Fizzy Peppermint Bath Salts

fizzy peppermint bath salts squareI have been saying I was going to make bath bombs for a long time. You know, those giant, fizzy things you drop in your bath that smell fantastic and cost $7 at Lush. And then I round up all the supplies and I start reading about them and how easy it is to mess them up and how things can go wrong and you’re never exactly sure why and I shelf the idea until a few months later when I’m like, “Hey, Kate, let’s make bath bombs today!” And then it happens all over again. Just ask the snowballer that’s been sitting unused in my craft closet for 3 years.

So I make fizzy bath salts instead. Not like the dangerous, illegal narcotics–I tried to think of a better name for this particular product and I was at a loss, so just know that these are regular, legal, safe, non-hallucinatory bath salts. These are so easy (and HARD to mess up), cheap, smell like you’re taking a bath in a tub of candy canes, and they’re a really fun and easy gift to give during the holidays. Except that my husband thinks it’s super weird that I’m giving people things to use in their baths–he said guys don’t do stuff like that. Which reminds me of the time Chandler started taking baths on Friends, but I digress…friends_The-one-where-Chandler-takes-a-bath

You’ll need epsom salts (they’re widely available at drugstores, grocery stores, and Target-like places), peppermint essential oil (I just used the same oil I used in these Cream Cheese Mints last week, but if you’re in the market, just mention the words “essential oils” on Facebook and you’ll have 52 people wanting to sell them to you, and another 12 wondering if you might be interested in joining their Beach Body team or acquiring YouNique mascara), baking soda, and citric acid (which might be the trickiest to find–check out the canning section of your grocery store, or places like Whole Foods. You can also find it on Amazon–I bought a big ol’ bag of it (you know, because of all the bath bombs), but poke around there and there are lots of options; one pound will be plenty for this recipe.

fizzy peppermint bath salts ingredients

I highly recommend slapping on a pair of rubber gloves while you make this–any residual moisture on your hands will make the salts fizz prematurely and if you have any tiny cuts or scratches or irritations on your hands, the straight-up citric acid isn’t going to make them feel better (don’t worry, it’ll be fine in the tub, partially because it’s diluted and partially because the fizzy reaction is actually the baking soda neutralizing the acid. Science, yo.)

Pour the salts into a large and completely dry bowl. Add food coloring (again, I used the deep pink color from this set, but regular red liquid food coloring would work just fine) and essential oil and  mix until completely combined.

peppermint oil and food coloring in salts

Add the baking soda

fizzy peppermint bath soak baking soda

and mix until combined. Add the citric acid and combine completely. Divide into airtight containers (glass is preferable).

jars of fizzy peppermint bath salts from Our Best Bites

You can use 1-2 cups of these salts if you’re doing a therapeutic epsom salt bath (epsom salts are actually a form of magnesium and, when you soak in them, some of the magnesium absorbs through your skin. Magnesium is great for aches, sprains, bruises, muscle cramps, and relaxation. Funny side note: I am a terrible sleeper and my doctor had me start taking a magnesium supplement at night. After a year of every prescription and over-the-counter sleep medication on the market, it is the only thing that helps me fall asleep and stay asleep, plus I don’t send weird texts or buy $300 worth of stuff from Etsy like when I take Ambien.) If you’d rather just add something fun and yummy-smelling to your bath, you can just use a few tablespoons.


Tie some twine around those bad boys and you’ve got gifts for all your girlfriends (or Chandler Bing) for just a few bucks!

Fizzy Peppermint Bath Salts from Our Best Bites

P.S. I’ve added the  printable I made. I don’t love it, which is why I didn’t include it, but lots of people want it, so don’t judge me, haha!



  1. Wow thanks for the tip on the magnesium, I’m going to get some today. I don’t sleep…at all. And after a year on and a VERY hard cold turkey off of Ambien I am anxious to try something…anything!!

    1. Janet, make sure it’s one that’s bioavailable like magnesium citrate–it costs a little more, but your body will absorb much more of it. Magnesium oxide is cheap and easy to find, but it’s hard for your body to absorb. Also, be sure that you’re taking 100% of the recommended daily value; I take 3 of the capsules from my bottle to get 100%. It’s been amazing!! I hope it works for you, too!

