Mini Cheesecake Tarts

I have to post this recipe in honor of my mother since it’s 4th of July week. I think she’s made these every year on the 4th for as long as I can remember. We made them for lots of occasions, because they’re quick, easy, and yummy, but they’re especially fun on the 4th of July because they’re easy to decorate with red, white, and blue! They’re great for pot-lucks, block parties, baby and wedding showers, and things like that because they’re already packaged in nice single servings.  And the great thing is that you can top them with whatever you want.  After they’ve chilled they have a perfect well in the center.  Fill with lemon curd, chocolate, caramel, whipped cream and berries or any flavor of canned pie filling.  And see below for my secret “no crust” trick- a cookie!

Pie filling makes it quick and easy

or go for a little more decadent with ganacheand a strawberry

Or one of my favorites, sweetened whipped cream and fresh berries


  1. Mmmm… Cheescake tarts… these DEFINITELY remind me of summer time and mom 🙂 They are SO good and so easy, the perfect combo!

  2. Oh thanks for the reminder Heather! I meant to write how many it made, but I was going to double check because I couldn’t remember (even though I’ve made these like a thousand times!) if it was 12 or 24. Just looking at the recipe ingredients, I *think* that it’s 12.

    If anyone makes them this week, come back and tell us! lol.

  3. Alisa, someone else just told me they couldn’t vote in our polls either. Hmmm…did you try it in a different browser? That’s weird.

    If you aren’t able to vote- post a comment here. I’m curious to know how big of a problem it is.

  4. Yum! I totally know what I’m bringing to my family bbq on the 4th. And I have a feeling they’ll be the hit of the party.

  5. Yummy! I might have to bring this to the family get together.

    How come i can’t vote on your polls? It wouldn’t work on the pizza one either.

  6. eve, I’ve never made these with cake mix, but I do make crust with cake mix for another dessert. Basic cake mix crust is just one box cake mix with one cube of butter cut in. I bet you could do that, although you’d want to pre-bake the crust first before adding the cheesecake. I bet that would be super yummy!

  7. Awesome! I’m going to have to try this. Do you know of (or does anyone) know of a similar recipe but instead of Nilla Wafers, yellow cake mix is used? They were incredible and I want to find that recipe again. But I will have to try this one. Thanks! ps, the Brazilian lemonade, totally a hit!

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