Crispy Cheesy Potato Cups

TIntro Cheesy Potatoeshe fact that this recipe title includes the words cheesy, crispy, and potatoes, should give you all the confidence you need to put every one of these ingredients on your grocery list, like, now.  Everyone knows the best part of a baked cheesy potato dish is the outside edge, where the cheese kind of sticks to the edge of the pan and you get to scrape off those browned crispy bits.  This recipe is genius because these cheesy little cups are made in butter and breadcrumb coated servings to every bite is surrounded in those browned crispy bits.  The inside is full of tender potatoes and super creamy sauce.  It would be a perfect side dish for the Orange and Brown Sugar Glazed Ham Kate posted earlier this week!

To get the buttery crisp edge, you’ll coat muffin cups with butter, and then with ground panko bread crumbs.  One piece of advice I have is to take the time to really butter and coat each cup well, making sure there are no open spaces where the cheesy potato mixture can stick.  If they’re well coated, they’ll pop right out when they’re done.

Our Best Bites Breadcrumb lined pan

Set that pan aside and prep your potatoes.  When you read the directions of how to slice up your potatoes, use this as a visual:

Our Best Bites Sliced Potatoes

Put those cute little slices in a microwave-safe bowl and add some half and half,

Our Best Bites Pouring Milk in Potatoes

and some salt and pepper.

Our Best Bites Salt and Peppered Potatoes

Heating this mixture in the microwave gives the potatoes a head start so they cook in time when placed in the hot oven.  While they’re heating up, grate some cheese and toss it with a little cornstarch.

Our Best Bites shredded cheese

Once the potatoes are done in the microwave, combine with the cheese and watch it melt into the mixture like creamy, cheesy deliciousness.

Our Best Bites Cheesy Potatoes

As they cook, the little bit of cornstarch will thicken the cheesy sauce, the edges will brown and crisp, and the tops will melt.

Our Best Bites PreBaked Potato Cups

It’s everything a potato dish should be and more.

Our Best Bites Cheesy Potato Cups

This would be an awesome side dish for a classic steakhouse dinner, or fittingly- along side a holiday ham!

Crispy Cheesy Potato Cups from Our Best Bites



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  1. To answer a few questions:
    They freeze very well. I wrap them up two at a time so they are in serving size packages.
    Half and Half is in the dairy section next to cream.
    Drain the bacon really well or they get greasy. They don’t freeze well with bacon.
    Never use shredded cheese from a bag and never, never use green can Parmesan. Parmesan grates really well with a micro plane. The shreds are really fine and melt quickly.

  2. Made these tonight and they came out perfectly! And this from a girl who never has luck with Internet recipes. Next time I think I’ll add some bacon pieces as suggested in one of the comments above!

  3. Sorry to sound dumb, but it says to cook for 10 minutes, then take off the foil and continue cooking until golden brown, 13-15 mins. Is that an additional 13-15 mins on top of the first 10? (So, 23-25 total.) Or just 13-15 mins total?

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