks to put in the fridge. So there you have it, the method of four measure makes a HUGE difference! Can't wait to bake these in the morning!

  94. The frosting I always use for frosting my sugar cookies is about 3/4 stick real butter, melted; 3-4 cups powdered sugar; 3-4 tablespoons milk; and 1-2 teaspoons vanilla (or whatever) extract. I never measure anything either! But I think it's important to melt the butter; I've tried it without melting the butter and I don't like it as well. My sugar cookie recipe is almost exactly like this one, except for two changes: It has 2 tsp cream of tartar in it, and it has 2 extra eggs (3 total.) Otherwise everything else is exactly the same. I wonder what the extra eggs do? I love my sugar cookie recipe, but I might try this one next time just to see how they're different!

  95. I am so glad I found this blog! I followed the directions exactly. I did scoop my flour before I read the comments on crumbly dough so I was worried, but it turned out okay! I used my stand mixer with very soft butter, but I think the key is room temp softened butter, don't microwave your butter!

    All I have so far is the dough, but it's amazing. I can't wait to bake the cookies tomorrow.

    Do you normally bake with unsalted butter? I used regular butter and the dough is slightly salty, but I am sure with icing they will be perfect. My name is Sara, and I am also a sugar cookie snob!

  96. Crumbly (like super crumbly) dough here too. I let the butter sit out beforehand. The egg was large, I didnt hand scoop flour into the cup but I cant imagine it would make that much of a difference, I had to add like 1/4 cup of milk… so weird!

  97. DeVore Family–Spooning the flour into the measuring cup actually makes a HUGE difference in this recipe. I've gotten lazy a time or two with how big my spoonfuls were and the dough was significantly more crumbly. I guarantee that that was your problem. 🙂

  98. Kate is right! Spooning makes all the difference! I have ruined alot of batches, just because I did not spoon the flour. Sounds weird, but true! Take the time and spoon the flour and you will have the most awesome, buttery sugar cookies ever! They are worth another try!!

  99. Ok girls…. here is the big question LOL…. lemme back up first. I ONLY like those soft deliscious grocery store sugar cookies… you know the ones, they taste soooo good and it's like they aren't even fully cooked.. YUMMMOOOO! Every home cooked sugar cookie I have EVER eaten NEVER tastes like this. Here's the question: Is this another one?

  100. Angela, this is seriously the best! And I'm not just saying that, haha! These are my hubby's FAVORITE cookies and he won't touch a dessert that doesn't have chocolate in it.

    Here are my hints in a nutshell:

    –Use the best butter and in no circumstances should you use margarine or shortening.

    –Lightly spoon the flour into the measuring cups and level it with a knife. The biggest problem people have with this recipe is adding too much flour, which will make the dough crumbly and the cookies like hockey pucks.

    –After you make the dough, instead of letting it chill first, roll it onto a sheet of parchment or plastic wrap and then top it with another layer of parchment or plastic wrap. It will chill much faster this way and it's so much easier for the cookies to hold their shape.

    –If you like 'em soft, roll them about 1/4" thick and then bake them just until they're starting to get a little golden around the bottom edges.

    –Don't leave out the almond extract!

    That's it! Happy cookie baking! LEt us know how it goes!

  101. PS. I was just reading some more of these posts and there seems to be a severe silpat addiction on here LOL. I just came across a silpat wannabe that is tremendously cheaper, but seems to be the exact same thing at this place called "The Christmas Tree Shop". Now, I have no idea why it is called this, as it does not contain Christmas stuff, nor does it sell trees (unless it's Christmas time, but still no trees):/ It is like a glorified dollar store… cheap cheap cheap and TONS of wonderful things!!! Beware, you may find yourself wanting a cart midway through this place!! Or, bee line to the kitchen goods for your $6.99 "silpat" and GET OUT OF THERE!

  102. Ok Kate,
    I'm going to believe you and give it a chance…. not immediately as I am on a low carb diet to go to a wedding, but perhaps after:D Only 9 more days to go!!! I'm actually going to go ahead and blame you and your blog for my weight gain:D I have become addicted to it and the food is AMAZING!!! Darn you LOL…. If only I had a smidge of any sort of self control…hmmmm… perhaps they have some at that Christmas Tree Shop LOL.
    Thanks for the tips. I will give it a try and hope for the amazingness to hit my little taste buds.

  103. I made these last night and I loved them. I love this blog in general! My cookies came out soo cute! They look like I bought them at a bakery. I loved the dough too. I couldn't keep out of it while I was rolling them out! Haha.

  104. I was just reading Angela's post about only liking the store bought kind with the frosting and I too love those cookies. If you make these thick enough and slightly underbaked these taste very close to those! I have searched for a recipe for them and I found it in this one! Awesome

  105. Sara is right…These are the best sugar cookies. I am glad I read all the posts before baking because I probably would have messed up on measuring the flour like so many others. They taste so good even without icing. 🙂 Thanks Sara for being a sugar cookie snob!

