Campfire Cookies

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Cute Mini Campfire Cookies from Our Best BitesI’ve shared before one of my favorite tricks for encouraging young kids to try new things in the kitchen.  Sometimes all it takes is relating it to something they know and love.  Caribbean Rubbed Pork Chops with Mango Salsa instantly became cool when I told my three boys it’s Captain Jack Sparrow’s favorite dinner.  Hummus and Tandoori chicken?  “Just like Aladdin eats!”  Green smoothie?  “Shrek Shake.”  You get the picture.  My little trick turned into fun theme nights and my family loves making an event out of a dinner and movie combo.  It’s a great way to add a little excitement around meal prep and  have fun with the family!  Because of this, Kate and I jumped at the chance to create some recipes inspired by the new DreamWorks Animation movie coming out this month.  Like, we sent each other about 48 texts in the span of a few hours with all sorts of crazy caveman ideas.

The Croods Movie

Have you guys seen the trailer for The Croods?  My kiddos are excited about it, it looks super cute.  And can I just say, I’m so glad to live in a time where animated films are just as entertaining for adults as they are for kids.  I love finding movies that we can all go to and equally enjoy.  Some of my favorite movies are animated!

Kate and I thought it would be fun to make a themed dinner, which is why she posted her awesome Cranberry-Cola Glazed Babyback Ribs recipe, meant to be eaten caveman style (hands only- the messier the better!) (Click Here for the Recipe)

fall-off-the-bone-tender ribs!



Now you just need dessert.   When I was thinking about this, I instantly thought of my cub scout days (like, when I was volunteering with cub scouts, not when I was a cub scout.  Because I was never a cub scout.  Obviously.)  We used to do a little activity to teach fire-building skills where we used pretzels for the wood, and marshmallows to make a little rock pit, and coconut for fire, etc.  That idea quickly transformed into these darling little edible campfires I thought it would be adorable to do this on a cookie or cupcake for a dessert!

Campfire cookies from Our Best Bites
You’ll need a little rock candy for this project.  Keep in mind these are little candy-coated chocolates, not the hard-candy type of rock candy.  I buy these at WinCo, my local grocery store that sells bulk items. You can also get them from Amazon, and I’ve also seen them at party supply stores and candy stores.

Rock Candy

Set up a little station with some sugar cookies (I totally bought mine already baked from my grocery’s bakery, but here’s our favorite from-scratch recipe.) Some chocolate frosting, some crushed Oreo cookies, and your rock candy.

Cookie Station

Three simple steps here:  Spread on some frosting, sprinkle the top generously with dirt (Oreos!), and then surround your fire pit with rocks (safety first.)

Cookie Process

You can do them multi-colored, or pick out the same color rocks. I  think I like the ones with a uniform color.

Rock Bordered Campfire Cookies

Now we need some fire!


I just took a handful of coconut and put it in 3 separate bowls.  Drop a couple drops of liquid yellow food coloring in one, red in another, and orange in the last one.  Use a fork to stir and smash until the coconut is colored.  At first it will look like nothing is happening, but just keep smashing it around and soon it will distribute.  Place the coconut on a baking sheet and we’ll toast it in the oven.

Colored Coconut

The nice thing is that the food coloring prevents most browning, so the coconut stays vibrant and bright, but has that perfect toasted crunch to it.  It also holds its shape like little fiery flames.  Just place a little fire right in the center of your fire-pit.

Flames on Cookies

These are pretty darn cute just like that, don’t ya think?  In addition to being fun for a themed movie day- these would be great for an activity with boys in cub scouts, or girl scouts, or girls camp, etc.

Mini Campfire Cookies

And what I think is even cuter, is adding a few little mini pretzel sticks so you have some wood to burn.  I gave my pretzels a quick dip in chocolate, mostly because I think things that start with the phrase “chocolate-dipped” are a general improvement over things that don’t  start with the phrase “chocolate-dipped.”

