Valentines Day Breakfast and Brunch

Valentines Day is one of those holidays that I especially love having on a weekend.  When it falls on a week day I feel the need to bust out some strawberry milk for my kids as they’re rushing out the door for school and maybe pull out some pink paper plates or something.  It’s always rushed and crazy.  But on a weekend?  It’s not like Christmas or Thanksgiving where there’s a million other things to do.  It’s the perfect holiday to make something extra special and enjoy a slow morning at home stuffing it in your face.  So today, I give you six of my favorite things to stuff in my face.  Hope you all have a wonderful holiday!  If you’re looking for more inspiration, check out our Valentine Section, right here!

Valentines Breakfast

  1.  Crepes:  They’re not as hard as you think! Easy peasy with our tutorial.  Set out a bunch of fun toppings like fruits, chocolate sauce, nutella, fresh lemons, balasamics, etc.  

    2.  Puffed Oven Pancakes:  Kids love these for dipping.  Basically a baby German pancake.  

    3.  Whipped Sweet Orange Berry Butter:  Make any ol’ pancake or waffle recipe (or heck, just toast!) and dress it up with this amazing butter.  It makes everything way better.

    4.  Chocolate French Toast:  As simple to make as traditional french toast, but CHOCOLATE.  

    5.  Overnight Yeasted Waffles:  Make Valentine’s morning a breeze by prepping this waffle batter the night before.  It’s like no other you’ve tried!  Top it with fancy syrup and nutella-whipped cream.  

    6.  Stuffed Strawberry-Lemon Croissant French Toast:  Hands down one of my most favorite recipes on this website.  Top it with fresh berries for one of the most amazing things you will ever eat.  Bonus- make it the night before!

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  1. I made the stuffed croissant french toast for the first time for a baby shower last week. It was totally worth breaking all the rules of my diet to have a taste!