  106. You had me at "sugar cookie snob." I grew up in Texas and then moved to Utah and was appalled by the thick, dry, flavorless "sugar cookies" I had there. Since then, I have been searching for the perfect recipe, and I have tried them all. I have to say, HANDS DOWN this is probably the best I tried for many reasons: 1) You used real butter, and not margarine or shortening, which I've tried, and it doesn't quite taste the same; 2) I loved how easily they rolled, cutted, and stayed together. It was the first sugar cookie recipe I've tried where I could literally pick up the cut pieces WITH MY HANDS and put them on the cookie sheet. They weren't too sticky, soft, no buttered or floured spatula to get them off, nothing! 3) I loved how I could literally roll them all and cut them all in one sitting. What I hate about most recipes I've tried, is that the dough gets too warm, and then you have to refrigerate it in between rollings and cuttings. That's why I HATED sugar cookies because they took FOREVER! With this one, all my rolling and cutting, boom! were done. Also, the taste is awesome. I can relate to wanting a sugar cookie tasting good on its own. I grew up with my Swedish grandmother making them, with real butter, and never frosting them, but just decorating with sugar and sprinkles before baking. I say, if the cookie NEEDS two inches of frosting, then it's not a very good cookie. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart, for FINALLY giving me a good recipe. I'm not kidding, it has taken me 34 years to find one!

  107. My family has a Valentine's Day sugar cookie tradition that I am ever so glad to continue now that I have a family of my own. I've tried several sugar cookie recipes (including kind of complicated ones) and THIS recipe is the winner! The YUMMIEST, EASIEST ever! Turned out perfectly and you truly don't have to cover them with loads of frosting or candy like we usually do to make them delicious. I think it's got to be all that scrumptious butter! 🙂 I'm going to get brave today and try the almond extract instead of the safe, tried and true vanilla. Thanks for sharing your recipe!

  108. I have these chilling in the fridge as we speak. I really don't need a lot and I can tell that the dough will make a ton of cookies. Will it freeze well? I seem to recall you saying somewhere that it does, but I could have this recipe confused with any of the other dozen recipes that I use from your site 😉

  109. Kim–These freeze awesomely in any form–unrolled dough, rolled dough, dough cutouts, or baked cookies. Also, the frozen dough is delish. Not that I know. All of these virtues make them super dangerous, right?! 🙂

  110. I just tried this recipe and used a large egg. It was very crumbly!!! Thankfully my Mom's sugar cookie recipe is very similar (3.5C flour, 2t baking powder, and 3 eggs) so I was able to salvage it.

    So many great reviews for this that I'll have to try it next time with an extra large egg!

  111. Thanks! I was going to save half the dough to make easter egg cookies in a couple of months, but I decided just to go all out for V-day and make them all into hearts. They are now freezing nicely in my freezer until decorating day on Monday!

  112. Hey thanks for the post! I have been craving sugar cookies and I tried making them today, unfortunately I had the same problem as one of the other women who posted on here…mine was all crumbly after mixing all the ingredients together. I used real butter and everything! When I was cutting them into shapes they broke apart really easily as well. They tasted ok when baked but still very fragile to the touch. Have any ideas as to what might have happened? I saw that someone else posted that you had a variance between the salt and the baking powder in this and the prescription recipe maybe that is a factor? I dunno, is what is on the post right now the correct amounts? I'm just sad cause I made a whole bunch and lots of people have posted how yummy they are and I'd like to figure out my mistake so I can try to get the "yummy" result for next time! Ha ha thanks!

  113. Kate and I honestly have no clue! I have made this recipe probably 100 times and never once, ever, have I had that problem. The only thing we can think of is that people are packing their flour (measuring it incorrectly). They turn out perfect for me every time!

  114. I saw it asked above but not answered….Should the butter be salted or unsalted? I used the recipe once with salted and they were a little salty, however, I'm afraid to use unsalted and have them turn out bland. Please help! I've got to make a V-Day batch!

  115. Hi, I have just started looking at your recipe blog and this recipe looks AWESOME!! I was just wondering how you make the cream cheese and jam cookies. I looked through the recipe index and did not see it. I assume you just cut out two cookies and put the cream cheese in the middle and the jam in the cut-out but I am sure it is more sophisticated than that. Do you have a tutorial or something?

  116. I know this is sugar cookie blasphemy, but my husband had lap band surgery and can't tolerate much sugar or fat. I have been searching for a recipe to modify… and the correct way to modify so that I still get the sugar cookie taste without the sugar. I do use organic Stevia, not the processed crazy stuff and I do use some sugar for that chemical reaction. I will be using half butter and half olive oil. I'm trying to not make a healthier version sacrifice quality and flavor.