      1. Kate, have you tried Natural Vitality Natural Calm? It’s a magnesium citrate based powder you mix with water and it fizzes. It’s helped me sleep when I needed it, but it’s kind of sour though so beware! I get the raspberry lemon flavor.

          1. Hm, well maybe I’ll try the horse pills too because I have a hard time drinking it!

          2. They make this in non-flavored as well. I just mix a little with warm water and after it fizzes, a little juice. Works great!

    2. Both of you (you and the author of this blog)should check out gaba (Gamma-aminobutric acid) I like the powder form and put a little with some water or even a little yogurt right before bed. You can get in online or any vitamin place. Definitely look into it or google it, it helps with several things. Google benefits of butric acid❤️….I’m seeing this post is from several years ago but it’s worth mentioning if it helps anyone, sleep deprivation is not fun.

  2. Kate! You are a genius! I have all the stuff to make bath bombs too…but I also got scared/weirded out about them. I am going to make these for sure :). Thanks!

  3. Great idea.
    I totally want to try it!!!
    By chance do you have any awesome dinner recipes hiding up your sleeve you will be sharing soon? It’s a hard time of year for dinner but for some reason everyone in this house still wants to eat :/

    1. I have one coming next week, but it’s probably not an everyday kind of dinner. If you’re looking for something newish, try the beef tips and gravy recipe we posted a little while back–that’s my new go-to favorite! 🙂

  4. Love this idea! I too have toyed with the idea of bath bombs but been put off by their finicky nature. It looks like you’ve got a nice printable on top….wanna share??

  5. Just an FIY on the liquid food coloring, you might want to check that they do not contain any water because otherwise the salts will fizz… I’m talking from experience, trust me… And the bath bombs might be scary but they’re not if you do not use any water at all and use oil (like olive oil or any other kind). I had kids make them during a science summer camp and they all worked out well (and the kids were like 6 to 9 years old so if they can do it, so can everybody :))

  6. Just when I didn’t think I could love you any more, you make me L-O-L with your essential oils comment. I made the mistake of mentioning on Facebook that my ten-month old had a cough. Oh geez!

  7. THANK YOU! for the recipe and the tip re: magnesium. I also am a horrible sleeper. I’ll have to look into that. And just yesterday I was looking for bath bombs for my kids stockings!

  8. Aside from the fact that this is a great idea, I have to say that your writing style cracks me up–your posts always make me laugh and have on several occasions made me snort Diet Coke through my nose. I’m pretty sure we were destined to be best friends! And I mean that in a very non-stalker way.

  9. Yay you’ve done it again! I’ve been lamely stressing about what to give my gal-friends and I’m totally gonna do this! Unless, of course, they all see this same post and we all end up doing the same thing (see jingle toes year, buttermilk caramel sauce year, and homemade vanilla year 🙂

  10. HAHAHA @the Ambien reference. SO true!! Thanks, both for the FABOO gift idead AND the magnesium for sleep tip…totally gonna try both!

  11. Kate are the jar labels available to print or purchase? Those would make the perfect touch! Also where can your cute jars be purchased?

    1. I’ll send you the labels if you want for free, I just didn’t love how they turned out. 🙂 And you can just get the jars in the canning department of any store that sells stuff like that (Walmart, Target, Amazon, etc.)

  12. Great gift idea! Would have even shared, pinned, etc if not for the slam on BeachBody. I’m a non-salesly/pushy Coach and have even shared ur recipes & ideas for the last couple years AND usually love your comments/humor. What happened?

    1. Not all BeachBody coaches are pushy. And I’m not slamming BeachBody–I actually have and use tons of their videos. But I have some friends on Facebook and Instagram that I’ve had to unfollow because it’s waaaaay too evangelical. Being a non-pushy BeachBody coach, I’m sure you know the type I’m talking about. 🙂

  13. “If you’re in the market, just mention the words “essential oils” on Facebook and you’ll have 52 people wanting to sell them to you, and another 12 wondering if you might be interested in joining their Beach Body team or acquiring YouNique mascara).”


    You are my favorite in the history of ever.

  14. Wow. I just happen to have everything I’ll need to make the bath salts. Very grateful for the magnesium tip. I’m a terrible sleeper eager to get off of the Lunesta. Will try it and let you know how it goes.

  15. I would love the label topper too. Even if it’s not perfect, it is WAY better than anything I could do! :). Great post too, btw. Hilarious!

