Berry-Chocolate Krispie Treats

Heart-Shaped Strawberry Chocolate Rice Krispie Treats from Our Best BitesGuess what?  It’s February!  Every January we dedicate our posts to healthy recipes and everyone is gung-ho about it until about the last week or so and then people stop commenting and the angry emails start rolling in demanding we bring back sugar. We get it.  We feel the same way without our treats so we’re happy to be bringing them back from hiding!

I’ve had an obsession with berries and chocolate ever since I was a kid and my Mom introduced me to her favorite DQ Bizzard flavor: chocolate covered cherry.  Even though now, when it comes to desserts I’m usually a chocolate mint or chocolate peanut butter, or chocolate chocolate kinda girl, when I hit up DQ I almost always go for chocolate cherry.  There’s something about berries and chocolate that’s nostalgically comforting to me, and strawberries and chocolate are such a perfectly Valentine-y combination.  I also have a little obsession with rice krispie treats.  I’m thinking one day I could write a book with 101 variations, because that’s about how many I have up my sleeve.  When I saw these last year:

Strawberry Marshmallows
I knew exactly what I’d do with them:

Strawberry Chocolate Rice Krispie Treats from Our Best Bites

If you can’t find these cute heart-shaped, strawberry flavored marshmallows, just use regular ol’ marshmallows and add a little strawberry flavoring (either oil or extract, raspberry would be good, too) to taste and a few drops of food coloring if you want the pale pink color.

Melt the marshmallows with a little butter in the microwave.

Heart Mallows and Butter

When it’s melted and smooth, add a little almond extract.  If that seems funny, almond is a flavor that really enhances berry flavors.  I use it in most things I make that are strawberry or cherry flavored.

I’m also adding some dried berries.  I love dried strawberries here, but they can sometimes be hard to find.  Surprisingly, Walmart seems to always have them.  I like dried berries better than freeze-dried berries here, and while you can certainly dry your own strawberries that’s way too much work for me for a quick treat like this.  So if you can’t find dried strawberries, you should be able to find dried mixed-berries:

Dried Berries

They usually have strawberries, blueberries, cherries, and sometimes cranberries in there.  I’m not a huge fan of cranberries here because I feel like the tartness overpowers the mild strawberry flavor (I actually went so far as to pick the cranberries out of my bag!)  But cherries work well if you have those.  Give them a rough chop and then toss them in with some rice krispie cereal.

Berry Krispie Treats Mix-Ins

You know the drill; mix ’em up and pat ’em down.  I like to line my pan with buttered waxed paper, and if you butter your hands, they’re way easier to pat down.  I pressed in a few extra berries on top, too.

Krispie Treats in Pan

Because berries and chocolate are better than berries and berries, we’re going to give them a little drizzle.  I’m using some extra dark baking chips from Santa Barbara Chocolate Company because I have 6 pounds of them (yes SIX) in my pantry right now and since I can’t stop eating them straight from the bag, I figure the logical thing to do is bake more treats.  They have a really great flavor, and when I’m using chocolate to top a sweet dessert, I really like to use a darker chocolate for balance.

Santa Barbara Chocolate

I just use a little so the berry flavors still come through; drizzle it right on top.  I also prefer a darker chocolate (like, at least semi-sweet) since you have so much sweetness from the marshmallows, but that’s me.  I like my chocolate as dark as I can get it.

Drizzling ChocolateYou get sweet gooey marshmallows, with little bits of chewy berries, an undertone of almond, and a decadent bite of creamy chocolate.

Berry Chocolate Treats from Our Best Bites

Keep in mind that with rice krispie treats, if you want to cut them with cookie cutters, it helps to make them thinner than normal.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve made big, thick ones and then I go to stick a cookie cutter in there and it only reaches half way through them and gets stuck.  Please tell me I’m not the only one.

Heart Krispies

I made this batch in an in-between pan that is larger than an 8×8, but just a bit smaller than a 9×13.  If you’re just cutting squares, I’d do an 8×8.

Berry Chocolate Krispie Treats from Our Best Bites

Give hearts a little dip and sprinkle and they’re all dressed up for Valentine’s Day.

Berry Krispie Treats from Our Best Bites



Yummy Strawberry Chocolate Rice Krispie Treats from Our Best Bites



  1. My husband’s favorite Christmas cookie is rice crispie treats with little green and red sprinkles on top. He’s going to have a new favorite after he tries this little Valentine goodie I’m making tonight!

  2. Sara, I just love you! When I read your posts, I feel like I am reading my own thoughts… except I haven’t had them yet (does that make sense!?!?). I love this idea for Valentine’s day and I am excited to do this for my kids. Happy Valentine’s Day ladies! You two are the best!

  3. Loved your January posts … I’ve put most of the recipes on a permanent meal rotation. Thank you SO much for taking the time to do those postings. The minestrone and waffles were some all time favorites!! And looking forward to a cute February 🙂

  4. Yum! I love rice krispie treats. Maybe I will make these for Valentne’s Day instead of using your regular, heart shaped ones dipped in chocolate with sprinkles like I did last year. However, those were a huge hit with the kiddos. Thanks for all of the wonderful ideas!

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