    I guess I just wanted you to know that I'm using your recipe, or maybe misusing, so that my husband can have a wonderful Valentine's Day treat. If I can pull it off, I will name my next child after you… seriously. Or maybe a puppy if we don't have anymore kids.

  117. Great sugar cookie! I also had problems with the dough crumbling after a couple hours in the fridge. Next time I will certainly spoon the flour. I only used 2 3/4 cups anyway, but I ended up adding water to the dough to make it manageable, and the cookies turned out fine, just a little dry. I might add even less flour next time.

  118. If you have a problem with the dough crumbling, make sure you are measuring your flour correctly. Spoon flour into the measuring cup and then level with the back of a butter knife. Also, make sure you are using large or extra large egg. Make sure your butter is also soft enough.

    Baking is a science, so if you have the tiniest bit too much or too little of something, its not going to come out right.

    If dough is crumbly, add some milk, a little at a time until your dough looks satiny smooth and sticks together.

    Not only did I think the dough came out beautifully and was easy to work with, this recipe made the best sugar cookie (even with my subs) to date. I'm naming my next child Kate (or dog, or fish).

  119. These are the best! I've searched and made several sugar cookie cutouts searching and these were awesome because they taste great, were SUPER easy, and HOLD THEIR SHAPE (don't puff up and lose their semblemce of what the cookie cutter looks like. Thanks for the keeper!

  120. I know you’ve been asked a million times but do you have a recipe for the pink frosting? It looks SO yummy!! I want that cookie in the picture SO bad haha!!

  121. I made this recipe from Munchkin Munchies and immediately thought of that pretty pink cookie when I whipped up the frosting! I couldn’t resist myself, made a batch of your sugar cookies and another batch of the frosting, (I used 3 1/2 C sugar instead of 4), and they came out beautifully! Needless to say, I have LOTS of pretty cookies in my house!

  122. Have you ever tried these with a cookie gun? The cookies are delicious (as are most of the recipes I’ve tried off this site) and I’d love to try making them with the gun – but I don’t know if the dough is good for pushing through. What do you think?

  123. Sara,
    I make your cookies all the time….totally awesome. Just have one question. Have you ever doubled the batch? I would like to double the batch, but want to know if it will come out okay. Sometimes I know that if you double batches, they don’t work, and just want to know if you have ever done that on this one. Thank you for a great recipe!

  124. I love love love this recipe!! I baked nearly 400 of these cookies this weekend!! Now I need to royal ice them all for my cousin’s wedding on Saturday! 🙂

  125. I just found your website and am totally hooked! I decided to try these sugar cookies, and I am extremely pleased with the result! My son and I are both gluten intolerant, and this recipe adapted to being gluten free really well. Because gluten free things tend to be on the crumbly side anyway, and after reading some of the comments, I measured the flour very carefully and also left out a tiny bit of flour to start with just to make sure. I patted it out, then covered it with an extra sheet of parchment paper to roll it out. They are perfect! Thanks for sharing!

  126. i just came across this site and its love at first recipe (which was the colorburst cupcake). my son’s first birthday is just around the corner and i would to add some extra special touch to it. I am hoping to make the cupcake, the stuffed pizza roll and sugar cookies (BTW: the cookies pictured here looks so delicious).However am a newbie in baking and got a teeny question. What type of sugar did you use in the recipe? Why am I asking this is when I make spritz cookies I use the granulated sugar which results a grainy dough. From the pictures I can see its a very smooth dough and was thinking that if I use granulated sugar I might end u with a grainy dough.

    1. Generally speaking, when recipes call for “sugar” it means granulated white sugar (which is what you use here). If a recipe needs powdered sugar, it will call specifically for it. Don’t worry about a grainy dough- the sugar melts when the cookies bake!

  127. Delicious!!! I accidentally scooped my flour instead of using a spoon…but the still seemed fine. After getting it out of the fridge, it was extremely hard and crumbly. I just had to knead it a little to get the dough to warm up slightly and then it was fine! My cookies held their shape PERFECTLY…I’ve never had cookies do that so well! Thank you for the wonderful recipe…I just need to glaze them now!

  128. I LOVE this post:) I too am a sugar cookie snob. There is nothing worse than a beautifully decorated sugar cookie that is dry, hard and blah! My recipe is very similar to yours. I use a mixture of vanilla, almond and butter extracts. Those three flavors together in the right amounts produce an amazing taste!
    I have enjoyed reading your blog!

  129. Do you have a special frosting you use? If so is the recipe on your website? I really want to know. Those look absolutely delicious!

  130. Hi, I was wanting to make the “Sweet Cream and Jam” cookies you have pictured above but there aren’t any directions and I was wondering if there was anything different you do or if it’s just the basic sugar cookie recipe and decorated as shown? I’m hoping to try out this recipe this weekend they look so yummy! Thanks!