  16. You crack me up! I love this idea, but I am laughing even more at the truth behind the MLM companies! I hide things from my newsfeed all the time!

  17. I’d love the label topper as well! 🙂 I agree with the others, I LOVE reading your posts. . .they crack me up! 🙂

    Has anyone else tried it with regular food coloring? Someone mentioned it makes the salts fizz? I really want to make this but don’t want to spend the $ on the other food coloring. Thoughts?

  18. Kate, thanks for this cute idea. Love it. I would really like to get the labels you used and noticed you emailed them to a couple of other commenters. Could you please email them to me as well? Thanks so much.

  19. HELP! I made half a batch last night and today it is hard. What did I do wrong? Did anyone else have this problem? I’m supposed to be giving these away as gifts and can’t give them away like this.

    1. Just dump them out onto a baking sheet and break them up with your hands and then put them back in the jars. The same thing has happened to me (I live in a very humid climate) and they still work. 🙂

  20. This post was hilarious. I was laughing out loud. I’m gonna try to make these. And thank you so much for the gift tags. Perfection! I’m excited!

  21. I made these tonight and total cost was just over $1 per 4 oz. jar! What a nice way to gift a pretty, homemade gift without breaking the bank. (I found a 7.5 oz bottle of citric acid in the canning aisle of Wal-mart that measured exactly 1 cup!) Also printed off your cute labels and put them on cute matching construction paper to attach with a ribbon! Thanks so much for such a creative idea!

  22. Not sure if this was mentioned before: I just made a batch. If you are doing this for the first time, turn on your kitchen exhaust fan first. Or open a window. The epsom salt powder in the bottom of the bag, plus the citric acid dust, is not too kind to your sinuses. Not horrible, but enough that I had wished I had the exhaust fan on before I started. Other than that, easy peasy 🙂

  23. Has anyone tried a different scent? I was thinking of using lavendar oil and purple food coloring, but I have no idea! Thoughts?

    1. I haven’t tried yet, but today I plan to do Eucalyptus/Spearmint and green coloring. I was considering lavender, I think it would be great. I’ll let you know if disaster strikes me. 🙂

  24. On the Magnesium, how long did it take before it really started to work? My husband is a nightly Ambien taker and has agreed to try the Magnesium instead. So far he has had a very sleepless week. 🙁 He is taking 2 of the Magnesium Citrate that you recommend which is what the label said is the RDA. Just curious if you had any more info or tips about it.

    1. Is he taking magnesium citrate? And did he quit the Ambien cold turkey? Both of those might be factors. I feel the magnesium right away, but he may need a little more (but I am NOT a doctor, so maybe he should mention it to his! 🙂 )

  25. I found myself giggling and laughing – feel like I am running parallel with you! I swore I was going to do these and sell them in my salon – and I’ve ended up with just having my boys use them after football practice….. I had to delete the app Poshmark from my phone – I ambien shop for clothes!! So glad I am not the only one!

  26. I just made these today and omg it made waaaay more than I needed! Lol it made a total of 52 oz! I think I’m going to have to use trusty ol Google and my math skills to cut the recipe into like a quarter… cuz I’ll be making these in much smaller batches! Also I used pink food colouring in the quantity you listed but they came out a much darker pink.. so I may cut that in half next time too! 🙂 Thanks for the recipe! Can’t wait to use some tonight!

  27. Hysterical post.
    The Ambien comment hits pretty close to home.
    Actually, I think I texted you once when I was on Ambien – no typos or anything, which is odd as I typos like mad when awake.
    My wife appreciates the info, and TYVM.
    – Richard

  28. I haven’t been able to find citric acid anywhere so would it be possible to use cream of tart? I saw a recipe earlier and was wondering if it can be used with this too?

  29. Hey has any one considered putting a oxygen pack in on top before closing? Especially if you make these well in advance or wish to keep them long term, would keep moisture out. What do you think?

  30. Love how these turn out and they seem so inexpensive to make! Thank you for sharing how you did this. These will make fantastic neighbor gifts.

  31. Love, love LOVE this as a homemade gift idea! As soon as Amazon delivers the citric acid, I’ll be making a batch
    of the Peppermint and one of lemon eucalyptus!
    All I need now are those cute lables…Will you please email?

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