Thai Peanut Noodle Salad

I don’t know about all of you, but after my weekend and the copious amount of calories ingested, I need some major detoxing! The only thing that sounds good right about now is a giant salad. And today is a two-for-one, so check out the post below this one for the other half to this recipe!

I’ve mentioned how much I love Kate’s Thai Peanut Noodles only about four-thousand times in the last year or so. I love them so much that I always overestimate how much I’ll eat and I end up making way more than my little family can handle. So then I put the extras in the fridge and I find myself sneaking back into the kitchen all night slurping cold noodles out of the container. The next day the huge container only has a small puddle of sauce with a few noodles in it and my husband always asks why have such a hard time estimating the size of tupperware I need when putting food away. What can I say? Apparently I’m just bad at estimating all together. Back to the cold noodle slurping though. I realized I really like those noodles cold. I also really love Asian inspired noodle salads which involves mixing a bunch of salad ingredients with some pasta and drenching it in a yummy dressing. It seems everyone has their own version and they all are pretty similar. I created mine to taste like the Thai Peanut Noodles so I can actually have this as a meal and get over the late-night cold noodle slurping habit.

This salad is awesome as a meal because it just combines everything in one pot. It’s a great luncheon salad for the same reason. I tested it out recently on a group of girlfriends (my girlfriends, not some random group of chicks like that kind of sounded like…) and they voted it a keeper. This is one of my new favorites and I think I’ll be making it a lot this summer because I love cold meals on hot days! All you vegetarians out there, just skip the chicken and you’ve got a nice hearty meal.


Start by bringing a pot of water to a boil. Add a spoonful of salt and then add your pasta. While pasta is cooking, start chopping those veggies.

You can really use any mix of veggies you want. I have a thing with rainbows, so whenever I make this type of salad I pick the vegetables purely based on color so I can have something in every shade of the rainbow. I think it makes for a happy salad and happy salad makes happy people. But use what you like, pretty much anything slathered in this dressing is going to taste good. For me, it’s this stuff:

See, happy right?? I mentioned you can play around with the leafy greens. I like to use both napa cabbage and romaine lettuce. If you’re eating this right away lettuce works great, and spinach is even good in there. However, if you’re taking it to a picnic, or serving it on a buffet or anything like that where it will sit a while, I recommend going heavy on the cabbage because it will stay nice and crunchy for ya.

As soon as your pasta is done drain it and run some cold water over it until it’s cool. If you’re not going to use it right away, add a drizzle of the salad dressing and stir to coat. This will prevent the noodles from getting all clumpy. Keep in the fridge until ready to use.

When you’re ready to assemble the salad, place noodles, veggies, and chicken in a large bowl.

Pour the Thai Peanut Dressing over everything, stirring as you go until you have enough to coat. I use it all!

Sprinkle peanuts on top and garnish with some cilantro if you want. And there you have one happy, pretty, and extremely delicious salad!


  1. I too need something like this. And who doesn't like a good peanut dressing?

    And hey, good ideas for keeping my baby busy during dinner prep. I am for sure going to use those tonight.

  2. Looks soooooooooooooo good! In fact, I got everything to make it (except peanuts! Blast! I just saw them in the picture) at the store this morning!

  3. Glad I'm not the only one totally addicted to the Thai noodles!! I made them for dinner last night and had FOUR helpings (and then some snacking too)! This salad looks like a way to make penance but in a really good way!! Thanks!!

  4. Dear Kate and Sara
    SOS. I am in need of some super advice. I have a ward party this Saturday and will be entering your banana cream pies into the pie contest. It will be outdoors at a park and I am wondering if the whipped cream will hold up? Would I be better off using cool whip so it will hold its shape? Should I make it the day before and let it refrigerate for 24 hours? Yikes! Help!

  5. Julieeee(eeee) :)–

    Okay, I did something similar a few months ago and I think it'll work for you, too. I made the pies ahead of time, but I didn't do the whipped cream part until RIGHT before we left–like people were in the car, waiting to go while I was in there whipping the cream for the tops of the pies. I left the whipped cream in the bowl, covered it, and then put the bowl on ice. Once we were ready to eat the pies (actually, I did 20 tarts with the mini graham cracker crusts instead of the 2 pies), I piped the whipped cream onto the tarts with an icing bag and a 1M star tip. But if you're doing the full-size pies, you can just spread it on top right before you serve it.

    You'll run into similar, if not worse, issues with Cool Whip and it won't taste the same. And I think if you whip it up 24 hours in advance and THEN have it in the heat, it will really break down and the taste AND the presentation will be affected.

    Oh, and you're totally going to win. Those banana cream pies are killer.


  6. oh my gosh!! i am making this tomorrow for dinner. i could drink a glass of peanut dressing! i love it that much! thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

    love ya!

    your mother-in-law

  7. oh wait, sara, i'm not your mother-in-law, i'm kate's! sorry didn't look at who did the recipe. silly me!

    you girls are doing such a great job!!! thank you!

  8. I just made this for dinner, and it was one of the most delicious salads I have ever eaten. Even my salad-hating hubby ate it, and enjoyed it! Thanks for a great recipe

  9. a friend made this for dinner a few weeks ago. I swear I've been thinking about it ever since! I am having it for dinner tomorrow and i can't wait!!!

  10. I just wanted to let you know, I am in love with this dish. It is sooooo good. I just made it and even my kids liked it!! Thanks for the great ideas!