  131. I have had this recipe bookmarked forever and FINALLY got around to making them tonight. I have finally found the perfect cookie dough recipe I have never found one that hold the shape after baking.
    It was really warm in my house today so I had to chill the dough, cut out the shapes and then chill it again to get the shapes out but that is ok because the cookies were perfect.
    Thank You !

  132. Okay, so I’m going to beg for the recipe for the bubble gum pink “creamy frosting” you show on the sugar cookies. Beg, beg, beg! It looks good & seems faster than the glace, especially for those of us with little ones and little time to devote to decorating.

    By the way, I love your site and have found many fast recipes I can easily throw together for my family. Congrats to you both on the cookbook!

    1. It’s nothing unusual! Real butter, powdered sugar, pinch of salt, vanilla and almond extract, and a little milk 🙂

  133. I have to say, after reading this almost two years ago now, it has become my GO-TO cookie. I use it all the time – birthdays (instead of cake), holidays, everyday! I’m currently living overseas and I’m looking for something to bake for our preschooler’s teachers (who are not American). I’m thinking I’m going to have to bust out this recipe and make up some of your amazing cookies!!!!


  134. I made these cookies over the weekend, and everybody loved them! I was very nervous about the dough (it was very soft) but after a few hours on the fridge, it was perfect to roll.

    I love your website!

    Best Regards from warm Costa Rica!

  135. I just threw my old sugar cookie recipe in the trash. Oh my stars in heaven above, THIS recipe is a winner. Normally I dread making any sort of cut out cookies. The dough is difficult to roll, it sticks to the rolling surface or I cant pull it off the rolling surface with out the aid of every spatula in the kitchen and a truck full of flour. Not this one though. I dont have the room in my fridge to stick rolled dough, so I wrapped the ball of dough in wax paper and plopped it in the fridge for a hour. When I pulled it out, it was a bit too stiff and cracking, but after just a few moments of kneeding it was ready to rock. I had dough rolled and all the cookies cut in under an hour. That happens like…never. It usually takes me hours because the dough gets too warm. The best part is, I was able to use almost all the dough! This recipe lends itself to being gently rolled out more than just once or twice because it requires so very, very little additional flour to do so. Which means no stiff, yucky dough to trash! And the taste…yum. Pefectly soft and buttery. Thank you for such a fabulous recipe and for saving me from tough, brick-like sugar cookie hell!

  136. This was a great recipe! My dough was fine and dandy and followed instructions exactly, no issues to report here! I let it chill for an hour in the shape of a disc, and needed no extra flour. However, the cookies fell super flat after they were done baking (rather than staying super thick and chewy like I love my sugar cookies to be), which tells me perhaps there is too much fat in the recipe? Has anyone had the same issue? If not, meh! I will just cut down the fat a little bit next time.

  137. I stumbled across your blog on Pinterest and I must say it was my lucky day 🙂 I made a quick trip to the store for “real” butter and whipped these up tonight. As a matter of fact, the last batch is in the oven. These cookies were SO easy to make and simply wonderful!! I’m not sure why some people are having the issues they were having. I did not experience any difficulties. Believe me, I was sure that if anyone would have a problem it would have been me. I read through all of the comments and used everyone’s advice and followed your recipe exactly. No problemo!! I plan on using your Glace Icing to ice these babies 🙂 Keep your fingers crossed and wish me luck……not sure how much of an artist I am. 😉

  138. Sara-I’m just wondering what consistency you like your dough? And do you take the scraps, after cut-outs are removed, and roll them out again for more cookies? If so, how many times will you do this? I am a sugar cookie snob too and I’m glad to know that there are others out there!! My favorite is the sour cream recipe. But I’m gonna try yours since I value your knowledge of sugar cookies. And I don’t think you can ever get frosting too sweet. Sometimes I make-up a batch of frosting just to eat by the spoonful. Thanks for all the great baking tips and if you could answer my questions, I’d be grateful. Thanks!

  139. Since you’re a sugar cookie snob, I’m not sure if you’re a traditionalist about them, but I found a spiced sugar cookie recipe on foodnetwork and it’s to die for! I’ve made it millions of times 🙂 My favorite sugar cookie yet.

  140. Have you (or anyone!) ever tried making these with gluten free flour??? Just wondering… first Christmas baking with my mom who was diagnosed celiac last year and trying to plan my attack… Thanks!

  141. I am doing the baking for both my parents’ and my inlaws’ Christmases…so lots to do. Can this dough be made ahead of time and frozen for a couple days? Obviously I don’t want to make the actual cookies days ahead of time, but if the dough can be made early, I can just roll them out and bake them a day before we travel. Also, would it be ok to let the cookies sit after baking for a day before decorating? I’d leave them in a sealed container. I’m trying to do all of the steps on similar days. Like decorate all in one day, and bake in one, or two days, etc… Thanks!

