BBQ Chicken Cobb Salad

This salad was conceived when I needed to clean out my fridge. Sad but true. I had a whole bunch of stuff about to go bad as well as some leftover Old-Fashioned BBQ chicken last “fall.” I put “fall” in quotation marks because while the rest of the northern hemisphere was experiencing falling leaves and crisp, autumn air, I was still cohabitating with fire ants and mosquitoes in Satan’s Steam Room. So it was hot, it was muggy, and I wasn’t exactly in the cooking mood. Well, I threw this together, and it was up there with the top 5 most delicious things I’d ever eaten. Pretty good for lazy leftovers, right? The great thing is that you can really use whatever you have and/or whatever you like. Not crazy about hard-boiled eggs or blue cheese? Leave them out and replace them with something else in your fridge that’s about to join the Mold Fold.


  1. this looks so delicious!! i don’t know how with over 400 followers i have not heard of your blog before now?? i am loving what i am seeing!!
    i am now going to be a faithful follower!

  2. Back in the 50s I would eat occasionally at the Brown Derby which is where the owner, Bob Cobb invented the Cobb Salad. The original had no onions and was served with a tureen of vinegar and oil dressing plus crumbled Roquefort cheese. The lettuce was a mixture of Romaine, iceberg and watercress. All the ingredients were chopped a bit finer than your illustrations show (I have NEVER been served a Cobb Salad in any other restaurant that was properly chopped.) Anyway, when I make this at home I prefer to use Blue Cheese instead of Roquefort.

    I must give your version a try (without the onion) as it really sounds yummy. The BBQ chicken is a nice twist.

    I can pass on the original recipe for those who would like it, including the dressing.

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