  11. Sara – we had this 3 times in the past 8 days. Once you buy the red cabbage you got to use it right? There wasn't any complaining, though!

  12. Hey–I just wanted to point out that this is AMAZING and I'm in love, as are my husband and kids.

    Also, the recipe makes a very big salad and it's deceptively filling. I doubled it (because I compulsively do that–woops) and we ate less than half. I would estimate it feeds 6 adults.

    Luckily, it was really good the next day, even after sitting in the fridge already mixed with the dressing and peanuts. I used lots of Napa cabbage, not so much red leaf lettuce, and lots of purple cabbage, and the other ingredients as listed. Thanks!

  13. I just tried your salad and the dressing and was smitten so very much. Would there be any way to figure out what the nutritional information is?

  14. Stayed up late to make this last night. Doubled the recipe because I knew it would be awesome. And I was right! 🙂 I can’t wait to have it for breakfast today!

  15. I absolutely loved the dressing here. I think the next time I try it I’ll cut out the cucumbers and red pepper (even though it’s really pretty!) I wonder what this dressing would be like as a dip…with fried chicken tenders..?

  16. Made this tonight and LOVED it. I went easy on the cabbage, so we’re mixing the dressing in one bowl at a time. Also, since my husband is a “no cilantro- EVER” kind of person, I used parsley in the dressing and it was fabulous! Thanks!

  17. This is now my FAVORITE food ever. I’m making it for the second time in as many weeks. It is probably the most delicious thing I’ve ever made!!! Thank you!!!!

  18. Wow! This was such a hit last night for dinner. Made the adults AND the kids happy, happy! And the peanut sauce is to die for. My husband actually said, “With food this good at home, we never need to eat out again!” Only thing I will do differently next time is handle a lot of the prep work earlier in the day- not when everyone is starving, and waiting for dinner. Thank you so much for all of your awesome ideas!

  19. We love this salad! Thank you!

    I would like to print this recipe out for future reference, but the website won’t let me? I tried signing in under my google account, but once I did I was told I didn’t have permission to the site. Next I tried to go back and creat an account with your site, but can’t do it now because I’m in under my Google account… what should I do?


    1. Becca, it’s not you, it’s me 🙂 That old link doesn’t exist anymore- I just need to format the recipe for printing. I don’t have time to do it right this second, but I will make myself a note to do it for ya! You can always copy and paste text though, that works out pretty well.

  20. I eat 2-3 meals a day away from home and have been searching for YUMMY salads to make and eat at work! This is perfection! I Chopped veggies, and made 5 large salads. I divided the dressing up into smaller tupperware that I popped on top of the salads when I was ready to eat. I was impressed that it kept in the fridge for 6 days 🙂 Having one of these in the lunch box made the fast food on the way to work not even tempting at all! Thanks! Maybe someday I’ll have to try the noodles 🙂

  21. I absolutely love this salad. I was hesitant to make a lot not knowing if my family would like it. So I only put the sauce on a little of the salad. Later I was surprised to find out that my children were getting out the salad and then adding the sauce for a personal portion! Most everyone loved it! Thanks for a great recipe.

  22. Just made this tonight and it was great! The heads of cabbage at my grocery store were SO huge and I knew I wouldn’t be able to use them all up, so I just used a bag of coleslaw mix (green cabbage, red cabbage, carrots – already shredded, yes!) and tossed that with some shredded romaine. It worked great!

  23. Just wondering why you use kosher salt. I try to use Real Salt or sea Salt to be healthier. Just wondering what the conversion is?
    Love your recipes!!

  24. Thanks guys, this is fantastic! For some really crazy reason, I had every single ingredient on hand and this was fantastic! It got thumbs up from the hubs too (always a plus!). I was too lazy to make any chicken and I had some chik fil a tenders (they sell their platters 24 tenders for 24 bucks… paired with their wing sauce and I’m in heaven… but I digress) so I just threw those on top and it was great! You guys rock!

  25. I made this for dinner tonight. It was a home run! My husband said it tasted like a restaurant dish! Thanks gals, you never let me down:)

  26. Anyone ever tried this with almond butter or sunflower nut butter instead of pb for the dressing? I LOVE the dressing as is, but my daughter is allergic to peanuts. Wonder how it would turn out with another nut butter..

  27. We’ve been eating a lot of salads from the OBB cookbooks lately and this one came up last night. It is amazing! My favorite so far. I used a Penzey’s Spice called Bangkok Blend to season chicken breasts and grilled them. It paired well with the peanut-y dressing. I will definitely be making this salad again! Thanks for yet another fantastic recipe. :o)

  28. I just made the dressing- omg! Perfection!!! Making the salad tonight- already have a feeling it’s going to be a winner! I subbed the peanut butter w raw almond butter & it’s still amazing!

  29. stumbled across this receipe and it sounds fabulous!!!! Question – I avoid whea products – would it taste just as good without the noodles? Or I wonder what I could else I could add? I don’t eat any type of pasta (rice/corn/etc). Would love any thoughts – – thanks!!

  30. I’ve been asked to bring an Asian salad to a potluck. Host is grilling chicken.
    Should I make any changes or additions if I omit the chicken to your recipe and do you think it would still taste good without the chicken?

  31. I just found this recipe and it sounds delicious, but the link to the dressing isn’t working. Is it just me? Could I get that please?!!

  32. I have enjoyed making this receipt! I have come back to making it again and have found the link for the peanut dressing is not pulling up the receipt. Can you please send me the receipt or provide another link for the receipt?

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