    1. nevermind! found an idea on another page. the glace tutorial says you can freeze the cookies for months! i can bake them today and finish them later

  142. I can’t seem to find the recipe for the frosting used on the pink cookies. It looks amazing and I’m having a hard time finding a cookie sugar cookie frosting recipe, thanks!

  143. AMAZING!!!! your recipe may have saved Christmas, and I’m not exaggerating either! so buttery, so soft and so easy to roll and cut!!!!

  144. I’ve made these before and I love them! I too am a sugar cookie snob. However, tonight when I was making them I was distracted when I measured out the flour and I think I added one cup too many! I doubled the recipe so I don’t want to throw it out. I googled a solution, but the only one I could find said to add vegetable oil but that didn’t sound right to me. Do you have any suggestions to save it?

  145. I made these cookies last night, and I can say is awesome. Will glaze them today as my glaze is still chilling 😉 Perfect…followed your recipe to a T. But do have a question, can you substitute wheat flour for the regular flour?

    PS, your website is so very wonderful. I believe you have a book with these recipes that I would definitely purchase

  146. Hi I have tried many sugar cookie recipes (and am yet to be impressed with any) and have recently come across yours. Which I am dying to try, but unfortunately one of my children is allergic to eggs. Is there anything that I can subsitute the eggs for in this recipe and have it be a success?

    Thank you

  147. I made these yummy cookies today to take to a YW activity! LOVE this recipe! Thanks! I added butter flavoring instead of vanilla or almond and they are amazing!

  148. I use powder sugar instead of flour to roll out my cookies. The last cookies are the best because they are the sweetest.

  149. I used a Martha Stewart recipe…and my dough was soo dry and crumbly. You never forget to put in details that I often mess up. Next time I make cookies I’ll be following your recipe instead! Wish I didn’t scoop my flour!

  150. If I use salted butter do I need to adjust the 1/2 tsp salt or just leave it as is? I’m kind of assuming the recipe is using salted butter since it doesn’t say unsalted… Thanks!

  151. I made these this week for Valentine’s. I will never use another sugar cookie recipe ever! They were seriously the best! Thanks for sharing.

  152. I found your blog while searching for a sugar cookie recipe. After reading all the comments I attempted to make these (glad I read them because I only had Medium eggs and I knew to roll them out prior to refrigerating). I wasn’t feeling well so they didn’t get made for several days, but they turned out terrifically even with the extra time in the fridge. Will use this recipe again–but will double it since we ate them so quickly. Now I need to check out the other recipes you have.

  153. I love these cookies! My neighbor (who i had not met yet) brought me a plate of these cookies at christmas and they were the best i had ever had!! It took me a week to track down the neighbor and the recipe! i too am sort of a cookie snob and usually won’t eat other peoples cookies! I like my cookies a little crisp so i keep them in the oven until the edges are golden! for piping i use a wilton tip but hook it on freezer zip lock bag. i love the idea of rolling then chilling!, it works great! thanks again and keep those “real” recipes coming!

  154. I was wondering if this recipe would work out as well with an egg replacer. I made the recipe as is and loved it, but my niece who is allergic to eggs is coming over and I wanted to make it for her. There is only one egg, do you think it would make much of a difference? Thanks!

  155. Sara, you have such awesome ideas! Thanks for sharing this recipe! I found your page by searching for answers to the “crumbly dough” question that Amber Joy wrote a long time ago. As I searched, I left my stand mixer running… And it solved the mystery! If the dough is crumbly, it hasn’t mixed enough! I hope this helps anyone else facing similar crumbly cookie dough troubles.

    Thanks for the awesome recipe! I was doing Martha’s cookies- and decided to try your glaze icing for the Saint Patrick’s day treats I’m making!

  156. Question: How long is the dough safe in the fridge? (took forever for my butter to dethaw, and on that subject do you know any tricks to dethaw butter quickly?)

    Also, I was recently introduced to your blog. I made your better than boxed cake recipe recently and swirled in 8 oz of melted chocolate and a couple tablespoons of butter, with a cup of the batter for an amazing marble cake. I followed every instruction precisely(even the wrapping and freezing) and I don’t think I’ll ever make just a box again. I also love your perfect (white-sauce) frosting. Thanks for all of your resources and thanks in advance for a reponse.

    1. Just let it thaw completely in the fridge and then place at room temperature until soft and pliable. As for the butter, I use the microwave at power level 3 for 30 seconds. All microwaves are different, but that has been the magic combo for me! You can also take a heavy rolling pin and beat the heck out of it on a counter top 🙂

  157. Love it! I got this recipe from my Mom. Not sure if ya know but it was a recipe published by Tupperware a million years ago-back when I was growing up. My mom was a Tupperware lady forever. She used to make this cookie dough recipe and cookies to show how fresh Tupperware would keep them.
    I agree with you, this IS the best sugar cookie recipe that I’ve tried and I’ve tried a lot of different ones. I love the almond flavoring. We’ve got a child with egg allergies so we make a special batch just for him. We just sub gelatin for the egg.
    Our favorite is to sprinkle with cinn/sugar. Awesome snicker-doodles!

