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When we started remodeling part of our house 6 months ago, one of the first things I did was sell my kitchen chairs and table.  We bought them new when we built our home about 6 years ago, and while I loved them, the more we used them, I realized they weren’t the right choice for the space.   You might remember from other posts on Our Best Bites that I had the Arcadia extension table from World Market.  I loved the rustic finish on the table, and the fact that it extended, and we had flexibility with a bench for seating, but the long rectangular shape  couldn’t fully extend without getting way too close to walls and walkways, and the table itself was always in the way of our back door swinging open.  Another thing I really disliked was that while it looked nice and roomy, once there were plates and cups on the table, there was no room for actual food down the middle of it.  I wanted a table where we could have serving dishes down the middle of the table and still room to eat!


When we recently remodeled an area adjacent to our kitchen nook, we added a large dining area there as well.  We changed our dark wood floors for a light white oak, and our back patio door was removed and a sliding door added.

Choosing a New Kitchen Table and Chairs

I knew from the beginning of our project that I wanted a round table in my kitchen.  Since we had a new separate dining area for large gatherings, I wanted this space to have a round table, with just enough seats four our family.  I grew up around a round table and after years of raising my own kids, I realized I love them so much more for the ease of conversation.  I love how everyone sees each other, it’s so much easier to talk!  This is something to keep in mind when you’re thinking about a table for your space.  There’s a time and a space (like my new dining/sunroom) for a big, long farmhouse style table, but when it comes to every day family dinner, I really love a round table.

Round kitchen chairs and table

I was on the hunt for a table that is 60″ in diameter, which comfortably seats 6 and can squeeze in 7 if a friend stays for dinner. I looked online and couldn’t find anything I liked and then one day I walked into Downeast in Boise and I saw it from across the room with lights from heaven shining down upon it.  It had everything on my checklist:  a black pedestal base to contrast my natural color floors, a natural wood top (gotta think about food photography!) and the perfect size.  Oh, and did I mention it was on sale?  Bingo.

black pedestal table

I bought the table last fall, but we haven’t chairs with it until this weekend.  I was really searching for just the right look and feel and I finally decided on these wishbone chairs.  I found them on Amazon and you can find them here.

black wishbone chair

I love the wide, comfortable seats and the back that cradles.  I purchased two of them to try them out and decided I loved them but then had to wait to purchase the rest when they fit in the budget!  My husband however surprised me and got the rest for my birthday since I told him if he spent any money on me at all, I wanted it to be on furniture, haha.
I love how these chairs have beautiful lines and tones that compliment both the table and the rest of the house.

round kitchen chair and table

Things to think about if you’re considering chairs like this- the wood legs and back are super easy to wipe clean, but the natural rope seats are a little tricker if they get dirty with something like red sauce or chocolate cake (I know from experience!)

natural fiber seats

And note that the way the arms of the chairs come around, you cannot push these chairs all the way in under the table.  I know there are people out there would be annoyed by that.  I thought at first I might be one of those people, but turns out I’m okay with it. So you need to make sure you have the room to have them out just a bit like this:

wishbone chairs and round table

For us it’s been perfect, and I’m so happy to have matching chairs around the table!  I’ll show you the larger dining area, soon!

Kitchen Sources:

Table: Grayson Table from Downeast
Chairs: Wishbone Armchairs, set of 2
Wood Floors: The Villa Blanca Collection, Rioja
Paint Colors: Sherwin Williams Sensible Hue

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Questions & Reviews

  1. I love the new table, it’s amazing what a fresh piece of furniture can do to your space! I have a random question, as I’ve followed your blog for a while, so I kind of remember when you had pictures of your kitchen posted on OBB. Do you have a light fixture over this table now? I remember a chandelier of some kind I think. I have sort of a breakfast room bump-out off of our kitchen and it is rectangular in shape and has a light fixture, and I am wondering what a round table would look like in the space. I love the idea of a round table but am hesitant due to the layout. Also, just a random side note, the Grayson table link for Downeast doesn’t work, I’m guessing the table is out of stock or isn’t being carried anymore.

    1. We DID have a light fixture over our old table and when we did our remodel, I had it taken out and I put in some extra can lights in there. That decision had to do with a bunch of different things (we added larger fixtures over the adjacent island…we added a sliding door and the light blocked that view….and i didn’t like having to always center the table under a light. I really wanted to have flexibility.)

  2. Love, love the table. I have always had round tables because I follow the feng shui of design. You should always have a round table because it keeps family and conversation together (circle/round is continuous) Anyway, I have been looking for a new round table for a very long time but couldn’t find one big enough. I actually saw this table a few months ago and was so excited. It will be our new kitchen purchase. I like how you have two colors. Again, love it and hope you enjoy it!!!