Mini Campfire Cookies from Our Best Bites
You get the buttery sugar cookie, creamy chocolate frosting, crumbly cookie crunch, and flavor and texture from the toasted coconut.  My kids loved picking off the “rocks” and “wood” and eating those one at a time.  S0 much fun!

Eating a Campfire Cookie

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Campfire Cookies

  • Author: Our Best Bites


These campfire cookies are a lot easier to make than they look! Quick, easy, and fun, this is a great treat for summer time!


  • *quantities vary by the size of your cookies, how many you’re making, etc.
  • Round sugar cookies
  • Chocolate frosting
  • Crushed chocolate cookies (like Oreos)
  • Candy coated chocolate rock candy
  • Coconut
  • Small pretzel rods (optionally dipped in chocolate)


  1. To color coconut, separate coconut into 3 separate bowls. Working with one bowl at a time, add a few drops of liquid food coloring (one bowl yellow, another orange, another red) and stir and smash with a fork until color is distributed. Place coconut on a baking sheet and bake at 350 degrees for about 5-8 minutes, stirring once, until lightly toasted. Cool completely.
  2. Frost sugar cookies with chocolate frosting and sprinkle crushed chocolate cookies on top. Line the outside edge of cookie with rock candy. Sprinkle cooled coconut in the middle and prop up 3-4 pretzel rods (trim to be shorter if necessary.)


*Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.
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This post is in partnership with DreamWorks Animation and Twentieth Century Fox’s The Croods.  All opinions expressed are our own.




  1. Oh my goodness! That is ridiculously cute! And not cute in a girly way – which is prefect for my 5 sons. I’m excited to try them!! Thanks!

  2. So cute- I don’t like chocolate or coconut, but I might have to make these anyway for our family “campout” (in the living room).

  3. Love it! But sadly the cub scout cake auction was 2 days ago. We seriously would have put these on cupcakes and called it a day! No worries — lots more scouting events in our future.

  4. These look really cute and delicious!!! I also think it’s amazing how you can photograph devoured ribs to look pretty. I’m weird. I know.

  5. Very clever idea. I could see these be a hit at all kinds of events like a picnic or camping event or a theme party. Cute but clever in a way that it would be loved by kids and/or adults at an event. So simple and yet so creative and fun.

  6. Last year we made graham cracker, marshmallow, licorice, animal cracker covered wagons for pioneer day. It would be fun to make a fire for them to circle around this year. Or it would be super cute for a pack meeting, but my only cub scout is a boy scout now and they don’t really do treats at a court of honor.

  7. Can’t wait to make these…one boy in cub scouts and another coming up in May will surely provide an opportunity…

  8. These are darling! I might have to have the kids make these for a fun activity at our family reunion coming up! Thanks for the fun idea!

  9. I’ve totally done this for a Girl’s Camp prep activity before — but using the cookie base would’ve simplified it and been even tastier.

  10. Those cookies are darling and sound so tasty too! We’ve just recommited ourselves to family movie night and I love the idea of having a themed dinner/dessert to go with it!

  11. What a great idea! I love these little cookies and I think I’m more excited about seeing this movie then my kids are! haha

  12. I have seen versions of these before but yours are the cutest!!! LOVE the idea of the rock candy. Please say that this is going to be a new segment and that you are going to do fun dinner and dessert ideas for every new kids movie!! We love going to the movies and I loved themed food. So excited. Now I just have to wait for the movie to come to the cheep theater so I can take the whole fam. Thanks again lady’s for making me look like a fun mom.

  13. I love the colored coconut fire. Seriously clever (and delicious!). Someday I’ll have kids who are old enough to care and I’ll make cute things like this.

  14. those cookies are adorable! i hadn’t even heard of this movie until now but would like to take my husband and son.

  15. I can’t wait to make these with my seven little grandsons! So cute and I’m sure yummy too. You are sooooo….. creative! I love reading your posts and have tried many of your ideas.

