Alfredo sauce is one of those things that I only splurge on in restaurants, and even then only once in a while. 1, because it always tastes so good (the jarred kind makes me gag) and 2, because that’s as often as my hips can handle it. I found out my favorite restaurant alfredo dish has a over a thousand calories and a whopping 55 grams of fat! However, Alfredo sauce is also one of those things that was always on my list of ‘things that should never be ‘light”.

Until this.

I hate it when people hand you some sort of baked good and say “you can’t even tell it’s light!” as you force something resembling cardboard into your mouth nodding and trying to smile reassuringly. I swear to you, our loyal readers, this is actually GOOD. Really good. It’s thick and creamy and flavorful, and I promise you, it really doesn’t taste light. Try me! It will change your life, and everyone will wonder how you can eat cream sauce several times a week and look so fabulous.

The last and final reason I love this sauce is because it’s so quick and easy. You can have it done in under 10 minutes, and it’s made with stuff you probably already have. And if you really don’t care about calories, go ahead and make it with whole milk. It’s still going to be waaay lighter than using cream, and it tastes extra delicious. I know because when I made it for these pictures I had extra whole milk left-over from ice cream so I tossed it in there. Yum!

Okay, I’ll stop yapping now.

milk, Parmesan cheese, butter, cream cheese, garlic, flour, salt.


The milk, flour, cream cheese and salt go in a blender

And the garlic and butter go in a pan for a quick sizzle.  Then you pour the milk mixture in there and heat it to thicken, and in goes the parm.  That’s it!



I use this sauce for so many things. Here’s a few ideas:

-Over pasta (obviously)
-As a dip for breadsticks
-As a sauce on pizza (this is the garlic cream sauce I was referring to in this recipe) and a half batch of sauce covers 2 medium pizza’s.
-Mix it with pesto for a creamy pesto sauce (so good)
-Mix it with marinara for a creamy marinara sauce

One time when we had dinner guests over with a bunch of kids, we did a pasta bar. I made a couple different pastas, a couple different meats, and then made this sauce, marinara, and pesto. Everyone had so much fun mixing and matching and combining. The adults could get fancy with alfredo-pesto over bow-ties and the kids could have plain ol’ spaghetti if they wanted to. Toss in some french bread and a salad and you have a really fun, and really easy meal!

This clocks in at around 100 calories for 1/4 C sauce!

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