It’s nearing the end of September, and in our house that’s official soup season! In fact, I’m in denial of the actual weather (which returned to the 80’s after a quick fall preview last week) and every day I crank up my air conditioner and light my apple spice scented candles and stare at the pumpkin display on my mantle just breathing in the aura of fall. Okay, that’s a total lie. Most of my day is spent chasing after crazy toddlers, wiping snot, sweeping floors that never get clean and watching Thomas the Tank Engine on an endless, eternal cycle. But I do it all with a pumpkin display in the background and the candles generally seem to overpower the scent of the baby’s loaded diaper. What can I say? I lead a glamorous life.We’ve had a lot of requests for soups lately, and lucky for you both Kate and I are a little obsessed with them. I have a lot of favorites, but most people who know me know that this one is at the top of my list. Partly due to the fact that I made it from things my pantry very rarely runs out of, so I end up making it a lot when other meal plans get tossed out the window. It’s really fast, and really easy, and it’s major comfort food for me. I often make a pot at lunch time and just keep it warm until dinner, grabbing a bowl or two in between!
It’s not spicy, but you could easily add jalapenos or a shot of tabasco to heat it up. Kids love it because they can put chips and cheese on it. Heck, I love it because you put chips and cheese on it. You could make it even quicker if you wanted by using pre-cooked chicken.(If you’re among the many people I’ve given this recipe to, you might want to compare, because up until this point I’ve just guessed when I’ve written it down for people. This time I actually tested it several times to make sure it was right!)

In addition to chicken:
onion, garlic, white beans, green chilis, cumin,
oregano, coriander, salt, pepper, lime, cilantro.
And don’t forget the condiments. Seriously, don’t forget them.
Sour cream, tortilla chips, avovado, cilantro, lime wedges.


*Oh, and this freezes well. Sometimes I make a batch and when it cools I put single servings into zip-locks and pop them in the freezer. Makes a great quick lunch.


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