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UB5A0405 introSomeone please tell me what happened to summer break.  It’s August.  We’re officially on the back-to-school countdown; my kids head back to the classroom in about 2 weeks and I think Kate’s are starting at the end of this week.  I grew up in Seattle, where school never started before Labor Day, so all of this go-to-school-during-August stuff really throws me off.  It’s like pumpkin candles in July; just seems out of place. (That doesn’t stop me from lighting pumpkin candles in July; I also eat candy canes in April, but forget that-I’m making a point here.)   I’m not ready for the crayons and lined paper to be replacing the BBQ and outdoor furniture section at Target yet!

Darling Lunch Box Printables from Our Best Bites
That being said, I’m trying to mentally start switching gears and start thinking about all of the stuff I need to do, like buying 47 bottles of glue for each of my kids’ classes (WHY SO MUCH GLUE?) and making sure they have shirts and shoes since they’ve pretty much been living barefoot and shirtless since June.

Lunch Box Printables from Our Best Bites

And then I get on the internet and see all of the super-mom stuff I’m for sure not thinking of, like themed first-day-of-school breakfasts and beginning of the year teacher’s gifts (Huh?  That’s a thing?)  So if anyone else is in that boat- here’s an easy one for you.  Super-duper easy.  For everyone who wants to take advantage of their kids being young enough to not be embarrassed by an adorable note tucked in their lunchbox- these are for you.  Go ahead, be super-mom.

Back to School Treat Tags from Our Best Bites

Tie it onto a little treat and imagine the smiles they’ll deliver when they see it tucked away in there.  Insta-love from Mom or Dad.  I still remember the random days when my Mom would slip in a ding-dong.  It didn’t happen often, which is why it was like, the best day ever when I spied a little glimmer of tin foil at the bottom of my lunch box.  A cute little note might be just what your little someone needs to get through the second half of a big day, especially at the beginning of the year.

Lunch Box Notes from Our Best Bites

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Lunchbox Printables from Our Best Bites!

You can print off these darling tags and you get all of these awesome designs on one sheet (custom made by my talented designer-friend Ashley because let’s face it, she’s better, faster, and more stylish that me.)  Keep them near your lunch-packing supplies and grab one on a moment’s notice!  These bright, fun colors make me happy just by looking at them.

Screen Shot 2013-08-11 at 4.10.56 PM

 Print away and make a kiddo’s day 🙂

Click Here to Download Lunchbox Printables!


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  1. My son started back August 1. We basically had a 2 month summer. We do get 2 weeks off at fall break and 2 weeks off at spring, but I still don’t like starting at the beginning of August.

  2. These are just darling printables, but I have tried printing them from two different printers and they come out pinks and browns instead of the happy bright colors that are on the screen. Am i doing something wrong?

    1. Susan that is so, so weird. The exact same thing happened to me! I had my neighbor print them out and they came out just fine so I assumed I had a messed up printer setting or something. I have no clue what’s going on!

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