Zucchini Cheese Quiche

My countertops are just about the same height as my four year old son.  Every time I go to the kitchen to cook, I see a little set of eyes peering over every surface in search of tidbits he can sneak.  The problem is that since I’m often styling and photographing food, things aren’t always in their containers.  He has on more than one occasion eaten a spoonful of salt thinking he was sneaking sugar, or even more often he gets palmfuls of flour and gags when he realizes it isn’t the powdered sugar.  Unsweetened pastry dough looks deceivingly like sugar cookie dough, and crisco can appear to be vanilla frosting.  He’s slowly starting learn his lesson and often reaches up and then retracts to take a closer look.  So part of me felt bad when I was preparing this quiche and he came in for his regular surveying.  He gets excited anytime he sees the roulpat and a rolling pin so with eager eyes he asked if it was sugar cookie dough.  I told him it was pie crust dough and he replied “Ohhh that’s even better!  Mom I LOVE pie. I love apple pie, and cherry pie, and chocolate pie, so I’m not even going to steal any dough so I can have pie when it’s done.”   I knew what was coming next.  “What kind of pie is it??!”  With all of the enthusiasm I could muster, I exclaimed, “Zucchini Pie!”  For a woman who always has a camera around her neck you’d think I would have thought to take a picture because the look on his face was priceless.
I knew that you readers would be a little more excited about this than my four year old so let me tell all of YOU…we’re making zucchini pie!!  And it’s goooood.

The best part is that I can thank a reader for this one.  Kate and I always love reading your comments (and we wish you’d comment more, we love to hear from you!)  and we love to click on your profiles in a non-stalker-ish manner and check out your blogs too.  I have found SO many cool people and interesting blogs just from looking at the people commenting here.  We have such a talented audience!  That’s just last week I stumbled upon Susan and her blog MyEyeQ.  The first thing that caught my eye was her photography (drool!) and the next thing was a recipe for zucchini quiche.  Tis the season for zucchini and I knew I had to try it.  I changed the recipe from the original, mostly to accommodate a single 9-inch crust as opposed to 2 8″ ones.  My family and assorted taste testers loved this one and I think you will too!

If you have a mandoline or a food processor, then slicing the zucchini will be a cinch and you’ll get perfectly even sized pieces.  If you don’t have either, then no worries, just use a knife.

Set those aside and melt some butter in a large skillet.  Cook a little garlic and onion (I use red onions for color, but white or yellow work just fine too)

When they’ve softened up a bit, toss in the sliced zucchini and and salt and pepper and cook for a few minutes longer.

You could really use just about any fresh herb in this.  I have tons of oregano in my garden so I used that.  Basil or thyme would be great too.

Now we can’t have quiche without eggs, right?  Pretend there’s 3 in this bowl!  I was adjusting as I went and ended up adding an extra one at the end.  Beat those up and add a touch of dijon mustard, some red pepper flakes, and the herbs.

Now comes my favorite part of quiche.  Cheese.  It’s actually my favorite part of any dish that requires cheese.  Gruyere is a little pricey but it’s worth it.  You could substitute a good Swiss, but try the Gruyere if you can, it’s awesome!  It melts beautifully which is why you often see it in fondue and baked pasta dishes and it has a strong enough flavor that it comes through in a dish like this.  I also love it when it comes in a fancy paper package.  This one says Switzerland and that makes me happy.  I’ve been to Switzerland and they have the most beautiful cows I’ve ever seen in my life.  So apparently beautiful cows make beautiful cheese.

Mix the egg mixture with the zucchini mixture and pop it all in the pie shell.

Sprinkle a little Parmesan on top (or you could just use a little extra Gruyere).  I also sprinkled a few extra pepper flakes on top for color- but be careful if you do that because it might turn out spicier than you expected!

Bake it up in the oven until the top is golden and your house will smell soooo yummy.

Quiche is a great dish because it’s so flexible. You can serve it for breakfast or brunch along-side fruit and sweet rolls, or you can have it for dinner with a salad. It can be served warm or at room temp, or even cold out of the fridge.  I actually think this tasted better room temp than it did when it was warm.  I like how it sets up once it cools and I could taste all of the flavors better.


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  1. I've got zucchini in the kitchen that needs to be cooked. It's going to be "what's for dinner" tomorrow evening. Looks delicious!

  2. I am in love with your blog! I discovered it a month ago with the post for tie-dyed cupcakes and now I check it out every morning to see if I need to adjust what we're having for dinner 🙂
    My kids are in love with the pizza rolls and I loved the pico de gallo. Yum Yum Yum!

    I'd love to try this but I'm allergic to mass quantities of eggs 🙁

  3. I LOVE quiche (since I'm obsessed with France and anything that has to do with France). And I have zucchinis coming out of my ears in my garden. I even have gruyere in my freezer. But I'm nursing a baby right now who can't handle dairy, so I'm dairy free at the moment. Waaaaa! I have to try this as soon as I possibly can. Thanks for the recipe.

  4. You know, We love Quiche around here, but I've never tried Zucchini Quiche! I will have to put this on the menu in the near future. Oh, and thanks for the recommendation on the cheese. I've never tried that kind. Mmmmm.

  5. I can not wait to try this, zucchini is so plentiful here right now, and I have a ton of fresh garlic,basil and oregeno. My kids might even like this with all the cheese! I read your blog all the time and I love it, I am horrible about leaving comments, but I am working on it, I know how much I love getting comments. I am always reading and oohing and ahhing in my head, but you can't hear me in there! Thanks for the great recipe!

  6. I have always made this and everyone LOVES it, even my picky 3 year old…. but I use refrigerated crescent rolls as the crust…. just unroll them and spread them out in a pie plate, blending the edges together with your fingers – one regular size tube covers a pie plate. Then spread the mustard all over the crust instead of mixing it in with the egg mixture.

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