  16. These are way fun! I was just thinking that if you couldn’t find rock candy, the one where you did all brown rocks looks like honey roasted peanuts from a distance. Not quite as cute as the rocks but they would totally work. It has been so long since I watched TV that I didn’t even know this movie was coming out! Good job advertizing for them! :0 )

  17. Before I read through the directions, I thought the rocks were made out of peanuts rather than candy. Soooo rather than wasting precious time (when you could be baking with your kidos) searching for edible rocks, use peanuts if necessary. Another idea is to sacrifice an animal cracker on top of the pretzels.

  18. When I looked at the top picture I thought the “rocks” were peanuts. Raisins would also work well for those of us not ambitious enough to hunt down chocolate rocks. 🙂 Too cute. I think we will make these soon to get pumped up for camping season!

  19. These just may be the cutest, most fun cookies ever! I’m going to invite my daughter’s friends over and have them make these as a fun activity. They will love it as much as I will. Fun! Fun! Fun!

  20. These are adorable!!! And I love those lil rock candies I’ve used them on themed cakes before. Sounds like fun to make with the kiddies too!!

  21. I needed this Wednesday night when I was scouring pinterest for a cute idea to go with my girls camp fire night!! We made the fires with marshmallows and pretzels but these would have been the perfect refreshments. Next time I guess!

  22. Love these! My kids and I are so excited to make these cookies. I have to find those candy rocks first! And this movie looks darling. Thank you once again!

  23. These are amazing! You come up with such clever ideas, it is very inspiring. I’m sure you kids loved eating these 🙂

  24. These are the cutest cookies ever — could fit lots of themes — even a Luau. I’m so going to make these this summer — probably a couple times. I am so grateful I know about OBB and for being able to learn from all your wonderful ideas!!

  25. I love these!! I think I will make these on our extended family campout for a kids activity!! To the movie The CROODS, I’d take my 4 beautiful grandkids and their moms. THANKS.

  26. How cute! I agree with Stacey about the cub scout cake auction. We had ours last Sunday, and if we had a made a cake like this, it would’ve been perfect. I might just have to steal this idea for next year’s cake.

  27. Ingenious!!!! Now to go on a search for those rock candies somewhere around here…. ; D

    Cute ideas you girls always have. Thanks for sharing them!

  28. Such cute ideas!! Friday night is usually movie night at our home, so these will be a perfect snack for my 3 boys. If I won the gift card, I know we’d all enjoy going to the big screen and have a great time together. Thanks again for the kid-friendly ideas!

  29. As a parent of four and a scout leader, these cookies are a must for me to make. Thanks for the awesome idea! And who doesn’t love ribs? And animated films? We are going to have an awesome cave-family dinner and a movie.

  30. These look like so much fun! Might actually use them at camping theme party coming up in September for our oldest boy! 🙂 So cool!

  31. Cute idea!! I love the creativity. I would take my boys to the movie because sometimes they can be a little “crood” themselves!

  32. Love it! I shared the idea with my son’s scout leader. I would also pick the rock candy off and eat that first.

  33. I can’t even win the giveaway since I’m in Canada but I don’t care because I just have to say that you guys are brilliant! I am constantly amazed and impressed with your creativity. The details you guys think of blows my mind. Seriously…coconut flames…GENIUS!
    Every week I look forward to what interesting (and funny) things you’re going to post and I’m never disappointed. Some of our favorite recipes have come from here. Plus, every post makes me laugh! Thank you both.

  34. New Cub Scout leader! (I am excited to make these!) very clever… And I mean that even without the giveaway!

  35. So I got thinking, there’s got to be a way to make your own river rocks. Chop a block of chocolate into little chunks and then dip them in colored candy coating. But WHAT is the recipe for that candy coating??? I googled this and came up with nothing. Maybe you ladies could crack the code one of these days…. 🙂 (Cute cookie idea BTW!)