  158. Thank you, thank you, thank you! The BEST sugar cookie recipe ever!!! I baked them tonight, and will ice them in the morning. Once again, amazing! 🙂 Kudos!

  159. Today I found out that I need a new hard drive on my computer and that while they might recover some of my data, I would probably lose everything on my applications (including the internet). I was most distraught that I had lost my bookmark to this page – this is by far the best sugar cookie recipe I have ever tried!! Luckily with some creative Google searching, I found you again. Now I’ve printed out the recipe so I’m sure that I always have it 🙂

  160. I’m so excited to have finally found your website and in therefore the PERFECT sugar cookies! Sugar cookies are a favorite of my husband of 21the years and sadly I’ve just now found this awesome recipe! I made them Saturday and made a white chocolate buttercream frosting to go on top! Boy the smile on his face was perfection! I’m so excited! Thank you sooooooo much! I’ll be trying the glaze next!
    Thanks again! 😉 jade

  161. This is THE BEST sugar cookie recipe that I have ever used! I love that the dough is so easy to roll and cut out. I’ve definitely had that problem in the past. I used this for cut out cookies and the dough was a cinch to use! I originally made a double batch which made 36 3″ cookies (3/8″ thick). I’m making them for a wedding and have now made over 120 cookies with this recipe! I eliminated the baking powder to minimize spreading and spooned the flour (thanks for teaching me that!) The dough was very easy to work as I rolled it between two sheets of waxed paper, refrigerated and then cut them out. As my cookies were on the thicker side, it took 14 minutes to bake. Thank you so much for this recipe! I’m using the glaze too!

  162. Im a nanny in Italy and wanted to make something simple but good with the kids. Found this recipe and I am soooo happy I did!! Very simple to make (especially with younger children) and they turned out perfect and delicious! Thanks so so much! Their first sugar cookie making experience was a good one

  163. Hi! Just made a double batch of these and they were a huge hit! I noticed some people questioned the necessity of spooning the flour–I actually weighed the flour both ways. Spooning the flour into the measuring cup: 11.4 ounces total flour. Taking one big scoop of flour and leveling it off: 15 ounces total! The measuring technique makes a huge difference, don’t skip this step! Thanks for the great recipe!

  164. Can you share a frosting recipe? I’ve hardly done any baking in my life, and have never made sugar cookies and don’t have the first clue how to make frosting for these…. Thanks!!

  165. Hi, im gonna try this recipe for my daughter for christmas but would like to ask all those who successfully made the recipe and are planning to bake this again sometime soon to give the weight of the flour via spooning and roughly the weight of the large to very large egg that they use. i think this will help alot of bakers who come across this recipe and are having problems obtaining a successful result. Most bakers do go by weight now as its more accurate and less margin for error due to varying techniques and measuring cups.
    Thanks Sara for the recipe and thanks in advance to whoever took the time to weigh the ingredients 🙂

  166. Do you, as a rule, use unsalted butter? I’m thinking you do. Forgive me if that question is already answered here…I got tired of scrolling!

  167. These are fantastic! The dough was easy to make, the held their shape for cut outs as you said, looked and tasted great! And really, I’m not a great baker at all so I’m thankful for this recipe:) Will make again!

  168. I made these and was finally able to make a decorated sugar cookie! I have tried to make sugar cookies before and they never turned out and were tasteless, difficult to roll out and the cookie cutter never worked out with the dough sticking to it etc. This recipe worked well for me and what I really found helpful were the little extra details Sara posted. I also made the icing and bought the cookbook that the icing recipe was in by Alice Currah Savory Sweet Life. I’m so proud of my cookies! They turned out great! I made the icing and tinted it green with a little food coloring. My cookie cutter is a Christmas tree so I iced them with the green icing and then sprinkled green sanding sugar on and they look really cute. I’ve always wanted to make frosted sugar cookies so I’m glad I found this blog and the recipe. Thank you Sara! One thing I learned from my mom as a little girl way back in the day. She would put a sheet of wax paper over the dough and then roll it out. It keeps the dough from sticking to the rolling pin and works great. You might have to keep moving it around but it does work well. I also broke down and bought a Silpat from Amazon. Hope I like it! I will have to make more cookies to know for sure, lol. Merry Christmas!

  169. P.S. an update to the above. My Silpat came and ok how did I live without this thing before? It’s fantastic. Great pass along tip for better results and less frustration when rolling out the dough and you can use it to bake on, too. I got mine from Amazon and they are on sale right now but still spendy at about $24-25 for a baking sheet size. I think it is worth it if you make cookies often or even if you just make tons of them at Christmas time it’s well worth the money. This year I invested in better baking sheets, a cooling rack and the Silpat. All of these things have helped make the baking more enjoyable. Next on my list -a freestanding mixer, maybe Santa will bring me one : ))) Merry Christmas. ~Donna

  170. This is hands down the easiest, most delicious sugar cookies recipe EVER. I tried with just almond extract and just high quality vanilla extract; a mix is now my preference. Either way, the recipe makes awesome cut-outs that hold their shape to perfection! Thank you so much for this recipe!!

