Creamy Coconut-Lime Floats

St Patty StrawCan someone please explain something to me?  What’s up with the mustache thing?  Kate and I have had many conversations with one another trying to figure out how on earth how mustaches (especially ones on sticks) became a “thing.”  Like, trendy enough that you find sweaters like the one below in the middle of Target.  And trendy enough that people are somehow convinced they need to jump on Pinterest crazes and make mustaches a part of important life events like one’s WEDDING DAY.  I predict 50 years into the future there will be grandchildren all over the world looking at antique photos asking, “Grandma, why is everyone at your wedding making weird expressions and holding fake mustaches up to to cover their faces?”  And Grandma will then drop her head in shame and wonder the same darn thing.  Think about ugly sweater-2it people, think about it.  Ironically enough, the same day I took a picture of this ridiculous sweater at Target to send to Kate (because that’s what we spend half of every day doing: sending pictures of weird things to each other) I also bought…mustache straws.  How could I not?  They have Irish mustaches on them.  And everyone knows that while a long black hairy mustache is weird, a fluffy orange Irish one is fun, festive, and adorable.

I had straws, so I wanted to make a fun drink.  My St. Patrick’s Day recipes around here usually default to things that are mint chocolate because that’s one of my favorite flavor combos, and well, it’s green.  But everyone knows the infamous “Shamrock Shake” is basically just vanilla ice cream with peppermint and food coloring and I feel like it’s totally been overdone on food blogs, so I wanted something green, but not minty, and something my kids would still like.  They’re all about fruity and fizzy and I’m all about coconut and lime-y so I went with that.  These would be super easy to whip up on Sunday and a great one for kids to help with.

Slushy Coconut Lime Floats from Our Best Bites

Start with some ice in your blender

ice in Blendtec

and add in some cream of coconut.  Cream of coconut is not coconut milk.  You can find it in either a can or preferably a squeeze bottle in the section of the grocery store where you find alcoholic drink mixers like pina colada and margaritas, etc.  We use cream of coconut in a lot of recipes, so you’ll have plenty of reasons to use the leftovers!

Cream of Coconut

Next in is some half and half.  Don’t use milk- that’s just weird.  Cream?  A-Ok if you’re feeling that naughty.

Half and Half

And if you want to make these green like I did, add in a drop or two of food coloring.  You’ll get a cold, frothy mixture that will taste super delicious.  Pour that into your glasses.

Blending Coconut Mixture

Next, scoop in a big ol’ scoop of lime sherbet,

Lime Sherbet

And then pour your favorite lemon-lime soda over the top (Sprite, 7-Up, Sierra Mist, etc.)  Those creamy frothy bubbles are one of the best things about any flavor of float.

Frothy Top

Top with a little whipped cream, and if you like- some flecks of gold to attract those sneaky little leprechauns.

Mustache Straw

Also, a mustache on a stick.  But make sure it’s an Irish one.

Creamy Coconut Lime Floats from Our Best Bites




  1. I don’t get the mustache thing either! Glad I’m not the only one! We usually do shakes with mint chocolate chip ice cream for St. Patrick’s Day. I like your float idea! Different from all the chocolate/mint combos!

    1. I always have some cream of coconut in my fridge for pina coladas (with or without the alcohol). I just throw some ice, fresh pineapple, and a couple of squeezes of cream of coconut into my blender and blend ’til I have the consistency I want. I’ve even put in some fresh strawberries (or other fruit) for a delicious twist.

    2. i wonder the same thing!! i bought the cream of coconut specifically for this recipe 🙂 but now i want to eat it straight from the bottle!! i need to use it up in something yummy..

  2. I’m so glad I’m not the only one wondering about the whole mustache thing. I joined the Pinterest party a little late and thought, “Did I miss something?” Apparently my wedding wasn’t awesome because we didn’t have a photo booth with big lips and mustaches.

  3. Ditto on the ice comments. I love that you included a close-up picture of those little pellets just to show it off and make us all wish we were as cool as you are.

  4. I agree with Qwendykay! I would promise to finish my dinner if I could have a cup of your ice afterwards. It’s a good thing I’m not your neighbor. I’d be at your house constantly asking to “borrow” some ice. Good job on the green non-minty yumminess!

  5. My brother informed me that it’s Mustache March. I don’t know if it’s real or not but he’s growing a mustache just the same. I just think that the mustache is making a comeback. One of my brothers can’t really grow a mustache (comes in really blond) so he started wearing the stick on mustaches. It’s a joke in our house. I don’t really know why it’s so popular right now but they are.

  6. You are so just taunting us with your fancy ice! I am kicking myself for not putting an ice machine in my kitchen when we remodeled two years ago.
    I’m totally trying these, we love Lime!

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