  36. Sara, your brilliance never ceases to amaze me! If these aren’t the cutest things on the planet then I don’t know what is!

  37. made these this afternoon! I was looking for an idea for a special treat for kids dessert. Usually I can always count on this one local store to have the chocolate rocks, but they were out. I subbed a mixture of vanilla and chocolate clodhoppers with teeny bits of chopped peanuts. Quick and fun to assemble once I had everything ready to go. Came together easy since my 3 year old was out of the house. We’ll see how the kids like them tomorrow! Thanks for the great idea!!!

  38. First of all, I was totally a cub scout. I don’t know when they started letting girls in, but I would have been around 9 years old, so… 1999-ish? I’m also in Canada, though, there might be different rules in the U.S. I remember being happy I was allowed in boy scouts, though. The girl guide I knew were having sleepovers at the church with homemade facials and pancakes in the morning and I was out in the woods cooking up hotdogs and marshmallows over a fire. After being a counselor at a girl guide camp, I realize that my impression of girl guides at 9 years old was totally wrong and it was just the leaders not wanting to do outdoorsy stuff… but still, boy scouts was the better of the options I had. Plus I won the father-child cake baking contest! (yes, I still have the ribbon…)

    Second, these are super cute! I hadn’t heard of this movie yet, either, will have to keep an eye out for it. We’ve recently started up a family movie night. Maybe we’ll start having matching themed food, looks like fun – and more things to do with my son on my rare days off.

  39. Adorable! I think you could also “roast marshmallows” over your fire with a couple more of those pretzel sticks and some mini marshmallows stuck on the end. Such a fun idea!

  40. How cute are these!!! I immediately started trying to think of a topic I can teach to my Activity Days girls so that we can make these cookies together. We may just have to have a movie night together and make these for our treat!

  41. I made cupcakes that were very similar to these for my son’s birthday. I couldn’t find those candy rocks ANYWHERE so I used icing. We have a local pretzel bakery that makes pretzel “shorties” that were perfect for the logs and I even roasted some mini marshmallows on toothpicks (cut the toothpicks in half) over the stove and put them beside the fire on the cupcake.

  42. I’ve never taken my kids to a movie. This would be SO fun to make a family date night out of. Ideas brewing….

  43. love these. scouts are practicing building fires in our firepit this week. they will love it when i surprise them with this treat at the end. (may try the same later atop cupcakes, too!)

  44. Oh I find myself constantly wishing I could find these posts a few years down the road when I have children. I hope you ladies are still coming up with these amazing ideas when my hubby and I finally decide it’s time to become responsible. 🙂

  45. Super cute! My kids will love this. I live in the middle of nowhere so it is hard to find things like cany rocks. In the past I have used crumbled chips ahoy cookies. They make gret rocks.

  46. I love you campfire cookies. What a great idea for a total evening of fun. I would love to do this with my grandchildren.

  47. I found these completely on accident when searching for your cream cheese frosting recipe (which is awesome, btw!). I’m SOO glad I found them because they are absolutely adorable and they will be perfect for the baby shower I’m co-hosting next week….my friend is naming her baby girl Scout, so we’re making it a camping theme! Can’t wait to make them!! Thanks so much for your fun and creativity! Haven’t seen the movie yet, but I’m sure we’ll make these again when we eventually have a Redbox movie night at home (the cheapie way to do it!) 🙂

  48. So cute! My son has been begging for a Croods birthday party and since it isn’t out on DVD yet, I can’t find much in the way of party ideas. I think I’m going to use this idea and modify it a bit. Since we’ll already be having cake, I was thinking pineapple slices for the ring, raisins for the stones, pretzels, and fruit roll ups for the fire! Thanks for the idea!

  49. I’m definitely going to do these when I can for a Cub Scouts dinner! I hope Webelos does desert next one we have! 😉 I only do fruits and veggie snacks when he’s Denner!

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