Cranberry Cinnamon Chip Bars

I love autumn.  I love the cold, crisp air, the changing of the leaves, and the wardrobe associated with it all.  But possibly most of all, I love fall food!  (Come to the homepage to see some of our seasonal favorites in the sidebar.)  One of my favorite things to do each season, is take old stand-by recipes and switch them up with seasonal flavors.  That’s what I’ve done here with this classic cookie style bar.  This one is studded with cinnamon flavored chips, juicy pink cranberries and toasted nuts.  The flavors are amazing together and it’s a great (and super easy!) treat for fall time.

This is about as simple as it gets, everything just gets dumped into the pan in layers.  Start with melted butter (you could even save a step right here and melt the butter right in your pan)

Then sprinkle in some graham cracker crumbs and spread them out into an even layer

And then pour on some sweetened condensed milk.

Next goes a layer of coconut

Then some cinnamon chips

I noticed last time I mentioned cinnamon chips some of you said you’d never heard of them.  They’re so good!  I’ve found some stores don’t carry them, but where I live I always find them at Albertsons.

and then some white chocolate chips

Finally on top, sprinkle on some chopped pecans and some dried cranberries.  For this batch I used cranberries from Oh Nuts and I must say they really were the biggest, most plump cranberries I’ve ever had!  I love the pop of color the cranberries give.

That’s it folks.  Just pop that pan in the oven and bake it so everything melts together.

Let them cool before you cut them or you’ll have a big gooey mess.  Or maybe you want a big gooey mess.  If that’s the case then grab a spoon my friend.



  1. I think it's really funny that you say you can find the cinnamon chips at Albertson's. We don't even have Albertson's anymore! They've been bought out by Fresh Market. In case your readers can't find the cinnamon chips, you can send them here. The chips are smaller than Hershey's but they're also less waxy-tasting, and a little more expensive. Anyway, here's the link.

  2. I'm a pretty big fan of those other dump-it-in-a-pan bars and these look fabulous! I just bought a 5 lb bag of mini cinnamon chips (love them!), so I needed this recipe!

  3. These sound great. I love Magic Bars and agree with Merry Jo that they sound similar. I also love white chocolate and cranberry cookies this time of year, so I think this will be a perfect blend of the two! Plus it looks easy 🙂

  4. These sounds delish, Sara! Can't wait to try 'em! I enjoy baking fall-ish types of desserts, foods, as well, so this will be perfect! 🙂

  5. These are like, FALL MAGIC COOKIE BARS!! SPENDID!! I always have the ingredients for MCB, its my staple, I gotta-have-something-fabulous-now treat. And I think this FALL version is just, wonderful. I am adding the cranberries to my list now!!!

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