Who else watches The Biggest Loser? I remember the first time they started promoting it years ago, when there was nothing like that on tv, and I thought it seemed like such a horrible idea.  Who flaunts people’s weight problems on national television for entertainment?  Do you remember that?  The idea was sort of shocking.  Now of course, like so many others, it’s one of my most favorite shows.   Even though half the time I watch it while eating ice cream, I think it’s completely inspiring and I love watching everyone’s transformations.  I’ve loved watching this season, and for the first time in a few seasons I really love everyone in the final four.  But I especially love the sisters, Hannah and Olivia.  Olivia, in particular has been my favorite all season.  She looks so amazing now (Check out the pics she posted to her FB Page of her homecoming.  She looks crazy good!)  I think she’s hilarious and not super whiny and annoying like girls can often be on that show.  I also think she’s my favorite because I find it semi freaky that (hair aside) she looks a lot like me.  And even more freaky, her sister Hannah looks a lot like my sister.   Now that the season is almost over and she’s skinny and hot, people have come out of the woodwork to tell me how much we look alike.  I’m pretty sure they all noticed before and chose not to mention it until now.  I have smart friends.

Anyway, on an episode a few weeks ago, Ali Vincent (a previous winner) came for a visit.  She did a kitchen segment where she made this quinoa salad that I thought sounded pretty good (not gonna lie, not all of that Biggest Loser food does.  Cutie pie Curtis Stone can only do so much without oil and salt…)  And I had just finished prepping this post all about quinoa.  Perfect timing!  It’s really simple, really healthy, and works great as a main dish or a side dish. Check it out.

Place some cooked quinoa in a large bowl

Add some black beans, which are packed with protein and fiber

And some gorgeous chopped bell pepper.
And if you have to sell your first born to be able to afford a fresh red bell pepper right now, you could substitute some jarred roasted red bell peppers, or even a couple of diced tomatoes.

Add some sweet, juicy mango.
FYI Whole Foods Market has awesome Hatian mangoes in stock right now.
That’s what I used and they were deeelicious.

Toss in some sliced green onions

And a big handful of chopped cilantro

Give it a big toss

In a separate bowl, whisk together the quick dressing.
Juice a half of a lime, or a whole lime if you’re a lime-y kinda person like I am.

Add a few splashes of red wine vinegar

and some extra virgin olive oil

And then pause to reflect that food is indeed art

Write a haiku if you feel so inclined

And we’ll move on.
Whisk it all up and pour it over the salad and then give it another good toss.

Now this is where I would get kicked off the ranch.  Because on the ranch we all know that salt is evil.  Unless you’re trying to throw a weigh-in and then it’s awesome. But I think at this point the salad needs a generous sprinkling of kosher salt and fresh ground pepper.  Don’t tell Bob.

Chill before serving so all of those yummy flavors can party it up.
You can eat it plain as a one-dish meal, or as a side dish

Or do what I did and spoon it over grilled chicken.

It would also be great over grilled fish (or so I would imagine.
You know, if I could eat fish without my gag reflex kicking in…)



  1. I love that show and saw this recipe and had wondered if it was good. We use quiona, but we have never tried it with fruit. I can’t wait to try it tonight since we have all the ingredients. I recommend the Biggest Loser to anyone. It inspired me to run a half marathon two years ago and now I like to work out while I watch it (occasionally I eat treats too, but I do try to work out too)

  2. My brother just invited my family over for dinner on Friday night and I bet this would go great with his smoked chicken! Yum! Thanks for making my side selection easy!

  3. New food scares me. Anything (except hibachi grill and Vietnamese egg rolls) that sounds like it could have come from anywhere in Asia or Africa makes me shiver and I put an automatic stamp of “NO WAY” on it.
    That being said, this salad looks like it could be super delicious and I’m so tempted to try it! And that’s because I have never made something from this blog that looked super delicious that my family didn’t just love to the point of no leftovers.
    … And I may have laughed a lot about the haiku.

  4. This looks amazing! I’m so glad you posted it; I’ve really wanted to try cooking with quinoa and I think this will be a great place to start.

    P.S. Olivia is my favorite too. That girl rocks.

  5. Oh this looks fantastic-it’s supposed to be beautiful and warm next week-this is so going on my grocery list!

  6. I’m on team Olivia too. Love that show, I cry almost every week. What happened to Michael, The Italian Stallion, from 2 seasons ago? We loved him!

  7. This looks so easy. The only problem: I live in a tiny town and the grocery stores have a limited selection of produce. Maybe I’ll find more good stuff once the farmer’s markets get going again.

  8. I LOVE the Biggest Looser. I have been watching it for several years and am soooo addicted. And I too love the sisters! They are so funny! I have last night’s episode DVRed and am excited to watch it tonight.

    Oh and this quinoa salad looks tasty. I have been on a real quinoa kick lately and have been attempting many new recipes recently. I even did my own write up all about quinoa about a month ago and shared a recipe Carrot, Tomato, and Spinach Quinoa Pilaf!


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