  171. If you are the “sugar cookie snob” then I want to be your sister! You really should call yourself the “sugar cookie guru.” These cookies are amazing!!!!! You don’t even need to put frosting on them!! Thank you for making my Christmas even merrier!!!!

  172. Finally a recipe that includes almond extract! Can’t wait to try this recipe. I have been hunting for one like this!

  173. These are the most delicious sugar cookies recipe I have ever made. I made two batches and they are now all gone and I have to make more for Santa tonight!

  174. Would I ruin these if I were to make the dough, roll it into balls, and freeze the dough? I’m looking for something like the pre-made cookie dough you can buy at the store without all the extra stuff in it. Thank you!

  175. Yay! I am so happy I found your site. My daughter’s first birthday is coming up, and we have an owl theme. I am going to *attempt* to make your sugar cookie recipe with the glacé icing using the tulip cookie cutter you recommended. I’m going to make the cookies today, and will begin testing out the frosting part of it after work this week. I’m not a huge baker, and I’ve never decorated cookies before, but I’m going to give it a shot! Thank you for this post!!

  176. These are good until the next day-they get dry. Frankly, the reason the dough is so crumbly is due to too much flour. I think these are great fresh from the oven, but just wait another day and they are not so hot. Reduce the flour, add more butter, reduce baking powder. Basically, try a different recipe!

  177. The BEST sugar cookies I have ever had! Easy too! Everybody who has ate these loved them! Thank you for such an AWESOME recipe!

    1. One batch rolled out perfectly into a cookie sheet before I refrigerated. I re-refrigerated the re-rolled scraps for more cookie cutting which came to about another half a sheet. How many cookies depends on the size of your cutters.

    1. I lived in CO for yrs and only adjusted recipes for cakes. My cookies never seemed to be affected, even at nearly 8,000 feet. Just keep an eye on your baking time.

  178. Sara,

    I have tried many sugar cookie recipes, and wasted MANY ingredients on mediocre tasting cookies. This recipe is the one that I’ve been looking for, it turned out PERFECTLY, the dough was great to work with, and the cookie taste wonderful.

  179. Used your sugar cookie recipe yesterday, and best ever!! So moist, tasty, and worked great with cookie cutters. I’m tackling the owls today with the glace icing. Wish me luck!!!

      1. I store them in an uncovered container on the counter so they don’t get too soft. Two days later they are still perfect!

  180. These cookies taste really good, but after following the directions exactly, I had to add a little more egg (I used a large, to start) in order to get the dough to adhere to itself. Even then, the dough was too dry and the cookies I baked for Christmas broke when they came out of the oven. Very frustrated.

  181. Made these last Christmas with the Glaze and they were amazeballs! Everyone loved them and the kids gobble them right up. Ill be making these again.

  182. I have made this recipe multiple times and they are wonderful! I just make them with a standard powdered sugar frosting and they always turn out great. I prefer the softer version and only bake them 8 minutes! TO DIE FOR!

  183. I just wanted to post my measurements for the creamy pink frosting shown. 4 cups powdered sugar, 1 stick butter, 2 to 4 Tbsp milk, 1tsp vanilla extract. Mix until smooth and add food coloring if you’d like it colored. Hope this helps! Can’t wait to try this recipe. Going to make it for Santa with the kids this year! Thanks !

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  185. Do you re-roll out the cookie dough and keep cutting until it’s all used up? I’m a cookie baker but have steered clear of sugar cookies because every time I’ve tried, I’ve been disappointed. They come out fluffy and don’t hold their shape. Really want to try these . . 🙂

  186. Delicious!!! Super easy! They cut with cutters beautifully. Made two batches for my kids to decorate for Easter. I saw several posters had problems. Always use soft butter. I set mine out on the counter the day before. I always sift my flour into one bowl, then spoon it into my measuring cup to dump in a second bowl before adding the rest of the dry ingredients. As a test, I scooped out six cups of flour, sifted, then measured into a second bowl. I still had about two cups of flour in the first bowl. That’s a huge difference in measurement, especially with cookies. Love the advice to roll out between parchment before refrigerating! I rolled mine straight onto cookie sheets. After I cut my cookies, I balled up the scraps, rolled it out again and refrigerated. The key to keeping your cookies holding their cut shape is COLD dough, no matter how many times it has to go back in the fridge. My kitchen was warming up from double ovens so re-refrigeration was a necessity. I used your glaze recipe, too, and it rocks! I did an initial glaze on most of the cookies (set them back on cooling racks over cookie sheets for drips) and after the glaze set up, I mixed up several recycled snack applesauce cups with gel paste colored glaze (not re-thickened though), gave my two young kids (3-1/2 & 6-1/2) some paint brushes and sprinkles and let them have at it. I also put a few colors in small-tipped squeeze tubes for them. They had a blast! This is definitely a keeper recipe and I shared on Facebook. Thank you!

