Weekend Recap: Kate & Sara in Seattle

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So if you follow Sara and me on Instagram, you probably caught some of our adventures last week in Seattle (and if you live in that area, we may have seen you at our TV appearance or Williams-Sonoma–it was so fun to meet so many of you!) We’re still getting caught up on real life, but I thought I’d share a few of our adventures there!

Getting from semi-rural Louisiana to Utah usually isn’t too bad, but traveling to (and especially from) the West Coast is kind of a beast, even though the trip really isn’t that much longer. So by the time I finally  made it to my hotel room, I was a little hangry (and also excited to be in a hotel room by myself, so, you know, we had some balance) and ordered the most giant, delicious burger and fries (just warning you now, there’s going to be a lot of food splurges in this post. Life’s too short to not eat when you’re out of town…that’s what walking is for!)


Yes, while I was promoting our healthy cookbook. But a salad wasn’t gonna cut it that night, peeps. It was worth every bite.

Sara and I were doing a cooking demo on New Day Northwest the next day and we had to prep all the food using amazing resources like the mini fridges in our hotel rooms, so Sara checked into the hotel with her stroller loaded up with groceries and I may or may not have been seen wandering the halls of the Seattle Hilton with a ridiculous number of warm rotisserie chickens. One girl did a triple check when walked past me. I like to keep people guessing.

The next day, we headed over to the TV studio where we were informed that it was a closed set and everything was top-secret, but there was a big star there and we weren’t supposed to talk to him or take pictures. So naturally, being big fans of How I Met Your Mother (and The Muppets, but just me…Sara does not love Muppets), we snuck one of these of Jason Segel…


That’s actually a picture of his reflection through an almost-closed door. I’m basically a spy.

Sara was much braver than me and snapped this:


He was super friendly and nice and we would have shaken hands, but ours were covered in chicken. Just how you want to meet all celebrities.

We also got to meet Hello Kitty backstage.


It was pretty much everything I’ve ever dreamed of.

The TV spot was super fun (you can watch it below if you want…I haven’t actually watched it myself because I can’t watch myself on TV. I cannot.)

We got to answer questions and take pictures after, and it’s always so fun to meet you guys and put faces to names!


(This is just Sara and me…I already knew her face and her name, but I didn’t want to steal anyone’s Instagram pictures.)

After New Day, we explored downtown Seattle, which just happens to be one of my most favorite cities in the world.

IMG_9652 IMG_9649 IMG_9648 IMG_9643 IMG_9647 IMG_9642 IMG_9644 IMG_9645We walked and walked and walked. We ate cookies that were literally bigger than a baby’s head.


We visited the infamous Seattle gum wall.

IMG_9653 IMG_9654

Afterwards, I crashed (and by “crashed,” I mean gingerly removed my I’ve-made-a-huge-mistake shoes from my blistered feet and laid on the bed and read, and by “read,” I mean surfed the Internet on my phone with the TV on in the background.)

In a funny twist of fate, one of my best friends in the universe who I haven’t seen in a few years happened to be in Seattle at the same time, staying at a hotel right next to mine, so we met up for dinner at MOD Pizza (which I’ve come to discover is a chain, but it doesn’t feel like a chain, and is also not a chain where I live, so that counts, right?) which was fantastically delicious as well as the cheapest meal I ate on the whole trip–I highly recommend the Lucy Sunshine with fresh tomatoes and basil. And the marionberry lemonade. And those milkshakes looked amazing, but I had to draw the line somewhere…

IMG_9668 The next day, we did a cooking demo/book signing at Williams-Sonoma in Bellevue Square mall. I didn’t actually get any pictures here, but I swiped this one from my friend’s Facebook. This is actually her husband who was nice enough to run over and say hi because she’s stuck at home in bed.williams sonoma

Afterwards, we ate lunch and I was really regretting any and all footwear decisions I had made on that trip. Sara dropped me off at my in-laws’ house where I unwittingly became hooked on Trivia Crack (with the stipulation that none of them were allowed to be social with me whilst Trivia Crack-ing…), watched the first 45 minutes of Newsies, and had a great time catching up with family that I don’t see nearly enough.

Afterwards, my mother-in-law drove me to the airport so I could catch the red-eye flight home. I have this terrible habit of falling asleep when I shouldn’t (movie theaters…watching TV at night with my husband…), but when I should be sleeping (long nighttime flights…hospitals), I can’t. It was fantastic. But I couldn’t wait to get home and see my little gremlins, so it was okay. Seattle Chocolates and Mr. Grisham and his legal thrillers kept me busy.


It was such a fun trip and so amazing to meet so many of you! Thank you to all of you who came out–it meant the world to us!


  1. Me too, so bummed I couldn’t come and see you guys in Seattle! We live fairly close, but sadly had other plans that day. L=I’m totally loving your new book! I made the spicy citrus salmon on the grill last week–huge hit in my household! And it was a treat to eat the leftovers the next day for lunch. So good. Last year two ladies I know were bringing lovely dishes to potlucks over and over, and every time I asked they what they had made they said it was an “Our Best Bites” recipe, haha! So I bought all three of your books and have LOVED reading them. I made the Asian chicken wraps and southwestern pasta salad out of the “savoring the seasons” book and both were fabulous. Looking forward to cooking my way through all three books. They are gorgeous and fun to read, thanks for all your hard work!

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