  187. Jess asked about butter…always use unsalted in baking unless the recipe specifies otherwise. I’ve had cookies nearly ruined b/c all I had was salted. Made them flat and I could taste the extra salt. You never know how much salt a particular brand will have in it.

  188. I searched for a sugar cookie recipe without shortening, and I came across a Sugar Cookie recipe by Sara@Our Best Bites. And I just have to say it is the BEST sugar cookie recipe ever. I was so happy with how my Halloween cutouts came out. The taste is great, even my husband enjoyed them and he don’t care for cookies. Thanks for the great recipe, Christmas cookies are next and this is going in my collection and is now my only sugar cookie recipe for me.

  189. Wish I had known about the unsalted butter before I added the salt. They were s little salty. But the rolling out to chill and cut was the BEST hi t ever. Do easy!

  190. So, tonight I was looking for the recipe for the glace icing, and I started poking around on the site. I have already made my cookies, and was just looking to see what icing recipes you had. We have been using this recipe for years – like my mom used to make these when I was a kid. I’ve wondered where it came from, and my mom has no idea, she said her mom used to use it 🙂 I love this recipe, and the cookies are amazing. I’m glad you got it out there, so more people can stop making bland cookies!

  191. Hi, This is a very simple sounding recipe. Haven’t tried it yet but have searched high and low for a good SOFT sugar cookie and tried many of them all with disappointing results. I can make great crisp cookies tho’. I have a recipe that my grandmother gave me years ago that was so good the cookies just seemed to melt in your mouth. She said the secret was don’t handle the dough much, use only sour cream from Jersey cows (they had them…I don’t) and lard was best for the shortening. Maybe so. I have made this recipe dozens of times and cannot duplicate her results. The taste is there but they lack the the cakelike softness. I will try your recipe next time and hope for the best.

  192. I made these for my daughter’s birthday party and they were a total hit. I managed not to burn them in the oven which says a lot about the easiness of the recipe, and everyone loved them. We decorated them with different colors of frosting and different sprinkles, and used black frosting to draw ‘button holes’ on the cookies (it was a sewing party). All in all a great recipe that I’ll come back to for future fun times!

  193. Best best best sugar cookie recipe! It’s my standard now. I like them thick, they bake up just like Lofthouse cookies. They freeze awesome, with or without frosting first. They stay soft and delicious on the counter for a good week, almost getting better. My husband’s fav!

  194. This is the best recipe however, I think it changed! Didn’t it used to tell you to put the dough in the refrigerator for a while to chill before rolling? I thought there was a whole short cut to doing that also. Where did it go? The dough is a bit too soft to work with right out of the bowl, right?

    1. You’re right–I think it got lost in the shuffle when we added a recipe card! I’ve fixed it. My favorite trick, though, is to roll it onto a sheet of parchment while it’s still soft (as thick as you want the cookies, then top with another layer of parchment and refrigerate for about 30 minutes. It’s way easier than trying to roll out rock-hard dough! 🙂

  195. Just made these delicious cookies. Thank you so much for a recipe I’ll use again and again! My son loves them and I actually like them–and I don’t even really like cookies!

  196. Hello Sara
    We are from different sides of the track. Over there is you a self admitted sugar cookie snob. On this side of the tracks is my home. While i handle my problem well the rest of the year i fall off the wagon every Christmas season. You see i am a sugar cookie junkie. East does meet west today, thank you for the recipe. Have a joy filled Christmas season.

  197. This post changed me from a mom who wouldn’t do sugar cookies with her kids to one who hosts a sugar cookie making party with a dozen kids every year. I love that this recipe turns out really well every time (I even tripled the batch this time) and the parchment paper method is a game changer. Thanks!

  198. Can you make these cookies ahead of time? I’m making some for a baby shower. If I make them on Sunday and glaze them on Wednesday would they still be good on Saturday?

    1. They will not be great if you keep them for almost a full week, however you can bake them and then immediately after cooking, freeze them. That way they will be nice and fresh. I would eat as soon after glazing as possible for best results!

  199. Perfect Christmas sugar cookie! I spent time going through the reviews and made sure to spoon the flour (no scooping!) and had no problem with the dough. Perfect bake and taste!

  200. Am I totally missing the temperature for the oven in the recipe?! I just made them before Christmas and it looks like you changed it a little/added more tips, etc. I can’t for the life of me find the temperature and can’t remember! It’s my favorite sugar cookie recipe ever…and I’m making them again for Valentines Day.

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